**Save Iron Horse Mud Ranch**



its an awesome event and lots of amazing new people to meet

Mikey Cummings (New port richey , 2021-02-02)


I’m signing because we love this place. It’s family oriented well maintained nice people and loads of fun.

Amanda Nichols (Sopchoppy , 2021-02-02)


It’s the only place we have in perry

Kloe Pierce (Perry, 2021-02-02)


I’m signing bc iron horse unites peoples from all over the country and enjoy something that every bogger has in common.

Haylee Moore (Perry, 2021-02-02)


I absolutely love this place and would love to continue to bring my family here.

Melissa Bloodworth (Dade city, 2021-02-02)


Iron horse needs to stay open.

Tawny Schaw (Homosassa , 2021-02-02)


Because iron horse is my place to go that makes me happy and it is very kid friendly I love this and the owner is amazing

Alexis Carmichael (Live oak, 2021-02-02)


My husband and I got married out there and this is our family tradition every march!!! And october!!! This is where we go with our entire family for vacation twice a year!!! It is a safe place for our family and our children and we can do what we love!!!! Please dont make soo many traditions come to a stop!!!

Chelsey Hurne (Old Town, 2021-02-02)


Great family place to go

brian tiesmeyer (Dunnelon, 2021-02-02)


Iron horse rules.

Joshua Martin (Crawfordville , 2021-02-02)


Im signing because iron horse is a great place to ride and meet new friends there is not many places that you can ride anymore in northern Florida

Damian Daigle (Wellborn, 2021-02-02)


We need to save iron horse

Alan Hester (High springs , 2021-02-02)


I totally love the sport of mudding. Im 55 years old and been doing this since I was 15. And there is know place that people can go to enjoy this sport. So please come to some kind of solution to continue are future in this sport.

Kevin Wells (Bunnell, 2021-02-02)


I grew up In Taylor County mud Boggs is a way of life! I moved away from my hometown but I still look forward to the mud boggs every year and so does my family!

Talya Davis (Lake Wylie, 2021-02-02)


This is a free country. Extortion is illegal. We love this park and the people who run it. The safety it provide to the motor sports crowd is second to none.

Gordon Bishop (Lake city Florida , 2021-02-02)


Iron Horse Mud Ranch is my family's get away. Since Todd Larson has bought it he has changed the whole atmosphere of mud bogs. He has made the park a family friendly environment that I feel comfortable bringing my kids to. Please dont take that away from us

Billy Goodman (Panama city, 2021-02-02)


Iron horse mud ranch is a great place and brings alot of money to your town.

Brandon Neider (Port Charlotte, 2021-02-02)


I love this park and what the owner stands for

Shawn Wanstead (Colfax, 2021-02-02)


We love Iron horse and think it's ridiculous for a family place like this to be closed down Because others are unreasonable.

Heather Adams (Merritt, 2021-02-02)



Kristopher Haas (Port orange , 2021-02-02)


I love boggin at iron horse and I voted for TRUMP

Sam Parks (Bell, 2021-02-02)


Iron Horse Mud Ranch has always been a part of my life as long as I can remember and I hate for something like this to make it to where no one can enjoy it

Kathryn Brown (Perry, 2021-02-02)


Adjoining property owners should not be able to control how and when you use your property.

Rickie Saffelder (Hastings, Fl., 2021-02-02)


Iron horse is a great park for family and friends to get together and enjoy mud bogging. The Larson’s have made this park safe and entertaining for all age groups. We love celebrating birthdays at Iron horse and can’t wait for March.

Alishia Garcia (Branford, 2021-02-02)


We come to iron horse every event and enjoy the family fun get away. Really nice to have a small town so close for all our needs.

Christine Senn (Mulberry , 2021-02-02)



Eli Rivera Jr (Altamonte springs, 2021-02-02)


Save Iron Horse

Joann Padgett (Perry, 2021-02-02)


This is one of the few things ppl in perry have to look forward to....we have nothing in perry to do ...

Dustin Ward (Perry , 2021-02-02)


We love going to Iron horse and its fun going with the whole family.

Jessica VanAnda (Panama city beach, 2021-02-02)


The mud bogg sport needs to be kept alive without greedy people!

Michael Daniel (Panama City Fl, 2021-02-02)


This is a family event that brings revenue to the entire community has stations hotels grocery restaurants the tax money the county and state get. A lot of people take their kids to this and it is quality family time. My son was 1 his first trip and is now addicted to trucks and wheelers.

Kelly Williams (Panama City , 2021-02-02)


I’m signing because this is what I grew up doing. The whole family would load early in the morning and spend the whole day doing what we loved to do!

Rachelle Elkins (Lake wylie, 2021-02-02)


Our family loves this place. There aren’t very many and this one is definitely one of the better ones.

Jason Brittain (New Port Richey, 2021-02-02)


We love this park! We come often. Sad some greedy *******s are trying to ruin it for everyone!

Kenny Turner (Panama city, 2021-02-02)


I believe property owners should be able to use THEIR property as they see fit and not rely on adjoining property owners granting permission.

Pam Pardee (Barryton, 2021-02-02)


Iron Horse events create family fun time and fellowship . It brings money to the local area.

Shelley cook (monticello, fl, 2021-02-02)


Mud family stick together

Branden Cathey (Fowlerville, 2021-02-02)


The waivers are unfair to a property owner, that is well within their property rights.

Darin Merkle (Spring Hill, 2021-02-02)


Im signing to show my support to an event that is a positive thing for the community and all involved. The Larsons have done amazing things with this park and it would be a shame to lose this venue. Family oriented places are far and few between.

Tracey Church (Montrose, 2021-02-02)


Iron horse mud ranch is more then just a mud park, its many people's second home! It is a place that is not just fun for adults but an absolute blast for the whole family!

Shannon Fry (HOWELL, 2021-02-02)


My family and I love this park and would hate to see it shut down.

Jamie Hester (High Springs, 2021-02-02)


I love iron and have great memories there

Austin Martin (Woodville , 2021-02-02)


I’m signing this petition because the fact I’ve been too almost every iron horse event since the grand opening it has been on the books since twice a year I love what they do they coordinate these events like no other event that I have been too me and my family love going too these events theirs not many places in the northern part of Florida we can go too bog or just too watch with my family hate that one man is gonna be the reason why hundreds of thousands of people can’t bring their family’s too such a great event and ruin it for everyone else

Kyle Finaldi (Sopchoppy Fl,, 2021-02-02)


This event brings our community so much money and awareness to this town. This will affect our local businesses tremendously

Haley Horner (Perry, 2021-02-02)


This place is amazing great people great mud park they make so much money over the past few years. I have met lots of great people from all over the world this park is like no other very professional.

Elizabeth Davidson (Tallahassee, 2021-02-02)


The Larson’s have created the only family environment that Florida has to offer for the mud bogging community!!!!

Kelsey Weber (Dade City, 2021-02-02)


Iron horse is something I look forward to every year with my entire family we’ve created thousands of memories and never daily to have a blast

Raven Nicole Goodman (Panama City , 2021-02-02)


It breaks my heart to think iron horse is shutting down my family went there every year since I was 10 I’m 20 now and that’s something I wanted to pass to my kids one day!

Brandi Anglin (Ebro, 2021-02-02)


This place is awesome and it gives my family and friends a weekend getaway.

Kelly Parker (Crawfordville, 2021-02-02)


I’m signing because it’s an awesome and family friendly mud park.

David Agner (Lee, 2021-02-02)


Im signing because this is a family place the main place in Taylor county that we can go an have a blast/ play in the mud without getting in trouble an be with family it's only a hand full of time a year. An we my family goes it's like a mini

Braxton Mathews (Perry, 2021-02-02)


Iron horse brings money to this county!

Tiffany Pritchett (Perry, 2021-02-02)


My family and I attend every event! We love it !

Sarah Nicole (Spring Hill , 2021-02-02)


Love what the tod an his family has done for perry an mud bogging

Rodrick Wilson (Perry , 2021-02-02)


I want iron horse mud ranch to stay open it’s a great event for family and it’s been around since I was younger.

Nicole Boyington (Perry fl , 2021-02-02)


This event is a huge income to the community. There are a lot of great benefits.

Cierra Bordner (Perry, 2021-02-02)


We love Iron Horse Mud Ranch. It is the only family friendly mud park. Our family comes from all over Florida for these events.

Consider how much money these events bring to Taylor county ( Walmart, Gas stations, Hotels the list goes on).

Cheryl Mathews (Perry, 2021-02-02)


We love Iron horse

John Vescuso (Dublin ga, 2021-02-02)


I love this place

Tyler McClure (Sanford , 2021-02-02)


I love IHMR! I go every year and its nothing but a fun getaway from reality.

James Johnson (Perry florida, 2021-02-02)


We go every year and it’s Todd’s property and as Americans we should be ashamed Taylor county is even allowing him to make demands

David Mckee (Panama City , 2021-02-02)


Its a great place to take family and a all around vreat place we always have a great time there and go to near about every evnt

Daniel Redfearn (Moultrie, 2021-02-02)


Iron horse is an amazing place to go and have fun with friends and family which it what the world needs right now more than ever!!

Cynthia Davis (Panama City , 2021-02-02)


Henry Lee is a ******* and is doing this crap for spite

Bradley Blaske (Perry , 2021-02-02)


I think this is an awful thing to lose. The revenue from the mud bogs are amounts that can not be brought into this town by anything else. Taylor County has nothing here for family activities and these people have done a fantastic job of including all ages. Save Iron Horse!

Sandra Young (Perry, 2021-02-02)


This is one of the few truly family friendly parks in the country. People from all over, especially us Michigan folks, come down to vacation in Perry. Hotels, restaurants, stores, gas stations... all benefit from the patrons of Iron Horse Mud Ranch. Risking all that revenue because of one unreasonable person just seems ridiculous to me.

Chris Bradley (Battle Creek, 2021-02-03)


This great family vacation

Brad Gainer (Panama , 2021-02-03)


Because we love iron horse mud ranch. Do not take it away or we will protest.

Jaso Mayo (Jacksonville , 2021-02-03)


Screw the neighbor we need it open!!!! Cmon !

Zoey Andersen (Lecanto, 2021-02-03)


This is a place the whole family can go and enjoy. You can bring your kids and feel safe with having them there.

Lacey Gore (Homosassa, 2021-02-03)


Iron Horse has brought family back to the sport of mud bogging!

Elaine Neel (Perry, 2021-02-03)


This is not what taylor county needs, this will affect several businesses including food service hotels Parts stores and many others 4 to 6000 people will not be attending this event due to one person and the actions of the council. As business struggle to keep the doors open, not to menchion the people that are employed before, during, and after the events, that we don't want you or your money in are comunity.

Keith Bubba Mathews (Perry, 2021-02-03)


I love the iron horse

LAkendra RObinson (Perry, 2021-02-03)


This is the most family oriented mud park I have been to! I am not afraid to bring my 3 young daughters here, most places I won’t. Mr. Henry don’t let your selfishness ruin thousands of people’s good times.

Chris Wall (Ocala FL, 2021-02-03)


This is a family friendly event that my family and I have been attending for years. We look forward to March and October just so we can get 4 days of good clean family fun.

Candice Perkins (Jacksonville , 2021-02-03)

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