Cut Russia off SWIFT



I’m signing because bloodthirsty russians are killing my nation

Kateryna Buriak (Kyiv, 2022-02-26)


I want Russia to stop attacking Ukraine, for Ukrainians to live in peace, I want Russia to suffer a severe defeat!!!!!!

Мар‘яна Ваньо (Yavoriv, 2022-02-26)


I don’t want war! Putin is killing our children our habitants. I am begging you help us to stop this horrible war

Alina Svinchuk (Lublin , 2022-02-26)


Because want to stop the war Russia started against Ukraine and its population

Marharyta Starynets (Parma, 2022-02-26)


I want this world to finally be peaceful and it's the only way to stop this murderer called president of Russia.
This war is decision of a sole man

Sebastian Kałuziński (Kielce , 2022-02-26)


Russia is aggressor and must be isolated from the world

Nastya Kwintiuk (Dubliany, 2022-02-26)


I want peace of Ukraine

Yaryna Demchyna (Lviv, 2022-02-26)


I am for peace, I am against war, Russia is overreacting, the Russian government must pay for its actions. Help the whole of Europe to restore justice.

Veranika Mitskevich (Rzeszów, 2022-02-26)


I am Ukrainian and I want to support my country. Other countries need to recognize the absurdity of the situation in action not just words....

Tetiana Taleyko (Alkmaar, 2022-02-26)


I am a Ukrainian and I have to do anything in my power to stop Russian troops from getting financial support they spend on attacking my motherland

Alona Shvaher (Klaipeda, 2022-02-26)


I am signing this petition because i live in Ukraine and want to stop war.

Yevheniia Bezrodna (Ternopil, 2022-02-26)


I’m signing because I want to support the Ukrainian, cause, freedom and peace against the Russian criminal aggressor

Vincent Autonès (Budapest, 2022-02-26)


Russia attack security of Europe

Назар Столярець (Дубровиця, 2022-02-26)


I stand against violence and with Ukraine!!

Horváth Gabriella Mária (Vecsés, 2022-02-26)


Because my country has got attacked by russian occupiers

Demian Malko (Ternopil , 2022-02-26)


Putin is a dictator cunt

Ollie Pike (Budapest , 2022-02-26)


Russia is waging a horrific war of aggression in Europe. Russia is killing Ukrainian people while Europe is waiting and does nothing. Here is your ‘never again’ test: BAN RUSSIA FROM SWIFT and kick it out of everywhere or it will come to your house soon as well

Надія Степанова (Кам'янець-Подільський, 2022-02-26)


Вони напали на Україну, вбивають наших мирних жителів, та знищують наші будинки, вони мають за це відповісти

Alina Buchynska (Lublin, 2022-02-26)


Russia attacking Ukraine! Stop a war!

Lyubov Borutska (Wrocław, 2022-02-26)


My native city (Mykolaiv) is being under massive attack for two days for now, all my family is there and my father has joined the army to protect them.
I just want my family to be alive and safe

Yelyzaveta Hirzheva (Lviv, 2022-02-26)


Russia kills civil people, that are bombing houses, hospitals and kindergartens. The whole Ukraine is in fire. I am scared for my family that live there. Children dies. Hungary, please stop it.

Valeriia Shvediuk (Warsaw, 2022-02-26)


I support humanity.

Upamanyoo Bora (Vilnius, 2022-02-26)


Russia invaded my country and attacking civil citizens.

Taras Tymchuk (Lviv, 2022-02-26)


To stop war

Sophia Havrylenko (Lviv, 2022-02-26)


My homeland is in war. Civilians are attacked. We need to stop war.

Anastasiya Robeyko (Wroclaw, 2022-02-26)


My native town Kyiv was attacked by Russian army. They destroy civil building with people inside. We have civilian victims. Stop Russian aggression!

Kakusha Lina (Kyiv, 2022-02-26)


I’m signing this because Russia is killing now my country!!!

Галина Стельмах (Lviv, 2022-02-26)


Russian aggression Ukraine

Христина Голінка (Lviv, 2022-02-26)


Ukrainian people need Russia to be cut off from SWIFT to have a better chance tor survival at this war that we haven't started.

Veronika Levchenko (Mykolaiv, 2022-02-26)


Because blocking Russia from swift would economicly help my country to win the war

Taisiia Onishchenko (Msida, 2022-02-26)



Тетяна Мойсеєва (Кам‘янець-Подільський , 2022-02-26)


It’s real war in my Ukraine. We are killed by Putіn

Khrystyna Vasylyshyn (Malaga, 2022-02-26)


I don't want any war in Europe

Ina Richter (Berlin, 2022-02-26)


i’m begging for peace in my country

Anna Oleniuk (Kraków, 2022-02-26)


Stop The War

Juli Dashkevich (Warsaw, 2022-02-26)


I’m signing because I want to live in peaceful country, want that people don’t die and want to stop russia especially putin!

Yana Khlyan (Lviv, 2022-02-26)


I am Ukrainian and this will help save my country

Viktoriya Babayeva (Barcelona, 2022-02-26)


I am Ukrainian!!!!

Nor Ortin (Yavoriv, 2022-02-26)


Russia must bear consequences of their awful actions

Vira Kravchuk (Klaipeda, 2022-02-26)


Im signing this because russia has no right to do what is has done, Russia will never be forgiven nor forgotten for this huge mistake. Glory to Ukraine💛💙🇺🇦💪🏽🙌🏽

sonia mathanaruban (Dubai, 2022-02-26)


I’m signing the petition because cutting Russia off SWIFT is another step in direction of stopping the genocide that Putin brought upon my country, my HOME! Please, join other countries and stop this murderer, CUT RUSSIA OFF SWIFT!

Tetiana Ozden (New York, 2022-02-26)


I’m signing this because the lack of action from Hungarian government affects my country and makes russian invasion of Ukraine possible

Khrystyna Radysh (Kyiv, 2022-02-26)


For restrictions in Russia economic due to violence in Ukraine

Oksana Pylypenko (Brovary, 2022-02-26)


I love my country and want to ask you help us to protect our lives

Nazariy Tymo (Lviv, 2022-02-26)


I don't want the war to continue

Tamara Pavlović (Budapest, 2022-02-26)


My family is in danger

Olha Mirchuk (Toronto , 2022-02-26)


the situation in Ukraine is frightening. The death sentence was put on my friends and their families and now, terrified, huddled in the bunkers they are waiting for the execution. As I write this email, Russian forces are seizing Kyiv and other cities in the country. They are bombing houses and killing civilians with rockets and bullets. There are already kids among the victims.

Oliwia Zawadzka (Warsaw, 2022-02-26)



Lea Henaux (Berlin, 2022-02-26)


Stop huilo

Sofia Sobolieva (Yavoriv, 2022-02-26)


Stop evil

Allan Leahy (Yutan, 2022-02-26)


I’m singing because Russia should be stopped.

Darya Kashkab (Klaipeda, 2022-02-26)


Because Russia has started a war against my peaceful country and has been killing my people for 8 years.

Iryna Makarevych (Yavoriv, 2022-02-26)


I’m signing because of WAR in Ukraine.

Rostyslav Kolodchak (Lviv, 2022-02-26)


Because we have to stop that old fool

Денис Лялюк (Lviv, 2022-02-26)


Тому, що хочу жити

Юлія Молочник (Kyiv, 2022-02-26)


I’m signing because I live in Ukraine and want stop this war!

Anna Karaulova (Zaporizhja, 2022-02-26)


I’m Ukrainian!!! Hungary will be next country ruined if you wouldn’t help to stop Putin

Emiliia Orudzheva (Arlington Heights, 2022-02-26)


This is important. We also run a similar petition to ask IKEA to close its Russian stores during the war. Check it out please too!

Jakob Gotte (Uppsala, 2022-02-26)


My family is under a direct threat

Anastasiia Tokar (London, 2022-02-27)


to cut off Russia, which is invading Ukraine

Mariia Ishchenko (Kyiv, 2022-02-27)


I love Ukraine. Russia must be stopped.

Антон Матяш (Колчестер, 2022-02-27)


Russia destroys my country like ******* animals with no hearts,brains and souls

Volodymyr Kozodoi (Rivne, 2022-02-27)


Russia bombarding the houses of my friends and families

Viktoriia Danutsa (Seoul, 2022-02-27)


Russia must suffocate with their weapons in Russia . Ukrainian don’t have to suffer because of this son of bitch . ******* motgefucker

Krystyna Plieshakova (Poznan, 2022-02-27)


Russia is putting the world in danger!

Nancy Paredes (Tampa, 2022-02-27)


I am Ukrainian. Our men and civilians die. We want this war to stop.

Olesia Kopanchuk (Dubove, 2022-02-27)


I’m signing because my family and all world are out of safety

Anastasiia Babinets (Łódź, 2022-02-28)


Russia killing our people

Yurii Zaliskovyi (Ternopil, 2022-03-02)


Russia is killing Ukrainian people!!! We need to STOP this!!! BAN RUSSIA FROM SWIFT!!!

Федик Наталя (Warzchawa, 2022-03-02)


Stop war! Stop Putyin!

Dora Sidlovszky (Budapest, 2022-03-04)


Please help us to stop people dying. for this it is very important that you disconnect Russia from this system SWIFT

Юліана Перепйолкіна (Яворів, 2022-03-09)

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