Don't make an Environmental Disaster Worse, Demand a Full Environmental Impact Report!



I think it's extremely arrogant for our city leadership to be allowing something like this to go forward without a proper EIR.

Martin Holman (Long Beach, 2020-12-11)


Given the toxic waste underground and the major problems with drainage downstream from this site in Wrigley, this is an environmental disaster that must be addressed.

Kimberly Walters (Long Beach, 2020-12-11)


The City has allowed the removal of all vegetation from the site, including mature trees and special species plants, without a certified CA Environmental Quality Act document. A complete EIR is needed to address all of the issues on this contaminated site.

Ann Cantrell (Long Beach, 2020-12-11)


We need more green space!

Julianna Robbins (Long Beach, 2020-12-11)


This river front property should be held in public trust to be used as greenspace to improve the health and welfare of west and north side Long Beach.

Karen Efthyvoulos (Long Beach, 2020-12-11)


This is a disaster waiting to happen,
recklessly pushed through with little regard for the community!

Laura Boccaletti (West Hollywood, 2020-12-11)


I’m signing for various reasons:
1) my children attend the school and play at the playground where I have already witnessed clouds of construction dust settling on the grounds. Airborne dust is NOT being mitigated.
2) up until quite recently, this parcel was designated as park/open space. This designation was changed in secret and without public approval.
3) West Long Beach has a dearth of park space and this lot could move that number towards equity.
4) land alongside the LA River should be geared towards revitalization of this wonderful resource, not more industrialization.
5) That the City of Long Beach stands to collect tax revenue from this industrial cite yet is also the entity that determines land use is highly suspect bordering on conflict of interest. I feel that the City has proven that they are not operating in the best interests of me, my children and other citizens.

Hawk McFadzen (Long Beach, 2020-12-11)


I’m signing this because I’m tired of our city doing things that are good for their pockets and not the wellbeing of its community! We need to clean up this toxic area which sits near a SCHOOL!!! I'm sure it is affecting the school and nearby homes. Burying it under asphalt (if it becomes one) will only put a bandaid cap over the toxic waste that sits beneath it!

Bypassing a FULL ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT IS SHAMEFUL! Where does the accountability of the health and well being of our citizens come in? Who is thinking about that???

Lorna Savella (Long Beach, 2020-12-11)


The City needs to refocus their attention to LB mission statement. It's on the website... re review it in case your attention is sidetracked to economic outcomes. Quality of life is the issue at the heart of this petition. The balance of economic gain and quality of life is leaning toward what city officials believe is progre$$. Listen to your citizens cries of quality , high standard of measuring disastrous health outcome of this project. We are already compromised by LB poor air quality always topping 5 nationwide. Greenspace is one small answer but woukd go a long way to increasing the mark to quality of life.

Grace orpilla (Long beach, 2020-12-11)


This is why I'm signing:
1. Equity: Our side of the city is unduly burdened by pollution yet we have less than 6% of the park space of more affluent parts of the city.
2. Environment: The proposed project has the potential of causing irreversible environmental damage and decision-makers are turning a blind eye.
3. Representation: Our representatives don't take the initiative to protect our interests unless we 'encourage' them to do so.

Carlos Ovalle (Long Beach, 2020-12-12)


I signing this because the development has not gone through the proper steps to ensure the safety of the community.

Lenny Perez (Long Beach, 2020-12-12)


I thought this land was designated for recreational use? Let’s keep this space for a Long Beach Westside Regional Park and carry out the vision for the LA Riverbed projects! I also do not want more asphalt when we need trees and vegetation to fight the 710 freeway and Port of Long Beach poor air Quailty!

David Walker (Long Beach, 2020-12-12)


I am concerned about the impact this project would have on my community and the environment

Robert Marsocci (LONG BEACH, 2020-12-12)


The EIR must address all possible impacts including the history of decades of toxic exposure, the current construction work and proposed land development on the environment of Wrigley, Los Cerritos and west Long Beach, such as the urban heat island effect. Including traffic patterns, our local school, fire protection, endangered species, as well as archaeological artifacts, and community beauty and its impact on the LA River basin and its future, including its impact on our Los Angeles Basin. In addition, the EIR should also take into account the impact of lost opportunity for this open space, of the proposed projects impact on residential real estate values, and the alternative of not doing anything at all.

Juan Ovalle (Long Beach, 2020-12-12)


I work at the school with children who don’t need to be poisoned.

Judy Kocher (Long Beach, 2020-12-12)


I’d like to see a full impact report so we can understand all the ways this will impact our neighborhood and most importantly the kids at the school who will be next to the site.

Leah Odette (Long Beach , 2020-12-12)


As a native Californian, I am concerned about proper land use.

Michael Sarabia (Stockton, 2020-12-12)


Environmental impact reports are required for a reason and no entity should be allowed to bypass the process. As a nearby resident I am opposed to any construction until a full EIR is completed, published, and any and all comments reviewed and appropriately addressed.

Laura Kovary (Long Beach , 2020-12-12)


Oil Operators, Inc., the former owner of this property, accepted waste from numerous oil producers, a number of refineries, and wastewater from the Signal Hill Sewage Treatment Plant. There is no telling what all is on that site. The proposed project definitely needs a full EIR including a soil study, a traffic study, and and an air quality study to name a few.

Richard Gutmann (Long Beach, 2020-12-12)


I’m signing because it’s the right thing to do. We only have one earth, we should all do whatever we can to try to reverse the damage that we‘ve done!

David Ball (Long Beach , 2020-12-12)


Money, so they say
Is the root of all evil today

Greg Albrecht (San Diego , 2020-12-12)


My child plays at the park weekly across the street from this development. We ride our bikes past this on the river bed. We need to know this is safe.

Moira Callies (Long Beach, 2020-12-12)


Developers and the city must be held accountable.

Mackenzie Stribich (Long Beach, 2020-12-12)


See my emailed comments to the City previously filed.

Robert Wherry Jr (Long Beach, 2020-12-12)


I am especially concerned with loss of bat habitat. A full Environmental Impact Report is warranted.

Dave Hall (Long Beach, 2020-12-12)


I'm signing this because I'm concerned about the public health consequences of building on contaminated land.

Chris Guarneri (Long Beach, 2020-12-12)


Stop destroying sacred sites. End systemic racism and oppression, preserve native lands. Also, bats are struggling to survive.

Greta Montagne (Bayside, 2020-12-12)


I am very concerned about contaminants blowing onto the elementary school and park where children are present. I also am concerned and object to the use of the property with a refrigerated loading dock that will have idling diesel trucks. the children in Los Cerritos Elementary are downwind of that property and already are exposed to too much air pollution. I insist a full environmental impact report be performed for the intended use of the property.

Kim Worobec (Long Beach, 2020-12-12)


There is no more needed area for a park.

Greg Buhl (Long Beach, 2020-12-12)


We need a park more than we need new development in that location.

Sheila Finch (Long Beach, 2020-12-12)


I'm signing because EIRs are important, not something to gloss over, as the cabal at city hall prefers. The Long Beach city clowncil has gone out of its way to favor out-of-area developers over the citizens of this city. This.Must.Stop.Now.

Anne Proffit (Long Beach, 2020-12-12)


I believe in fighting pollution

Candace Lawrence (Long Beach, 2020-12-12)


I'm signing because we need more green space in West Long Beach. I'm okay with paying for access, just like El Dorado park east!

Sam Lopez (Long Beach, 2020-12-12)


environmental concerns

Michael Ward (Long Beach, 2020-12-13)


I am a concerned neighbor. I do not feel that this project has been completely above board in the way it's been allowed to move forward to date.

Matt Leaver (Long Beach, 2020-12-13)


Long Beach needs more green belts and public parks.

Tom Zink (Long Beach, 2020-12-13)


I am extremely concern about the environmental impact on the neighborhood.

Minh T. Nguyen (Long Beach, 2020-12-13)


There needs to be an EIR. I don't want to breathe toxic dust when I visit the park & the children at Los Cerritos (and surrounding neighbors) need to be protected.

Natalie Meza (Long Beach, 2020-12-13)


This is my neighborhood and the City is going to***** it

Judith Anderson (Long Beach, 2020-12-13)


The western part of the city is suffering from too much pollution already. Especially children are adversely effected. Considering the history of this site, we need to demonstrate tgat there is no cumulative negative impact from developing the site.

Birgit De La Torre (Long beach, 2020-12-13)


paving that land over is just a terrible idea. And it's incomprehensible that the City would just let this happen.

Lawrence Triesch (long beach, 2020-12-13)


We need to understand full environmental impact before the developer continues with the project.

Neilson Ku (Long Beach, 2020-12-13)


I live in the neighborhood and am concerned about health and environmental issues as well as home values

Mieke Malmberg (Long Beach, 2020-12-13)


We need more parks for our children, and pets. We also need to stop additional air pollution and traffic in our community.

Claudia Lomeli (Long Beach, 2020-12-13)


I live locally with my children and I want all precautions and testing to be taken before the business even breaks ground. This is too important considering the proximity to an elementary school and residential neighborhoods

Jenny Pulitzer (Long beach, 2020-12-13)


I want a healthy and Clean Air Long Beach

Jesus Cortez (Long Beach, 2020-12-13)


I am concerned about health and safety for me, my family and our community. An EIR must be undertaken before anything is built.

Leslie Garretson (Long Beach, 2020-12-13)



Donna Schoop (Long Beach , 2020-12-13)


Believe will have a negative impact to area

Troy Curry (Long beach, 2020-12-13)


I have owned my home near the affected site for over 23 years and the pollution levels have increased and I am very concerned about further degradation of our environment. It is imperative the City take this opportunity to be completely transparent and engage in a targeted EIR and stop allowing site disturbances in the meantime.

James Kelly (Long Beach, 2020-12-13)


Any drilling site should be given an ENVIROMENTAL IMPACE REPORT ...... BEFORE work is started and if this has NOT HAPPENED, ALL WORK SHOULD STOP EMEDIATELY!

RICHARD LINDEMANN (Long Beach, 2020-12-13)


We need to have everything done that is possible to insure the health and well being of everyone now and for future generations.
I recall what a horrible dumping ground that area was used for (toxic waste) - it would be totally irresponsible for our City officials to proceed with authorizing further progress without every due diligence made.

Jan Wilcox (Long Beach, 2020-12-13)


I agree with the petition. The mayor should stop this if knows what’s best for the future of his political career.

Jericho John LIMFUECO (Long Beach, 2020-12-13)


Let's find a better use for this land than an RV storage unit. We have an opportunity to do something great instead.

Jay Johnson (Long Beach, 2020-12-13)


My kids are los cerritos student and I would not want anything around them that could cause them harm the students the staff and teachers.

Astrid Cardona (Long beach , 2020-12-13)


Do not want an RV Park
Needs to be a recreational area

JoMarie Battaglia (Long Beach , 2020-12-13)


Do not want an RV storage here

David DePriest (Long Beach , 2020-12-13)


I care about keeping our community safe and healthy.

Kristina De la torre (Long beach, 2020-12-13)


This development is an Environmental hazard.

Carina Slepian (Long Beach CA, 2020-12-13)


It’s imperative that the city requires all due diligence to be done on this project

Marilee Gallucci (Long Beach, 2020-12-13)


Concerns about spreading of the toxic soil: and could be another great loss of opportunity to improve our community.

Mary Humme (Long beach, 2020-12-13)


A full EIR should be be performed before any more work is done.

Theresa Hew (Long Beach , 2020-12-13)


I’m signing this petition because I don’t want to see my neighborhood become an industrial dump like neighboring Wilmington or Rancho Dominguez. Industrial businesses are an necessity but they have their place and I do not want these spaces reducing my property value or causing congestion to our roads.

Lisa Collaso (Long Beaxh, 2020-12-13)


I work at Los Cerritos Elementary School and I’ve watched the current development of this land for the last few months. I’m extremely concerned about the toxic chemicals in the ground that will be uprooted and spewed into the air for me and my young students to breathe.

Kelly Serviss (Long Beach , 2020-12-13)


Please stop building upon our sacred lands. It is time to focus on her healing. We need open spaces and natural habitats not more concrete and buildings. Additionally, storage units would be unnecessary with changed lifestyles. Please change prospectives and focus on what is good for the environment and that which will benefit all life.

Tina Calderon (Pacoima , 2020-12-13)


I'm signing because I don't want more traffic, dust, noise close to my home, and want an environmental impact report done to see the impact to our immediate community.

Janet McConnell (90807, 2020-12-13)


Very concerned about toxic cleanup.

Eugene Johnson (Long Beach, 2020-12-13)


Keep as much public space green as possible. Concrete and RV storage simply industrializes the area making it more subject to pollution as well as the reason given for signing.

Martha Briscoe (Long beach, 2020-12-13)


I want the land to be used as a recreational park

Tiffany Jarvis (Long Beach , 2020-12-13)


I’m signing because the potential danger to children and adults must be measured!

Mary Artino (Long Beach, 2020-12-13)


I am in disbelief & alarmed that the rare piece of property which used to be the Golf Learning Center has already been graded by a developer without and EIR study. That land is a toxic waste dumpsite and to allow it to be dug up without even studying the effects on our neighborhood is criminal. A better community use of the land, without disrupting the soil, would be in the best interest of Long Beach and the neighborhood (park). This invasion by you allowing a developer to come in & proceed is shameful. Cease operations, do an EIR and use this open space as it should have been used...not for a developer's purposes but for all the citizens of Long Beach.

Marilyn Mathews (Long Beach, 2020-12-13)


We need a full EIR prior to any further discussions or approval of this project

Mike Laquatra (Long Beach , 2020-12-13)


I live in the district and I rather see this area be turned into something recreational that everyone can enjoy.

Christina Regalado (Long Beach , 2020-12-13)


I don’t think the riverbed should be a homeless camp . It should be a place for families to enjoy a bit of nature.

Aaron Bell (Long Beach, 2020-12-13)


A complete EIR should be done on this contaminated land - the health of the residents is more important than a developers profits. Also, the zoning of the land should not have been changed to Industrial in 2019 without approval of the residents of Long Beach.

Robert Brunelle (Long Beach, 2020-12-13)


We need to restore the land, no more storage units.

Alyssa Bishop (Long Beach , 2020-12-14)


We need park space instead of an unsightly huge parking lot. It is highly contaminated land deserves a full EIR!

Barbara Shoag (Long Beach, 2020-12-14)


I am against this project.

Stan Janocha (Long Beach, 2020-12-14)


I want no hazardous waste

Carter Wiese (Long Beach, 2020-12-14)


I care about the environment more than I do corporate developers who will eventually abandon this failed project like so many others, leaving regular citizens like myself to clean up and pay for their mess — financially and with my health.

Tania Ovalle-Perez (Long Beach, 2020-12-14)


Land in Long Beach has always had issues with oil deposition. We always need an Environmental Impact Report when moving dirt/land around, and remediation when that report is final.

Kristie Mamelli (Long Beach, 2020-12-14)


I agree with riverpark coalition's concerns.

virginia lumley (long beach, 2020-12-14)


It’s important to me and my community.

Emma Araujo (Longbeach, 2020-12-14)


I’m signing this because I believe a full EIR needs to be performed.

Candelaria Hernandez (Long Beach , 2020-12-14)


I am signing this petition because the soil must be tested before construction commenced at 3701 Pacific Place.

Robert Diaz (Long Beach , 2020-12-14)


I care about my community’s health and welfare. A full Environmental Impact Report must be done!

Dianne Daley (Long Beach, 2020-12-14)


Potential impacts to California’s water system effect all Californians.

Josh Garretson (San Diego, 2020-12-14)


We have a right to get a full environmental impact and no short cuts

Jon Mille (Long Beach, 2020-12-14)


Because it is the right thing to do.

Edith Newberry’Pearl (Long Beach, 2020-12-14)


We all know this property is highly contaminated. A full EIR is mandatory, not just a negative declaration. This should be park space not self-storage right next to an elementary school and homes.

Anita Pettigrew (Long Beach, 2020-12-14)

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