I am against the bill in its current version. It is detrimental to the creative industry.

(Johannesburg , 2019-03-23)


i authorise sibu mabena and support her movement with my signature

(Pretoria , 2019-03-23)


I’m against it

(Johannesburg , 2019-03-23)


I am signing because I am a creative and I need my rights to be respected, protected and upheld by the government.

(Lichtenburg, 2019-03-23)


I'm A Musician Composer

(Pretoria, 2019-03-23)



(Pretoria, 2019-03-23)


We the collective creative industry of content creators through this petition, appeal to you Mr.President not to sign this Bill until a thorough review, more engagement and an adequate independent impact study and review process have been executed and amendments made on the findings.

(East London , 2019-03-23)


Because I don’t want the president to sign the new copyright bill!

(Johannesburg , 2019-03-23)


I’m signing this petition because this Bill will literally suffocate our right to creative expression! It can not come to life!

(Johannesburg, 2019-03-23)


I signing this because I would like the work of creators (music composers and authors) to be highly protected against the user of the work ,
The user should recognize and respectfully request a permission from the original owner of the work (composer/author) ,
It should clearly state that it’s legally binding to credit the owners of the work before using the work.
It should be up to the owner of the work to agree to any usage Fair Use or not .

(Rewlatch, 2019-03-23)


This amendment is daylight robbery to hard working artists & this bill will strip the creative industry of original work and defect the growth of original works.

(Pretoria, 2019-03-23)


I'm not trying to see my dudes get fvvkd over for the intellectual property and dope ideas, it also doesnt make sense to try take(not even buy), take someone's work from their country only to sell it back its people... Oh shit, That is what they've been doing since the beginning

(Vereeniging , 2019-03-23)


I am an Artist and it is my Right to get compensated for every ounce of creativity I put out In the world and no one has the right to use it without my permission.

(Johannesburg , 2019-03-23)


The current bill does not fairly protect and compensate the creatives for their work.

(johannesburg, 2019-03-23)


This bill is wrong and needs further consultations

(Pretoria , 2019-03-23)


I sign this petition because the amendments do not protect the rights of content creators namely, Authors, Scriptwriters, Music Composers, Fine artists, Designers, Songwriters, essentially anyone who has created an idea this impacts our Heritage, Culture and the ultimate identity of our country. The South African creative Industry is at stake.
All authors of any kind must be offered adequate protection on their IP and all Copyrights.

(Pretoria, 2019-03-23)


I'm Signing Because I'm An Artist!

(Johannesburg, 2019-03-23)


This effects me and other artists directly. It will have a much greater effect on SA as a whole moving forward

(Johannesburg , 2019-03-23)


This will lead to the perishing of most of our local artists please reconsider

(Rustenburg, 2019-03-23)


I believe all creatives deserve to have their intellectual property protected!!

(Johannesburg , 2019-03-23)


I'm signing because... (optional)

(Cape Town, 2019-03-23)


This Bill if signed in it's current form it will kill our cultural and creative industries and make big multinational tech companies more wealthy at the expense of our creatives

(Gauteng, 2019-03-23)


I am ana artist and this bill will rob me

(Johannesburg, 2019-03-23)


I agree with it

(Pretoria, 2019-03-23)


I am an artist and I do not want to be shortchanged. I want to derive all the value from my work.

(Pretoria, 2019-03-23)


The Rights of South African Content Creators is compromised by too much ambiguityto a Bill that does not outrigh protect Intellectual Property against Multinational and Other Digital Platforms.

(Randburg, 2019-03-23)


I'm signing so that we don't let creative people suffer

(Johannesburg , 2019-03-23)


The bill must not be signed

(Tembisa, 2019-03-23)


I'm signing because as a songwriter, composer and music publisher, I feel that the CAB does not protect me or my fellow copyright creators.

It needs to be reworked so that it can favor us so that we can be paid for our creative work.

(Durban, 2019-03-23)


Im signing because as an artists, the current bill cripples artsists and protect their work.

(Johannesburg, 2019-03-23)


I’m extremely devastated, and taken aback that our government sees absolutely nothing wrong with taking the little that we have left as creatives in this country.

(Ekurhuleni , 2019-03-23)


Some girl posted this on Twitter.. so im helping her now

(Vanderbijlpark, 2019-03-23)


I'm signing because I'd like to pursue a career in the creative industry.

(Bloemfontein, 2019-03-23)


I am highly against the signing of this act

(Pretoria, 2019-03-23)


I'm signing this because I'm an artist who believes musicians also have rights to their music and money generated from it

(Johannesburg, 2019-03-23)


Because we need to protect the creator of works

(Johannesburg, 2019-03-23)


I'm an artist too and I somehow didn't realize the significance it has on me

(Johannesburg, 2019-03-23)


I'm signing this pertition because I am an artist and my livelihood is at risk.

(Moloto, 2019-03-23)


I believe this will harm us even more

(JHB, 2019-03-23)


I am signing because I believe this Bill severely threatens the future ability of our overall economy through its intention to erode the economic potential and contribution yo job creation of the creative sector. In the 2016-2017 financial year the film industry was the third largest contributor to the GDP, well ahead of even Tourism and Trade, with a higher multiplier at 2.89. That is just the film industry. This Bill will deal all of this robust activity a huge blow. The big tech Cos will be the major beneficiaries from this Bill's signing into law. Passing this Bill will mean our authorities don't give a damn about our culture, our heritage, our contribution to the identity of South Africa, and our already precarious livelihoods.

(Johannesburg , 2019-03-23)


It's affects my livelihood as creative/brand Manager and artist and I would like it not to be approved

(Johannesburg, 2019-03-23)


By signing, I authorize Sibu Mabena to hand over my signature to those who have power on this issue.

(Johannesburg, 2019-03-23)


I'm signing because as a creator the signing of the Bill will impact how my creative works are impacted.

(Johannesburg, 2019-03-23)


We have to ensure that the creative industry doesn’t fall victim to bad government policies.

(Johannesburg , 2019-03-23)


As a creative we already barely making money to feed our families,with this copyright amendments things will get worse and hurt many south Africans small businesses.

(Johannesburg , 2019-03-23)


Greed side Bantu benkosi this needs to stop..look at the unemployment rate already and by fore going with this Bill.... you're only making it worse the whole creative industry will please manene let's do the right thing....

(Mogale city, 2019-03-23)


Artists will loose their wealth to this bill!

(Johannesburg , 2019-03-23)


I don't want my work to be used anywhere without my consent

(Pretoria, 2019-03-23)


I’m signing because creative rights are key to freelancers trying to make it out here

(Cape Town, 2019-03-23)


I am a recording artist who writes all his material and material for other performing artists. My copyright is critical.

(Johannesburg, 2019-03-23)


Artists deserve to own their art and live better kives

(Pretoria, 2019-03-23)


It’s the right thing to do

(Randburg, 2019-03-23)


Artist deserve recognition for they work

(Tshwane, 2019-03-23)


I'm signing this because my fellow mates,are gonna suffer and some are dependent on that royalties.

(Pretoria, 2019-03-23)


I'm signing because our livelihood depends on our creative work, if u take this away from us we gonna continue dying pauper

(Johannesburg , 2019-03-23)



(Gauteng, 2019-03-23)


I’m a producer, creative, publisher. My livelihood will be severely affected because of this.

(Johannesburg , 2019-03-23)


Im full support of the bill not bring amended.

(Johannesburg, 2019-03-23)