Stop The Vaccine Passport



It's illegal and immoral. It's a violation of human rights. It's a violation pf the Canadian Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It's just plain WRONG.

Richard House (Burnaby, 2021-07-30)


This goes against all laws and you WILL get sued.

odessa orlewicz (surrey, 2021-07-30)


the goals and agenda of these insane people needs to come to an end ... they are abusive to all life on the planet and I'm not tolerating it anymore! no one should do anything they say ever again! they need to be held accountable for their actions asap!

Elaine Hedley (Revelstoke, 2021-07-30)


I'm not willing to jeopardize my current health with an experimental medical procedure. I also do not want my private information to be available publicly.

Laurie Geschke (Maple Ridge, 2021-07-30)


I have worked in Surrey a significant amount of time these last few years. We have friends there, and I have gone to church there. Forcing people to take experimental vaccine therapy is against the Geneva convention. These vaccines were not tested on animals. When the same type of experimental vaccines were tested for Covid 1 they were not approved, because almost all of the animals died. The CDC's own recording of adverse effects from these experimental Covid 19 vaccines has approximately 500,000 reports with about 10,000 deaths and many serious blood disorders. Even the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons points this out and is clearly against any mandatory vaccination. There have been more adverse events from the covid 19 experimental vaccines in the past year than all other vaccines combined over 20 years.

Steve Godenir (Port Coquitlam , 2021-07-30)


I do not want to live under a dictatorship.

Allen Wild (Surrey, 2021-07-30)


Because I am afraid of what is happening to our country and our freedom!

Anita Gilvesy (London , 2021-07-30)


I don't believe a word of it...

Lowell Riemer (Nanaimo, 2021-07-30)


We are under tyranny and this needs to stop.

Whyzed Morgs (Chilliwack , 2021-07-30)


I am signing this petition because the vaccine passports are more about surveillance and control than it is about a virus that is 99.7% survivable. Vaccine passports are not need as now the CDC is saying the vaccinated transmit the virus just the same as the unvaccinated.

Michelle Rathgeber (Richmond, 2021-07-30)


Vaccine status is a choice in Canada. And this passport violates, Human Rights, Charter of Rights, and Privacy Laws.

Lorin Collecutt (Kelowna, 2021-07-30)


Vaccination is a voluntary action and should not be forced on individuals.

Allan MacLeod (Mission, 2021-07-30)


We are Canadian born free. We make our own choices

Karen Krauter (Hanover, 2021-07-30)


No one has the right to take rights from human beings in any way. They are the lowest forms of life on earth.They are not GOD, mind you they think they are.Just think you're tax dollars paid for this Virus.

Cheryl Thoen (kelowna, 2021-07-30)


This is against of rights and freedoms, not to mentions its segregation.

Connie Arruda (Brampton , 2021-07-30)





I do not want to live in a communist country!!

Natalie Topnik (North Vancouver, 2021-07-30)


Unconstitutional and against Nuremburg.

George Costa (Edmonton , 2021-07-30)


Does the SBT believe that Canadians are the PROPERTY of the state? And for what? A LESS that 1% ABSOLUTE risk reduction in SYMPTOMS?! (Relative Risk Reduction is nothing but spin doctored, statistical manipulation) What gives the government -- let alone the SBT -- the right to violate The Ethic of Informed Consent and The Charter of Human Rights via a COERCED, invasive, tobacco $cience, experimental injection that is fraught with serious dangers; ALREADY killed and maimed millions; (based on REAL projections of media suppressed data) and is BACKFIRING -- contrary to the big pharma medical, media revolving door, propaganda complex -- by INDUCING MUTATIONS! Scapegoating those who will not allow themselves to be ASSAULTED by these ticking time bomb shots -- that induce "spike protein" factories throughout the body (autopsy verified) -- as the "cause" of variants, is TANTAMOUNT to vilifying those who never/rarely use antibiotics and anti-bacterial products for antibiotic resistance!! The SBT's despicable, NON-INCLUSIVE, scientifically baseless, discriminatory, medical dictatorship stance is a shameful, Orwellian example of Covid19 ...84 and in VIOLATION of The Nuremberg Code!

Roxanne Gilan (Vancouver, 2021-07-30)


Medical apartheid is the end result if we don't stop this madness now.

Dino DiNicolo (Vancouver, 2021-07-30)


Shame on the Surrey Board of Trade trying to mandate experimental gene therapy. Do your research. Either you're bought or you are lacking intelligence. The Charter was created to stop these kinds of tyrannical crimes from happening. SBT should all be fired for this heinous behaviour.

Trina Ricketts (Surrey, 2021-07-30)


Absolutely ever government move on this covid Hoax must be stopped

Bernie Moore (Agassiz, 2021-07-30)


I wear the ARMOUR OF GOD!!!

Smrke Norie (Ajax, 2021-07-30)


I'm signing because we should continue, to have free choice in our lives. We are not a socialist country.

Lisa Karstunen (West Vancouver, 2021-07-30)


It's against basic human right and Nuremberg Code. STOP the TYRANNY!

Alice Chan (Vancouver, 2021-07-31)


I'm signing because no form of segregation ─ not even medical ─ has a place in this nation that my father and his older brother fought to defend in the Second World War.

Their younger brother later fought in the Korean War, and suffered so much for the experience that he was to die at the age of 33 from alcoholism and the poor health that accompanied it.

I am 71 years old and not even remotely concerned of 'catching' COVID. Hell, I don't know anyone who has gotten sick from it yet, and I live in Surrey ─ what deadly pandemic?

The vaccine is not even a legal vaccine; nor has it been properly tested and even remotely proven effective at preventing infection nor transmission. At best, it might reduce severity of symptoms in someone who did get infected.

I could fill a couple of pages as to why I am signing this petition. I have already E-mailed my anger to the three Surrey Board of Trade members identified in this petition's introduction.

If all three of that trio want apartheid ─ please leave this country and go elsewhere to find it!

Garnet Barcelo (Surrey, 2021-07-31)


Vaccine passports are unconstitutional....period!!

Maureen Amonson (Sturgeon County, 2021-07-31)


Vaccine passport is essentially forced vaccination using an experimental vaccine. Forced vaccination is taking my right away to make an informed consent about my own body. Only a fascist government would even consider vaccine passport.

Steve Fekete (Chilliwack, 2021-07-31)


I know what’s going on

Dave McDonald (Amherstburg, 2021-07-31)


A vaccine passport is a complete violation of a person's right to choose medical treatment or not, medically ethical informed consent, and personal medical privacy. If implemented, you will be held personally responsible and liable. I do agree with your concern with small businesses, but we need to be standing up for our Canadian rights, not further eroding them. If you want to support small business, please contact the group We Are All Essential at

Avery Yackel (Surrey, 2021-07-31)


I sign because I oppose evil ,I believe in freedom , and I oppose the extermination of humankind as intended in the depopulation program of these injections. Only the people who refuse the injections will survive. They will create new world of peace and goodwill.

Constance Fogal (North Saanich, 2021-07-31)


I am opposed to communist, fascist societies that impose medical dictatorships on their citizens.

Dr. Gwyllyn Goddard (Cultus Lake, 2021-07-31)


I believe in equality, I believe in people still being able to have their rights and freedoms, and I believe people should not be punished for taking a vaccination that they don’t feel is safe.

Natacha Carr (Nelson, 2021-07-31)


I’m signing because this is against our freedom to decide what we allow to be put into our bodies.

Darla Hayward (Langley, 2021-07-31)


Scientifically unproven to work. Creating harm and Crimes Against Humanity!

Kim Stordy (langley, 2021-07-31)


Because you are discriminating against people who choose not to take this experimental poison jab and therefore if any of my rights or freedoms are infringed upon I will sue you to the full extent of the law.

Don Franco (North Vancouver, 2021-07-31)


Whether one is "vaccinated" or not is a private medical issue between a doctor and patient. amounts to invasion of privacy and medical apartheid. Coercion or mandating of medical treatments is against our Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms...Covid 19 does not add up to Emergency Use, just do the math from gov't data, not from the mainstream media or other politicized hype. Shame on SBOT!

Sharon Walker (Surrey, 2021-07-31)


This is government overreach, for a so called pandemic that killed no more people than the regular flu. i am sick of all the tyranny...

Sylvain Mcintyre (Sainte-Marie de Kent, 2021-07-31)


invasion of my private rights

Lee McKamey (Nanaimo B.C., 2021-07-31)


This is Totalitarian by self appointed communist.

Greg McCarthy (Tatamagouche , 2021-07-31)


I would like to see unity in the world.
The passport is divisive.

George Diszhazy (North Vancouver , 2021-07-31)


Every single "covid 19" "mandate", issued between March 2020 and the present date, have violated Nuremberg Code Law.
The "covid 19 vaccines" are not vaccines, but are experimental injections that have caused irrefutable harm and death to many.
The "vaccine" and implementation of a "vaccine passport" are therefore crimes against humanity.

Karen Lisa Christian (Surrey, 2021-07-31)


These people need to remember who they work for.

Daniel Camfferman (Surrey, 2021-07-31)


I'm signing because the "vaccination pass" system is a segregation system. It is segregationism.
We have a 'casedemic' based on an onslaught of fear mongering and media propaganda.
Healthy people are not medical cases. If COVID didn't kill someone, they are not a COVID death, period. "Vaccines" that do not behave like vaccines, and that are killing and crippling tens of thousands of people, and that have not been adequately tested for safety, and that are being indiscriminately forced on everyone, do not get to be called vaccines.
We are marching towards a totalitarian system under this industrial big pharma tyranny.

Susan M Cook (Courtenay, 2021-07-31)



Yvonne Campaner (North Bay, 2021-07-31)


This is medical segregation at it’s finest. Not scientifically justified. Total fraud

Anais Langley (Victoria , 2021-07-31)


I think we got to KICK our LIBERALS to the CURB!!!!!

Abe Friesen (West Side Kelowna, 2021-07-31)


It is tsking away more of our freedoms government is supposed to be working for the people not bringing i n a dictatorship

Sharon Slager (Ashcroft, 2021-07-31)


Under the law, we have a right to bodily autonomy. It is illegal to force someone to inject something into their body that they don't want. I can't even believe we are having this conversation in Canada. This is not Nazi Germany. Not to mention that the "vaccines" are a failed product. The news is full of stories of fully vaccinated people who are testing positive for COVID, who are getting sick and being hospitalized with COVID, and who are dying from COVID, and who are getting variants, too. These products don't work. Robust, long-term natural immunity is the way to go. We have treatments for COVID (see the Frontline COVID 19 Critical Care Alliance--FLCCC website). Give everyone access to treatments and stop this unnecessary and unconstitutional violation of our rights and freedoms.

Suzanne Schiller (Comox, 2021-07-31)


I’m signing this because we have human rights and because there’s no basis for this “passport”.
The current injections are experimental and we are responsible for our own Individual health, not the public as a whole. It’s a choice without discrimination.
It’s honestly sad that this is even a thing right now in any country let alone Canada the home of the free

Alicia Gordon (Lake Errock , 2021-07-31)


As one who is unvaccinated, I have already been shunned by my own family. I was told to stay away from family functions. Vaccine passports are the latest step towards civil war.

Gary Raddysh (Chilliwack, 2021-07-31)


My body my choice!

Pat Maltais (Whitehorse, 2021-07-31)



Sharon Weich (Mission, 2021-08-01)


I’m signing because vaccine passports = medical tyranny!

Bonnie Reinhardt (Qualicum Beach, 2021-08-01)


The vaccine passport is discriminatory and incites aggression towards fellow humans and for a virus that has simple cures and 99.98% of all people have recovered from after having it. We do not need this type of segregation and fear mongering. NO to the passport.

Debra Klassen (DELTA, 2021-08-01)


YOU DO NOT OWN OUR BODIES.. this should be a choice

Sherrie Sapara (Surrey, 2021-08-01)


I escaped the nazis and the soviets in Europe and segregating people according to vaccine status is one of the main steps to turning our country into a Fascist/socialist dictatorship

Ingrid Heusen (Riverview, 2021-08-01)





Forcing vaccinations is a violation of human rights as well as the Nuremberg code!

Diane Murphy (Richmond Hill, 2021-08-01)


I don't believe in two tier citizenship.

Curt Stoppa (Hamilton, 2021-08-01)


My relatives fought wars on behalf of this country and GAVE THEIR LIVES fighting ideas like this.

Not while I am alive.
Never Again.

Micheal Keller (Fredericton, 2021-08-01)


Who on earth do these psychopaths think they are? It is becoming illegal to be human. I’ve got news for them. The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. They will be asking the rocks to fall on them when His wrath is poured out on them.

Cheryl Bistric (Victoria , 2021-08-01)


Covid vaccination means you are still masked, you can still transmit virus, you can still contract and die from covid. This is a pathetic joke and protects no one!

PENNY Harley (Vancouver, 2021-08-01)


There seems to be increasing levels of tyranny at all levels of government presently. The line must be drawn. This is a country based on free and democratic principles.

Gary Fiedler (Surrey, 2021-08-01)


What an absolutely appalling idea.. To discriminate against cultural traditions of one group of people, by marginalizing and intimidating them, stripping away their Charter Right to Informed consent. We have laws here that protect us from tyrannical mandates such as this.

Barbara Shepherd (Surrey, 2021-08-02)


My body! My choice!

Lee Holman (Chilliwack , 2021-08-02)


I have the right to decide what I put in my body if I choose not to be vaccinated.

Norm Gray (Surrey, 2021-08-02)


Mandating vaccine passports is wrong and discriminatory. The Covid Shot is still an experiment and does not stop it or prevent you from transmission.. look up Doctors who use early treatment. or there is another way

Gina Bartel (Abbotsford , 2021-08-02)


This is discrimination and illegal. We will not stand for it. So many will revolt.

Katherine Hovorka (Langley Township, 2021-08-02)


It's BS....

Nicole Gaythorpe (Maple Ridge BC , 2021-08-02)


I am immune compromised and can not get the shot and also have a mask exemption. This is pure discrimination. People have the right to medical freedom and personal choices for what they put in their bodies.

Kimberley Watkins (Westbank, 2021-08-02)


This is unethical, immoral and unjust. No man can be forced to inject poison in their body for the sake of others. Ever. Where there is a risk- and we know very well there is, there must be a choice.

Lena O (Chilliwack, 2021-08-02)


Vaccine passports are the most ridiculous thing ever suggested and completely illegal.

Natalie Laliberte (Fullarton, 2021-08-02)

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