Vi ønsker en pensjonsavtale mellom Norge og Japan. / 日本とノルウェーの間で、社会保障協定が締結されることを望んでいます。/ We want a pension agreement between Norway and Japan.



I'm sighing this as I am married to a Norwegian husband who has lived in Japan more than 20 years. We are planning move to Norway in near future.

Tomomi Suzuki (Tokyo, 2021-03-17)


Fordi jeg er enig.

Azumi Aki (Bodø, 2021-03-17)


I worked both in Japan and Norway and have paid into the pension system in both countries.

Rune Nordgaard (Tokyo , 2021-03-18)


Jeg er nordmann som har bodd i Japan i over 10 år, men kan forstille meg å flytte hjem til Norge en gang i fremtiden.

Inger Sofie Moen Haanshus (Shibuya, 2021-03-18)


I want to work in Japan in the future.

Isabel Sagvaag (Bømlo, 2021-03-18)


Easier movement of highly qualified staff between our Head Office (in Norway) and one of our largest branch offices (in Japan) would greatly benefit our business and the maritime industry in general.

Mats Steinnes (Tokyo, 2021-03-18)


Norway and Japan should strenghten the relations, and for Norway it is important to be more independant from EU, and give priority to bi lateral agreements with other countries, and Japan is a very important one.

Jan Strømsodd (Grimstad, 2021-03-18)


I am working and living in Japan, and plans to continue to do so in the future too. It would create a good safety and stability if I could connect the two counties more and keep my pension if I ever were to move back to Norway.

Catharina Trones (Yokohama, 2021-03-19)


I want the tie between our countries be stronger.

Kaori Funae-Sannomiya (Aichi, 2021-03-19)


My family is impacted.

Svein Grandum (Seoul, 2021-03-19)


I took my undergrad in Japan, and I would’ve loved this as an option

Mina Wale (Tromsø, 2021-03-19)


I'll move to Norway and will work with Norwegian company.

Hideaki Tanaka (Chiba, 2021-03-19)


Because my son, a Norwegian citizen, was born in Norway, lives and works in Japan right now and four years now.
But in the future, a few years from now, maybe will live either Norway or Japan.

Jeanette Sejera (Oslo, 2021-03-20)


I am a Japanese who work for a Norwegian company, since last year. I live in Oslo with a Japanese wife and 2 children.

Ryuta Kawaguchi (Oslo, 2021-03-20)


I’m signing because this is important step for economic collaboration and partnership between the two countries. People exchanges is inevitable for successful interaction in a perpetual perspective, and this potential agreement is an important step in the process.

Jens-Simon Ulvøy (Tokyo, 2021-03-21)


I would like to have equal right for pension in Norway when I get the age to receive. Without the agreement, I’ll receive much less pension, possibly even than minimum, because I moved from Japan to here in 30’s. I paid pension in Japan around 15 years, though I’ll get very little for that. My worries is huge.

Masae Asada (Oslo, 2021-03-21)


Important issue.

Elisabeth Rombeeg (Kristiansand, 2021-03-21)

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