Stop FL Panhandle Maritime National Heritage Area



I oppose any type of federal encroachment that threatens private property rights and the right to home rule. Federal land holdings ortfolio should comprise D.C. and any functioning military installation only, no parks, no forests, no heritage areas.

Chris Hyden (VALPARAISO, 2021-08-15)


We do not need the federal government to “preserve” our heritage. Put a sign at the county line.

Gaye Ellis (Fort Walton Beach, 2021-08-16)


I value personal property rights

Personal property rights are mine asa citizen of the USA

I oppose the Heritage land grab scam

Cheryl Stubbs (Niceville, 2021-08-16)


We love our beautiful emerald coast exactly as it is.

Deidre Cannon (MARY ESTHER, 2021-08-16)


I'm signing because I don't believe in the doctrine being touted about this National Heritage Foundation. We are already taking care of our area and don't need DC coming to tell us how to manage ourselves, our land, our waterways et all.

Line Kerr (Niceville, 2021-08-27)


I am a home owner in Defuniak Springs, Florida

Paulette Peterson (Defuniak Springs , 2021-08-30)


My taxes are wasted enough, I don't need any other entity wasting more of them. we need more oversight on the fed gov.. we don't need any oversight or anything else taking away my liberty.

Curtis Fletcher III (hosford, 2021-08-31)


I strongly object to this land grab and loss of local control.



I'm signing this petition because I'm tired of non-elected, non-responsive bureaucrats spending tax monies with very little citizen oversight!

Craig Veal (Baker, Fl, 2021-08-31)


This is another way for non-elected citizens to take away your control of your purchased property. Another entity that is subtly paid for without people aware of the present and future harm.

Floyd Yoder (Fort Walton Beach, 2021-08-31)


Enough with un-elected/un-accountable people!

R. Kublik (Crestview, 2021-08-31)


Freedom. We are a free nation. Less government restrictions on our freedoms the better.

Mike Hill (Pensacola, 2021-08-31)


We should have more rights to our property than strangers.

Krista Yoder (Fort Walton Beach, 2021-09-02)


It’s time We The People take back our Country!! Enough is enough with all these corporate entities posing as federal state and local authorities that have taken advantage and destroyed everything they get their hands on at our expense for their own benefit. This can be stopped when we all wake up and learn what has been hidden in plain site n not taught even to law students. The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution when understood stand to show how what they are attempting to do is illegal.

Laura Nardello (Spring Hill, 2021-09-03)


I’m signing Yes I’m sick and tired of all of our personal property being controlled by a government entity and outside agencies that have no intention of making sure our property rights are held

David Switzer (Niceville, 2021-09-08)


We are fighting the proposed Kansas Nebraska NHA. They are nothing but a land grab by the federal government!

Beth Salmans (MARYSVILLE, 2021-09-12)


I'm signing because, I don't want to lose any more of my rights.

Josh Richards (Santa Rosa Beach, 2021-09-20)


Keep our resources under control of accountable officials

Mo Young (NICEVILLE, 2021-09-23)


I absolutely love history. Federal regulations by the National Park Service will discourage me from vising the historic places in the panhandle of Florida, not encourage me.
How are the local historical societies and tourism offices failing to promote their special places?

Georganna Cushing (Allen, 2021-09-23)


I am signing because if they subvert private property rights in one state they can do the same anywhere. We need a convention of states to rein in the out of control federal government and its coercive means to destroy our individual rights.

David Copeland (Overland Park, 2021-09-23)


I’m signing because these areas do not have public input or support.

Diane Miller (Abilene, 2021-09-23)


We Bundinistas may be familiar to you Panhandle Patriots...Beginning with Bundy Ranch and continuing on we have whooped the Feds every time...W are not the kind of people to rest on our laurels...

Neil Wampler (Los Osos Ca., 2021-09-23)


Control has to stop....WE THE PEOPLE WANT FREEDOM......!!! National Park Service, a self-appointed "managing entity" oversees and influences local land-use decisions using citizens' tax dollars and donations from other conservation/preservation groups. The Interior Department, National Park Service, and the "managing entity" are not elected by "We the People."

Jayne Henry (Lenexa, 2021-09-23)


This invasion must stop.

John Ward (Smith Center , 2021-09-24)


This continued governmental land grab has to stop.

Rango Coffman (North Fork, 2021-09-24)


no more Federal takeovers!!!

Dennis and Connie Gomez (Kalispell, 2021-09-24)


I am signing because I LOVE FLORIDA, I have family and friends there! I am also signing because in KANSAS, we are FIGHTING the NHA's terrorist ourselves!

Denah Jensen (Lincoln, 2021-09-24)


I stand for local ownership of private property. The federal government has no business being involved in how Florida landowners manage the land. The EPA and other three-letter agencies do not pay property taxes for this land, nor is their name on the deed of ownership. Let local authorities intervene if there’s an issue.

Liana Kriebel (Brookston, 2021-09-24)


I am against this and own a home in gulf Breeze, Fl 32563

Diane Berkebile (Pittsburgh, 2021-09-25)


I am opposed to any and all designations that restrict private property rights. No means no! These NHAs are the government's way of forcing people off the land. They did it once to the Native Peoples and once is enough.

Mary Powell (Longton, 2021-09-26)


We are facing the same thing in Kansas. It sounds so innocent...all fluff...just another trick by the Feds to grab more personal property.

Charmaine Chase (Beverly, 2021-09-27)


We don’t need the government owning more land!

Stephanie Vohs (Plainville, 2021-09-28)


Because NHA and federal gov't have no rights to tell private land owners what to do with their property.

Terrie Yordy (Alma, 2021-09-28)


Preserving property rights

Lynn Schwandt (Onaga, 2021-10-03)


Do not introduce any NHA legislation, this is part of the UN sustainable development plans and is in no way conducive to a free and healthy society regardless of the play on words by the UN. This will only contribute to their "you'll own Nothing, and you'll be happy"plan for 2030. Reducing populations in urban areas squeezing everyone in to controlled "smart cities". Many of us are aware and see through this charade

Della Angelista (Prospect park, 2021-10-03)


WeThePeople do not want this.

Alice Beutien (East Palatka , 2021-10-07)


We do not need National Government control over our areas.

Brenda Follis-Lengyel (Gulf Breeze, 2021-10-21)


I’m a property owner in FL

Dave Meadows (Milton, 2021-10-26)


This s a threat to our freedoms

Ron Webster (Fort Walton Beach, 2021-10-26)


I believe the State of Florida and people in the Florida Panhandle ought to be the ones who make decisions about our area

Robert Windham (Miramar Beach, 2021-10-26)


We must protect Private Property Rights.

cynthia lucas (Stuart, 2021-10-30)


I am 100% against government control of our natural landscapes. Any sponsorship for National Heritage Areas is to be withdrawn right away!

Mario Lorie (Richmond, 2021-10-31)


Land belongs to the people - not the federal government. I no longer trust the federal government to have our best interests.

Sharon Regan (Gulf Breeze, 2021-11-02)


We owners take care of our own land, our county collects my taxes to take care of our land also. Why would we want the federal government to come in and take control of the land from us? I fervently refuse to give the federal government the power to just come in and take over.

Stanley Jandura (Milton, 2021-11-06)


For private property rights and smaller government.

Elijah Bell (Jay, 2021-11-24)


I’m a property owner I’m this area & want no part of this.

Lynn Lind (Carrabelle, 2022-01-10)


This is more government bureaucracy and theft of taxpayer dollars. Stay out of our precious panhandle

Angela Carter (Pace, 2022-02-22)


We need less government intrusion into our lives. Please do not allow a National Heritage Area in NW FL.

Dale Jones (Pensacola, 2022-06-27)

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