Preserve and Enhance the Upper Empire Corridor: Keep 2 Lanes East and 2 Lanes West



The traffic will be horrible with the 2 lane change!😦

Cheryl Kramer (Rochester, 2019-08-11)


I live on Seymour Rd. and often use Empire Blvd. to get on to the 590S/490E Expressway. The DOTs plan to reduce this busy thoroughfare to a single lane in each direction will be a disaster. This is evinced by the recent gridlock on Empire due to the 104 eastbound flyover closure. I am vehemently against this ill-conceived proposal.

Mary Ellen Frye (Rochester, 2019-08-12)


It will cause traffic jams, esp where 2 lane becomes 1 at Helendale

David Kramer (Rochester, 2019-08-13)


Not a good idea for single lane road.

Terrence McMullen (ROCHESTER, 2019-08-13)


I drive empire boulevard daily. the traffic is very heavy some hours of the day. it is hard sometimes to get through traffic. also if you want to make a left hand turn coming off of pardee road, its hard to do line will make it impossible. The people that want to turn it into one lane, do they ever drive it?

Joyce Woerner (rochester, 2019-08-14)


I’m absolutely, positively OPPOSED TO ONE LANE OF TRAFFIC. Please leave our highway the way it is now and JUST REPAVE THE ROAD. It’s a short section and cutting it down to one lane of traffic in either direction will cause a great inconvenience. REPAVE IT and save our taxpayers the extra dollars to rebuild it. We don’t want it! And we didn’t ask for it!!

Barbara Leathersich (Rochester, 2019-08-14)


I am concerned about the impact on traffic if Empire Blvd. Is reduced to one lane in each direction. Whoever thought that one nuts and does not live or work in the area which is normally the case.

Mary Sofia (Rochester, 2019-08-15)


Empire Blvd is incredibly well traveled throughout the day, not to mention how insanely busy it is during rush hour. One lane of traffic each way will congest the 590 as well because drivers will have a hard time getting off at exit 8 with traffic backed up during rush hour.

Laura Babcock (Rochester , 2019-08-15)


This is ridiculous. I am signing this because clearly the DOT hasn't seen the traffic build up on a daily basis at rush hour. But non rush hour times it's very busy too. It would be stupid to make empire bvld 1 lane each direction.

Megan Sofia (Rochester , 2019-08-15)


I’m signing because making this extremely busy road one way in both directions is absolutely ridiculous.

Samantha Condello (Rochester, 2019-08-15)


I have family off Empire Blvd.

Maryanna Mueller (Pittsford, 2019-08-15)


I think the traffic volume on this street necessitates two lanes in both directions.

Raymond Bales (Rochester, 2019-08-15)


there is way too much traffic that travels this road to reduce the lanes! I live on a main road that intersects Empire and I already have trouble accessing Empire!

suzanne becker (ROCHESTER, 2019-08-15)


there is more traffic than they are stating and everytime they work on bay bridge this is the only route as the outlet bridge is unusable in the summer plus and most importantly it will be a nightmare for the fire trucks to exit and reenter. they probably got low traffic volume because people avoid it if possible because of its decaying condition

nancy decaire (rochester, 2019-08-15)


I seriously believe that taking Empire Blvd. Down from 4 lanes to 2 lanes will cause a major problem for commuters going to and from work. That area of roadway is heavily traveled and reducing it to 2 lanes is a stupid and ridiculous idea. I say no to doing that. I'm the tow truck driver that covers Irondequoit at night from 5 AM to 8 Am and rush hour is hard enough to get thru there for an emergency. Reducing those lanes would just make it worse.

Michael Conole (Rochester, 2019-08-16)


Reducing lanes in this area would be a terrible idea. There is a large amount of traffic here already and reducing the lanes would slow everything down needlessly.

Christine Gockley (Rochester, 2019-08-16)


We need to have the continued 4 lanes.
If for any reason the Bay Bridge was closed, we need to have this 4 lane safety flow of traffic.

We do not need a bottleneck on the Empire Blvd. route. This could even happen at heavy traffic times with only 2 lanes.

Susanne Muscate (Rochester , 2019-08-16)


We use Empire daily and think maintaining the 4 lanes would keep traffic moving most efficiently. I also support bike lanes for those strong people who can pedal up that hill.

Mary Sanderson (Rochester, 2019-08-16)


I'm signing because the proposal to bring Empire Blvd. to a single lane is ridiculous. Traffic is already an issue from 10am-7pm every single day. Weekends are crazy, especially in the summer for those trying to get to Webster. If it's condensed to a single lane, this would cause major issues for anyone living in this area or driving through. There is already plenty of space on either roadside to implement a bike lane which is STRONGLY NEEDED HERE. There are no bike lanes anywhere around here which makes bike commuting extremely dangerous. When 104 was closed for construction, things on Empire got REALLY bad. Again, a single lane on Empire Blvd. is a HORRIBLE idea.

Garrett Blondell (Rochester, 2019-08-16)


As it is, during peak traffic times, I cannot leave my street. If I need to exit onto Empire, all four lanes are a wall of traffic; unable to turn left or right. And if I go down Harwick to exit onto Culver, same situation. Sometimes, I have to drive down Harwick to try to exit onto Empire at either Shelford or Helendale since there is a light there and people regularly completely blocked the intersection. So I'm driving out of the way and increasing my travel time. That is undesirable as a resident and certainly not a selling point for future residents. Lessening the lanes will back the traffic into the city, the ramps on Clifford and Culver in both directions. Additionally, down empire, which could cause the potential for congestion at empire and Winton. And the expressway for exit 8, leaving 590. As a resident, there are no other direct routes to access to the express ways (590 or 104) without having to travel down Empire and/or culver. This project would substantially increase traffic congestion in our neighborhood and for that reason, I support maintaining 4 lanes.

Danielle Patteraon (Rochester, 2019-08-16)


Have seen way too many issues with the road at 4 lanes take it down to two will be even worse too many cars to flow with 2 keep it 4

Clara Schneider (Rochester, 2019-08-16)


I see the rush hour traffic backing up in both directions (east and west) with only one lane going each way. I currently don't see any problems making turns without a dedicated turn lane. I support maintaining the status quo.

Bill DeGroote (Rochester, 2019-08-16)


I object to the current moronic approach to making lines more restrictive. There are sufficient problems without making them worse!

Frank Lanzafame (Rochester, 2019-08-16)


We need Four lanes. Empire Blvd. Still has a.lot.of traffic.

David Memmel (Rochester, 2019-08-16)


I lived near Winston/Empire most of my life, and still use this route extensively. The 104 closing proved that this is a key roadway for the area and reducing capacity in this way is a major area. Needs much more study to not become a permanent region-wide catastrophic mistake similar to the short term 104 debacle.

Dana Schwartz (Webster, 2019-08-16)


I use Empire Blvd regularly to commute from my house to 390, and also to Webster to shop (Wegman's, Wal-mart). I don't believe that reducing a heavily utilized roadway to two lanes is prudent or wise; seems like increased congestion would be the result. Therefore, I'd like to see it remain 4 lanes, 2 in each direction.

Frederick Lockhart (Rochester, 2019-08-16)


There is too much traffic and seems to have increased over the last 6 months. Reducing it to one lane each direction with a middle turning lane would further impede traffic.

Christine Sellers (Rochester, 2019-08-16)


I think there is way too much traffic on the road for two lanes. It seems too congested as it is.

Beverly Riccioni (Rochester , 2019-08-17)


I am sending an email. I reside and own a business at the above address. traffic and road conditions are already beyond poor. A road diet would make it worse. If anyone making these decisions would like to spend a week at my address and try to use the current roadway, especially during morning and evening, please let me know. I'll provide coffee. Try to turn left. See how much damage to your suspension you get. Prove to us that condensing traffic will be a benefit.

Lyndon Huttemann (Rochester, 2019-08-17)


Just because a road design is new, does not mean it is automatically a better solution.

Anthony Ferrera (Rochester, 2019-08-17)


Recent detours to Empire Blvd have shown what an absolute mess it is to alter traffic patterns here in this area. I've lived off Empire for the past 7yrs and it has needed a MAJOR repair and update this entire time. Removing a lane from both directions of traffic would be AWFUL, especially in the winter time.

Bridget Volta (Rochester, 2019-08-17)


Empire has always been a mess for the whole 40 years I’ve been on this earth. Reducing lanes is not the solution.

Meghan Fischer (Rochester, 2019-08-17)


I live in a neighborhood adjacent to Empire Blvd and feel this road diet will be detrimental to pretty much everyone. I do not want dread using our main arterial road every day because of traffic volume issues which will be enhanced if we reduce the amount of available lanes.

Kristine Smalter (Rochester, 2019-08-17)


Too much traffic for 2 lanes!!!

Theresa Barres (Rochester, 2019-08-17)


There’s too much traffic on Empire Blvd as it is. Reducing a portion of it will cause traffic issues in my opinion.

Sheri Koepke (Rochester, 2019-08-17)


I think the road works just fine as it is and I think reducing to one lane in each direction will cause more backups, especially at intersections.

Allison Moreland (Rochester, 2019-08-17)


Alot of traffic travels to and irondequoit and Webster and reducing it to one lane each way will cause traffic to get backed up. And when someone is turning at least there is another lane to keep traffic flowing.

Debnie Penders (Rochester, 2019-08-17)


I frequently travel this corridor for business.

Lars Kelley (Rochester, 2019-08-18)


I'm signing because I think it is ridiculous to cut to 2 lanes. It is bad enough now with 4 lanes and you think it will be better with 2 lanes. Where is your brain ?????? (I have an idea where it is).

Terry Nelson-Cicotte (Rochester, 2019-08-18)


The road needs to stay four lanes. Reducing will make it worse. Road just needs to be repaired correctly. Well over due for proper repairs.

Charles Marcera (Rochester, 2019-08-18)


I think it's important to maintain 2 lanes of traffic in each direction on Empire Blvd., which I travel daily.

Barbara Silva (Rochester, 2019-08-18)


I believe a reduction of lanes would create dangerous conditions overall & cause significant difficulty in turning east onto Empire Blvd from Pardee Rd.

Paula Penna (Rochester , 2019-08-19)


I think going to 2 lanes only will create too much traffic given the businesses along this area. When you add the fact of 590 ramps nearby and the Laurelton Fire Station right there it would be somewhat of a safety issue as well.

Kathryn Gillespie (Rochester, 2019-08-19)


traffic will be even worst if it is changed to two lanes and one turning lane

robert steffon (irondequoit, 2019-08-19)


Empire Road should remain 2 lanes due to the amount of traffic. This area already is congested during rush hour.

Julius Dorsey (Rochester, 2019-08-19)


I think it's a poor decision to decrease lanes in such a busy area. I believe it will only create more traffic issues not decrease them.

sharon rosati (rochester, 2019-08-19)


DOT did not solicit input before ramming this down our throats

Kenneth Nawrocki (Rochester, 2019-08-19)


Empire Road should remain to have 2 lanes due to the amount of traffic and congestion that is already there during rush hour. If anything should be looked at it, it should be providing proper paving of the road.

Dawn Dorsey (Rochester, 2019-08-19)


I support four lanes, keeps congestion low whereas two lanes is going to cause a lot of headaches.

Joge Silva (Rochester, 2019-08-20)


I'm signing because I agree with the statement that "the impacts of traffic congestion events require the preservation of roadway capacity in this corridor".

John Maier (Rochester, 2019-08-20)


I'm signing this petition because I am concerned that reducing the roadway capacity will cause increased traffic congestion on Empire Boulevard. Vehicles wishing to avoid this congestion will likely seek alternative routes between Culver Road and Helendale Road such as Harwick Road, Westchester Ave, Laurelton Road and Norton Street resulting in increased traffic on these roads and streets.

Dawn Maier (Rochester, 2019-08-20)


Anyone who regularly travels this road knows the traffic we get. Two lanes are appropriate and a left turn lane will not help the situation.

Jennifer Goodman (Rochester, 2019-08-21)


Leave well enough alone. Needs only to be repaved.

Diana Schum (Rochester, 2019-08-23)


It would be crazy to reduce the lanes on Empire

David Buck (Rochester, 2019-08-27)


We need two lanes in both directions and there is no reason why this cannot be maintained.

Patrick McNally (Rochester, 2019-08-27)


During projects like the 104 overpass, this road way will no longer be able to accommodate your rerouting plan. Day to day travel will be impacted by the proposed lane reduction. Two lanes now allows for anticipated turns without issue. Moving to a single lane in each direction does not account for the amount of traffic coupled with the residents entering and exiting their side streets. The single middle lane will have head-on collisions between Vayo St and Pardee.

Caitlin Whittington (Rochester, 2019-08-30)


This is a terrible idea! They love rerouting everyone to Empire Blvd exit when there is any construction on 104 or on 590, so how is the single lane going to accommodate the added traffic? Please don't forget that people LIVE here and need to travel to/from work DAILY above all else.

Ali Johnson (Rochester, 2019-08-30)


They need to pave and fix the area from culver to 590. Not make it one lane .

Michael Harvey (Rochester , 2019-09-25)


As a resident of the Upper Empire Corridor for the last 56 years, I know how difficult it is at times getting onto Empire Blvd. with four lanes. Can’t imagine navigating it with two lanes.

Juiette Morelle (Rchester, 2019-09-25)


I work at the Laurelton Fire Department and we cannot afford to have vehicles backed up blocking our firehouse.

Jim Mastin (Rochester, 2019-09-25)


Empire Blvd is a main corridor and any decrease in lanes would be a nightmare.

Lauren McGuire (Rochester, 2019-09-25)


2 lanes with a turn lane makes no sense.its been 4 lanes forever all 1 lane each way will do is cause more traffic congestion

robert verzillo (rochester, 2019-09-25)


This would be a huge mistake to remove 2 lanes on Empire. Traffic is consistently an issue and I’m all for preserving what we currently have.

Kristen Marcera (Rochester, 2019-09-25)


Empire Boulevard traffic has become horrendous with the addition of the apartment/condo complex at the end of the bay. Decreasing the lanes available to use would make this problem much worse. I have already seen an increase in the time needed for my commute. Please don't make this any longer.

Heather Lee (Rochester, 2019-09-25)


After the 590 ramp closure debacle, you'd think this would be a moot point. Has the state actually tracked how many vehicles travel this road every day? Personally, I can't recall driving over any counter...

Bernice Whiting (Rochester, 2019-09-25)


I believe that we should improve on the existing configuration of Empire Blvd, not spend more tax payer money on changing its configuration that will create traffic congestion.

Hector Sotomayor (IRONDEQUOIT, 2019-09-25)


With the high volume of traffic during rush hour periods reducing to 2 lanes would make getting home a nightmare

Thomas Burgess (Rochester, 2019-09-25)


I vehemently oppose the reduction to one lane in either direction with a center turn lane; I feel the street is way too busy to accommodate the traffic adequately if that were done.

Lisa Dwyer (Rochester, 2019-09-25)


Keep the 4 lanes!!

Renee Pritchard (Rochester, 2019-09-25)


I'm signing because there is a need for 4 lanes on Empire Blvd. Bringing it down to less lanes would cause heavy traffic jams.

Kathy Bodley (Rochester, 2019-09-25)


During the earlier construction on Empire and the 104 detour, we could not use Empire Blvd due to the traffic. It was extremely difficult to pull out of our neighborhood onto Empire. It was taking us much longer to go where we needed to go due to having to go alternate routes. I turn left off of Empire on a daily basis and I do not find the lack of a turn lane to be an issue. In addition, I do not believe it would be worth the negative impacts.

Jamie Schnaus (Rochester, 2019-09-25)


I have lived in this neighborhood for 51 years and I see no reason for this ridiculous idea of reducing road lanes on Empire Blvd. I have driven Empire Blvd. for years and it is just fine just the way it is! If the number of lanes on Empire Boulevard is reduced, I won't be driving it anymore, it will just be too much of a pain to use and too much traffic for a single lane in each direction. Don't change it!

Mary SMITH (Rochester, 2019-09-25)


I don't like this plan-- are you kidding me that I will need to change lanes to make a turn to get to my home? Empire Boulevard... Boulevard!

Peg Muto (Irondequoit, 2019-09-30)


Because I think single lane in both directions would cause traffic issues and there is a better way to supposedly make the stretch safer.

Anthony Johnson (Rochester , 2019-09-30)


I believe we need two lanes in each direction.

Laura Farrell (Irondequoit, 2019-10-01)


I feel that reducing the number of lanes on Empire Blvd. Is a HUGE mistake!

Robert Reeves (Rochester, 2019-10-01)


This road diet would back up traffic even further AND add to increased pollution on Helendale Road. With the roadworks this past summer, traffic was backed up nearly to Norton. Please, please reconsider.

Erica Fee (Irondequoit , 2019-10-02)


I'm signing because Empire Blvd is quite the congested road as it is. DOT workers need to go to Engineering school to see why the road "diet" is a very poor solution!! Residents seem much smarter than DOT workers!!

Cristina Fodor (Rochester, 2019-10-02)


I believe this will create more traffic problems and issues with traffic back ups which will cause people to be more impatient, angry and there will be more aggressive drivers. This is a terrible and not very well thought out plan. Forget it!

Monika Guernsey (Rochester, 2019-10-02)


One reason is that just one center lane for turning can be extremely dangerous. Vehicles may not be able to see around each other if both turning left. I served on a trial where 2 vehicles were facing each other in the center turn lane, both trying to turn left. Neither could see oncoming traffic around the other. One decided to slowly nose out. A motorcycle happened to be coming, hit the nosed out car and flipped over it. Both the driver and his son were critically injured.

Kathleen Schaertel (Rochester, 2019-10-02)


Cutting this section of Empire Blvd. down to one lane each way will only increase gridlock, wherein more cars are putting more carbon emissions into the atmosphere. This kind of gridlock will also cause many to avoid this road which will hurt businesses. It will create more traffic for residents, which creates an unsafe environment for everyone. There is nothing good that comes from this so called road diet except that politicians who don't have to drive through this area create an illusion that they are actually helping the community when they are not!

Tim Schaertel (Rochester, 2019-10-02)


Squeezing traffic into less space is not wise now and will cause greater problems going forward.

Justin Schiess (Rochester, 2019-10-03)


I am signing this petition because I live in the general area and travel Empire Blvd almost everyday. Cutting the traffic lanes down to one lane in both directions will cause a nightmare. Traffic gets backed up Empire Blvd all the way to Culver Rd already with any issue such as construction or road delay in some nearby area or just heavy traffic during rush hours. Cutting the travel lanes down to one in each direction is a very POOR idea. Better to improve the road surface and lower the speed limit to 30 MPH. Add a sidewalk to the south side if possible, but no Bike lanes. Bikes on the road are dangerous and they should stay on the sidewalks.

Susan DeBole (Rochester, 2019-10-03)


I'm signing this as a resident in the neighborhood. With the current set up its hard enough to access my street from empire or to leave it. By going down to one lane this will become impossible at certain times of the day. The traffic will be so congested that without the aid of an additional light for my street we won't be able to turn in or out. We already got a taste of it when road work had empire down to one lane on just one side of the road and it made it incredibly difficult for us. The current system while old is effective. Its not broken, so it doesn't need fixing.

Chelsea Walters (Rochester, 2019-10-03)


I don’t think the data proves that this won’t affect vehicular traffic in a negative way. Pedestrians and bicyclists account for a much, much smaller number that travel this way than vehicles. Furthermore, when the outlet bridge is closed, there is more traffic that travels on Empire. My thought was to do what Jefferson Road has - a median. This would reduce the congestion by having one-way turns out of establishments and designated U-turns at certain stop lights. Additionally, traffic lights could also help to reduce the speed if that is what the true goal is for this project.

Mark Terranova (Webster, 2019-10-03)


I'm signing because of the following. Empire had more than its share of pokey drivers. Today, with two lanes each way, drivers have the ability to get past slow cars. Under this idiotic plan, traffic will now be slowed down to BELOW the speed of the slowest driver. This mean that speeds of 25 mph and less will become the norm at rush hour. The end result is that it will become faster to use side streets thru residential neighborhoods which will in turn endanger far more pedestrians than the current 4 lane structure on Empire.

Michael Nighan (Rochester, 2019-10-03)


I do not want single lanes. It will cause bad traffic for local residents like myself.

Nerissa Callahan-Stiles (Irondequoit, 2019-10-04)


I'm signing because I am AGAINST the "Road Diet".

Deborah Cervini (Webster, 2019-10-04)


I've lived here for 35 yrs.,& know what its like to get onto Empire Blvd. now during rush hr. Also, during the Irond.Bay bridge flyover repair, Empire had traffic jams in the two existing lanes in each direction for miles. This is a main corridor linking the city with Irondequoit, Penfield,& Webster. !5,000 vehicles is a very significant amt.of traffic that relies on this thorough fare. I do not believe this "Diet" will reduce accidents, only create them. There are a lot of vehicles, Bingo center,Dans Crafts that would be affected by this move. If speed is a problem, reduce it & ENFORCE it.

Gary Hetzer (Rochester, 2019-10-06)


I think changing the lanes will make Empire far too congested. It’s already quite difficult to turn left onto Empire from the side streets and I think this would make it harder. There’s not enough of a problem with turning left when on Empire that it needs a change.

Sheralyn Hendrickson (Rochester , 2019-10-06)


I travel this area daily
reduction of lanes will have a severe impact on traffic flow
a turn lane in lieu of 4 lanes is not necessary since this is a residential area and 90 % of the needed turns already exist at traffic lights
This area is not a high traffic bike rd as in the city and the current 4 lanes more than accommodate the bike traffic

judith rozewski (irondequoit, 2019-10-09)


I believe in this

Erin McEneaney (Rochester, 2019-10-09)


It's simply common sense to keep both lanes. If you don't have 2 you'll really slow everyone down.

Thomas Kostadinov (Rochester , 2019-10-10)

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