Reinstate Father Michael Suhy



We need Father Michael. He is a very holy priest and a wonderful person. He inherited a mess and has done a great job during the pandemic.

LeAnn Decker (Plymouth, 2020-11-18)


Fr. Michael has greatly helped SO many people that I know. He has been a TRUE pastor. Yanking him out of OLGC, and disallowing him to even visit, is shameful! If you want good priests, you have to SUPPORT them, not make them fear being removed after they put so much effort into a parish. :-(. Very disappointed!

Cindy Brown (Ann Arbor, 2020-11-18)


Fr Michael is a good and holy priest. He did an amazing job during the pandemic of making the sacraments available . Removing him and publicly shaming him is a disgrace .

Amy Ekblad (Canton, 2020-11-18)


Father Michael has done everything that he should as OLGC - and he has done it extremely well. There is no logical reason to remove him- especially without consulting his parishioners.

Paul Gelinas (Canton, 2020-11-18)


Supporting Fr. Michael, we should have been told there are problems because we are family and we could have joined together to figure it out.

Beth Locricchio (Northville , 2020-11-18)


I don’t believe in bullying.

Brandon Ekblad (Canton, MI, 2020-11-18)


Unleash the truth!

Adam Plomaritas (Ypsilanti , 2020-11-18)


Fr. Michael is a common sense, reasonable priest who is a breath of fresh air when so much of the Church is acting like the rest of the fear-filled world. Rise up, Catholics!!

Beverly Guza (Ann Arbor, 2020-11-18)


I’m signing because the AOD has ill intentions as they have in the past removing other AOD priests. The AOD illegitimately removed Fr. Michael Suhy from his position as Head pastor of Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish in Plymouth, MI. and the truth will come out.

Steven Locricchio (Northville, 2020-11-18)


I believe parishioners should be allowed to weigh in on this. Fr Suhy seems to have been treated very unjustly and the letter of explanation is flimsy at best.

Natalie Conz (Livonia, 2020-11-18)


Political BS. AOD is pathetic and shameful. Fr. Michael is one of the holiest priests I have ever met! #AskFrJohn

MICHAEL ZOPF (Plymouth, 2020-11-18)


Fr Michael is one of the holiest priests I have ever known. He was not unfamiliar with OLGC when he accepted the assignment, having been an associate pastor under Fr. Riccardo. He took our sacramental life so seriously ,even during COVID. He did not deserve this.

Kathryn Kristoff (Plymouth , 2020-11-18)


I believe Fr. Suhy is an amazingly holy priest and was unfairly removed as pastor. I also have no confidence in the AOD to act with integrity.

Daniel Czarniecki (Dearborn, 2020-11-18)


Fr. Michael Suhy has not been treated fairly and deserves to be reinstated as pastor of OLGC church.

Kathy Tyranski (Plymouth, 2020-11-19)


Father Mike is a man of principle, a devoted servant of GOD and respected leader

Kevin Kelly (Canton, 2020-11-19)


Fr. Suhy was a very holy and devoted priest. His removal from OLGC is a travesty and the AOD needs to reconsider this decision.

Sandra Sebastian (Livonia, 2020-11-19)


I believe Father Michael is a very holy man.

Elizabeth Freyre (Farmington Hills, 2020-11-19)


Fr. Michael is a bright light in the priesthood and a brilliant example for all of us in search of holiness. He made available the sacraments, especially the Eucharist and confession, under extremely trying circumstances, and my teens are enthused about confession with Fr. Michael. Is there anything more important than all of that? Unfortunately, the AoD once again shoots itself in the foot due its absence of scruples.

Geoff Peters (Plymouth, 2020-11-19)


During a year of extreme fear and panic our holy pastor Fr. Michael has kept us alive by making the sacraments more available to his flock, especially reconciliation so that we can be an even stronger faith community. The thanks he gets for being our faithful father is to be sacked without any consideration of the faith community at OLGC! I will pray that this decision be rescinded by the AOD.

Bob Adsit (Plymouth , 2020-11-19)


Fr. Michael was doing an excellent job serving his flock especially with taking over the flock in a pandemic.

Jennifer Buckley (Plymouth, 2020-11-19)


Father Michael is one of the holiest Priest's we know.

Emily Martin (Westland, 2020-11-19)


Father Michael Suhy is an excellent pastor and did not deserve to be removed from OLGC.

Karl Sponsler (Canton, 2020-11-19)


Fr Michael Suhy is the most loving, kind and capable Priest I have ever met. When he says Mass you can see his loved for the Lord. He

Sara Chlubiski (Macomb, 2020-11-19)


Fr. Michael Suhy is a faithful servant of Jesus, and prayer. My family has been blessed to have him as our Spiritual father.

Kimberlee Oberski (Plymouth, 2020-11-19)


Fr. Suhy is a holy priest

sherada collins (Plymouth, 2020-11-19)


Father Suhy is an amazing Shepherd.

Sandra Rechlin (Northville, 2020-11-20)


Fr. Michael is a gifted, kind and holy priest. He was there for me and my family when we needed him.

Kristin Peters (Plymouth, 2020-11-20)


Fr Suhy is a very pious, faithful and loving shepherd of his flock at OLGC. It’s a travesty the way he as removed and denigrated in the Bishop’s corporate termination letter that was anything but pastoral in nature. We demand that he be reinstated and withholding donations to the church until it is done.

John Sidor (Plymouth , 2020-11-20)


Praying for Fr. Michael and our entire parish during this difficult time.

Justine Bolognino (Plymouth, 2020-11-20)


Fr. Michael is an incredible priest who has taken care of his flock during a global pandemic incredibly well. To remove him like this, in such a vague way is a disservice not only to him but to the hundreds of families who attend the church he serves.

Sophie Bizon (Plymouth, 2020-11-20)


It seems this is an unfair action taken by Archdiocese of Detroit. Father is a holy priest and he should be reinstated.

Suzanne McClorey (Vienna, 2020-11-20)


I want Fr. Michael Suhy reinstated at Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish. He is a very holy priest who has done so much for us, especially making the sacraments abundantly available during the pandemic.

Linda Mlynarczyk (Northville, 2020-11-20)


Fr. Suhy is a good solid priest. The archbishop is more of a hireling than a shepherd. Like Jesus said, remember, they hated Me first, so they will hate you. Fr. Suhy you are in good company!

Mary Mciver (Livonia, 2020-11-20)


Such national upheaval and personal trials for everyone in 2020 -- and now this. We need Father Michael back. Please do the right thing.

Cindy Nankee (Canton, 2020-11-20)


Fr. Suhy should be reinstated. He always reverent and such a kind, gentle man of God.

Lee McDonagh (Canton, 2020-11-20)


Fr. Michael Suhy needs to be reinstated as Pastor at OLGC. He is a very hard working priest who goes all out for attending to his parish faithful. He tried his hardest in keeping Mass celebration and the Sacraments available to parishioners when the AOD cowered and implemented Lockdowns. Fr. Suhy cares for the spread of the WORD OF JESUS , where the AOD sheepishly closes up business. Shame on this AOD !!!

George Bonemer (Plymouth, 2020-11-20)


Father Michael was doing a phenomenal job as pastor of OLGC and is one of the best and holiest priests I have known. The AOD decision is wrong and makes no sense.

Michael Mitchell (Plymouth, 2020-11-20)


Fr Suhy is an amazing priest and one of the holiest I have ever met. Something is profoundly wrong for him to be relieved of his duties. Seems to be a trend of bringing false charges against the most holy and orthodox priests to remove and marginalize them. That Fr Suhy objects to being removed is enough for me to support him in this matter.

Michelle Schmidt (West Bloomfield, 2020-11-20)


I’m signing because the AOD is corrupt and so on up the chain of command. This needs to be brought to light.

Jenna Lamerato (Northville, 2020-11-20)


Father Suhy is a true man of God and he should not be silenced to cover up the wrong doings of those in power in the AOD. He needs to be reinstated IMMEDIATELY!

Greta Peterson (Livonia, 2020-11-20)


Father Michael is the best priest out there. He loves his parishioners and their souls are his top priority. He doesn’t deserve to be bullied by the archdiocese for proclaiming the truth. Justice for Father Michael!

Elizabeth Boughner (Warren, 2020-11-20)


Fr. Michael Suhy is the real deal. The holiest of priests just wanting to serve the Lord by serving his flock. He has gone above and beyond and always with a uniquely joyous heart. Such a beautiful priest and witness to all he encounters. We thank him for everything and for remaining strong and true.

Julie Mastropaolo (Walled Lake, 2020-11-20)


I am signing because Fr Michael is a holy and decent man who did not deserve removal by a public kangaroo court from the AofD. What an awful way to public humiliate and fire a fellow priest. Shame on the administrators for damaging this man’s reputation and informing his flock via a public letter on Social media.

Marcia Valentine (Venice , 2020-11-21)


I have had some of my best confessions ever with Father Michael Suhy and I truly experienced spiritual growth not only from my confessions with him, but from his homilies as well. It is incredibly disappointing and upsetting to me that he has been removed from OLGC parish.

Claire Peters (Plymouth, 2020-11-21)


Fr. Michael Suhy is a good and holy priest, his concern and care for souls is absolutely genuine. I don’t understand the abruptness of the AOD’s announcement/removal letter. There must be much more to the story than what has been told.

Mary Jaye (Northville, 2020-11-21)


Father Michael is a whistleblower and is being punished.

John Moniz (Plymouth , 2020-11-21)


Father Michael is a Spirit-filled and loving priest. We were fortunate to have him as Pastor at St Louise de Marillac for four years. Father Michael's homilies are a testament to his deep relationship with Jesus. Fr Michael deserves better treatment than this!

Ken Warzybok (Warren, 2020-11-21)


To protest of the wrongful removal of Fr. Micheal Suhy from his position at Our lady of Good Counsel parish.

Cindy Molnar (Canton, 2020-11-21)


Father Suhy is a good and humble servant in christ and should not be treated like this. The AOD is suspect in this matter

Maureen Manzo (Madison Heights, 2020-11-21)


I’m signing because I see a grievous injustice to a man who is loved by his parish and who has exposed truth to his superiors. He should NOT be falsely accused and removed from his parish family for this. He did nothing wrong, but EVERYTHING right. Lord, hear our prayers for Fr. Suhy, and bring him justice and restore him to his parish duties. Amen.

Donna Landolfi (Rochester, 2020-11-21)


Fr. Suhy is an excellent priest. He is bold and confident as he proclaims the truths of the Gospel.

Leona Center (Royal Oak, 2020-11-21)


I’m signing because I trust, admire and believe in Fr Suhy!

Paul Kopper (Canton, 2020-11-21)


Fr. Michael is an outstanding pastor who feeds his flock, nourishing and protecting them. He is a wonderful fit for our beloved OLGC

Leah May (Garden City, 2020-11-21)


I'm tired of good priests being falsely accused and banished. Tired of deceitfulness and maligning of faithful priests. Tired of agendas that are not of Christ. Tired of being betrayed by our "Shepherd" and those are complicit in the injustices that he leads and/or allows.

Theresa Cusumano (Shelby Twp., MI, 2020-11-21)


I believe in Fr Suhy

Deanna Pikula (Canton michigan, 2020-11-21)


Father Michael has been wronged and he is the holiest man I have ever met. He is a great Pastor and he needs to remain as our spiritual Father!

Edward Peper (Northville, 2020-11-21)


Fr. Suhy is a wonderful priest. His removal is wrong and the reason given by AOD is not the truth.

Robert Nankee (Canton, 2020-11-21)


Father Suhy has lost his parish for being a whistle blower.

Cynthia Siwiecki (Crystal river , 2020-11-22)


Father Michael is a blessing and I believe in him.

Nicole Jablonski (Troy, 2020-11-22)


Father Suhy Is an amazing priest and pastor he has made our faith grow and helping us with evangelization and mostly our love for the Lord we all this to him this great pastor

Jeanne Hartner (Westland, 2020-11-22)


Fr. Michael Suhy has been a blessing to OLGC and needs to be reinstated.
All future donations will go directly to the school.
Shame on the AOD!

Susan Long (Plymouth, 2020-11-22)


Fr. Micheal Suhy has given our family significant pastoral care during his tenure at Our Lady of Good Council. He also impressed me that he was running the church with skill and integrity. The Catholic Church needs more men like Fr. Suhy, who is a devout man of god who is well rooted in His word.

Richard Olenzek (Farmington Hills, 2020-11-22)


Father Suhy is a holy man....Mother Mary protect your son and may the father of lies be exposed in this cover up, we ask all this thru the Most Blessed Name of Jesus, our Savior....Amen

Tanya Azizi (Ann Arbor , 2020-11-22)


Fr. Suhy is my Pastor. Relatively recently, our family joined OLGC from our previous parish of 50+ years due to relocation. He would not know me personally...but his words through his Homilies have helped me - and my family - draw closer to Our Lord. We are praying that he be reinstated.

Laura Miller (Canton, 2020-11-22)


Father Suhy was one of the team of priests at OLGC that taught me the Catholic Faith when I joined RCIA back in 2013. I chose to come to OLGC because of the ORTHODOX teaching that was being given through the leadership of Fr. John Ricardo. I was leaving the Episcopal Church that I had been raised with and that I was DEEPLY committed to. I was well aware of the “left leaning” teachings of some parishes and world wide priest scandals of the Catholic Church. BUT GOD WAS CALLING ME HOME TO THE ONE, TRUE CHURCH. I was in a denomination that not only accepted homosexuality but had elevated an openly practicing homosexual priest (who left his wife and children to live a homosexual lifestyle) to head of the USEC. They had also elevated an ordained lesbian “priest” to bishop!! I did not want to waste time with a parish that was NOT giving sound, Catholic teaching. This is why I chose to come to OLGC! Fr. Michael Suhy was a BIG part of my formation and continues to be so. He was at OLGC for two years before being sent to St. Louise de Marilac parish, which is no small country church. When my family heard that Fr. Suhy was going to be our Pastor after suffering the loss of Fr. John we were RELIEVED, CONSOLED, and REJOICED because we knew we were in GOOD HANDS. He had been shepherded by Fr. Ricardo who had the HIGHEST REGARD for Fr. Suhy. We KNEW we could settle in to this new “Shepherd’s” hands with no FEAR.
Never once did Fr. Suhy look, behave, or speak as a priest who was “over whelmed by the responsibility” of running our large parish or school. If anything he wanted to go DEEPER with us and get CLOSER to his flock LIKE A GOOD SHEPHERD!! If he was so overwhelmed he must be a magnificent liar and complete sham which is in complete and utter contrast to the man we know and LOVE.
I am more shocked by the way this is being handled at the AOD and how we as a PARISH are being treated like CHILDREN who are not getting the FULL STORY. I INSIST to know the WHOLE TRUTH and not be patted on the head and told to sit down and be quiet. We as a PARISH have been prepared for battle and I for one will NOT be silenced.

Audrey Self-Olenzek (Farmington Hills, 2020-11-22)


I'm signing because I don't think Fr. Suhy should be removed from our Parish. To remove him and then tell the parishioners a lie as to why he was removed is a terrible injustice to a good man.

Shirley Gignac (Plymouth, 2020-11-22)


I believe and support Fr. Michael’s Suhy’s testimony regarding His concern about sexual promiscuity by an Archdiocesan employee within OLGC. I resent the public lie that Archbishop Vigneron presented to Fr. Suhy’s parish in the form of a letter that announced his leaving due to being overwhelmed with the work involved with a parish and school.

Elizabeth Copeland (Novi, 2020-11-22)


I have known Fr. Michael for over 10 years. I have been involved in many spiritual initiatives under Fr Michael: RCIA, ALPHA, Intercessory Prayer Teams, Parish Mission, and other evangelical out reaches. I have personal knowledge of his deep love and commitment to Jesus and Holy Mother Church. He has led me into a deeper and holier life in Jesus. God will deliver him from this unwarranted persecution.

Gloria Cameron (Rochester Hills, 2020-11-22)


I believe Father Michael.

William Hoeft (Canton, 2020-11-22)


Elizabeth Gawura

Elizabeth Gawura (Westland, 2020-11-22)


I’m signing because I believe in Father Suhy. God bless you, and the truth will ALWAYS float to the top. We stand with you.

Lauri Cobb (Plymouth , 2020-11-23)


Fr. Michael is a good and holy priest who is being unfairly treated. It seems as though the AOD is covering up something very big and very wrong. May God bless Fr. Michael and his lawyer, and give them the strength they need to persevere.

Lea Boyd (Ann Arbor, 2020-11-23)


I support Fr Michael Suhy

Jeanine McDuff (Plymouth , 2020-11-23)


I’m so sad in the way was announced that Fr. Michael was no longer our Pastor.
Fr.Suhy is a very pious priest with deep faith and love for our Lord and Mother Mary. I’m sad for our parish, how this can happen to good, faithful priest.
He needs to be reinstated.

Maria Sidor (Plymouth , 2020-11-23)


Father Michael is a true pastor.

Ted Lang (Plymouth, 2020-11-24)


Ephesians 6:10-13.

Laura Williams (Novi, 2020-11-24)


The Church should not punish whistleblowers and should protect its parishioners from abuse instead of continuing to cover up abuse!

Mary Arrasmith (Canton, 2020-11-24)


When my fiance and I were new members of OLGC and went to the new parishioner luncheon, Fr. Michael sat with us and we had some good conversation. We enjoy going to his masses.

He was supposed to be the priest presiding over our wedding in August 2021!

Ashley Albert (Canton, 2020-11-24)


He is the most reverent priest I have every known. Its a shame that the aod wilol sacrifice

Frank Suhy (Rives junction, 2020-11-24)


Yes because this is just too many things going on where a good priest is removed by the diocese to cover up higher level transgressions on the bishop and Archbishop level

Robert Lanasky (Livonia, mi. 48154, 2020-11-24)


Father Michael is an extraordinary priest, and parishioners. Me and many more are very sad to see him leave OLGC, we need someone like him to lead. I will pray for him so that God chooses where he wants to take or leave Father Michael. I pray the best for him.

Jordan Davila (Canton, MI, 2020-11-25)


I am signing because it would appear that the reason he was removed has nothing to do with OLGC therefore he should be reinstated.

Glenn Yeager (Plumouth , 2020-11-26)

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