University of Michigan COVID-19 Booster Mandate



I am a parent of a U of M college student.

Beth Schlanderer (Almont, 2022-01-22)


The risk/benefit is not there for this age group. Vaccine injury is a real concern (myocarditis, pericarditis). Where there is risk there must be choice. We still do not know the long term affects of these vaccines. Vaccines do not work against current Omicron variant. Omicron variant is like a cold for most people. These draconian measures must stop now!

Eileen Salfi (Commerce Twp, 2022-01-22)


Booster mandates for this age group is simply overr each and not supported by data or science and does not adversely affect the greater community. Let students decide for themselves if the booster is a good idea or not.

Andrew Balch (Canton, 2022-01-22)


I do not think the kids should be forced to have booster shot. The data of effectiveness and long term problems is not established. The kids are in the age range where they are seeing myocarditis and other long term consequences.

Michelle Mintz (West bloomfield , 2022-01-22)


I disagree with mandates and believe everyone needs to weight the risk vs benefit. The vaccine is supposed to protect the person who takes it, not to prevent transmission so why is this mandated for college students? Especially to a population that has a 99.997% survival rate without treatment, the majority have natural Immunity, there are ZERO long term studies and the efficacy is failing, especially for Omicron.

Betty Kalls (Birmingham , 2022-01-22)


Where there is risk, there must be choice. It is immoral and unlawful to require any person to partake in medical procedures/injections/etc as a term of employment.

Jessica Barefield (Pinckney , 2022-01-22)


There is no science stating this vaccine is even safe let alone effective. Even if there was, it should be each individual choice and never mandated. I don't want my child around those vaccinated. When do your patients get a choice ?!

Katelyn Sfakianakis (South lyon, 2022-01-22)


Concerned citizen. Follow the science.

Carol Sowders (Clinton , 2022-01-22)


I believe every person has the right to decide their own health and medical risks and needs. This is still an experimental drug.

Colleen Horste (Temperance , 2022-01-22)


Vaccine mandates are unconstitutional.

Li He (Novi , 2022-01-22)


I'm signing because I have many friends who are employed by the university med center and I support their right to freedom of choice in medical care and treatment.

Catherine Brown (Pinckney , 2022-01-22)


My daughter has had natural Covid 2x and had vision disturbances after her vaccine. The booster may be more harmful than helpful.

Kelley Kennedy (Bloomfield Hills , MI, 2022-01-22)


I strongly believe in choice when it comes to altering ones God given body....the Temple.

Joanne Zochowski (South lyon, 2022-01-22)


There is no reason for students or staff who don't want this booster to get it.

Eric Mintz (West Bloomfield, 2022-01-22)


The mandates are not based on science (since they don’t stop transmission, as well as the fact that the disease affects less than 1% of population) and are not constitutional.

Elizabeth Wiseman (Ann Arbor , 2022-01-22)


Where there is RISK there MUST be CHOICE!!

Arlie Covelli (Pinckney , 2022-01-22)


I do not want my student to be subjected to experimental booster shots that do not stop transmission and for a student population that already has natural immunity.

Emily Marenghi (Encinitas, 2022-01-22)


Young people are at biggest risk for vaccine injuries and smallest risk for serious illness from the virus,

Sharon Nursall (Thousand oaks, 2022-01-22)


I am signing because I support Freedom and Liberty. I will not be compelled to do anything with or to 'my person', that I do not choose.

Robin Eckel (Ann Arbor, 2022-01-22)


Time to stop this! We are a free nation

Carol Grimmer (Northville , 2022-01-22)


The booster has zero efficacy and too many risks. Half of the world has already dropped all mandates as this virus is so similar to the flu and we will all likely get it, no matter how many high risk shots we get. I will not donate another dollar to U of M until the mandates are removed.

Diane Nader (Bloomfield Hills, 2022-01-22)


The state of the pandemic no longer justifies blanket mandates for vaccine boosters, which will likely have a net negative effect on health of college-age young adults. Decisions to take boosters should be taken by individuals and their doctors.

Daniil Manaenkov (Ann Arbor, 2022-01-22)


I am signing bc this is a direct violation of the Nuremberg code. In addition what is right for one is not right for all. You have no idea what each persons medical history is. I am solely in charge of my body and my health care decisions.

Kelly Monahan (Bloomfield hills, 2022-01-22)


I am pro medical choice. I am anti medical mandates to force injections that have killed over 22,000 Americans and injured over 1 million Americans according to VAERS.

Amber Richardson (South Lyon, 2022-01-22)


Mandates are not American. They go against our individual freedoms.

Jason Richardson (South Lyon, 2022-01-22)


No vaccine should be mandatory and these “vaccines” do not work. They are not effective and cannot even be called vaccines. Also, the young and healthy do not need them, and most have had Covid at this point

Chris Luke (Milford, 2022-01-22)


No mandates for this experimental vaccine! Where there is fish there should be freedom to choose!

Lisa Reaume (Newport, 2022-01-22)


Mandates are not legal and unconstitutional

Jen Clarke (Rochester Hills, 2022-01-22)


No Medical mandates !!

O'Donnell Nannette (Temecula, CA, 2022-01-22)


I am not anti vaccination I don’t feel the current mandate is necessary.

Lisa Gillin (Adrian , 2022-01-22)


Risk of booster not merited

Dan Kennedy (Troy, 2022-01-22)


Because it's against the Nuremberg code

Penny Gunther (GREENVILLE, 2022-01-22)


I believe in freedom of choice

Anastasiya Avakian (West bloomfield , 2022-01-22)


I am signing this petition because it is unconstitutional what you are trying to do. Also you are segregating the vaccinated from the unvaccinated by making the unvaccinated so weekly testing. Do your research and review Dr Peter McCullough a cardiologist and epidemiology who has done extensive research on Covid 19. He states it is impossible to have Covid 19 without symptoms. MM is NOT following the true science. It’s a crime to segregate the unvaccinated and prejudice.

Kim Wellman (Howell, 2022-01-22)


The mandates violate personal freedoms and the boosters are not scientifically proven to prevent Covid. Let the students be educated in person without forcing unproven injections in to their young and healthy bodies. Immunizing is a choice. STOP making Covid political.

Susan Peters (Goodrich, 2022-01-22)


A booster mandate let a lone a vaccine mandate is against our rights as citizens of the United States. There is not enough evidence or research that any of the vaccines or boosters are working to eradicate the virus so why is it mandatory?

Mallory Calus (Pinckney , 2022-01-22)


It is unacceptable to mandate a shot without long term studies. There have been many adverse effects and deaths reported to VAERS yet only 1% are reported. Maybe check out the site.

Charla Gaynier (Carleton, 2022-01-23)


We should not be mandating a vaccine or booster for people that are low risk, especially given it is not stopping infection and spread.

Kevin Krause (South Lyon, 2022-01-23)


It my sincerely held religious belief that I cannot go against my conscience as revealed in deep prayer to me through the spiritual guidance of The Holy Spirit.

Mary Beth Carlson (Whitmore Lake, 2022-01-23)


I don't want my kid get the booster because he had already been infected in Jan. 2022.

Dong Li (Northville, 2022-01-23)


I'm signing because ALL but under 5 have the CHOICE to receive it , death and hospitalization rates are associated with multiple comorbidities - which college students overwhelmingly don't have, and it is not the role as "leaders and the best" to virtual signal in forcing continued shots as the Omicron variant dwindles away and there is no further variant of concern on the horizon. I am a parent of two U of M students.

Cynthia Pointe (Grand Rapids, 2022-01-23)


Taking any medicine or medical procedure should be an individual person's choice. This should never be a forced thing, as no medicine or medical procedure is a one size fits all. These shots are also proven that they don't even work, so why force anyone to get it?!

Karen Streiber (Shelby Township, 2022-01-23)


This is a ridiculous, unfair, and unsafe. My son has already had heart inflammation after a Covid infection and two doses of the vaccine. I am extremely worried about his health, but like a lot of young people, he wants to do what is asked of him and get the booster.

The vaccines clearly aren't working well, especially against the latest variant. Asking people to do this is WRONG!



I’m signing because I deserve medical freedom to choose what I put in my body and to not be threatened to lose my livelihood over it.

Crystal Feathers (Novi, 2022-01-23)


I believe in the right and freedom to make your own healthcare decisions.

Nancy Darling (Saginaw , 2022-01-23)


I’m signing this petition because Covid vaccines damage bodies natural immune system. My vaccinated kids got Omicron while unvaccinated child immune from Covid.

Mo Qian (Troy , 2022-01-23)


My son is vaccinated and had Covid 2x. Booster is ridiculously unnecessary. University does this to ensure Federal funding. You’re not concerned about students health. Shame on you!

Domenico Berardi (Lancaster , 2022-01-23)


It is wrong to mandate an experimental Medicine on people, you are forcing people to be a lab rat. No one should be forced to put anything in their body they don’t want to. This gene therapy shot has soooo many side effects you are a murderer by forcing people to take this risk

Jennifer Nysen (New Baltimore , 2022-01-23)


The jab should not be mandated to anyone

Diane Saincome (Novi, 2022-01-23)


No reviews on natural antibodies. No formal long term studies. FOIA request from Pfizer they wanted 52 years to put out data to Public on their results but pushed Thru cdc in less than year. Just give us the data now. It’s not a vaccine. Why change the definition to fit what you made after

Paul Malhoit (Canton, 2022-01-23)


Religious reasons.

Denise Floer (Brooklyn , 2022-01-23)


Stop experimenting on young people.

Barbara Paul (Brielle, 2022-01-23)


I am concerned that the boosters are too much and excessive for our young population without adequate data published on side effects or efficacy. They have already done enough and natural immunity MUST be considered. Most of them have already had Covid once or even twice despite vaccination.

Lisa Lawrence (Stratford, ct , 2022-01-23)


I believe the mandates have been proven ineffective. With the ability to still get, and spread the virus, and the added potential for life altering side effects from another.shot are not worth the risk.

Susan Hoskins (Temperance , 2022-01-23)


Poor risk / benefit ratio.

Gustavo Delfino (Novi, 2022-01-23)


I'm signing because I was forced to choose my body over the university mandate for that is unknown to fully be safe. I'm now hoping to save my students and others that have no voice or fear not taking without retaliation!

Nyshourn Price (Ann Arbor, 2022-01-23)


The coerced medical procedures have to stop. I used to be proud that I attended U of M. Now I am ashamed.

Catherine Colvin (Oxford, 2022-01-23)


You are not following the science! Please listen to other respected virologists who have actually treated patients & not a life time incompetent administrator like Fauci!

Nancy Angel (Sterling Hgts, 2022-01-23)


I'm against forced vaccination and experimentation on my body without my permission.

Kari Dumbeck (Whitmore Lake, 2022-01-23)


I’m confused there are meds that are not experimental, why are you pushing your staff to take something they may not want to take. Oh that’s right your institution looks at the money rather than lives. Scares me, love my surgeon but I know your administration overrides any decision that makes the bottom line look better.

Richard Howe (Waterford , 2022-01-23)


This is America, land of the free. Free to make choices what we put in our own bodies.

Chris Loeher (Ypsilanti, 2022-01-23)


My son is considering this university next fall. We will not pursue this if any vaxx is mandated. This is not China, the injections do not stop infection or transmission, & they are dangerous. Utter lunacy to mandate these injections for anyone, especially young, healthy college kids. Period.

Jennifer Estes (Akron, 2022-01-23)


Supreme court just ruling no vaccine mandate is legal.

Joyce Yu (Auburn hills, 2022-01-23)


No Booster obligated at U of M

Jing Luo (Canton , 2022-01-24)


the 3rd vaccines can’t stopped you get Omicron ! You have the same chance to get Omicron as you didn’t get Vaccine!

Jing Kappler (Northville , 2022-01-24)


The mandate is ignorant of basic science including natural immunity and the fact that the Injuries associated with the vaccine are a greater risk than benefit for a young healthy person getting Covid. The mandate is doing more harm than good.

David Vella (White Lake, 2022-01-24)


I agree and support this Petition. It makes sense.

Hao Shen (Franklin , 2022-01-24)


As a virologist I find that the data don’t support boosters in healthy college age students and am disturbed by booster mandates.

Nicole Sexton (Fort Collins, 2022-01-24)

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