Advocate for CTE students and faculty



The arts are so important, this is not a cut that should be made.

Corinne Hutchins (Port Orchard , 2022-02-11)


I'm signing because I have a son in the department.

Susi Lundquist (ELLENSBURG, 2022-02-12)


I fully support that theater is essential in the lives of students.

Kristina cagle (Searcy Arkansas , 2022-02-12)


I am a drama instructor at Cashmere High School and have brought my students to CWU productions and have encouraged my drama students to attend CWU because of their outstanding theater program. Due to the university cuts, my former students are not getting the experience I was expecting them to get. Please restore this quality program.

Susan Gubsch (Cashmere, 2022-02-12)


Even just during my time in the theatre arts program at CWU, I lost some of my most valuable mentors in those 11 staff that were lost between 2018-2022. I cannot imagine future students being capable of pursuing an education in theatre without these remaining staff members. Larger class sizes also make it virtually impossible to complete every required class, as so many classes (especially when required for a specific degree track like Musical Theatre) have less than 10 students in the major in any given class. It just isn’t feasible to require 12-24 students when there are not that many in each class, and many REQUIRED classes end up being cancelled due to the higher class size requirement. CWU administration has proven more than once that the arts are not as important to them as their other programs, and by cutting staff and requiring larger class sizes, you are ensuring a mediocre education for your current and future students.

Karley Koepnick (Olympia, 2022-02-13)


Theater is so important, not just for those in the program, but also for the community. Schools need to keep putting emphasis on the arts; too often are they pushed to the side and deemed as less important.
Our students deserve better.

Eponine Romo (Ellensburg, 2022-02-13)


As a CWU music department alumni, I understand the need for small classes and individualized training in the performing arts, and urge CWU to take these needs into consideration when planning for the future.

Hannah Discher (Yakima, 2022-02-13)


The arts cannot be allowed to die out

Charles Villanueva (Ellensburg, 2022-02-13)


Because this single-handedly affects my education.

Jacob Vallie (Ellensburg , 2022-02-13)


My daughter is a student.

Debra Reinke (Puyallup, 2022-02-13)


Theatre arts and theatre education is important and is often harmed by administration that focus only on numbers to the detriment of quality instruction.

Rich Haptonstall (Kalispell, 2022-02-13)


The arts are an important thread in our society and in times of financial stress are the first to be cut. Please don’t.

Todd Vallie (Puyallup, 2022-02-13)


I’m signing to support my fellow students and their interests and passion for the arts. Central Washington University has a responsibility to provide a quality education to its students, and to do that, they need to listen. Listen to your faculty and students, listen to what they need and how they learn best.

Siobhan Keenan (Bellingham, 2022-02-15)



Georgi Grimm (Seattle, 2022-02-21)


I'm signing because my best friends brother is in the program and he loves it

Arianna Hightower (Shelton, 2022-02-22)

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