**Save Iron Horse Mud Ranch**



I'm signing because I support allowing Iron Horse Mud Ranch to host events on their property.

Carol Lamphere (Otsego, 2021-02-03)


There is no reason for Henry Lee to act like he is. Me and my family really enjoying attending the events!

Lyndsey Leake (Perry, 2021-02-03)


This is a fun place to be able to bring my family.

Todd Jarvis (Sorrento, 2021-02-03)


Iron horse has been a family outing that has been a fun and positive event that my family as well as others look forward to as a place for us to gather and have some good ole dirty fun

Christopher Lay (Jacksonville , 2021-02-03)


I hate to see a great park close because of some little petty rules there should be compromise people from all over the country visit the park it dose a great deal for the local economy

Danny Lafoon (Thaxton , 2021-02-03)


Its absolutely insane that you can't use your own property for whatever you want. Total BS

Lee Lawson (Mayo, 2021-02-03)


I love this mud bog

Timothy J Kirkley (Crawfordville , 2021-02-03)


I have been apart of this event for over 20 years and spend a lot of money whenever I visit. This is wrong and should be reviewed.

Lisa Durham (Umatilla, 2021-02-03)


this place is awesome for family fun been a great park since larskn has had it an continuously gets better an more family friendly

Justin dupree (cairo , 2021-02-03)


This event brings people's of all walks from all over to enjoy some fun and is a source of happiness that many look forward to...something we could all use more of in times like these!

Carly Mirando (Oldsmar, 2021-02-03)


This is a great family event

Brian Spaulding (Dunnellon , 2021-02-03)


I have so many memories I don't want to see them close

Brittani Crum (Tallahassee, 2021-02-03)


My family and friends Love going to this event. It's family oriented. A place where we can have a SAFE AND FUN TIME. Away from the hustle of everyday life. It's the GREATEST MUD BOG EVENT IN THE SOUTH. It's not like it's a every weekend event. Just several times a year.

Connie Collins (Newton GA., 2021-02-03)


I have been to IHMR for the last 2 years to attend the fall bogg . It has been an amazing experience for my young children.

Mike Zuern (Barryton Michigan , 2021-02-03)



Richard Holland (Groveland Florida , 2021-02-03)


Extortion within the requirements of a permit application should be illegal

Tyler Kelley (Ocala, 2021-02-03)


I enjoy the mud bogs and want to support Taylor County businesses. Mud Boggers come from all over Florida and surrounding states which helps the Taylor County businesses by purchasing gas food and lodging.

John Collins (Perry , 2021-02-03)


I love attending this park when we go down in the spring

Steve Lanthier (Mulgrave et derry, 2021-02-03)


Great place! Fun for the entire family

Richard Holland (Groveland , 2021-02-03)


I’m signing this petition because Iron Horse is a wonderful place where great and respectful people across America come together. They also bring a lot of funds to the town in which help support their local economy.

Dorothy O’Neal (Jacksonville, 2021-02-03)


Our family has come to know and love Iron Horse Mud Ranch as the best place in the country where we can enjoy our sport of riding ATVs with our sons in a family friendly environment. We have been planning for the March event since the day we left last March. We love this place and would love to continue to visit!

Jessica Pimentel (Port St Lucie, FL, 2021-02-03)


I support iron horse mud ranch 100% me along with my family attend every event every year along we bring approx 20_30 people every time we come from g.a. we also spend alot of money on eats and nesseties at the local wal.mart and convenient stores in taylor co.

Shane Grinstead (Dublin , 2021-02-03)


I’m signing this because iron horse is one of only a couple very family friendly places that we can have a fun weekend and get muddy and it’s a shame what the other land owners are doing to stop everyone from coming into your town and spending a ton of money on local businesses

Justin Whaley (Springhill , 2021-02-03)


In support for the family fun we experience while at this event. This event should continue without adjoining property demands.

Susan Tomlinson (Mayo, 2021-02-03)


I’m signing because it’s the right thing to do this place is awesome and a lot of people would be devastated to see those gates close for good!

Kaylee Mckenney (DeFuniak Springs, 2021-02-03)


I'm signing because I enjoy this event every year

Karen Linton (Perry, 2021-02-03)


Im signing this because even tho i have only been to iron horse one time so far it was the best time i have had and it was mine and my son's first show and i was hoping to make many more memory's there with my family.

Danica Lingerfelt (Lakeland, 2021-02-03)


This place brings people and revenue to our community. One person should not have so much power to be able to shut down an event like this!

Michael Morrison (Perry, FL, 2021-02-03)


I love going there is fun with friends and family

Michael Slim Knowles (Goldsboro, 2021-02-03)


We're happy when we go there time to relax.

Rose Tennison (Folkston, 2021-02-03)


I have been there numerous times and my family loves it. I love the way it has been turned into a family attraction

Kay Stephenson (Madison, 2021-02-03)


They are one of the best event hosts in North America! They run their park extremely well, make sure everyone follows rules while still having fun! There should be no reason why someone else should be able to decide the fate of their own park and property when they follow every rule and guideline

Jessica Mellette (Loxahatchee, 2021-02-03)


Iron horse is a great place and the Larsons have done wonderful things with this place

Todd Tant (Dallas ga , 2021-02-03)


I’m signing this because Iron Horse mud ranch has always been my get away vacation for me and my family. I have been going to the bogs since I was little and I am almost 20 years old. I go to college full time and work full time and to me this is the perfect get away. I also have have made some life time friends and family that I wouldn’t trade for anything. This place is like a home for a lot of us and a vacation please don’t take this away from us.

Kailey Turner (Crawfordville , 2021-02-03)


It's clean, safe fun for the entire family.

Kat Wolferman (Perry, 2021-02-03)


Signing this because we are slowly loosing our country, not just Iron Horse !

Mike Hooker (Old Town, 2021-02-03)


Such a waste to close a family friendly park like this

Tyler Gunn (Plant city Fl, 2021-02-03)


I love mudding and the loud trucks

Pamela White (Newton , 2021-02-03)


Even tho the mud bog at thanksgiving was my first time there i am looking forward to coming back.

Scott Kilmer (Lakeland, 2021-02-03)


Iron Horse is a Great place for the whole family from all over the country’s

Danny Stokes Jr (Macclenny , 2021-02-03)


We need to keep awesome mud holes like this open it keeps kids out of trouble and tearing up the woods its an awesome place stop trying to kill our beloved sport

Austin Galone (Deland, 2021-02-03)


Iron Horse is a family oriented event and makes fun for the whole family. It’s honestly sad that one person, because they don’t get their way, has to ruin fun for the whole community and others all across the world.

Brianna Grambling (Perry, 2021-02-03)


I love ironhorse mud ranch. I've been going for the last 7-8 years. I make it my family vacation every year. The owner has done a tremendous job of making it a nice ace to take family and friends. We can't let this place close.

Darrell Williams (Pikeville , 2021-02-03)


I am signing because there is only 2 events here a year, no driving after 7 pm, the staff does an amazing job getting people in and out as fast and safely as possible, there is no reason why this event should not be help, not to mention the local revenue that comes along with these events

Daniel Gasser (Hudson, 2021-02-03)


Save iron horse 🐎

Kim Ward (Saint Petersburg, 2021-02-03)


Thats the best place for kids and family to come out and hang out, with good friends.

Ethan Gurr (Crawfordville , 2021-02-03)


I believe that this event brings alot of revenue and opportunities to a small town.

Toby Irby (Lake city, 2021-02-03)


I am signing this because I want to continue the tradition of going to spend time with my son at iron horse. I’ve been doing this my whole life and want to let my son have the same memories. I look forward to these two trips a year and I’d hate for Perry to take such a hard economic hit. We LOVE IRON HORSE MUD RANCH

Sarah Shappard (Crawfordville, 2021-02-03)


What a great family fun place.

Kristy Horton (ORLANDO, 2021-02-03)


I’m signing because I love the park and the family atmosphere

Cody Ross (Crawfordville , 2021-02-03)


Good people that have done good things for this community!

Christine Jenkins (Lamont, 2021-02-03)


How ridiculous it is the hoops iron horse has to jump through to keep the gates open. Their event bring alot of people to the town which brings income. The land owners around have to much to hold over their head for their gain at the expense of Iron Horse.

Jason Horton (Orlando, 2021-02-03)


Iron horse IS THE BIGGEST event in Taylor county. Its a place of fun.

Timothy Shasteen (Mayo, 2021-02-03)


I’m singing because this is one place I can safely bring my family for fun in the mud an we enjoy watching everyone from all over the country come together an have an amazing time with there family’s as well

Brandon Matheney (New port Richey, Florida, 2021-02-03)


This is the best family mud event we look forward to each year!!

Tammie HUFF (Port St lucie, 2021-02-03)


We love having a place to ride an have fun

Catheryn Juarez (ARCHER, 2021-02-03)


I am signing this because the Larson’s have done a great job building a park for families to enjoy!!!

Justin Bowman (New Port Richey Fl, 2021-02-03)


Signing because we come all the way from Canada for this amazing event and family that graciously host us! Never had such a good and safe time at a mud event in my life!

Sabrina Maria (Ottawa, 2021-02-03)



Brian Duprey (Havana, 2021-02-03)


Ironhorse mud ranch is a family tradition

Kayla McDonald (SILVER SPRINGS, 2021-02-03)


I've been going to this place since I was a kid I wouldn't hate to see it go.

Brittany Chisolm (Clermont, 2021-02-03)


Iron Horse has become a nice, family friendly place to come. The county should seriously consider removing the waiver requirement as Iron Horse closing will have a negative impact on the county's economy.

Susan Nelms (Tallahassee, 2021-02-03)


Because a community sport shouldn’t be shut down because of one person that wants to be a pain.

Brad Peacock (Panama City beach , 2021-02-03)


I feel this is unethical, unfair, and somehow deceptive. The revenue that Iron horse produces for your county, economy for your small business owners is a true spit in their face. These small businesses are mostly likely appreciative for us mud bloggers attendees. I'm sure there is some type of loophole that you're with holding on waiving this contingency.

Vanessa Chosewood (Ocala , 2021-02-03)


Listen the government is controlled enough let it be known that the people need to let loose and have fun so in your powers Grant this opportunity for the people to enjoy themselves

James Harris jr (PIERSON, 2021-02-03)


We take the family here and would hate to see it go we have so much fun with the kids

Hunter Beckham (Fort white, 2021-02-03)


Mud Bogging is life !!!

Lindsey Moates-Petty (Lake City, 2021-02-03)


I love this park it’s family friendly fun for all and brings money to the areas economy

Kyle Compton (Panama City, 2021-02-03)


These events are a essential to helping support the town. Visitors spend money (Hotels, Groceries, Fuel and Restaurants) which help keep the community people employed.

Marlene Law (LECANTO, 2021-02-03)


I love bringing my family here. It’s always a good time

Aaron Rolison (Holiday , 2021-02-03)


I am signing this because I absolutely enjoy going to iron horse mud bog in March and October every year and I’m seriously bummed they are having to shut down!!

Gabrielle Smith (Lake city, 2021-02-03)


I love this mud bog it’s like in vacation for me in my family I vmbeen coming here sence they open really was looking forward for March
Deangelo rose

Deangelo Rose (Lake City, 2021-02-03)


There is no freaking way a.small group of greedy assclowns will prohibit the vision of some great people making a family safe orientated park to visit from out of state. We the people from across the USA WILL continue to visit and stimulate the local economy and provide incomes for local people and businesses. These nitwits demanding outrageous things jeopardizes the necessary financial infusion to grow and remain stable.

Travis Saunders (Plymouth, 2021-02-03)


This place is most amazing family oriented place around. Me and my children have been every year
for years now , sad to think one of the most exciting moments of the year for my children and family could be taken away from us.

Melinda Rice (Lake city , 2021-02-03)


This place allows us to have fun with our friends and family in a controlled environment enjoyable for all ages

Lowell Neely (Hilliard , 2021-02-03)


Love visiting the family mud park

Brandy Gallow (New Port Richey , 2021-02-03)


One of the funnest places to be and safe for your children to have some fun too!!!! Good people!

Amber Pruett (GRAND RIDGE, 2021-02-03)


The Larson’s have made this Mud Park a huge family event. They have invested hard earned time and money into this park to make it the best mud park around.

Brent Sovjak (Delton Michigan, 2021-02-03)


There are not many mud boggs left and i'd hate to see another one go

Rodney Carmichael (Starke,Fl, 2021-02-03)


Im signing because this is an awesome FAMILY mud park. Our children love it there and we have been coming to this mud park for over 6 years. We look forward to it very year

Erin Scott (Crystal river , 2021-02-03)


Its a great place to have a safe, fun time.

Bryan Dowling (Kingsland Ga, 2021-02-03)


This sport, hobby has become very family oriented. It get kids out and shows what possible if you work for it.

Craig Lewis (Morrice, 2021-02-03)


This a great place to come to and enjoy freinds and have fun would be sad to lose it

Guy Vergnaud (New Port Richey, 2021-02-03)


I love bringing my family and friends to iron horse. It's a fun safe filled weekend. Where memories are made.

Cody Dunlap (Spring Hill, 2021-02-03)


I’m signing because there’s no reason someone should be able to tell someone else what they have to do with their own property. Keep mud bogs in business and tell the neighbors to shove it

Kevin McDonough (Saint Augustine , 2021-02-03)


I love the place

Dave Fuller (West palm beach, 2021-02-03)


I look forward to going everytime there is an event

Renee Wachtel (Newman illinois , 2021-02-03)

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