Add Merge modifier to Blender



We really need it!!!

lepiller cedric (deville, 2019-09-18)


The merge modifier is really a must if working with modifiers on a non destructive way

Christoph Beck (Lutzenberg, 2019-09-18)


Must. Have. Period.

Loïc Dautry (Strasbourg, 2019-09-18)


I needed it many times and it doesn't seem to be a lot of work to implement

Romain Guimbal (Annecy , 2019-09-18)


Having a merge modifier will be very useful. Especially when working non-destructive.

Amin Persia (Burnaby, 2019-09-18)


I need this modifier in everyday life work.

Vasyl Matsuk (Lviv, 2019-09-18)


Bring the modifier to life!

Andrejs Semjonovs (Riga, 2019-09-18)


I want this in Blender!

Isaac Fernández (Coruña, 2019-09-18)


Please do this :)

Vojtěch Lacina (Prague, 2019-09-18)


I believe that the modifier is very much needed in Blender

Oliver Milas (Hamburg, 2019-09-18)


Yes pretty-please!

Peter Jozsa Jr. (München, 2019-09-18)


I would liek to merge.

Jerry Perkins (Austin, 2019-09-18)


I´m signing because this is an important addition to Blender´s modeling toolset, and it seems we can´t get the devs to listen any other way...

Ted Nielsen (Barcelona, 2019-09-18)


This is essential.

Will Fuller (Austin, TX, 2019-09-18)


We need this!

Jakub Wysocki (Katowice, 2019-09-19)


This will be useful in many cases

Ahmad Azizi Mohammad Zam Zam (Cheras, 2019-09-19)


Heck yes, this would be great.

Chico Blue (Red Deer, 2019-09-19)


This modifier is really helpful, please make this happen!

Eric Siawan (Yogyakarta, 2019-09-19)


It's important

Eugene Kostyuk (Rivne, 2019-09-19)


I think merge modifier SHOULD be already in blender.

Niki Varis (JOENSUU, 2019-09-19)


This is a good idea.

Peter Berglund (Göteborg, 2019-09-19)


The missing piece to having a completely non-destructive and headache free workflow in Blender. Merge that Merge Modifier into Blender I Say! <3

Gibran Kaleel (Colombo, 2019-09-19)


I'm signing because I things this modifier will be really useful and powerful. I lost to many time to merge manually to fix issues like that

Quentin Sanhes (Perpignan, 2019-09-19)


Improvement to non-destructive workflow is needed, and this is the answer.

Joshua Briggs (Erie, 2019-09-19)


I believe that with the merge modifier non-destructive modelling could be easier.

Guilherme Garcia (Belo Horizonte, 2019-09-19)


It's super important modifier. Every time enter to edit mode to remove doubles and clean scans it's too rough and provide risk of crash and freezes.

Vi Advena (Anywhere, 2019-09-19)


+1 on this!

Christian Schumann (Kiel, 2019-09-19)


This needs to be added.

Joe Cletus (New York, 2019-09-19)


Beyond useful modifier. Should be there already

Nelson Junior (Curitiba, 2019-09-19)


This modifier is very needed!

Steven Serra Mock (Nörten-Hardenberg , 2019-09-19)


Agree with this. _*IN FULL*_

Alex Opazo (Buenos Aires, 2019-09-19)


I would use a lot

Maltn Diman (Dortmund, 2019-09-19)


We really need this as separate modifier, not just option in *some* modifiers!

Vitalii Vlasov (Tuymazy, 2019-09-19)


I wasn't aware of this issue, but now it must be fixed indeed!

sébastien abraham (plufur, 2019-09-19)


Add Merge modifier to Blender

Tomislav Čorak (Vinkovci, 2019-09-19)


that's fun. and I think from some there is a lack of real communication. isn't it Bretch ^^

Conscience DelaSource (aussillon, 2019-09-19)


I'm signning because I do agree that we need better options for merging in blender.

Alexandre Arrigoni (rio de janeiro, 2019-09-19)


It is ridiculus to have a very simple yet VERY useful patch and not merge it because some day there will be a better solution. Why didnt devs remove physics and animation then when going 2.8? They do have plans for a better implimentation at some point.

Name Lastname (Odessa, 2019-09-20)


This is will make for a vast improvement. I'm constantly advocating that ppl move to Blender. This will help.

Niall Dowdell (Toronto, 2019-09-20)


We need this modifier!

Tom K (Birmingham, 2019-09-20)


I love blender .... and want it become much more better

Zubenelgennubi Húsky (Đà Nẵng, 2019-09-20)


Non destructive modelling is definitely more and more useful... and will be with the "everything nodes" project

Alexandre Bon (Paris, 2019-09-20)


For a now long-established, 'many-a-technique', cultured-software, which currently (albeit in an ever-evolving state) finds itself rife with an embarrassment of riches, the continued-omission of this modifier is in itself, an alarming-oversight at minimum, and arguably an OBSCENE-embarrassment at it's very-worst---as well, it shouldn't easily-be lost on those whom this petition targets, that many of it's proponents here, have served the Blender Project loyally, having provided insightful-training, scripts, nigh-patriotic vocal-support of the software in general, as well as substantial, cumulative financial-reinforcement to the Blender Development Fund throughout the years without second-thoughts of doing so, and as such, truly-do deserve in this instance, as with all others---a respectful-return on those investments in the form of a proper-examination of this particular-modifier's importance/need to the user-base, and how it's continual-exclusion within the main-branch contributes to a position of weakness to the overall-brand, versus a number of it's peers.

To those whom it concerns, if you have done so, thank you for your time in reading; and as well to Mr. Lepiller for re-awakening this particular-concern for all.
A closing-salute to he, and all participating in this call-for-action; With 'hope' (aka: those in-house developers who find themselves employed by the &quot;deep-pockets&quot; recently-contributing to the fund, and concluding that they, themselves have the same frustrations) perhaps this subjectively-small sprinkle, after a turn---will find itself unfurling, into an alluring-storm...

Samuel Spade (Muncie, 2019-09-20)


I completely agrer with Cedric and wholeheartedly thank him for coming forward with this petition concerning the need for a merge modifier which is urgent than it seems. Blender is in need of even more live modifiers that will help facilitate more production solutions, and this one's definitely one of them.

Ajlan Altug (Istanbul, 2019-09-21)


i ask for this addon for long time.

Pierre Brack (namur, 2019-09-23)


Blender user

Daniel Garcia (La Paz, 2019-09-23)


This modifier is really important to get a good non-destructive workflow!

Leamon Pro (Paris, 2019-09-24)


I believe it's legit in the proc creation method.

Adam Juhasz (Budapest, 2019-09-24)