Villanova University COVID-19 Booster Mandate



I want natural immunity recognized.

Kristin Hutcherson (Richmond, 2022-01-06)


VU Parent 2024

Sloane Udell (Longwood, 2022-01-06)


Booster mandate is none of the schools business. Violates my medical freedom and moral conscience.

Cade Udell (Longwood, 2022-01-06)


I am a parent of a current student.

MARK BALZAROTTI (Basking Ridge, 2022-01-06)


Alumni ‘88
Parent of Alumni ‘20
Parent ‘25

Kathleen Balzarotti (Basking Ridge, 2022-01-06)


Parent of two Villanova students
Alumni ‘93

Annmarie Frio (Springfield , 2022-01-06)


Concerned uncle of student

Edward Balzarotti (Florham park, 2022-01-06)


Natural immunity has been proven by multiple scientific studies and should be acknowledged!
I am against an experimental biological agent being put into our children!

Dee Adams (Gladwyne, 2022-01-06)


The data does not support the necessity of vaccines, let alone boosters. It DOES show increased risk of harmful side effects for this demographic.

Megan Bury (Mendham, 2022-01-06)


Covid infection twice. Vaccinated under a year ago. A booster at this age can lead to lifelong health issues, mainly myocarditis, especially in males. Natural immunity post second inflection is 100% better for tbeir health moving forward. It’s unnecessary and it’s still an EUA.

Erin Manahan (Morristown, 2022-01-06)


Mandating an experimental vaccine is wreckless especially when college age kids and younger are in no danger.

Dale O'Brien (Garden City, 2022-01-06)


Agree with the outline of this petition for the current students. Alumni - Class of 1992

Jennifer Casper (Glen Rock, 2022-01-06)


Booster shots do nothing but increase the risk of adverse events to healthy individuals. Stop forcing young people, who are at the lowest risk, to take long-term risks with a therapy that has injured and killed countless people.

Jessica Bauer (Moseley, 2022-01-06)


They don’t need boosters

Lindsay Paxton (Yorktown , 2022-01-06)


I have kids about to go to college, including an athlete. We respect everyone’s choice to their own personal health and the privacy that goes with it. The medical decisions should be up to the parents and child and their own medical providers, NOT a school who has no idea and no right.

Rachael Kulak (Glen Allen, 2022-01-06)


I'm signing because I have a Junior on a Villanova NCAA sports team who I feel could experience irreparable harm as a result of being forced to take a COVID booster shot. He is fully vaccinated and has experienced a natural COVID-19 infection in the last 12 months.

Brandon Hutcherson (Glen Allen, 2022-01-06)


There is no good science to demonstrate that our students are a danger to the health of others if they have natural immunity.

Andrea Golub (East Williston, 2022-01-06)


A booster is a medical decision between patient and physician. Villanova should not make medical decisions for my child.

Jen Schultz (Red Bank, NJ, 2022-01-06)


There is no justification for booster shots

David Darcangelo (Collegeville , 2022-01-06)


The CDC just this morning stated that it WILL NOT update the definition of being vaccinated to include getting a booster shot.

Acquired immunity should absolutely be recognized

In this age group the risk/reward of getting the booster is not in my childs best interest according to his physician

Joseph Schultz (Red Bank, 2022-01-06)


Vaccine injury is real and I don’t want any of these kids to be put at risk

Elizabeth Sorbo (Sudbury, 2022-01-06)


I’m a practicing clinician for 35 years and have never ever used a one size fits all approach to treatment or prevention! This population will receive no benefit from boosters but are at increased risk of harm! There needs to be options for those not willing to take the risk.

Tina Rose (Norton, 2022-01-06)


My daughter's physician does NOT recommend her to get a booster shot after having 2 vaccines AND the virus. It makes zero scientific sense and could be dangerous!

Heidi Radford (Urbana, 2022-01-06)


Stop injecting our children! It doesn’t work.
You are Catholic school! It should be personal choice, not a mandate!

Val Prokurat (Manalapan, 2022-01-06)


My daughter is immunized (2 doses) with a recent COVID infection. A mandatory booster now puts her in danger of a hyper response. The military hasn’t required a booster, why is Villanova?

Ken Radford (Frederick , 2022-01-06)


Millions of vaccinated people (including the ones with booster) tested positive for the past 2 weeks. Unvaccinated had very mild symptoms. Stop the political nonsense. We understand that crazy $$$ involved as they are planning to inject and keep injecting the whole world!!! Next is what - 10th booster??? Don't loose yourself, Villanova!!!!
Love, Humility, Freedom, Devotion to Study and the pursuit of Wisdom - your Augustinian values!

Liliya Prokurat (Manalapan, 2022-01-06)


Booster should be a choice not a mandate.
Class of 1992
Parent of 2023

Patrice Morgan (Chatham , 2022-01-06)


VU needs to shift its booster mandate policy and listen to the science.

Ken Astheimer (Manakin Sabot, 2022-01-06)


The students need to be checked for antibodies before pumping more vaccine into them. More isn’t always good

Reny Astheimer (Richmond, 2022-01-06)


I am concerned for the future safety of my child, and it is unethical to coerce people to take an unwanted or medically unnecessary vaccine.

Christine Gullo (Staten Island, NY, 2022-01-06)


Disgrace to our constitution

Thérèse Flaherty (New York , 2022-01-06)


I am signing this petition because my liberties fir me and my children are at risk. It is a disgrace to our constitution.
I am an American citizen and I believe I should have the right to put in my body what I choose too!

Erin Brower (Marlboro , 2022-01-06)


I support careful consideration of these proposed exemptions.

Averill Jarvis (Villanova , 2022-01-06)


Natural immunity needs to be recognized. This booster was formulated based on a prior variant, there is no way this should be mandated.

Shannon Hawkins (Fullerton , 2022-01-06)


I 100% agree that booster shots are overkill for already vaxed students, and are potentially harmful, there is no upside to this mandate.

Christophee Donohue (Centerport, 2022-01-06)


Because assaulting healthy immune systems is insanity. Shame on you.

Joseph Gullo (Staten Island, 2022-01-07)


This is unconstitutional. These vaccines have not been FDA approved and should never have been forced on people who have a 99.93% chance of being fine if they get Covid!

Deborah Phipps (Hopkinton, 2022-01-07)


Medical Freedom should be practiced in universities with any integrity. These students pay YOU and should not have their medical freedoms ripped away when all they are trying to do is get an education.

Kyia S (Stafford, 2022-01-07)


I believe the vaccine is helpful but I believe mandates are unconstitutional and create harm to society.

Cristina OBrien (West Chester , 2022-01-07)


I'm signing because my niece is a student at Villanova and there should not be a blanket mandate for students to get booster when there are many medical professionals who caution against this (even if they are being proactively blocked from social media doesn't mean they don't exist and they have degrees from the same caliber institutions as the other medical professionals who are in favor). Furthermore, it is clear by the omicron cases that the booster does NOT prevent one from getting or transmitting covid onto others so it is blatantly unfair and possibly medical malpractice to force this upon the student body especially my niece.

Luigi Vricella (HOBOKEN, 2022-01-07)


I am concerned about the safety and efficacy of the additional boosters for students. I also believe in recognizing natural immunity.

Susanne Donovan (ROSE VALLEY, 2022-01-07)


I am very concerned about the data regarding heart attacks and myocarditis in young males especially. Also the booster has been proven not very effective in previously vaccinated individuals. Please follow the science and data. The virus has mutated to a much less severe form. Do no subject our children to an unnecessary medical procedure. They have complied enough. Things are different now.

Lisa Daft (Barrington, 2022-01-07)


I am
Against this mandate and also for religious reasons

Kathleen Kubovsak (Chalfont, 2022-01-07)


I agree with all of the above statements!!

Kathleen McGuinness (Huntington , 2022-01-07)


No booster

Matthew Brower (Marlboro, 2022-01-07)


In addition to my child having a natural infection and two mandated mRNA vaccines; scientific evidence regarding the boosters' effectiveness is not conclusive.

Laura Cincis (East Northport, 2022-01-07)


I do not believe in mandates for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Mary Pat Blaylock (Sewickley, 2022-01-07)


I disagree with the mandate.

Juliana Morgan (Chester, 2022-01-07)


Want daughter to stay safe

Jack McCarthy (Lafayette , 2022-01-07)


I am extremely concerned about the booster for our college-aged sons in particular. There is research showing that the risk of myocarditis from the booster is greater than the risks from Covid. I am extremely concerned about the long term impact of the booster for my college-aged son.

Amy Endler (Unionville , 2022-01-07)


I support this cause.

Angela D’Ambrosio (New Rochelle , 2022-01-07)


Mandates are illegal and are not following the science.

John Feehery (Media, 2022-01-07)


The vaccine is causing more deaths in 18-24 year olds than the number of lives claimed to be saved by it.

Bradley Clough (Lawrence, 2022-01-07)


Boosters are not preventing the spread of this virus. I haven’t spoken to anyone who does not know many boosted people who are positive. Boosters are preventative medicine for the individual at this point and not without risk. Even your latest policies demonstrate that their is no confidence in boosters stopping the spread or there would be no need for masking or testing of those boosted after exposure. Students have done their part and the public good is no longer a rational argument with the boosters failing. Under that circumstance, everyone should have a choice for how to treat any illness if even needed.

Christina petersen (Chatham, 2022-01-07)


I am signing this petition because nobody should be forced to get a booster given everything we have learned about this "vaccine" and COVID-19



I believe it’s a fundamental right of every person to choose what they do or put into their bodies. The university is full of young people who if contract Covid, will most likely recover in a couple days. As the saying goes, “my body, my choice!”

Dean Cosenza (New York, 2022-01-07)


My brother goes to Villanova and just had covid.

Julia Freedman (Northport, 2022-01-07)


My daughter had significant side effects from the initial vaccine, and should not be forced to obtain the booster and suffer these side effects again.

Brian Gaspardo (Orland Park, IL, 2022-01-07)


Thank you to those who formed this petition and to all signing it! God's blessings to all.

Linda Pastore (Avondale, 2022-01-07)


I’m signing this because I have experienced adverse effects from the original vaccine and therefore I’m concerned about ongoing booster mandates.

Gina Medori (Wilmington, 2022-01-07)


Parent of Student 2022

Susan Morrison (Berkeley Heights, 2022-01-07)


I do not want my son to get the booster

Raine Cora (Suffield, 2022-01-07)


We shouldn’t be required to take the booster or mask after Villanova said if you get vaccinated you wouldn’t have to.

Michael Hayes (West Chester , 2022-01-07)


I am signing this petition because I strongly feel that Villanova University has not excluded a large number of students and staff who are already properly vaccinated and or immune from their mandate.

Norma Napoli (Vineland , 2022-01-07)


I am signing this because those who have had the vaccine and/or the Covid virus
should not be forced to have a booster shot. They already have natural immunity to the virus! Above all it is a disgrace that we are being forced to do anything we do not agree with. We have lost our freedom in this country!!! What a disgrace!!!!

Rosalie Martinelli (Vineland, 2022-01-07)


More people around me have been getting Covid with the booster than without, I have not had it yet despite exposure, so I see it even safer to be without the booster.

James O’Donnell (Tinton Falls, NJ, 2022-01-07)


My body my choice - my money is just as green with out a needle in my arm.

Bryan White (West Chester, 2022-01-07)


Everyone should have a choice. We’ve complied by having our children get the vaccine. Please do not make us give our children a booster when we know it is not working. I’d rather my children be tested weekly.

Johnna Williams (Harrison , 2022-01-07)


Our daughter has recently had covid so has the antibodies. Also we have great concern over the harsh reactions others have had to the vaccine and had covid.

Elizabeth Hurley (Dallas, 2022-01-07)


I strongly believe that my son does not need this booster dose of a “vaccine” for a virus which he has already had at least once possibly twice. This vaccine is categorized as emergency use. This is not an emergency for my son and this is still America where we have freedom of choice.

Nancy Kuchler (North Brunswick , 2022-01-07)


🇺🇸 Enough said

John Phelan (Atlantic Beach , 2022-01-07)


I believe in medical freedom and natural immunity. Give people a choice please.

heather feeley (Media, 2022-01-08)


We do not feel the booster should be mandatory at Villanova

Michael and Allison Fronte (Merrick, 2022-01-08)


the risks outweigh the benefit

Tiffany Beuerlein (Orange, 2022-01-08)


I’m against mandating any vaccine or booster especially one that is an EUA. The government/ college can’t make medical decisions for individuals. The drug maker and college needs to assume all liability for any adverse side effects or deaths that come from this unconstitutional mandate. Let’s not forget a lot of these kids already have natural immunity! Yes, that’s a real thing!

Elizabeth Hollister (Fullerton, 2022-01-08)

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