Oppose Attacks On Free Speech And Assembly




Devonte S (Saint Petersburg , 2021-01-18)


This is a disgusting overreach of constitutional rights. It is also a disgusting excuse to give people license to maim or kill.

Azra Korajcevic (Tampa, 2021-01-19)


This is a completely outrageous proposal and infringement upon our rights as Untied States citizens

Jordan Battle (Clearwater, 2021-01-19)


Desantis is a boob and while he represents the state of Florida accurately it's time for a positive shift away from the silly red rider clan

Joshua Franklin (Tampa, 2021-01-22)


Our First Amendment rights are at risk, and we cannot stand by and let this happen.

Carnell Staples (Ft Lauderdale, 2021-01-22)


I oppose fascism and authoritarianism. The right to protest is important.

Ryan Smith (Sarasota, 2021-01-23)


This bill goes against our constitutional rights.

Ashley Day (St Petersburg, 2021-01-23)


Black Lives Matter!

Olivia Sailors (St. Petersburg, 2021-01-24)


The first amendment is explicitly to protect dissent. This proposed law is deeply unAmerican.

Chris Blades (Riverview , 2021-01-24)


Im signing because I stand against facism

Jon Jackson (St. Petersburg, 2021-01-24)


It is a human right to protest.

Tihda Vongkoth (Sarasota, 2021-01-24)


You're not going to infringe on my right to peaceful protest.

Heather Ashby (Land O Lakes, 2021-01-24)


I’m signing because this is unconstitutional

Amber Taylor (Palm harbor , 2021-01-24)


People are more important than profit and this is a disgusting attempt to further silence people.

Nancy Spector (Bradenton, 2021-01-25)


its right

yes sir (new york, 2021-01-25)


Protecting our basic human rights.

Tariq Morgan (St.Petersburg , 2021-01-25)


I'm signing because this is unbelievable and unconstitutional, directly going against our first amendment rights

Artesia Wagersreiter (St. Petersburg, 2021-01-25)


Too protect the first amendment. No fascism in Florida.

Joseph Sook (Dunedin, 2021-01-25)


This is a crime and absolutely disgusting!!! Freedom of speech is not a crime

Denise Richardson (Bradenton, 2021-01-26)


I’m signing this petition because I believe in equal justice under the law and rights of citizens to stand up against injustice in this country. This legislation is disrespectful to the American public and cannot be tolerated.

Layla A (Los Ángeles , 2021-01-26)


Stop fascism now!

Gregory Longshore (DeLand, 2021-01-26)


I’m signing to protect Florida citizens rights to peaceful free speech demonstrations and the right to gather and ask for better treatment under the law.

Chloe Fury (Pensacola, 2021-01-26)


DeSantis’s attempts to limit public outcry and protest against fascism and imperialism threaten the opposition movement. Permanent Revolution is a fundamental responsibility for all seeking liberation. Targeting protesters of injustice only benefits the abusers of society.

John Blair (Tampa, 2021-01-26)


I want to protect Americans' rights to freedom of assembly, freedom of association, and freedom of speech

Tabitha Ahnert (Philadelphia, 2021-01-26)


Protesting is a fundamental right and I believe this bill unconstitutionally impedes on that right.

Benjamin Funt (Wesley Chapel, 2021-01-26)


I'm sick and tired of assholes like Desantis causing so much harm. He has no brains and is a knee jerk conservative who has grasped Trump's coat tails and has his own eye on the Presidency. He's evil, ignorant, and the biggest asshole since Rick Scott to be our governor.

Fred Schonberg (Sarasota, 2021-01-27)



Maria White (Tallahassee , 2021-01-30)


Freedom of speech is our right

Tamara Rogers (Bradenton , 2021-02-01)


This is wrong to stop us from freely expressing ourselves!!!! AND you want to allow others to run over protesters!!!!! Unacceptable!!!!

Belle Pelaez R (Tampa, 2021-02-02)


Civil disobedience should never be abridged like this.

Mike Lee (St. Petersburg, 2021-02-06)


This is a disgrace to the letter and intent of the US Constitution.

PETER KODNER (Vero Beach, 2021-02-08)


The ability to protest allows the people to be heard collectively and directly in a way that no other method does.

Chelsea Bender (Sarasota, 2021-02-08)


I was arrested in a peaceful protest.

Neil Reategui (Clearwatert, 2021-02-08)


This bill is inherently fascist and is unconstitutional. Authoritarian bills like this should not even be drafted in this country or any other country, let alone pushed through by the governor of one of the largest US states.

Raymond Dwelley (Dunedin, 2021-02-08)


This law sounds horrible.

James Hampton (Jacksonville, 2021-02-08)


This could rapidly be deployed nationwide and I care about the people of florida!!

Malcolm Clark (Boston, 2021-02-08)


Bc f u desantis u nasty snow roach

Bailey Cooper (Clearwater, 2021-02-08)


Ron Desantis is a fascist.

Taylor Andersen (St. Petersburg, 2021-02-08)


I’m signing because our freedoms are already being threatened and there has been enough Tyranny walking down this slippery slope. They know what’s coming or this would not be put in place. The people will be heard and seen!

Sean Mele (Saint Petersburg , 2021-02-08)


Freedom of speech is a constitutional right and completely goes against what America stands for.

Nadia Gonzalez (Tampa , 2021-02-08)


I support the first amendment.

Austen Gutierrez (Tarpon Springs, 2021-02-08)


Fuck Desantis and his racist bs

Zoe Mathieu (Spring Hill, 2021-02-08)


I'm signing because this is an abuse of power and violates our constitutional right to protest

Kaitlyn Moran (Perkasie , 2021-02-08)


I’m signing because I believe that all Floridians deserve the right to protest, and that this bill unconstitutionally takes away our right to assembly.

Lea Wright (Melbourne, 2021-02-14)


I oppose fascism

Matthew Yampolsky (Tampa, 2021-02-17)


We need to uphold our rights to peacefully protest

Jennifer Gehlen (Palm Harbor, 2021-02-23)


This is against constitutional rights.

Alivia Gatewood (Tampa , 2021-02-23)


This is a right

Kt Byrne (Sarasota, 2021-02-23)


This is fascism

lori newman (Sarasota, 2021-02-28)


Protest is a part of our national constitution. We do not have to agree with our government and we are allowed to talk about it and protest it. It’s literally what makes America great. Taking that from us is authoritarian and unconstitutional.

Alexis Brasseur (St. Petersburg, 2021-02-28)


You are trying to take away our rights to peaceful assembly by creating loopholes.

Carol Rescigno (Sarasota, 2021-03-01)


free speech and the right to peaceful protest is a first amendment right...

Clea Dobrish (Maplewood, 2021-03-02)

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