Australians say NO to more Public Health Emergency Extensions!



Can’t keep closing businesses down or taking our freedom away

Tiffany Slatott (Brisbane , 2021-06-16)


The government need to stop the coercion of vaccines through emergency measures. The vaccines are causing harm!

Amanda Gorst (HILLARYS , 2021-06-16)


I believe in freedom & human rights

Stephen Foley (Perth, 2021-06-16)


Lockdowns DO NOT work. They are slowly destroying our communities. We need to learn to live with the virus, just as we have with the flu etc.. for many years

Vera Mills (Highton, 2021-06-16)


Under the commonwealth's constitution the lockdowns and vaccines are not lawful and have taken away my rights for a virus that was not isolated, tests that aren't capable of identifying the virus and vaccines that are experimental, denying me the opportunity to choose effective and proven treatments that the government are suppressing for their own monetary gain. No government has power over me. I am a sovereign citizen and will not consent to further unlawful extensions of the emergency act as I don't believe the data supports this overreach of power.

Andrea de Kauwe (Perth, 2021-06-16)


Human rights are ours. We are entitled to live as free people according to our constitution 1901

Karen Arnold (Tasmania , 2021-06-17)


Because it’s the right thing to do

Ivo Kornel (Brisbane, 2021-06-17)


I’m signing because the whole Covid-19 agenda is a fraud

John Retschlag (Perth , 2021-06-17)


I want my complete rights back no starlin rules anymore

Paul Weeks (Melbourne , 2021-06-17)


I'm signing because the lockdowns, vaccines and business disruption outweighs the effects of COVID which is merely a flu.

mark lofts (Perth, 2021-06-17)


There is no public health emergency save the government's refusal to promote the use of covid prophylactics such as HCQ and Ivermectin. Also the government fails to promote supplementary vitamins C and D.

Tom Hawkins (Rockingham, 2021-06-17)


Freedom - we are not an oppressed people but if this state of emergency continues we will be.

Marica Lerga (Currumbin , 2021-06-17)


The traitors need to be hanged..

Jason B (Tweed heads, 2021-06-17)


I agree with everything this petition stands for. I want my children to have the same rights I have. This must stop.

Sheena Jackins (Sydney , 2021-06-17)


I want the freedom for travel again. I haven't seen my family in the UK for 6 years. Was due to reunite march 2020 which was postponed to march 2021, but yet again postponed untill who knows when. I am affected greatly by this to the point of 'grieving' for my loved ones.

Sophie Ryan (Lake Macquarie, 2021-06-17)


I'm sick to the back teeth of seeing greedy politicians collect their huge salaries but shut small Australian businesses down & stop people going to work & meeting with their loved ones just***** off Government losers! Covid is a HOAX!



Enough is enough. There is no emergency. This is a virus with a 99.997% survival rate and we are using a test with a 97% false positive rate. This has been a power grab from the very beginning and it’s illegal to continue emergency measures when there is no state of emergency.

Eli Puchie (Gymea, 2021-06-17)


The real science is being censored and our government is treasonous and very corrupted

IRENE Craig (Echuca, 2021-06-17)


Stop the Vaccinations, Stop the Covid Tracing. Covid is a lie and has been exposed as such in the USA Senate. Covid was to bring in the poisonous vaccines,Digital IDS and restrictions as part of the Great Reset/ New World Order. This will NOT work. The world knows the CCP, Rothschilds, Freemasons, Bill Gates, George Soros, Dr Fauci started this lie via the WHO and the fake Drosden PCR test to start this scamdemic.
Dr Reiner Fuellmich(international lawyer) together with 100 lawyers, doctors and scientists will be suing the Governments, Politicians, Drs and Vaccine pushers who have gone along wit this orchestrated lie in Covid and deadly vaccines.

John Drousas (Lower Mitcham, 2021-06-17)


Where to start? WHO, CDC, Fauci in on knowing origin from get go, inaccurate PCR tests, inflated death count worldwide, suppressed early treatments, medical professionals gagged, big tech inference and censorship. Corruption at all levels. Enough is enough.

Tamara Leighton (Port Douglas , 2021-06-17)


I care for our future

Caitlin Sederstrom (Port Lincoln, 2021-06-17)


I’m signing this because if government were so worried about people’s health in Australia they would look at the treatments like HCQ and Ivermectin that could bring this virus to a halt but it’s not about health it’s about control and money .
it’s not the Australian way of life to lockdown, mask, have to sign QR code’s, and boarder closures etc .

Cynthia Franis (Kippa - ring, 2021-06-17)


The numbers don’t add up. This totalitarian government are using false figures to abuse the powers of the State of Emergency. They are forcing the closure of business putting people under unnecessary distress and taking away our rights to freedom. This must end now. You are ruining people’s lives.

Michelle Murray (Glenwood, 2021-06-17)


NO MORE states of emergency it’s completely unnecessary and it’s a violation of our rights and freedoms!

Lisa Rodgers (Cummins , 2021-06-17)


Human rights matter. There are laws written that protect our human rights and out government are trampling all over these rights. There is no state of emergency and there never was yet this government use it as an excuse to bully and intimidate the men and women of this state.

Deborah Walsh (Melbourne, 2021-06-17)


The State Emergencies put into place by different Premieres' will ruin what is left of small business. If they do not end. If they continue they will ruin the economy and the lives of people indefinitely for generations to come. Surely when when a small group of people test positive. Most of whom stay at home to recover, hospitals can manage the couple of people who are admitted to hospital with this new strain of flu. This dangerous grab for power to control people which is what this is really about must end. Otherwise the people will never ever trust any Government in this country ever again. What amazes me all this time. States have gone to incredible trouble to keep the footy and the tennis going, making great allowances for sportsmen and entertainers to enter/leave the country. Yet everyday people are being treated like a dog shit on on the bottom of shoe.

Sarah lockhart (Burnie, 2021-06-17)


I’m signing because the state of emergency gives our government far too much power and THEY CANNOT BE TRUSTED. My grandfather did not die fighting for our freedoms just to hand them over on a silver platter to a tyrannical government. This business has gone on LONG ENOUGH.

Carla Weir (Perth , 2021-06-17)


Stop the lies from government and unelected officials. There is no state of emergency so stop extending your fraudulent powers. Australian’s have had enough.

Natasha Barton (Perth , 2021-06-17)


Choosing what you put in your body is an essential democratic right. The mechanisms of injury from this vaccine have been clearly identified and the short and long term impacts are criminal and all will be held accountable

Helen Hanson (Perth, 2021-06-17)


This rubbish needs to stop you will be all held accountable

Lorraine Brown (Edgeworth, 2021-06-17)


Stop this , we want freedom

Michelle England (Albany Creek, 2021-06-17)


I am signing because I am sick of my human rights being violated. I am a living woman. The government has no rights over me.

Marie Klarich (Halls Head, 2021-06-17)


All of the above

F Corke (Macedon Ranges, 2021-06-17)


The people of Australia are not responsible for the quarantine bungles that have caused lockdowns and businesses to suffer over and over again. Stop blaming Australians and causing immense distress to us all and get quarantine under control or ditch it completely.

Ella Van Drunen (Adelaide, 2021-06-17)


The government is leading the citizens down a totalitarian path.

Monika Reif (Perth, 2021-06-17)


Corruption in our government

Lida Tatarko (Brisbane, 2021-06-17)


The ACTUAL deaths from covid are astonishingly low when compared to the fear campaign this government and media are claiming it to be. Before covid i knew no one personally that had taken their own life... that number is now 3.. and i still havnt even met a person that knows another person being covid positive let alone died from this bullshit virus thats just here to suit someones agenda or plan.. and we suffer.. absolutely ******* disgusting! This government needs to lift its game real quick.. otherwise the people will throw you out of the game!!

Daniel Smith (Shepparton, 2021-06-17)


Lockdowns are destroying people’s lives. Mentally they are suffering. They are losing their businesses and therefore their livelihoods. No more!

Colette Crotty (Sydney, 2021-06-17)


Enough is enough. This is a virus with a 99.7% recovery rate. In the prime ministers own words, “for most people, it’ll be a mild flu.”

If this was about health, why isn’t healthy eating and exercise being mandated or at the very least, encouraged?

Lauren Ambrose Owen (Glenwood , 2021-06-17)


All Australian governments, both State and Federal, are perpetrating mass fraud on the Australian population at the behest of, and are complicit with, the UN, WEF and WHO, themselves puppets of a small group of globalist genocidal maniacs seeking world domination and global depopulation.

Robert Gregory (Aubin Grove, 2021-06-17)


I'm signing because I believe that the virus is not the threat it's made out to be and people's lives should not be ruined. It's disproportionate and we should be responsible for our own health.

Christiane Harvey (Melbourne , 2021-06-17)


The lies have to stop ... big pharma is a business with profits prioritized over health!

The lockdowns are based on models that are known to be false and exaggerated.

Stop the socialism!

Matt Wegener (Hawthorndene, 2021-06-17)


I do not want the govt to extend the lockdown mandate. It is wrong. We are a free people with the right to freedom not GOVT lockdowns

Vicki Stuthridge (Junortoun, 2021-06-17)


I'm terrified at how rapidly those that are supposed to be governing for the people by the people, are treasonously and seditiously eroding our precious and hard won freedoms, rights and liberties ... even those that are supposedly inalienable ... dare I say here in Australia we are governed by a two party totalitarian dictatorship that has completely sold Australia out to the whims of the globalist agenda. Let's fight back and for starters take it to a referendum that Australia establishes a Bill of Rights that backs up the Federal Constitution and in turn is backed up by that very same constitution. This would ensure that in the future, no human rights would be endangered nor the constitution amended save for a vote being put to the public via referendum. To whoever is reading this, please check out Australia's Representative Party. We are at the point of registering with the AEC and as a conservative centre party we aim to do away with the Liberal and Labour party fraudsters and with complete transparency and accountability become the new force in Australian politics not just in the Senate but 100% in the House of Representatives. Please spread the word about this breath of fresh air in the Australian political landscape and after reading the party's policy mandate and constitution ... do join up for the cost of 1 measly dollar. If you would like to know more please don't hesitate to contact me on 0439 648 791 any time any day. Much love.

Patrick Nolan (YANCHEP, 2021-06-17)


Enforced lockdowns, masks and mandated experimental gene therapies are against our fundamental human rights and, for a virus that is 99.7% treatable with highly effective medications as documented in many studies.

Angela Owen (Joondalup , 2021-06-17)


I don’t believe we are being told the truth and I don’t believe covid is a serious as the government makes out it to be. Give people back their freedoms and their rights to choose what’s right for them

Margarita Needham (Berkeley Vale , 2021-06-17)


Enough damage has been done to our society and economy already

Chaim Lee (Toowoomba, 2021-06-17)


This is a seasonal type flu virus. There are oral treatments for this virus. Late stage infections are treatable. The facts and the science are being ignored. There is no need for masks, isolations or border closures. Lockdowns do not allow people to go to work, school, have operations or other treatments ensuring that the potential of medical conditions worsen. There is an increase in abuse, self harm, cancellation of healthcare operations and treatments. 99%of people who get the virus recover. Children are missing school. The country and individuals are getting increasingly into debt. My superannuation has been cut by several hundred dollars at my choice so that the principle will last longer. This amount of money is increasingly difficult to live on.

Lynette Sunderland (Dongara, 2021-06-17)


These restrictions are unjustified and unlawful.

Dave Roberts (Doncaster, 2021-06-17)


We can see right through you

Tanya Mayberry (Margaret River , 2021-06-17)


I detest the fraud being carried out by this arse puppet government to fulfil the fascist and technocratic agenda of a handful of satanic reptilian perverts who are under the self appointed assumption that they own me. They will burn for this. And I will joyfully piss on their ashes.

Kris Hoggan (Lismore, 2021-06-17)


I'm signing , because what government is doing is against all human right legislation. I'm signing because your forcing a vaccination that has not been proven to be safe in humans , a vaccination like any other flu / Virus that does not stop you from catching it or spreading it to others . Your forcing this vacination on Aussie citizens when it is illegal , The Constitution section 51.23A states , that no medical proceedure can be forced against any Australian Citizen . Regards Burnie Clfford

Burnie Clifford (Southside, 2021-06-17)


Sick to death of the bullshit our government is putting us thru all for a virus that has a 99% recovery rate stop the lying

Terry Jenkins (Horsham , 2021-06-17)


There’s been too much suffering, isolation and other very real health problems and mental health problems for people all because a few people get a virus... we need to learn to live with it and allow everyone their constitutional freedoms and right to move and work....enough is enough!

Annie Ridgway (South Golden Beach, 2021-06-17)


Had enough of this fraud and our governments.

Paul Hundley (Torquay, 2021-06-17)


I don't believe we are in a pandemic. There are too many questions and we are being run by chief medical health officers who are being influenced by the who. Trust is being lost in government and their motives.

Dianne Littlewood (Margaret River, 2021-06-17)


I don't believe we are in a pandemic. There are too many questions and we are being run by chief medical health officers who are being influenced by the who. Trust is being lost in government and their motives.

Dianne Littlewood (Margaret River, 2021-06-17)


Government is overstepping it’s mandate from the people and it is not listening to ALL the science. There are valid treatments available that do not require Governments to lockdown it’s people and force untested medicines upon them. They serve the people, not the other way around.

Geoff Linklater (Penshurst, 2021-06-17)


I cannot wait and watch Australia turning into a dictatorial state worse than North Korea

G. de Silva (Queanbeyan, 2021-06-18)


Just stop it. Government control.

Dianna Brown (ATWELL, 2021-06-18)


I am human and a Christian👍🙏

Rita Byrne (Crabbes Creek New South Wales Au, 2021-06-18)


The scam is up. Turn yourselves in for ALL the crimes, especially human and child sex trafficking and paedophilia that you have covered up and perpetrated upon all Australians and let us get on with living our sovereign lives in peace and wellness

Tanya Hickey (Sydney, 2021-06-18)


Im sick of it ALL..its all hoax!!..I WILL REFUSE TO BE VAXED...

Brian Greenwood (Sale, 2021-06-18)


Enough, let us make our own choices

Vivienne Williams (Wandin North, 2021-06-18)


It is way past the time to stop this nonsense and hold those responsible.

Kaye Handley (Bunbury, 2021-06-18)


I whole heatedly agree with the sentiments in this petition. The Australian governments state and federal have abused their power continuely extending state of emergency. It is time for our democracy to function again and stop lazy government ruling by CHO directions and decree. I am totally disgusted by goings on by our unaccountable governments. Also why can't we see the documents setting out what the emergency is requiring the need for state of emergency status.

Mark Armstrong (Broadmeadow, 2021-06-18)


Enough is enough.

Tracey Cabrera (Brisbane , 2021-06-18)


I am one of the 20% who think critically and believe our governments are spineless

Zoe Campbell (Bondi Beach, 2021-06-18)


There is no real, physical, or practical reason for any State of Emergency. Any precautionary measures are no longer necessary. Since knowledge, experience, current science and advice from overseas have improved clinical routines and patient care, there is no longer a need for panic and kneejerk reactions.

Marion Wheatland (Melbourne, 2021-06-18)


Enough no more lies

Margarita Cropano (Gympie, 2021-06-18)


The gig's up

Glenda Murrin (Gympie, 2021-06-18)



Freda Colios (Sydney , 2021-06-18)


All Governments must have accountability and partisan support.

Dom Stringa (Melbourne , 2021-06-19)


I want to stop the stupid lockdowns!

Patricia Morrison (Gosnell , 2021-06-19)


Enough is enough .

Pamela Kenny (Gold Coast , 2021-06-19)


Because we have never needed these draconian measures to deal with the flu and we don’t need them for ‘covid 19’ !!!
Seriously let’s get our country going again .. these power tripping and over paid politicians have to stop this fridiculous power play now !!!

Terri Groth (Mudgeeraba , 2021-06-19)


I haven't seen my blood relatives for 3+ years now.
My mum is turning 90 years at Christmas and is unwell.
It may perhaps be my last chance to see her alive this year.
Please open up the borders as you are restricting my Human rights by having these border restrictions.
Get real....

Susanne Johnston (Brisbane, 2021-06-19)


Lockdowns against human rights and the constitution.

Kay Sawyer (Yaroomba, 2021-06-19)

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