Im signing this to support & stop this inappropriate proposal by Noosa Council Mayor & Council..To put housing in a tiny 800sqm of Pinnaroo Park, destroying remnant bush & a large number of KOALA food Trees.

DIana Mc Cready (NOOSA HEADS, 2022-01-16)


I'm signing because this land should be left as public park for all to enjoy.

Alan Beech (Noosaville, 2022-01-16)


Support local people who will impacted by this change to the environment

Michael eberle (Pomona , 2022-01-16)


i am opposed to to taking any further land from Pinaroo park , especially as Council intends to take a further slice to enable the coles development to proceed . It will take a slice of the Park from near the former bowling greens to the roundabout on Noosa Parade /Banksia Ave roundabout .

bob carey (noosa heads , 2022-01-16)


Green space is precious.
We don’t know what we have until it’s gone.

Annie Eberle (Pomona, 2022-01-17)


This idea is a negation of everything those who made Noosa the place it is worked and stood for.

forester walker (noosa heads, 2022-01-17)


Environmental significance including rare flora (red cedar) and significant fauna (koala) habitat. Will send further detail in a letter direct.

Kate Andrews (Noosa Heads, 2022-01-17)


Pinaroo Park is beautiful corridor between Toulambi St and Noosa Junction. If there were less Short Term Accommodations we wouldn't need these harsh quick fixes. In an area of single residences would council change the density to suit their wishes.

Karel Beech (NOOSAVILLE, 2022-01-17)


Pinnaroo Park is a haven for wildlife. Every tree is precious and needs to be retained, whether officially part of the park or not. Glossy Black Cockatoos have recently been feeding in this park again. As they are about to lose significant habitat at Grasstree Crt it is vitally important that we preserve all green space that is left. In Covid times we need nature for our mental health!!

Linda Shaw (Sunrise Beach, 2022-01-17)


Pinaroo Park is a jewel in the midst of a rapidly ugly developing Noosa Junction.
To leave a lasting legacy, the current Council needs to use wisely any land under its control.
Destruction of Pinaroo Park area would be criminal.

nrma walker (Noosa Heads, 2022-01-18)


I am signing this petition as we need to preserve this area as a green space and for purification of the air quality'

Adelene Walker (Gympie, 2022-01-18)


I oppose the destruction of the native wildlife habitat for the commercial interests of the Noosa council

Sam Jeffery (Noosa heads, 2022-01-18)


I’m signing because development on valued and valuable koala habitat during this time when climate change is already vastly reducing their habitat is nothing short of outrageous!

Jill Bottrall (Adelaide , 2022-01-19)


This park is a critical environment for Koalas who need trees within the park to survive. It is also near our home and we use the park often for family recreational purposes.

Jacqui Jordan (Noosa Heads , 2022-01-19)


I am signing this petition as I consider it a political whitewash from our current Noosa Council . We have many issues in regards to low income housing but using this piece of flora and fauna sensitive land is not the solution .

Naomi Murphy (Tewantin, 2022-01-19)


We need to protect all remaining parkland and trees.

Penny Robertson (Sunrise Beach, 2022-01-19)


Keep Pinaroo park as a nature reserve

Rachael Curry (Noosa, 2022-01-19)


We need to protect our green space in the junction. Loads of other places to develop without destroying this open space and filling it with low cost housing.

June Copeman (Noosa Heads, 2022-01-20)


It is totally inappropriate for the council to destroy publicly owned property, with significant environmental values, in order to develop housing which is so limited in potential capacity that it will not address the perceived issue - ie lack of low cost housing in Noosa. There are far better alternatives available that will not come with the attendant environmental loss.

Steph Walker (Brisbane, 2022-01-20)


I am opposed on a number of points.
* I see the heartbreaking destruction of open space and animal habitat in noosa shire daily. Noisa civic a total disgrace. When will the encroachment end?
* I would have just loved to live in Maroubra (Sydney) where I worked, however I could not afford to live there. I lived in the western suburbs of sydney (Parramatta) and had an hour and a half commute each way every day. I was not Robinson Crusoe. Why MUST low cost housing be provided on the doorstep for low income workers?
* this proposal has flown pretty much under the radar with little to no serious attempt to engage or consult with the residents of noosa.

If you are still reading this, I certainly won’t be voting for Mayor Clare at the next election!

Kerrie Crisp (Sunshine Beach, 2022-01-20)


I see much more value for the land as a remnant of bush among the suburbs and as a recreational resource.

Greg Walker (Noosaville, 2022-01-20)


Our precious parklands and animal habitats should be preserved at all costs.

Jennifer Sherman (Noosa heads, 2022-01-20)


I live nearby and I want to oppose the proposed development of Pinaroo Park

suzie mcdonald (Noosa Heads, 2022-01-20)


Pinnaroo Park is completely inappropriate for accommodation needs. This is a childrens park and as there are no other parks within close proximity to Noosa Junction shops it should look at expanding the park facilities not taking away the wooded areas. Council need to address how much land they are allowing to be desecrated for further building. Sunrise beach is a prime example. This idea will not solve the current housing crisis.

Rosie Smith (Noosa Heads, 2022-01-20)


We need to protect what wildlife we have in this area. We are destroying this beautiful part of the world

Rosie White (Eumundi, 2022-01-20)


I don't want low socio-economic housing in one of the only natural places left for Koalas in Noosa.

Jade Lawler (Sunshine Beach , 2022-01-21)


This is a great park worth protecting

Jane Poulier (Peregian Springs, 2022-01-21)


All of our parks need to be saved. Stop destroying our natural environment!!!

Lyn Graham (Noosaville , 2022-01-21)


There has been too
Much koala habitat affected already

Sam Clarke (Noosa Heads, 2022-01-22)


Koalas are endangered stop removing their habitat

Scott Pruss (Noosa Heads, 2022-01-22)


My grandfather Max Walker fought hard for the preservation of Noosa shire and the koala habitats there. I intend to do the same.

Edward Walker (Tinbeerwah, 2022-01-22)


Koala food trees

Judi Collis (Noosaville, 2022-01-22)


I’m signing because this park is a special place. Other land is avail for affordable housing behind the old bowling club .

Maigen Broose (Noosaville, 2022-01-23)


This parcel of land has been set aside for environmental purposes and MUST not be developed. It forms a unique corridor for native species under threat of extinction. The park serves as a reminder of what the area was prior to past development and is an amazing asset to locals and tourists alike.
I and many others visit places like Noosa specifically for such natural heritage and beauty. Please, please....don't destroy what little we have left. Saving this small pocket will looked upon by future generations as a rare and good planning decision by Council.

raymond Dicker (St kilda East, 2022-01-23)


I believe this to be the only small parcel of land within the vicinity that houses both Koala & Black Cockatoo habitats
. I would expect this Park to remain as it with no development to spoil its lovely peacefulness that all the wildlife and locals enjoy. Thank You..

Jennifer Blyth (NOOSA HEADS, 2022-01-26)


To save the trees as too many trees are being stripped out of Noosa.

Pam Bellwood (Noosa Heads, 2022-01-26)


Council don’t want to do anything to clean up the park when you phone them saying it is being left for the wildlife in the park. Why then is development now being proposed. Also the proposed development is totally inappropriate for this location

Gail Simpson (NOOSA Heads, 2022-01-26)


Our natural world is in crisis. Existing habitat is so precious. At the VERY least, proper and thorough community consultation must take place and environmental impacts scrutinised and reviewed independently in close detail and be completely transparent.

Louise Page (Melbourne, 2022-01-26)


Council states it will not tidy up park as it is for wildlife?
Rate payers money should be spent for the benefit of ratepayers, not for people who may never pay rates!

Neil Da Costa (NOOSA Heads, 2022-01-26)


I am alarmed at the destruction of koala habitat while their numbers are declining .

Tess van den Bergh (Anstead, 2022-01-27)


The two blocks add substantially to the amenity of the existing gazetted Pinnaroo reserve

James Walker (Gy.pie, 2022-01-28)


Pinaroo park is an invaluable small patch of urban greenspace, well used and much loved by the local community and visitors. Further building development in this area is unnecessary and inappropriate. This land must remain as green space for the local community.

Robert Dick (Noosa Heads, 2022-01-28)


This issue is important to me and our children and their children etc. Keep our koalas.

Louise Scholes (Noosa Heads , 2022-01-28)


I am signing because too many rental properties have been taken off market and put up for airband ,also loss of Koala corridor in Noosa shire through tree clearing for housing that is far out of reach for average person looking for rental or to own home .

Jennifer Morgan (Noosa Heads, 2022-01-29)


I strongly agree with the petition

Matthew Lawler (Noosa Heads, 2022-01-29)


Enough! Stop this devastation of our nature. We don't all have to live in the smack mid of Noosa. And those who does, and us who visits, prefer to have some nature among us. The wildlife was there first, yet we keep killing them, taking their homes and push the remaining further into the outback where only very few can survive and where they also have to fight already existing wildlife over territory. You nature haters can move to Brisbane if you are so scared of nature!

Merete Holm (Coolum beach, 2022-01-29)


So much publicity about how under threat this uconic Australian animal is & yet still government at ALL levels continue to allow the destruction of precious habitat for Koalas - it is shameful that Noosa council would even consider this as an option

Kate Herrick (DOONAN, 2022-01-29)


As a wildlife carer, I have encountered the stresses imposed on wildlife because of habitat destruction. Koalas have very specific needs as far as shelter and food are concerned and any loss of remnant koala friendly habitat puts increase stress on the few remaining animals in the Noosa Shire.

Nick Read (Lake Macdonald, 2022-01-30)


It's a disgrace what is happening in our shire, as our trees and nature are being destroyed, our native animals are being killed, land clearing is destroying food and shelter for our animals.
This short sighted attitude must be stopped.

Bronwyn Vogt (Noosa Heads, 2022-01-31)


Pinaroo Park is destination for cockatoos, home to many bats, koalas and must be preserved.
Also it is a memorial to Sian Kingi in the hearts of every school child from that time. 12 year old Sian was on her bike trying out the new track just finished by council, when she was seized and eventually killed.
12 years old and the bravest. Pinaroo Park will always be her memorial in our hearts and must not be touched by council

Patricia Balderstone (Sunshine Beach, 2022-01-31)


I can’t believe what’s happening to Noosa re parkridge developement
Proposed development sunrise beach What is happening to our wild life so sad

Julie Petterwood (Sunrise beach , 2022-01-31)


Council needs a different solution an important parcel of flora and fauna

Mark Sidaway (Coolum, 2022-01-31)


I’m signing because I do not support any further loss of native wildlife habitat, we’re meant to be a Biosphere.

Shona Raudonikis (Noosaville, 2022-02-01)


This is a very special habitat
We have a Climate Emergency
Leave this alone!

Penelope Scott (Sunshine Beach, 2022-02-01)


Too much destruction of trees is happening in our towns and taking away the habitat of our beloved animals

lyn chambers (moffat beach, 2022-02-01)


Noosa is unaffordable for many.
There is no way the council can address this issue.. it’s not in their job description and should be left to other levels of government. A drop in the ocean and not worthy of destroying the habitat for bats, insects, lizards etc

Leoni Roberts (Noosa, 2022-02-01)


This is an inappropriate site for development.

Annie Cory (Noosaville, 2022-02-01)


The Pinnaroo Pk. Site has been an important refuge and habitat for many small animals as well as a much treasured place of solitude for the local residence there kids and pets. Also a fine well defined buffer for noise from the Junction.
There is ample space more fitting and closer to the Junction for an accomodation building .
( near to the . J) for example or anywhere else where valuable habitat is not destroyed. Responsible Local Government for these times must consider very deeply the impact of the decissions made by there Councillors regarding the Natural Environment. Our future lives are dependant on these crucial decissions. Bricks and Morter can be built up and knocked down without great consequence but Natural habitat and environment are a matter of grave concern for our Children and quality of life. A Duty of Care needs to be in the forefront of any decission agreed on regarding Natural Life of any kind.

Chicko Xerri (Noosa / Eumundi, 2022-02-01)


Vision is required from Noosa Council. Long term, what would provide the best affordable housing solution and protect that which makes Noosa so unique, it's nature. The idea of apartments built over the carpark at The J seems like a much better one, the workers would be in easy walking distance to their jobs, and all those amazing tree species and habitats saved. People will admire the foresight of Noosa Mayor and Councilors. I used to live on Noosa Hill and now I'm in Sunshine Coast Council area. The difference is palpable and depressing. Don't go this way.

Maggie Third (Sunshine Coast, 2022-02-01)


Signing because … I believe infill development is not the best way of solving Noosa’s housing/accommodation shortage. I believe the helicopter view would be to identify The Noosa Junction precinct including The J car parking area as the region to change, The Noosa Plan to allow, up to 5-story mixed use developments. I say No to the in-fill proposal for 30&32 Toulambi St

Trevor Donald Thompson (Noosaville, 2022-02-02)


Space for new housing for humans should now come from land that has already been destroyed. Remove structures etc and replace with structures that will accommodate more people if more people are required. No native trees should be removed. The destruction has to stop sometime. Why not now before all the trees are gone.

Norm Morwood (WEST WOOMBYE, 2022-02-02)


I believe this is absolutely not the place to build accommodation for multi tenant dwellings. There is NO street parking for either the tenants or their visitors and it would be extremely difficult to include parking off street with the small amount of land.
The vegetation is a total breath of fresh air for all to enjoy and it is quite unbelievable that these trees could be considered dispensable for the sake of a very limited amount of accommodation.

Christine Barker (Noosa, 2022-02-02)


I think more consideration for the site is required with public input for the best result the benefits of the few do not out way the benefits to the many.

Hugh De la fontaine (Eumundi, 2022-02-03)


I really think that there are many better sites for this type of development without eating into a wonderful park that is enjoyed by many people and animals.

Rodney Evans (Noosa Heads, 2022-02-03)


Destruction of native habitat and urban green belt areas to only to profit developers and councils is abhorrent, and far too common across Australia.

Leif Hickerson (Adelaide , 2022-02-03)


Urban green spaces which serve as wildlife refuges and/or corridors are valuable and must be protected. This will not solve the housing shortage and represents a false economy- there are more suitable sites and options elsewhere in the area.

Edan McCready (Melbourne , 2022-02-03)


We need every tree to curb climate change

Gabriele Sitzmann (Noosa Heads, 2022-02-03)


No logic to building on this beautiful triangular lot. Council need to wake up to a) the nature they're killing off and also b) be real, one sute accommodation will not fix their issue. C) where do they expect these new residents to park? Look at the current shopping centre sites (already a concrete jungle), and do something there which would accommodate so many people, with easy access to shops & medical.

Pam Elliott (Brisbane, 2022-02-03)


Stop killing everything for a coupla bucks ffs!

Lucy Desoto (Gosford, 2022-02-03)


The water runoff cannot be controlled properly and could have devastating consequences.

Wayne Campbell (Cumming, 2022-02-03)


We are protesting the removal of native habitat especially in fragile coastal areas.
This vegetation provides important habitats for many native species.

David & Erika Woodgate (Clifton Beach, 2022-02-03)


We disagree with the destruction of native fauna and flora.

Calder & Pascaline Woodgate (Smithfield, 2022-02-05)



Melody HARRIS (East Side, 2022-02-06)


Totally inappropriate development for this space.
Not enough public consultation !

Carmel Sears (Alice Springs, 2022-02-07)


Please leave this Koala habitat alone, first the Black Cockatoos now this. You’ll have an angry mob on your hands if you’re not more caring of our Noosa wildlife.

Alan Kelly (Doonan, 2022-02-07)


The proposal to build housing on parkland is culturally and ecologically inappropriate

Jack Baynes (Noosa Heads, 2022-02-07)


The proposed development of Pinaroo Park will destroy habitat for native species including koalas, glossy black cockatoo and flying foxes. These are all endangered species.

Vicki Forsyth (Noosa Heads , 2022-02-08)


To protect the natural flora and fauna in the area

Alex McTavish (Manly, 2022-02-08)


We need to speak for the animals, Noosa has lost too many advanced koala food trees and Koalas. Our roads are choked with too many people living here and to loose more green spaces would be a disaster for the future. I understand the need for housing but other venues such as Tewantin tafe would be more viable without removing trees.

Cristina McRitchie (Noosa Heads , 2022-02-08)


Our koalas are now listed as endangered and we need to protect koala habitat so we can protect koalas. You can’t have one without the other and offsets do little to help the current situation as it takes years, decades to establish suitably ages trees for koalas food and habitat.

Jackie Curtis (Eumundi , 2022-02-11)


This is not the time to reduce green space and koala habitats, by removing trees and wildlife which currently seamlessly adjoin Pinaroo Park. It’s the time to work on ways to increase green space of the park rather than reduce it by the death of a thousand cuts, including the proposed road behind Coles. The council has other sites less environmentally sensitive to choose from

Richard Stomps (Noosa Heads, 2022-02-12)


I have been a life time visitor to Noosa & the Sunshine Coast. I'm now 74. It saddens me to see so much development that has not taken into account the environment and the local people. Koalas are now an endangered species in their home territory so it is time for development at any cost to cease.

Robert Gould (Ipswich, 2022-02-13)


We need that park.
It's Black Glossies territory

Anne Downes (Sunrise Beach, 2022-02-13)


Urban forests are essential to the well-being of any community, and a vital habitat for native animals and birds... even koalas!

Frank Neilsen (Ballarat East, 2022-02-13)


I’m signing this because this block of land that has been part of pinaroo park forever is home to koalas and other wildlife . It’s an integral part of everything noosa residents have fought to retain.. green spaces that should not form part of a multi dwelling residence when by simply reducing air b and bs in noosa we would create more homes and affordable rentals automatically. Leave the koalas in their habitats of over 40 years at least !

Sandra Hearle (Noosa Heads , 2022-02-15)


I’m against knocking down the trees which are home to Koalas along with other flora and fauna.
We’re losing too many trees to development. Previous councils have been very proactive in protecting green Noosa. This current council needs to be more aware and preserve our uniqueness rather than push on until we have just another Gold Coast

Kerry Hudson (Noosa Heads, 2022-02-15)


I’m against knocking down the trees and any development which interferes with the flora and fauna

Terry Hudson (Noosa Heads, 2022-02-16)


I believe land clearing of Koala habitat has to stop before there is nothing left and it is too late.

Joan Wilkie (Annandale, 2022-02-16)


I am caring about Australian wildlife and hope Noosa will know how to protect their animals and nature.

Paloma Marquez (Tewantin , 2022-02-17)


This area is vital to support our wildlife and importantly endangered koalas.

Lynn Weston (Noosa, 2022-02-24)


Having the koala listed as endangered is not enough. We need to do more to protect these beautiful creatures.

Mal Wager (Tewantin, 2022-02-25)


I am sick, sick, sick of environmental destruction from our Governments (Federal, State & Local) that are meant to be acting in our's & our country's best interests. Keep your hands OFF THIS LAND.

Sandy Orme (Flagstaff Hill, 2022-03-03)