Urgent Communication Regarding Booster Vaccination in the University of Virginia



I am concerned for the health of our youth and the potential for long-term consequences if we are not wise in our selection.

Kristine Burke-Dishman (Folsom, 2022-01-07)


Because I believe this is very important to review diligently the potential risks known and unknown based on the individual unique circumstances.

Anthony Voorhies (Temecula , 2022-01-08)


My child has very high antibodies to Covid. She does not need a booster!!!

Anne Hearn Bussian (Birmingham, 2022-01-08)


My daughter is fully vaccinated and has covid over winter break and does not need this shot. Vaccination does not stop the spread so personal medical choice should prevail.

Denise Ramsey (Vienna , 2022-01-08)


My daughter, first year, Ava Hellendrung

Katie Hellendrung (Middletown, 2022-01-08)


Our physical will not allow boosters for the adults or teens in her practice that have had covid and/or covid vaccines and exhibit active antibodies to the virus. She has explained, as the author of this petition does, that a booster could cause irreparable damage.

Elaina Dodd (Austin, 2022-01-08)


I’m signing because my son is fully vaccinated with 2 doses of Pfizer vaccine. The booster only lasts at most 10 weeks and our whole family had covid over christmas break. Our son is bursting with natural immunity and should not have to risk the side effects from the booster as he already has immunity.

Melissa McManus (McLean, 2022-01-08)


My son had COVID AND both vaccinations. He has a history of myocarditis and is a student athlete. I do not feel comfortable with him getting the booster shot.

Jen Braddock (Ship Bottom, 2022-01-08)


My daughter just had omicron and I have safety concerns

Gina George (Reston, 2022-01-08)


I’m signing because my daughter has had both original shots and had a breakthrough case this winter break and I worry injecting another so soon behind infection is of some risk with nearly zero likely benefit in her circumstance.

David Ramsey (Vienna, 2022-01-08)


Vaccinations should be a personal choice - not mandated

Susie Carlson (Boca Grande, 2022-01-08)


These boosters are proving ineffective against the latest strain of Covid and carry potential harm. They should not be required. Legal

Jody Hughes (Vienna, 2022-01-08)


My concern for relative risk of severe disease versus vaccine side effects in young, healthy adults

Bryan McRoberts (Chesapeake, 2022-01-08)


I do not feel that the administrations has considered the science in making this decision. So many students have had Covid during the break and are being forced to get a booster when they have natural immunity.

Sophia Argeros (Lynnfield, 2022-01-08)


My son is just recovering from covid.

Suzanne Glatz (Reston, VA, 2022-01-08)


I want a normal non-virtual semester for our students in Spring of 2022.

Susan Morris (Wellesley, 2022-01-08)


I agree 100% with the statements of this petition.

Sharon Haynes (Mechanicsville, 2022-01-08)


My older son was diagnosed with myocarditis and I do not want my younger son (UVA student) to get it. Both sons had omicron over the break and should not have to get the booster (at least this soon) after having COVID.

Mary Pessaud (Alexandria, 2022-01-08)


Many data sources indicate risks with the booster are greater than the risk of severe COVID in already vaccinated people in this age group. The need for a booster is a decision for patients and physicians, and there is not enough data to support a mandate for all.

Heidi Chew (Mechanicsville, 2022-01-08)


I agree with the aforementioned statement in this petition

Stuart Haynes (Mechanicsville, 2022-01-08)


Stop the madness

Akiko Hudson (Glenview , 2022-01-08)


I’m signing because I am also fighting mandates at my sons college for the very same reasons listed in this letter.

Lucia Sinatra (Kentfield, 2022-01-08)


My daughter is a UVA student and I don’t want to unnecessarily risk her health.

Deanna Harris (Atlanta, 2022-01-08)


My student is fully vaccinated and had Covid over winter break. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider exceptions for those that have hybrid immunity. PLEASE don't risk IRREPARABLE HEART DAMAGE to our students and UVA community by making this quickly conceived booster mandate.

Kristin Belfield (Chesapeake, 2022-01-08)


My son attends UVA. He has had COVID-19 (natural immunity) and is fully vaccinated. M

Michael Flanagan (Atlantic Beach, 2022-01-09)


My nephew shouldn't have to get boosted after having COVID-19 just weeks ago.

Kathleen Conway (Lilburn, 2022-01-09)


My daughter had Covid and is just recently recovered and I do not want her getting a booster so close to a recent infection.

Lisa Jablonowski (Centerport, 2022-01-09)


I’m a concerned parent

Sheila Hay (Port Washington , 2022-01-09)


My daughter just had covid infection and her doctor would like her to wait a few weeks for booster.

Amanda Levitt (Hamden, 2022-01-09)


I’m signing this because my Second Year daughter was just infected with Covid the week of Christmas and we feel it is too early from that infection to get the booster. I called the Dean of Students office who referred me to Student Health and Wellness. The nurse who spoke to my daughter said she needed to read up on that on the CDC guidelines and ultimately told her she needed to comply with the booster requirement.

Deborah Miller (Atlanta, 2022-01-09)


Follow the science! Recently infected should not have the booster for several months! We don’t need a one size fits all approach, but one that makes sense for EACH individual.

Nikki Cundiff (Lynchburg , 2022-01-09)


My son is at VT and we need to work together to overcome this horrible evil they are doing to our children.

Jolie Mayes (Cary, 2022-01-09)


I’m a concerned UVA parent whose daughter has had COVID-19 twice AND received the initial two-dose vaccination. Every day, science is revealing more previously unknown risks and statistics, especially for young people: heart-related risks, irregular menstrual cycles, etc. UVA cannot in good conscience mandate a vaccination with so many unknowns.

Kristin Elson (Centreville, VA, 2022-01-09)


I am very concerned about this.

Louise Kennelly (Ijamsville MD, 2022-01-09)


This booster is not necessary for my daughter who has both been vaccinated and had covid recently. Although minimal, the risks associated with her receiving the booster are higher than getting covid according to her personal physician.

William Morris (Midlothian, 2022-01-09)


My son is a third year at UVA and I have concerns about him getting the booster.

Nancy Whearty (Keswick , 2022-01-09)


These mandates are in-healthy, unconstitutional and unnecessary, in additional, antithetical to Jeffersonian principles.

Ann McLean (Richmond, 2022-01-09)


The mandates violate the Constitutional rights of the students, and the coercion violates the Nuremberg Code.

walter smith (Glen Allen, 2022-01-09)


Our grandson is a freshman at UVA and has had Covid and has had the J&J vaccine. I believe a booster shot in his case is unnecessary and could cause negative side effects.

Basil Deming (Columbia, 2022-01-09)


I follow science.

Kristie Jackson (Lookout Mountain, 2022-01-09)


UVA must not put these students at greater risk of harm and an adverse event after so many them already have acquired immunity—many who contracted covid over the semester break.

Kim Mislock (Reston, 2022-01-09)


Mandating vaccines is immoral and UVA should be allowing medical and religious exemptions along with exemptions for those with covid antibodies. UVA is following politics rather than the data and it's truly disappointing as a taxpayer and a potential UVA parent.

Martha Schober (Sterling, 2022-01-10)


this is important. so called smart people are involved at senior levels at uva, yet they are making moronic decisions not based on science. has any person gone to the hospital in the last 2 years at uva? what are we doing to these kids. masks don't work, and they never have. get passed the narrative & do real science, I beg you

jeannie ballentine (West Palm Beach, 2022-01-10)


I have two UVA students both vaccinated and have had Covid 19 - they should not be be boosted.

Murdoch Matheson (Chrlottesville, 2022-01-10)


I'm signing this because my daughter was forced to take a vaccine (against her parent's advice) to complete her final year at UVA. The second dose of that shot was only 6 months ago. She does not need this booster to complete her final 4 months at UVA.

Leslie Hurley (Johnson City, TN, 2022-01-10)


I am signing because I am a concerned alum who thinks that UVA students should be in person. We don’t stay home because we don’t want a cold…

Christy Hooper (Atlanta, 2022-01-10)


I’m signing because I’m a Virginia taxpayer and know many UVA students who I care about very much.

Kris Ullman (Alexandria, 2022-01-10)


I am a parent who is deeply concerned about the effect that the vaccines had on my children.

Matthew Flanagan (Garden City NY, 2022-01-10)


My son has active antibodies and should not be boosted

Susie Matheson (Charlottesville, 2022-01-10)


The attached argument is compelling and I am a concerned alumni about to send a child to the University this Fall.

Lyons Brown (Jackson, 2022-01-10)


I've seen the negative impact of this shot on otherwise healthy people.
"My body, my choice"
If you force people to take this shot and it comes to light that this shot causes injury to people, you will be sued out of existence. If you don't want to do the right thing for your fellow Americans, do the right thing for yourself.

Andy Rich (Murfreesboro, 2022-01-10)


I agree with this petition. So many students have already been infected. Natural immunity is far superior to any booster. It is not safe to overload their immune systems with a booster.

Whitney Murphy (New York, 2022-01-10)


This mandate is bullshit

Brenna Yearian (Elkton, 2022-01-10)


I am an American citizen. I have the right to make my own healthcare decisions, not dictated by UVM or any other government agency.

Sarah Barger (St. Pete Beach, 2022-01-10)


My son is a UVA freshman. He is vaccinated and had covid during break. He is a healthy 18 year old with antibodies. He does not need a booster.

Lucy Realyvasquez (Tomball, 2022-01-10)


My daughter had a horrible covid case 6 months ago. She is recovering from it in my opinion. I do not want her to get the booster.

Stephanie Bowe (Midlothian, 2022-01-10)


My son has had Covid and two Pfizer shots and therefore is already highly immune. Forcing him to be additionally vaccinated is not medically necessary and could have adverse consequences to his health because he is a 20 year old male who is at risk of heart issues if he takes the booster.

Wendy Vendt (Falls church , 2022-01-10)


I make my decisions about my body. Not some government Beaurecrats bent in domination!! These "rulers" are demented!!

Julia YEARIAN (Elkton, 2022-01-10)


I'm pro-science. I support medical freedom and encourage all within the UVA community who would like boosters to get them. However, the science (now irrefutable in Jan 2022) confirms booster injections have no benefit to the "mandatee" nor to the community. These medically unnecessary injections only have potential risks - as outlined by Dr. Hooman Noorchashm, MD, PhD, Dr. Anthony Fauci, NIAID, NIH, and Dr. Rochelle Wallensky, CDC, and the FDA and further outlined in 140+ scientific articles which are cataloged here: https://www.rwmalonemd.com/references

Thank you for following science and protecting our students by modifying or eliminating UVA's booster mandate.

TRAVIS EBEL (Newton, 2022-01-10)


I am worried about the many emerging long term health affects for which there has been no transparent studies nor data. Contrary to popular opinion these vaccines are still under EUA and therefore can not be legally mandated, not to mention there is no insert in the vaccines to inform what is actually in them. Without that, there can not be informed consent. Lastly, the omicron variant has been compared to a common cold. Surely, these boosters serve no justifiable purpose, especially when considering that they are now giving you negative immunity against the newest omicron variant. In other words, the more vaccines you have, the more likely you are to be infected. It has to be a personal decision at this point.

Julianne Bauer (Norfolk , 2022-01-10)


I'm signing because my daughter is double vaccinated and has natural immunity from an early case in 2020 as well as a mild case in Dec 2021. She needs no additional virus exposure or immunization measures

Patricia Izard (Norfolk , 2022-01-10)


Our son meets three of these catergories. Thank you for presents the serious medical concerns with a booster.

Malora Grant (Sterling, 2022-01-10)


As a first-year required to get the booster, I've signed this because I agree with the medical concerns addressed by this petition and believe they need to be openly discussed by UVA.

John Grant (Sterling, 2022-01-10)


I care about the health of the UVA students I know and the dangerous precedent this mandate sets, and when my own children are college-aged in a few years, I want them
also to be protected from this unnecessary risk.

Rebekah Prestwich (Fairfax, 2022-01-10)


My son is less than 10 days post Covid and has not been able to get a doctor’s appointment yet!

Susan Saliba (Charlottesville, 2022-01-11)


I dint want my child to die from a vaccine

Lisa Jones (Chalottesville, 2022-01-11)


I am signing because I care about academic integrity and I want it back at UVA.

Mark Baughan (Westport, 2022-01-11)


People should be able to make their own medical decisions not be coerced. It is unethical, not to mention the fact that young people have little to no issues with covid 19. Stop the madness.

Tricia Cullen (Cary, 2022-01-11)


It is ridiculous to require college students to take this because they are at very low risk. The long-term dangers of these vaccines on young people are unknown.

Judy Watkins (Richmond, 2022-01-11)


With this totally unnecessary mandate for a shot that is not even proven to effect Omicron, you are endangering the life and future of my grandson who is a scholarship student at your university.

Eunice Smith (Birmingham, 2022-01-11)


One of my 20yr old sons got peri-myocarditis from the vaccine (due to UVA’s requirement), spent 6 day in heart hospital. He had covid right after Christmas. Booster will be most definitely dangerous for him.

Linda Dowd (Virginia Beach, 2022-01-11)


I feeling there are lots of risk for these youngsters for future medical problems. Vaccines and previous case of covid produce high antibodies with more protection that these untested boosters. Continual Mandates are a danger to our republic. President Ryan has simply gone to far— he must rescind this mandate immediately

Paul Nott (Richmond, Virginia, 2022-01-11)


Please consider the actual medical science regarding COVID and Vaccination risks / side effects! Since Omicron is spread by all Vaxxed / Unvaxxed and is basically, a cold, there is no need to mandate!

Lisa Harris (Fayetteville, 2022-01-11)


These boosters are not different from the vaccines. All data is vaccine data. The vaccines neither prevent infection or transmission.

Karen Westervelt (Mechanicsville , 2022-01-11)


I’ve had mono and swollen lymph nodes for multiple months, my immune system has been in no shape to receive another vaccine that I’m not even due for yet

Anon ymous (Charlottesville , 2022-01-11)


I am signing this petition because it is unethical to coerce someone into participating in a medical experiment. It also violates the Nuremberg Code. As a UVA alumnus & parent I am appalled at the complete lack of regard for student's rights to make their own medical decisions.

Monique Baroudi (Oakton, 2022-01-11)


My daughter attends another Virginia state run university, I hold a doctor of Pharmacy degree and work within the Commonwealth and am a tax paying citizen who believes in personal autonomy for each individual. After extensive review of data and the ever growing list of adverse reactions and unknown long term effects there is nothing supporting this new mandate.

Austin Hudson (Dinwiddie, 2022-01-11)


I am a UVA Alumnus. I’m signing because a mandate makes no sense when triple vaxxed people are contracting and spreading covid. Im signing because College students are not at high risk-but evidence shows that they are increased risk of myocarditis. I’m signing because this vaccine has not been adequately tested-and Big Pharma will not release their data for 75 yrs. I’m signing because I am a scientist and believe in the Common Rule and informed consent. I’m signing because I lost my job at Harvard Medical School because of a mandate and was excluded from being considered for a position at UVA, my alma mater because of the mandate. Im signing for all of these reasons and more.

Irene Davis (Sandwich, 2022-01-11)