Knox Soft Plastic Recycling



I have to throw so much clean soft plastic out through my business, and it is not good for my business or the planet. We can do better!

Flynn Dovey (Fyshwick, 2022-04-01)


I’m signing because soft plastics make up such a significant portion of our rubbish. No matter how we buy food, it is so hard to avoid them. Either a dedicated solution should be made for the soft plastic waste or alternatively companies should accept them back and make use of them, or find another way to package their items. More expensive yes, but so so worthwhile.

Holly McCosker (Canberra, 2022-04-01)


We need this in Canberra

Amanda Klingberg (Canberra, 2022-04-01)


This say it all ? There is currently no commercial solution in the ACT for recycling soft plastics, we want to change that. In a small trial The Knox collected roughly 1,200L of soft plastics per week which would otherwise be going to landfill.

please your in apposition of power to care and make a change .

Tracy Rose (ACT, 2022-04-01)


I am acutely aware of my impact on the environment. I make an effort to reduce and reuse as much as possible, but sometimes recycling is the only option. After composting food waste and recycling other materials, soft plastics make up the bulk of my household waste - and I can only imagine what this looks like for business. We need a solution that works for recycling domestic and commercial soft plastic waste in Canberra.

Jacqui Malins (Watson, 2022-04-01)


I accumulate a lot of soft plastic and there is no easy option to recycle it, as I rarely go to a supermarket, especially in a pandemic. We need a better option in Canberra. Ideally I'd like a household bin but any option other than a supermarket would be a good start

Jennifer Cox (Evatt, 2022-04-01)


More needs to be done about soft plastics!

Melinda Hall-Villiers (Canberra, 2022-04-01)


It seems absolute ridiculous that we collect so much plastic but can’t do anything with it

Luke. Oxley (Dickson, 2022-04-01)


Everyone should be either banning soft plastics or doing something about it

Riccardo Riegler (Pagewood, 2022-04-01)


We are generally pretty good at recycling in the ACT but a soft plastic option is really needed. Thanks to Knox for taking up the challenge.

Michael White (Watson, 2022-04-01)


Soft plastics cause a great deal of harm to our wildlife.

Heidi Livermore (Canberra, 2022-04-01)


There needs to be better and more readily available solutions to soft plastics.

Sarah Bell (Watson, Canberra, 2022-04-01)


We need more ways to recycle wherever we can!

Elise Wright (Kaleen, 2022-04-01)


I care about the planet

Belinda Barnard (Canberra, 2022-04-01)


It's so important to recycle single use plastics and have convenient local drop off places like the Knox Made in Watson.

David Turbayne (Canberra, 2022-04-01)


I'd like to have my soft plastics recycled not dumped in landfill

Annette Corben (Evatt, 2022-04-01)


It’s really important to have options for recycling soft plastics.

Anne Haggar (Canberra, 2022-04-02)


I’m signing because I wanto help make a change for a sustainable future

Lewis shepherd (Latham, 2022-04-02)


Hoping enough signatures can prompt some innovation!

Fiona Hedgecoe (Downer, 2022-04-02)


I care about the environment!

Kathryn Allan (watson, 2022-04-02)


We have an obligation to our future to ensure recycling is promoted and actioned.

Deborah Henry (Stirling , 2022-04-02)


I’m signing because this is such a ‘simple fix’ on the road to looking after our planet. If individuals are encouraged to recycle, it should be even more important to give companies the avenues to do so.

Karen Spedding (Canberra , 2022-04-02)


It’s not good enough! We need more recycling options!

Ellie Misios (O’Connor, 2022-04-03)


My wife gave an unconvincing defence of recycling but she still thinks it is on balance a good thing and I trust her judgement.

James Willoughby (Watson, 2022-04-04)


Soft plastics are often forgotten but we need sustainable long term solutions for this issue.

Katrina Shaw (Downer, 2022-04-04)


i want to reduce soft plastic in landfill

beck collis (canberra, 2022-04-04)


As I care about what goes to landfill.

Lindy Fritsche (Watson, 2022-04-04)


the environment!

Jasper Kilby (Canberra, 2022-04-04)


There should be greater support, incentives and mechanisms to stop soft plastics going to landfill. There is no Planet B.

Amanda Robinson (Canberra, 2022-04-04)


It's not enough for the government to hope that businesses will do the right thing. They need the options to be available. We need commercial soft plastic recycling in Canberra (I am a business owner who generates soft plastic waste and I want to see it recycled appropriately.

Julie Bray (Gungahlin, 2022-04-07)


I am signing because there are solutions for soft plastic recycling now and we should adopt them, the government should support this.

Jody Bruce (Canberra , 2022-04-10)


We've used the trial and it's shocked us how much soft plastics is on everything and how small our red bin rubbish is now. It confuses me why we dont have a bin for soft plastics already

Michael Howe (Watson, 2022-04-10)


I want to be able to recycle more and reduce landfill.

Andrea Wang (Bruce, 2022-04-10)


Signing because sustainability is essential for a positive future for our kids and I struggle to find sufficient places to take my soft plastics recycling. I would also be happy to support purchasing products made from these materials but it’s not clear that we are closing this loop

Veronica Doerr (Canberra, 2022-04-10)


It's the right thing to do!

Geoff Hudson (Ainslie, 2022-04-11)


We need to recycle soft plastics until we have more completely bio degradable alternatives

Robyn Sirr (Downer, 2022-04-12)


We already collect all our plastic, there needs to be less plastic and more recycling for what we use. There is no future on a dead planet.

Michael Fawke (Spence, 2022-04-13)

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