I'm signing because the proposed developments are out of character for the neighbourhoold and will cause density and overcrowding conditions.

Lorna Eaton-Serbert (Toronto, 2021-08-24)


These development proposals exceed all standards in the City of Toronto for height Density and location.They are totally unreasonable!

Cameron Ridsdale (Toronto , 2021-08-24)


This proposal demonstrates lack of social responsibility . Greed has set in and is the driving force behind it , and there will be considerable mental health consequences .

Carole Kurtz (Toronto, 2021-08-29)


too congested, not enough infrastructures

marie lee (Toronto, 2021-08-30)


I’m signing because the proposed development will change the community feel Presently held.

Linda O’REILLY (Toronto , 2021-08-30)


Strongly oppose the damage and congestion this excessive development will have on the community

Albert Kneider (Toronto, 2021-08-30)


I am signing because of all the concerns we all have living at 1 and 3 Concorde Place namely the height, the density, the excessive traffic, the safety, the community amenities and schools, the destruction of mature trees, setting a dangerous precedent and the inappropriateness of this development in its current form.

Jennifer Freedman (Toronto, 2021-08-30)


I'm signing because that requested increase in density is too high and dangerous for a short dead-end street.

Marilyn Nefsky (Toronto, 2021-08-30)


The proposed density is way too high and will degrade our quality of life in this compact area.

Arlene Mawson (Toronto, 2021-08-30)


I'm signing because I live and work in this neighborhood and this area is already very very saturated.

Rubina Jamal (North York, 2021-08-30)


very dangerous proposal as in case of an calamity rescue practically imposable. Such
outrageous proposal should automatically
require secondary reasonable and workable alternative.

erich vogt (Toronto, 2021-08-30)


You cannot put the population of PORT HOPE
with 3 schools in our neighborhood .

Mary Vogt (north york M3C 3K7, 2021-08-30)


Am very concerned because of everything that
is stated. The whole project is inappropriate,
thoughtless and very, very dangerous.

Leila Petrook (North York, 2021-08-30)


I live at 3 Concorde Place

Douglas Hicks (Toronto , 2021-08-30)


The negative impact on this community is horrific. No school or amenities, traffic congestion , lack of trees , demise of award winning buildings. Bigger here with this project is not better.

Catherine Snowden (North York, 2021-08-30)


This is a wonderful neighbourhood with lots of green space. It cannot accommodate increased traffic and density.

Marilyn Murphy (Toronto , 2021-08-30)


I’m signing this agreement as in this area there is no community centre, no school, no green space which is very much required for climate change.

The only green space in this area which is extremely populated is the Agakhan Park and the ravine. For seniors living in the area, only place to enjoy green space is Agakhan Park.

Having over populated area, adding more buildings which means more people, I strongly feel that with a very clear honest conscious one needs to sign the application provided by the builder is if there is an unfortunate evacuation then is there any provision made for all tenants to be evacuated safely.

Remember there are already soooo many seniors living today in the blue building.
I hope before accepting the builders development plan, sewage and water is taken into account.

There is a lot of traffic already during rush hours for people to take Donvalley. We cannot predict that there will be less traffic when the subway opens.

I trust that before the developers plan is accepted that safety and security of all residences living in the area is taken into account.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you want to discuss my serious concerns outlined to you,

Please allow your own conscious to help you decide in the best interest of all human beings.
Remember don’t make any mistake that will HAUNT you!

Thank you for reading my concerns.

Anice Sajan (North York, 2021-08-30)


I'm signing because we already have no community facilities or schools in the area, and it's not a good place to add more high-rises without careful planning.

Ann Ewan (Toronto, 2021-08-30)


I’m signing because the project
will turn this whole area into a
traffic nightmare as well as a
construction jungle for ten years! It defies all existing bylaws and density considerations.

Morris Langer (Toronto, 2021-08-30)


The original concept of Don Mills was to have work place and homes in the same area to promote an integrated community. This project will destroy that ideal by further eroding work places in the community. Proper planning would be destroyed by developer greed.

Richard McIntosh (Toronto, 2021-08-30)


I oppose the density of this proposal and ts impact on our quality if life.

Gerald Mawson (Toronto , 2021-08-30)


The development being proposed would disfigure our city, and make Toronto a horrible example to the world. It would also destroy an already highly populated neighbourhood, and overwhelm TTC's Eglinton Rapid Transit line.

William Frisken (Toronto, 2021-08-30)


The population density that would result in the implementation of this project would not only change the character of our neighbourhood beyond recognition, it would surpass the capacity of our infrastructure in many ways. Our City cannot be so delinquent as to seriously consider this proposal.

Andre Foucault (Toronto, 2021-08-30)


I object to this new development. It will destroy our neighborhood.

Mary Jane Markle (North York, 2021-08-30)


As a retired educator and parent I worry about the lack of 1. Schools for the increased population, 2. Parks and recreation amenities for youngsters who have need for physical activity.

Judith Fenton (North York , 2021-08-30)


I am signing because not enough thought, planning and consideration has been given to the proposal. In its present form, the effect on on the community will be disastrous and not only must further consultation be done but all parties especially the city's planning board must LISTEN to our concerns and ACT accordingly.

Lola Riley (Don Mills, 2021-08-30)


I agree with all of the issues put forward in this petition

JoAnne Stock (NORTH YORK, 2021-08-30)


I'm signing because I'm very concerned about the density and excessive traffic resulting from any further development in this small area.

Robert Gagnon (Toronto, 2021-08-30)


This development will destroy the area and will turn it into a crowded dangerous place for a senior to live.

Jane Rowan (Toronto, 2021-08-30)


I think these proposals conflict with everything the city has said in the past about what is needed to build good city neighbourhoods. These and other proposals like them, if approved, will increase inequities among residents and neigbourhoods throughout the city in terms of services offered and quality of communal life, making the city a less pleasant and less welcoming place to live in.

Frances Frisken (Toronto, 2021-08-30)


Developers should not have the last word on city planning. The community should be consulted in a meaningful manner. Destroying a neighbourhood for the benefit of making a few even more wealthy should not be permitted or considered.

John and Judith Cole (North York , 2021-08-30)


This development is way to large for the area. It needs to be stopped.

Katherine McMahon (Toronto, 2021-08-31)


I oppose the whole idea for 1-3 and 10-12 Concorde Place/Gate because this tiny bit of the city is it's only community and we don't need nor can we handle 4000 more people here.

Heather Fralick (Toronto, 2021-08-31)


Because of all the above points outlined in this note

Almas Kanji (North York, 2021-08-31)


Sakkerkhanu juma

sakker Juma (North York ontario, 2021-08-31)


This is an impossible development. To increase the density of Concord Place by 14,000 is ludicrous

Dilys Jones (Toronto, 2021-08-31)


I strongly oppose this inappropriate and destructive project for all of the reasons cited. It will completely destroy our neighbourhood.

Kathryn Ellett (North York, 2021-08-31)


The area will be overpopulated. Traffic issues, not healthy,

Rosemin Pirbhai (North York, 2021-08-31)


I am against increasing both the population and number iof high rise that would come to the neighbourhood.

Lynn Rogers (North York, 2021-08-31)


I am signing because I am opposed to the proposed development at Concorde Place and Concorde Gate. It is extremely harmful to wellbeing of residents in this area.

Mervin Chen (Toronto, 2021-08-31)


This will affect my unit!

SHELINA JETHA (Toronto, 2021-08-31)


This development is agregious. The city needs to care more about the residents that are directly impacted by developments. Developers swoop in, make a profit, swoop out but are not held accountable for the disruption and chaos they cause in neighbourhoods. Continuity of existing communities needs to be maintained and stricter enforcements of by-laws need to be observed. It seems every development now ignores existing by-laws and immediately goes to an appeal process to get their way, which unfairly tilts the balance of power away from the communities to the developers who have the time and money to escalate, fight, and win where residents do not have the time or money to compete. Our politicians need to stand up for the community members that are directly impacted and community members should have more of a say with large scale developments and their voices should carry much more weight.

Neil McMahon (Toronto, 2021-08-31)


The increased population density and excessive traffic is entirely unsustainable with the available communities amenities and schools.

Paula Donald (Toronto, 2021-08-31)


I' m signing because I feel there is a safety issue and a privy issue. I have lived her over 30 years and have seen this area grow exponentially. My privy has been taken away as more condos are built and my safety has been compromised with all the added vehicles. I almost go hit twice. With this many condos going up in this small area it will only get worse and even more condensed. It is a plan that does not help this community in any way.

Evelyn Instenberg (Toronto, 2021-08-31)


We strongly oppose this project

Nazir Alani (Toronto, 2021-08-31)


Anyone who lives along or near the Don Valley Parkway corridor from Don Mills Rd. in the south to York Mills Rd. in the north should be willing to sign this petition . The DVP in this particular stretch is congested/grid locked just about every hour of the day , especially going north bound. We do not need anymore large high density developments along this corridor feeding more cars onto the DVP let alone our local streets.

RICHARD Ellett (North York, 2021-08-31)


I highly disapprove of both the number and height of the buildings. Less buildings and heights of about 35 stories would be far more appropriate

Bernard Waisglass (North York, Toronto, 2021-08-31)


I do not support the large scale development.

Mustkim Maknojia (North York, 2021-08-31)


Great concern regarding the density, excessive traffic with very limited points of access to the area, this will definitely affect safety!

Krasimir Georgiev (North York, 2021-08-31)


I have lived on Wynford Heights Cres. for 39 years , the first condo built here. This Cres. is blocked twice a day now with school busses. The developer has no idea what he is doing and I guess doesn't care.

Keith Cribb (North York, 2021-08-31)


This is an unreasonable level of development in this area which is already heavily developed putting increasing strain on the road and infrastructure of the neighbourhood

David Moore (Don Mills, 2021-08-31)


I'm signing this because of the height of the new development and the excessive traffic this will cause an already high congested traffic area. These are my main two concerns along with all the other concerns listed on this petition.

Monika Scharnweber-Carter (North York, 2021-08-31)


1. HEIGHT. Current plans include 4 towers at 175 Wynford up to 65 storeys and 9 towers at Concorde Gate/Place up to 52 storeys. See renderings below.

2. DENSITY. Increase in population on the 115 acre land mass from approximately 8,000 to 22,000. The density (Floor Space Index) is 7.9 and 9.95 respectively (significantly more than the approved density at Eglinton/Don Mills Transit Hub).

3. EXCESSIVE TRAFFIC. There is only one arterial road in and through this neighbourhood. Currently, it serves the existing 8,800 residents and those commuters seeking quick access to the DVP to avoid delays on Eglinton. As the pandemic subsides, this area will go back to its previous high congestion levels during regular commuting hours… without the addition of 3,100+ cars contemplated in proposed developments.

4. SAFETY. The community is a finite land mass bounded by ravine to the east, the DVP to the west, Eglinton to the south and the twin track CPR mainline to the north. Should there be an accident or spill, evacuation would be difficult and dangerously slow.

5. COMMUNITY AMENITIES AND SCHOOLS. No additional schools, community facilities and only minimal retail are proposed.

6. DESTRUCTION OF MATURE TREES. Destruction of trees to make way for construction will contribute to global warming and significantly change the streetscape

7. A DANGEROUS PRECEDENT would be set for all of Don Mills and North York communities. Changing current zoning by-laws will have a permanent and devastating negative impact on the infrastructure, integrity, safety and character of our established community.

8. THIS DEVELOPMENT COMPLEX IS INAPPROPRIATE ITS PRESENT FORM. We have requested a secondary plan to be undertaken immediately (as has been done at Don Mills and Eglinton and the Golden Mile, both of which have much lower densities that what is proposed in these applications),

Zulekha Kassam (North york, 2021-08-31)


The Wynford/DonMills/Eglinton area is currently over populated. I would hate to see what would happen if it increases.

Margaret Helliwell (Toronto, 2021-08-31)


I believe this development is not appropriate given the lack of amenities (parks, schools, etc.) in this area currently.

Abe Gottesman (Toronto, 2021-08-31)


Density and Traffic plus height
Safety and Dangerous

Joan Mills (Toronto, 2021-08-31)


The traffic congestion in the area is horrific already: Adding this amount of density will make accessing the DVP. either North or south a NIGHTMARE.
I invite you to my building at 75 Wynford heights Crescent and see for yourself!!!
Sinscerely Janet

Janet Blair (Toronto, 2021-08-31)


Density base on present development plans are excessive. Traffic would also become problematic as well as pollution and general environmental damage.

Philip Shediac (Toronto, 2021-08-31)


The denisity of population,traffic and pollution would be unacceptable in the present form of development

Ingrid Guo (Toronto, 2021-08-31)


I agree with all the points and concerns raised in this petition.

Abdul Hamid (Toronto, 2021-08-31)


I strongly concur with the objections to this development and, further, question how on earth it got to this phase in the first place.

William Gee (Toronto, 2021-08-31)


While future intensification is a fact of life and part of the approved growth plan for Ontario and the Greater Toronto-Hamilton Area, the scope of this proposed development does not conform to the precepts of The Avenues & Mid-Rise Study or Toronto Official Plan for all the reasons listed in the Petition. Most importantly, this area is not designated for nor appropriate to the requested new building height or suite number. It is imperative for our elected politicians to push back on continued developer overreach for the benefit of their constituents!

Elizabeth J Shropshire (North York, 2021-08-31)


Please oppose this egregious increase in density to an already dense neighbourhood. This neighbourhood has accepted new buildings quite well in the past, but these development proposals go WAY beyond reasonable.

Terrie Miller (Toronto, 2021-09-01)


Proposals are outrageous

Patricia Szego (Toronto, 2021-09-01)


I am opposed to the development for the many reasons we are citing here

Candace Kaszas (Toronto, 2021-09-01)


I'm signing because I agree with all the issues stated.

Tasha Michael (Toronto, 2021-09-01)


I live in the neighborhood and feel it is too big a project for the area. It will be too populated! It will destroy the trees and walkways that we don't have enough of!

Claudia Wetzel (North York, 2021-09-01)


This will create chaos around the area with high traffic on DVP and surrounding areas.

Rosemin Remtulla (Toronto, 2021-09-01)


I feel this development will adversely affect this neighborhood

Zulfikar Jamal (North York, 2021-09-01)


I live in the area and stand firmly against this development.

Ayeesha Kanji (North York, 2021-09-01)


I'm signing because I'm in disagreement with the scale of this development. It is too large for this area, that does not have schools in the neighbourhood, and the land is locked such that there aren't enough roadways in and out of it. Grocery stores and shopping facilities are lacking, and traffic will come to a standstill. all roads in this neighbourhood relieve congestion from Eglinton Ave and access the highway. Wynford drive will become as busy as a highway and that is not what we bargained for when we moved into this neighbourhood. To have higher density that Don Mills and Eglinton is just ridiculous. I have no problem with a total of 6 towers between the 2 development proposals. Any more, and the life of the new owners will become living hell near a highway.

Zulfikar Gulamhusein (North York, 2021-09-02)


I singing this Petition the new developments will add to global warming as trees will be destroyed and traffic and pollution will increase too including noise. The height of the condo buildings will take away the beautiful views of the Agakhan Park, Museum and the Ismaili Center from our unit.

It will also

Yasmina Jamal (Belleville, 2021-09-02)



Shamshir Kassam (Toronto , 2021-09-02)


Tripling the population density in this limited area with only one major access road and a dead end street is a disastrous decision and will certainly put the city in a very precarious legal position should there ever be a requirement for evacuation due to an environmental accident. This size of this proposal is completely inappropriate and the very opposite of any efforts to protect our environment. I will certainly never vote for a party that supports this.

M. Lynn Burke (Toronto, 2021-09-02)


Important to express community concerns

Emily Durbin (Toronto, 2021-09-02)


I am opposed to the disaster which is about to hit this area

Doug Tallon (Toronto, 2021-09-02)


Outrageous proposals.

Yasmin Kanji (North york, 2021-09-03)


I am resident of Concorde place in building 3 ,and I am not agree with these projects .

Mina Amini (Toronto, 2021-09-03)

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