Do not rezone the land in the corner of I-69 and Lower Huntington to commercial and/or medical.



That area is residential and farm land. Lets leave it that way

Lynda McGehee (Fort Wayne, 2022-01-09)


I’m signing this because I live near there and use that exit frequently. The last thing Fort Wayne needs is another hospital! This area is residential and agricultural and should stay that way!

Jeanne Waltman (Fort Wayne, 2022-01-09)


Inappropriate Land use concerns-environmental (Little River Wetlands) and taking control of productive agricultural land. There a major hospital just a mile away from where IU Health is planning to construct another hospital…why?
After looking into property records on assessor’s website, I believe they have also purchased the adjacent 263 acres (Ernst & Homestead) under the radar.
I also have concerns that Brian Bauer has personal motives for the build as he was recently fired as the CEO of Lutheran.

Jenna Thiele (Fort Wayne, 2022-01-09)


We don’t need any more hospitals or clinics this way
Let rural areas stay rural

Ann Goodpaster (Roanoke, 2022-01-09)


I don’t want the country setting to change. Too much traffic and with a hospital comes more and more businesses.

Elaine Doherty (Roanoke, 2022-01-09)


I used to live up by Parkview and experienced the growing pains of strip malls, gas stations, and restaurants surrounding what was a quiet country setting neighborhood. I don't want to experience that again. We built here 5 years ago specifically for the country like setting.

Debra Burson (Roanoke, 2022-01-09)


I don’t want commercial development closer to our home.

Lindsey Cansler (Roanoke, 2022-01-09)


Of the increase in traffic to an already highly trafficked area. We chose to build in this location because it was quiet and lower traffic. Due to the expansion around GM, this has changed drastically in the 6 years that we’ve been here.

Stacy Utterback (Roanoke , 2022-01-09)


There is no need for this hospital with another hospital already serving the area.

Cynthia Ladig (Fort Wayne indiana, 2022-01-09)


There is no way lower Huntington road or homestead can handle the traffic.

Larry Johnson (Roanoke, 2022-01-09)


I live in Prairie Meadows and do not want the unwanted traffics this new hospital will bring.

Allyson Hurst (Roanoke , 2022-01-09)


I'm signing because I want to maintain the quiet and picturesque area. I also have concerns that flooding, noise, traffic, and light will drive down property values in my nearby neighborhood if this project proceeds.

Stephanie Aldridge (Roanoke, 2022-01-09)


There are many other land opportunities for this type of structure.

Samuel Kuntz (Roanoke, 2022-01-09)


I’m signing because we live in the area adjacent to the proposed changes. When we purchased in this area we did so because of the agricultural and residential areas surrounding our home. Additionally, the services that will be provided by this facility are already available nearby.

Dawn Otis (Roanoke, 2022-01-09)


I do not want or think a hospital is necessary in this location since we have one located close by. I believe it could better serve Ft. Wayne residents to have a hospital built in another part of town.

Steph Christensen (Roanoke, 2022-01-10)


I’m signing because we already have a hospitals in close proximity. Also, a 15 story hospital is ridiculous for this rural area. There is another large hospital in Fort Wayne, I’m aware of the traffic around that area as well as the off ramp that had to be expanded to accommodate the traffic.

Michelle Hartman (Roanoke , 2022-01-10)


Not necessary to build a huge hospital three miles from an existing major hospital. Our county can be better served if another site chosen. Imagine the growth potential if it were built more southeast. I wonder if the ultimate purpose of this is to eventually put Lutheran Hospital out of business. Is that good for our county?

Patricia Prascsak (Fort Wayne, 2022-01-10)


I believe it would be better for Allen County residents who are not close to downtown, Parkview or Lutheran hospitals to have a hospital closer to them.

Florence Epley (Fort Wayne, 2022-01-10)


Impact on traffic

Frank Silva (Fort Wayne , 2022-01-10)


I am concerned about heavy traffic on Lower Huntington Road.

Mary Bear (Roanoke, 2022-01-12)


I believe that this is ridiculous since Lutheran hospital is area in the area and not far from this location.

Jody Gochenour (Auburn, 2022-01-12)


We do not want the traffic and if they allow commercial then they can put any store they want.

Heather Babcock (Roanoke, 2022-01-12)


I do not wish for the land to be reasoned by lower Huntington rd and 69 due to higher traffic, noise, and increased light pollution at night.

Scott Dan (Roanoke, 2022-01-12)


This does not seem to be the correct location for a 150 foot tall commercial building. Issues with local traffic and safety will be compounded near my Azbury Neighborhood home. Not to mention that Lutheran Hospital is only one exit away.

Also… I question the need for yet another acute care facility in this market. There is enough difficulty staffing the existing facilities. I work in healthcare and am unaware of any shortage of availability in acute care in this region except currently related to COVID, which will pass. However, I am acutely aware of the lack of healthcare workers.

Shelly Miller (Roanoke, 2022-01-12)


I live in the area and do not wish to see more traffic

Mallory Anglemyer (Roanoke, 2022-01-12)


This project will cause urban sprawl, diminish the value of nearby real estate and it violates much of the Plan it Allen master plan.

Kerry Hultquist (Fort Wayne, 2022-01-12)


There is little value in adding a second hospital within a three mile stretch of I-69, when the Lutheran Health System already has an existing presence there. The southeast portion of Fort Wayne and Allen county is lacking in available healthcare resources, and would be better served by a new hospital than having it placed in such close proximity to an existing facility. I also worry about the increase in traffic along what are primarily two lane roads surrounding this proposed location.

Jeffrey Brown (Fort Wayne , 2022-01-12)


The gigantic size and scope of the proposed facilities by IU Health at the intersection of Ernst Road and Lower Huntington Road is unacceptable. A 150’ tall hospital is 50% taller than PRMC and will be an eyesore, larger than any hospital in the area and only 3 miles south of Lutheran Hospital. The southwest side already has a full service hospital, so this does not benefit us. The light pollution and traffic volume is not welcome. The roads in this area are not equipped to handle the traffic. This hospital and it’s location seem more about revenue than public service.

Jeremy Milliman (Roanoke, 2022-01-12)


We want this area to stay rural. There is no reason to add another hospital when Lutheran is a few miles down the road. This will add heavy traffic through an area not capable of handling it. There are plenty of vacant buildings in Fort Wayne that can be repurposed for IU’s use.

Kara Hale (Roanoke, 2022-01-12)


We want this area to stay rural. There is no reason to add another hospital when Lutheran is a few miles down the road. This will add heavy traffic through an area not capable of handling it. There are plenty of vacant buildings in Fort Wayne that can be repurposed for IU’s use.

Micheal Hale (Roanoke, 2022-01-13)


We just moved here because of the rural area. Do not want added traffic and noise.

Christopher & Janelle Love (Roanoke, 2022-01-13)


I live off Lower Huntington and I moved here to be away from traffic

Claudia McKinney (Roanoke , 2022-01-13)


My family and I own and farm in Aboite and Lafayette townships. One of our farms is 500 acres between Homestead and I69 with our only access off Ernst Road. Our machinery is tall, long, heavy and slow that will be traveling through this medical campus 12 months out of the year. We respectfully request you deny zoning for this project.

Mark Dennis (Fort Wayne, 2022-01-13)


It is unnecessary to build a hospital so close to the location of an already existing modern hospital. Preserving the land as residential and agricultural better serves the residents in the area, as well as those surrounding the area. Some places need to remain pristine.

Sandra K Kern (Waterloo, 2022-01-13)


I want to preserve what little farm / rural areas we have left in and around the Fort Wayne area.

Sally Hamilton (Auburn, 2022-01-13)


There's no reason to build a new hospital there when there is Lutheran hospital 2 or 3 miles up the road. Too much traffic and noise would be an issue too!

Amanda Booher (Ft.wayne , 2022-01-13)


I am concerned about traffic and noise pollution from this large scale project.

Lori Schaefer (Roanoke, 2022-01-14)


I am currently living in Cincinnati for school but I grew up in Fort Wayne for 19 years. I strongly agree that there are other areas of Allen County that deserve a hospital more accessible to them! Southwest Allen feels so much more congested than it did a few years ago and these buildings will bring the urban to the suburbs.

Kaitlyn Mueller (Cincinnati , 2022-01-14)


I do not want to see this rezoning go through. There is a perfectly functioning large medical facility 1 exit north

Amanda Bohannon (Roanoke, 2022-01-16)


There is one hospital in the south part of ft Wayne

Bonnie Barrett (Tippecanoe , 2022-01-17)


I am concerned about best land use and effects on traffic patterns in the southwest Allen County area as I travel in that area often.

Jeri Barrett Burkhart (Leesburg, 2022-01-17)


I feel that our area is becoming over saturated by hospitals. Our rural areas are disappearing and based on the proposed location the infrastructure and traffic flow will be a mess.

Ronald Looney (Roanoke, 2022-01-17)


It’s not right to ruin
Valuable preserves & farm land.

Roberta Kuhlhorst (Auburn, 2022-01-20)


We do not need a hospital on the Southwest side of Fort Wayne . We already have Lutheran Hospital, please build southeast where it’s needed. Protect the wetlands and trees.

Lana Ernie (Fort Wayne, 2022-02-01)


We need agricultural land

Linda Eagle (Fort Wayne , 2022-02-01)

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