I'm a UMASS alumnus. If UMASS imposed a vax mandate while I was a student there, I would treat it as a breach of contract and an assault on my human rights and part with UMASS. College degree is not worth anything if a young person is maimed or killed by this experimental liability-free gene-therapy shot, which doesn't protect from infection or transmission. I'm embarrassed for my alma mater frankly.

Karina Lusine (Newton, )


No one should be forced to take an EXPERIMENTAL medical procedure! NO ONE!Leave the kids alone!

Stephanie Peterson (East Longmeadow, )


Mandating vaccines is wrong. Too many reasons to even get into it here.

Toni Mason (Tewksbury , )


Medical Freedom and human rights come first

Tony Roy (Nashua , )


Everyone deserves the freedom to determine what goes in their bodies. The shot is proving to be toxic to young adults. Some will be vax injured and some will die.

Nancy Behling (Norfolk , )


Kids should not be forced to take an experimental jab, that does not work.

Sonia Simoneau (East Falmouth, )


Our children have endured enough. We must stop forcing medical interventions that don't work.

Molly Henry (Danvers, )


I am against forcing people to get medically unnecessary shots against their will.

Stacey Felix (Lowell, )


Because it is a persons right and vaccinated or not and wearing masks or not does not stop the transmission.

Brian Felix (Lowell, )


I believe in body autonomy and don’t feel enough data has shown a booster is effective or necessary.

Julie Powers (South Grafton , )


Defying provable, statistical data on the harm of these “shots” whether the 1st, the 2nd, or the “booster” is criminal. It is sickening that the “Covid relief aid money” is being used in reality to grease the palms of the hospitals and schools and bribe and coerce people into taking this toxic non-functioning mRNA chimeric vector at the behest of corrupt pharmaceutically-funded agencies who together form one monstrous syndicate of blasphemy under the guise of “health advocacy”. I’m appalled.

Susan Marconi (Lynn, )


If there is risk there must be choice or liability.

Barbara Paul (Brielle, )


No More Mandates!

Hector Galarza (Boston, )


I do not support the mandates, they are incredible dangerous and ineffective.

Karen Studholme (5 Claire Road, )


This should be an individual s choice
These mandates are against our constitutional rights.

Theodora Paras (Lowell, )


I am signing this because I have seen the damage the vaccines can cause.

Crystal Quist (Worcester, )


Nobody should be forced to take anything. American people should have right to choose humanity should have right to choose period

Jennifer Archambault Brannan (Englewood FL, )


I'm signing because i don't believe in these vaccine, no one should force to get vaccinated, and the government shouldn't be telling you what to do with our bodies. It should be my choice to make!

Janayna Brockner (NORTH BRANCH, )


These vaccines and mandates are ridiculous! Why are you pushing something that has proven to NOT prevent the spread of Covid? You can still get Covid and you can still spread Covid once fully vaccinated and boosted! I know you’re doing this for the money, but you need to stop being selfish and think about the damage that you’re doing to these students. Apparently once you are fully jabbed, your risks of being hospitalized goes down and you have mild symptoms when you get Covid, but I seen many studies and personally know at least a dozen fully vaccinated people that have been hospitalized because of Covid. The most recent studies have proven that once fully vaccinated and boosted, your risk of contracting Covid go up as high as 300% depending on your age. The science proves the vaccine does not work. So why are you forcing this?

Colleen Gaffney (Plymouth, )


Safety of the vaccines for young people is questionable given lack of long term studies and preliminary studies on heart issues. Everyone should be afforded informed consent after consultation with a doctor. The schools have no business directing someone’s personal medical choices.

V Scarmazzo (Chatham , )


Enough with the stupid masks!!!! Let the kids enjoy themselves and have a great college life!!

Lori Folan (Bunnell , )


The evidence is overwhelming that these shots are harmful.
Do not ask anymore. Pull their bonds.

Donna Narrod (Muncie , )


I have had 3 Moderna Shots, by choice. However, following the science means much more than "What did Fauci say this week?" "What does the CDC say?". We have great doctors, scientists, and many more who have experience, research ability, case studies, patients, etc that have countered Fauci and the CDC, only to be told to cease and decist, regardless of their expertise. They weren't even given a forum to debate those differences. Also, people have gotten doctors notes explaining their medical reasoning why certain individuals should not receive the vaccines or perspective boosters. In normal situations, doctor's notes would be requested to prevent the school's liability for sports injuries, and the like, however, now you're telling people that a doctor's signature on their word is no longer valid. It sounds contradictory to me, and I'm sure others.
I understand you want to create a safe environment for everybody, but there are exceptions that you need to consider. We are all in different places medically. You need to account for those differences or you're descriminating people who are 'different' in medical status.

Diana L. Mandeville (Woonsocket, )


This Vaccine has deadly consequencesFor many people

Shawn Batche (Lake Orion , )


Because I oppose any mandates!!!

Edward and Marguerite Jalbert (Charlton , )


Vaccine mandates are wrong given the percentage rate of recovery. Should be optional/encouraged.

Linda Ward (St leonard, )


My body my life!

Ron Valiquette (New Bedflord , )


These mandates are unethical and unlawful and should be stopped immedietly.

Grace Haggerty (Falmouth, )


I do not want people to be compelled to anything to their own bodies against their will.

Antonia Gray (Feeding Hills, )


I am against the experimental gene therapy mandates!
Your Body, Your Choice!

Wendy Balser (Ipswich , )


We should have free choice if we take any medication.

Tomasz Jaster (Northborough, )


Bodily autonomy is the most important freedom given to us by God and no institution should attempt to coerce anyone in relinquishing that away.

Kim Furnald (Marblehead , )


Ignoring TRUE science and continuing and increases in reactions up to and including death, it is time to stop coercing students and staff. You’re mandate is anti-American and is totally opposed to Constitutional freedoms. Time to start fulfilling your obligations.

Henry Dondero (Quincy, )

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