Support the KhoiSan Peoples at Union Building



The KhoeSan is not free in South Africa

Una Cupido (Wuppertal , )


Its my destiny where I belong. Return ownership and acknowledge our status.

Andy Pienaar (Komaggas, )


I am signing because I am Khoisan.

Mary Boyce (Durban, )


The rights of the khoisan people have ignored and violated for centuries. This violation persists even now in 2020. If we don't stand up the next century will deliver the same unfortunate fate for the indigenous people of South Africa.

Chantelle Phillips (davidsonville, )


I am signing this because it is time that the KhoiSan be acknowledged and they be restored as the First Nation of this country.

Gustav Wilson (Bloemfontein , )


Who can deny this small group of peace-loving people are indeed descendants of the First Nation to populate the southernmost tip and some of the interior of Africa? Is it too much to ask to be recognised, they're asking for little more than a nod! Incorporating their language will be a challenge but who of us speak even half of the official languages we already have anyway?

Adri Henn (Barberton, )


The black man did NOT originate in South Africa, they came down from the north and displaced the Koi/San chasing them further and further southwards. This land is first and foremost the Koi/San's, not the black man's.

Suzanne Van Lelyveld (Gauteng , )


These seem like reasonable demands.

Daryl Fuchs (Edenvale, )


It is time the truth came out!

Terry Harnwell (JOHANBESBURG, )


because i believe in your cause.

vilo naidu (durban, )


I agree with the viewpoints of the First People's claims.

Janene De Vries (Johannesburg, )


Im signing this petition because im khoi-san

Enzio Olifant (Pretoria , )


The Indigenous people have more rights in SA but have been given the least rights or None at All.
I am willing to help them get their land & country back, and help them rebuild in Unity.

Anthony Hawkins (Cape Town, )


I'm signing because the truth needs to be told, recognition must be given and the land must be returned to the rightfull owners.

Leonardo Fondling (Port Elizabeth, )


I'm signing because I care....

aurora hartslief (Pinetown, )


I'm Kei Korana from khoisan aboriginal,I was never a coloured,white supremacy has almost destroyed us,we are here and going nowhere

Ephraim Stilo (Bloemfontein , )


.. I am an Aboriginal Person

Way Mo (Cape Town, )


I am signing this because I believe that all minority groups in SA should have their own land where they will be able to govern themselves, especially the Khoi San people as the first nation.

Gerhard Swanepoel (George , )


It is outrageous.....who does this goverment think they are to play with peoples lives....sign the document for their homeland.....just as we are going for our land......that day we will move heaven and earth......

Mari Hickers (Pretoria, )


I believe in the cause ofthe KhoiSan

Clinton Solomons (Boksburg, )


The nationalist scourge of racism is still entailed in the working body of the aNc... remove this curse on our nation, which has been under assault since 06 April 1652. Release our heritage sites and uplift our people, the ancestors of all Africans!

Ellison Blaze (Tso!khung, )


I am a Khoisan

Zakhele Msimang (Pretoria, )


I fully support these claims and demands of a people that truly are the first inhabitants of this country and whose views and rights need recognition and support.

Gary Weineck (Durban, )


They are South African and deserve decent treatment by Government.

Estene Steenkamp (Milton Keynes, )


They were here first. My ancestors arrived in 1688

Monica De Klerk (Knysna, Plettenburg Bay, )


the khoisan people need to be recognized as the first nation in south africa

johan robbertse (klerksdorp, )


I'm signing this because the Khoisan were the original and primary people to step foor in South Africa, specifically in the Drakensburg with dates and artifacts that can prove this.

Tyler Gilbert (Eden Glen, )


I am signing because you are fighting for our rightful place to be recognised in our country of origin.It is an idea long overdue.

shawn fish (Johannesburg , )


The Khoisan are an amazing folk that deserve the right to have their culture and language recognized in South Africa.

Kevin Nicklin (Johannesburg, )


They are the rightful owners of South African land. They where here first and need to be acknowledged, apologized too and the wrongs set right

Jacqui Potgieter (Cape Town, )


Minorities deserve a voice

Nikki Mcclean (London, )


I support the plight of the KhoiSan People.

Wendy Nicklin (Johannesburg, )


They, more than any other race in SA, deserve recognition of their origins and claims.

Bev Griffiths (jhb, )


The KhoiSan are truly the First Nation of Sout Africa. They have a right to be acknowledged

Sanet van Zweel (Lichtenburg, )


I'm signing because it is a disgrace that a president blatantly ignore historical facts and the rights of people under his governance. Ramaphosa and his ANC should be removed from government. TSEK

Hans Wentzel (Cape Town , )


Disgrace that they see them there for over 2 years and not prepared to speak to them

Anel Enslin (Pretoria , )


They need to be acknowledged!!

Joey du Toit (Pretoria, )


It is the right thing to do

Johan Botes (Pretoria, )


Let their voices be heard.

Ilze Garnett-Bennett (Pretoria, )


I believe that the KhoiSan has a right, like any fellow South African, to be recognised for their history, their rightful place in SA, their culture and their dignity. It is the least our president, Mr Ramaphosa can do to meet with them and listen to what they have to say

Lynette Roeloffze (Val de Grace, Pretoria, )


I feel they have the right to be heard as they were the first occupiers of this beutiful country and they are legal South Africans

James Pretorius (WITBANK, )


The KhoiSan deserve to have their Promises Realised and met by Government.

Felicia Durand (Monument Park, )


I'm signing because they are one of the first settlers of our country and should not be forgotten

Gaylia Mellett (Springs, )


Khoisan are respectfull poeple, give them what is dew to them

Naomi Erasmus (Gauteng, )


The KhoiSan people should have more respect than they get. We do not hear about the problems they are having.

Robert Wagner (Cape Town, )


Forward khoisan forward

Daniel Rossouw (Standerton, )


This is a just cause and the truth must come out and further set as free.

Warrent Flemmer (Johannesburg , )


I believe this land belongs to them!

Marinel Meyer (Hartenbos , )


In support of the Khoisan people's

Remano Van Eck (George, )


This was the first nation in Sa and they were treated unfairly for many years. Its time they get to be recognised as the true first nation in SA and everybody knows it and stop being ignorant. Please forgive my white ancestors for their unfairness and mistakes they made to you. We bless you as our first nation who shared your land with us. Shalom

Sonja Mostert (Christiana, )


I support the KhoiSan people and want our rights to be acknowledged

Vanessa Van der Berg (Pretoria North, )


All people groups deserve to be recognised. All people should be valued, loved and respected.

Phatsimo Ditlhong (Gaborone,, )


I believe in recognition of the minority in South Africa.

Aphiwe Gcaleka (Pretoria , )


I believe in the cause

Tania Boshoff (Pretoria , )


I support the cause and the originality.

Nkoana Rakhuduwe (Pretoria , )


I am Khoisan!

Jody Wyngaardt (Aarhus , )


I’m signing because I believe Khoisan people need to be recognized as the first South African nation.

Nsika Sibande (Middelburg, )


Because I believe the Khoisan nation should be recognized as South Africa's first nation

Nkateko Silinda (Middelburg , )

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