Support to Further Allow Side Saddle in the Pony Club Australia National Gear Rules



I'm signing because this rule change is wrong and ridiculous. There has never been an issue with side saddle riders in the past in PCV.

Cassie OMalley (Geelong, 2022-04-21)


Supporting people trying and riding in other disciplines is an incredibly important part of the pony club experience and taking away the option to ride and compete side saddle takes away options which should be encouraged to young riders finding their feet and preferred disciplines.

Sarah Fredricksen (Manor lakes, 2022-04-21)


The art of side saddle riding for all needs to be encouraged not made extinct by people who have no idea or understanding.

Julia Smith (Holmfirth, 2022-04-21)


Sidesaddle riding should be allowed to stay!!! It is such a historic way for women to ride and I believe if it is removed from this organisation it will become another long lost piece of history.

Nicky Sheerin (Mildura, 2022-04-21)


This ruling is unfair and limits one’s potential to discover and experience different disciplines of horse riding

Joanne Blom (Reservoir, 2022-04-21)


I am signing to whole heartedly support this petition.

Heather Barwick (Adelaide, 2022-04-21)


I ride side saddle and j would be sad to see restrictions on a already small discipline

Renae Marisma (Ballarat, 2022-04-21)


I'm signing because I've been a side saddle rider & supporter since the early 80s. It is as safe [if not safer] than astride riding. Horses accept the style readily!

Robyn Stokes (Littlehampton, 2022-04-21)


I firmly believe the option for side saddle (or any other form of riding - eg bitless etc) should ALWAYS be available for people, except where welfare and/or safety issues may apply. I do not believe there are any welfare or safety issues that apply here.
Let the kids ride sidesaddle if they want to!

Tim Pitcher (Ballarat, 2022-04-21)


I believe that the skill of side saddle should not be lost and that pony club should support this at competition level. The deciosn making process that allowed PC riders to participate in endurance but not in the show ring, dressage or jumping seems very inconsistent .

Sue Foley (Kangaroo Flat, 2022-04-21)


I find the discipline of side saddle a welcome return from history. I’ve heard they will now not be allowed to ride in club functions.
I’d like that side saddle riders be allowed to perform with astride riders to compete.
It bring excitement and a difference in the arena.
Please rethink your rules in regards to this long forgotten discipline.

Susan Lomas (Deeragun , 2022-04-21)


It's important to embrace and continue the art of side saddle and not lose this for of riding forever.

Kathryn McMullen (Perth, 2022-04-21)


I just started my own side saddle journey late last year and I am about to embark on competing aside as well.

Simone Johnson (Beaudesert , 2022-04-21)


I feel it's important to keep the discipline of side saddle open to all members. I love watching the side saddle classes at shows. The rules as listed still allow side saddle in some frankly unusual class choices, but not for the main events you'd expect to see side saddle riders. Why not allow riders to show in side saddle if they can compete endurance or nav rides? What's going to encourage young riders to try new things & stay in the sport if they cannot experiment with different styles & then show their new skills formally?

Anita D (KINGLAKE, 2022-04-21)


Stacey has done a huge thing getting this discipline off the ground. Don't ruin it for her

Tamarra Currah (Bacchus marsh, 2022-04-21)


Pony clubs are about being inclusive and exposure to a variety of horse sports, techniques, history and disciplines.

Elle Moro (Bendigo, 2022-04-21)


Side saddle is a large part of our history and I think it is important to make it as easy as possible for people to keep it alive I personally would love to learn

Ashlee Meginley (Griffith, 2022-04-21)


I’m signing because I love the sport of sidesaddle, it should be allowed in competition as it is an English saddle and it should have relevant gear check rules included in the new PCA gear check rules

Natalie Mollett (Jerdacuttup , 2022-04-21)


I fully support Stacey in this issue.

Barb MacLean (Molesworth, 2022-04-21)


Absolutely ridiculous to take things away that were of no risk safety wise or anything else, a massive over reach by Pony Club Australia

Anita Prowse (Wesburn, 2022-04-21)


I am disappointed that PCA has changed state gear rules without consideration of the consequences of the impact this has riders, clubs and the states that endorse this equipment prior to 1st July 2022

I Linda Gerring 100% support the application to insure that side saddle continues to be recognised as acceptable gear for Pony Club activities and competitions for both PCA & Open riders

Gerring Linda (Maryborough, 2022-04-21)


I've seen the great work Same Side Equestrian has done in Pony Clubs over a number of years and would like to see riders have the side-saddle option to compete with for years to come.

Fiona Dearing (GORDON, 2022-04-21)


Riding side-saddle is just as valid as riding astride, and should not be discriminated against and marginalised.

Andrea Stringer (Bagshot, 2022-04-21)


Side saddle is part of our equestrian heritage

Alison Gell (Melbourne , 2022-04-21)


I would hate to see side saddle removed from PC.

Nicki Chalmers (Echuca South, 2022-04-21)


I want to be able to support all my friends who ride side saddle

Laura Smith (Victoria, 2022-04-21)


I don’t want to see a discipline completely lost and have always wanted to have the freedom to try side saddle if possible

Anita King-gee (Myall, 2022-04-21)


Should be open to all safe disciplines and methods.

Williams Nicole (Kilmore Victoria, 2022-04-21)


I feel that the opportunity for our kids to not only learn but to compete side saddle if they wish is extremely important. I fail to comprehend how a decision to allow side saddles in some competition and not others ludicrous.

Jane Reid (Rochester, 2022-04-21)


These rule changes make no sense and will completely block an entire group of riders from participating in pony club events

Kirsty Balog (Langwarrin south, 2022-04-21)


I think it is unfair and ridiculous

Holly Stone (Nanneella , 2022-04-21)


Side saddle should be an option to those who choose to ride sidesaddle due to it being their passion, respect for the history or if they are disabled and find it more appropriate for their needs. Pony club has always been about exploring all the different ways to ride and different activities to share with our four legged friends

Zia Mcleld (Leopold, 2022-04-21)


I am a board member of the American Sidesaddle Association. I can help you develop side saddle safety rules about tack and am happy to do so.

Gael Orr (Conesus, 2022-04-21)


Diversity is important.

Carol Anderson (Bolinda, 2022-04-21)


Side saddle is fascinating and. Pc kids should be able to experience it

Jill Marshall (Moyston, 2022-04-21)


Pony club should be inclusive, there's no logical reason to exclude side-saddle riders.

Nadine Jackson (Seville, 2022-04-21)


Side saddle is a wonderful traditional skill and if we can’t keep it alive at our grass roots it will be lost forever.

Jayne Riley (Toowoomba, 2022-04-21)


We need choice of riding type, I love to ride astride and one side. I think yo enable people to ride either way makes sense

Wendy Kimpton (Mount Egerton , 2022-04-21)


It is a shame to loose an entire way of riding, so rooted in history. We should be encouraging participation, not limiting it, to make sure that it doesn’t become a lost art.

Dee Hart (Tyaak, 2022-04-21)


I think that side saddle is a valid discipline that needs to be supported by Pony Club Australia.

Knight Janine (Marong, 2022-04-21)


I feel as though side saddle should be allowed, there is no reason to ban it.

Taylor Lamb (Melbourne, 2022-04-21)


I think pony club should continue to promote a diverse range of disciplines. It seems very short sighted to restrict side saddle.

Katherine McWade (Drummond , 2022-04-21)


We need to see side saddle available in all comps

DEB WEIR (Maryborough, 2022-04-21)


Pony club is, primarily, an educational organisation. Accordingly, it should be seeking to broaden the opportunities presented to young riders, rather than restrict them.

David Sheludko (Learmonth, 2022-04-21)


I believe side-saddle should be supported not excluded from events.

Rachel Harrison (Gainsborough, 2022-04-21)


We had an instructor come to our club and then we went on to compete with said instructor and hire her pilch

Kristy McCarter (Kilmore, 2022-04-21)


Because I love side saddle riding and how cool and authentic it is. And believe that anyone that wants to take up this cool discipline should have equal opportunities

Britany Patterson (Melbourne , 2022-04-21)


This is an important and interesting skill that many do not have safe and supervised opportunity to learn.

Kellie Mitchell (Warrnambool , 2022-04-21)


I think everyone should be able to participate in pony club. No matter their chosen discipline - or saddle!

Sarah Lovel (Shelbourne , 2022-04-21)


I think side saddle should be aloud

Isabella Savio-Papadimitriou (Wantirna, 2022-04-21)


I believe that sidesaddle riders can and should be able to compete with astride riders in all events.

Paul Rusic (Melbourne , 2022-04-21)


Stacey taught at a rally a few months ago and was extremely passionate about the amazing riding style

Jemma Reeve-Singles (Riddells Creek, 2022-04-21)


I'm a fellow sidesaddle person. I have been instructing, guiding and encouraging kids of all ages to have a try riding sidesaddle. It encourages kids to open their minds to other forms of riding. Kids are amazed at their own horses ability, to safely ride in an old style of riding under the watchful eye of an instructor. Giving them tips and placement of both hands, legs and seat.

Debbie Raleigh (Melbourne, 2022-04-21)


I am a sidesaddle rider who wants to see the skill be accessible and grow.

Chase Day (Ballarat , 2022-04-21)


I'm signing this because when I used to attend monthly PC rallies in Launceston Tas, some instructors would show us a side saddle and how to ride in one. Was great.

These saddles were used extensively post WW1 by soldiers who still wanted to ride but couldn't due to an amputated limb or foot etc. As well as lady riders who didn't want to ride astride.

Riders of today need to know and learn about saddles like the side saddle used in days gone by because without those who know how to use them properly it will be like everything else - died through sheer ignorance and stupidity.

Janet Bosworth (Mathinna, 2022-04-21)


To allow side saddle back into pony club

Lisa Coleman (Mortlake , 2022-04-21)


I have being a part of a pony club ever since I can remember and have grown up surrounded by clubs that preach inclusiveness and riding for the enjoyment of the sport. Side saddle brings me and so many others so much joy, to learn and ride in a completly new way challanging yourself and your horse. To represent a large part of history which for a female dominated sport was the only way we could even think to ride at one point in history. As well as providing an alternative for those of us with physical restrictions. and to have pony club release these new rule which have very clearly not collaborated with side saddle experts is incredibly disheartening and only shows that the value of the pony clubs I was raised in have not carried through to the next generation.
If Pony club Australia was to have contacted side saddle experts as they seem to have insinuated they would have found that extensive work has already been done to create a equipment guide that would be easy for anyone with basic horse knowledge to follow and inforce.
I sincerely hope the Pony club Australia listens to its communities, this petition, its own discipline of the month, and actual experts and changes its gear rules which are discrimative towards this legitimate equine discipline.

Amy Touzel (Wallan, 2022-04-21)


Side-saddle equestrian should be encouraged for heritage reasons but many riders are unable to ride astride for health reasons and should be given the option to ride side-saddle. I don’t believe anyone should have to apply for an exemption.

Jodi Bussell (Myrrhee , 2022-04-21)


I really enjoyed side saddle riding at pony club on my horses.

Jenna Cole (Bendigo, 2022-04-21)


I believe that side saddle is a wonderful addition to all aspects of riding.

Desmond Haliday (Melbourne , 2022-04-21)


I'm signing because I think side saddle should be allowed in PC

Julie Robins (Wellsford, 2022-04-21)


These rule changes will see Pony Club Australia fall behind every other country with a Pony Club Association.

Emma Le Grand (Buninyong , 2022-04-21)


Some of these rules they have put in place are just wrong

Michelle Cameron (Baxter, 2022-04-21)


The rule changes don't make sense to allow side saddle at rallies in all disciplines.but only in some disciplines at comps is very confusing.

Jennifer Beer (Wendouree , 2022-04-21)


Some pony club rules make no sense at all and this is one of them.
Broadening the capabilities of young riders through sidesaddle experience will make each participant a greater horseperson.
Also aside gives greater security and access to horse riding for many disabled riders; banning it is limiting already physically limited people from the benefits of close ridden equestrian experience

Nicole Stein (Kilmore, 2022-04-21)


I’m signing because I want riders young and old to have the opportunity to experience side saddle without added challenges.

Kate Fremlin (Tynong, 2022-04-21)


This issue is important to me. I feel strongly that ALL riders should have the option to ride side saddle if the wish to

Sally Joslyn (Robinvale , 2022-04-21)


We are avid and regular sidesaddle riders and competitors. Sidesaddle is a very traditional way for ladies young and old to ride, it is something that should be encouraged and is a very safe form of riding. I think there are far more pressing issues within the pony club that should be addressed long before this one! I am happy to be contacted further if required

Shelley Webster (Tamworth , 2022-04-21)


I think it is important for pc to recognise and support all disciplines and give members the opportunity to try different things

Lorene Dunstan (Nichols Point , 2022-04-21)


It is important to keep history by allowing young people to learn and incorporate skills of the past so those skills are not completely lost.

Vanessa Wells (Wy Yung, 2022-04-21)


afree changes will be detremental esp to side saddle riders

hazel squirers (whangarei, 2022-04-21)


I am a USEF Dressage and Western Dressage judge, Side Saddle Association of the UK and International Side Saddle Association certified judge and instructor. I am a side saddle enthusiast who has hunted for six seasons, ridden to Intermediare level dressage, and Grand Prix level in schooling shows, shown over fences and at one horse trials ridingaside. I feel strongly that side saddle should be encouraged as it requires excellent balance and tactful use of aids and a great deal of harmony between horse and rider.

Anne Moss (Coatesville, Pennsylvania, 2022-04-21)


As the immediate past president of the International Side Saddle Organization, and a recognized Side Saddle instructor (by both the USA and UK Side Saddle Associations) I feel strongly that aside riders of all ages should be accepted and recognized without need for an ‘exception-form’. After all, we accept Western as well as English saddles to be used by children. There are Western as well as English side saddles.
I have heard arguments that espouse an Unsafe-Due-to-Age rationale. Totally specious! Yes, antique side saddles exist. But there are also brand new ones available. All caring parents and responsible instructors would naturally have an older saddle assessed for safety before allowing their child/student to use it.
Please feel free to contact me if you have further concerns or questions.

Michelle Liggett (Niceville, Florida , 2022-04-21)


Pony club is starting to have ridiculous rules and policies that are hampering the growth of the sport at the bottom up.

Amanda Broussard (Wesburn, 2022-04-21)


Showing support for the choice saddle riding

Camille Dowling (Bet Bet, 2022-04-21)


Although I can no longer compete at this time, I would like to support the choice of kids and adults who would like to follow their passions

Sarah Heeps (Melbourne , 2022-04-21)


I do not want the younger generation to loose the horsemanship skills nor the history of riding.

Abby Benaim (Wedderburn , 2022-04-21)


I feel that this ruling is unfair to those who wish to compete aside.

Heidi Opdyke (MONETA, 2022-04-21)


There’s very limited logic to allowing endurance and Nav rides and not allowing other disciplines particularly with no expert consultation. Would like to see the inclusivity of side saddle in pony club continue.

Merron Ipsen (Timor West, 2022-04-21)


This is a dying art and should be allowed to continue to promote it and show pc members the variety of disciplines out there

Amy C (Melbourne , 2022-04-21)


No discipline should be excluded especially from an organisation that is meant to educate

Sarah Dyson (St Helens, 2022-04-21)


If side saddle has already been allowed it should still be allowed!!

Peggy Mills (Harcourt, 2022-04-21)


This is a silly rule change.

Candice Davies (Tylden, 2022-04-21)


Every discipline should be given equal standing

Tracey Troon (Bacchus marsh , 2022-04-21)


I would be very disappointed to see Pony Club Australia fall so far behind the rest of the world in demoting the discipline of side saddle to what amounts to 'fancy dress' and cannot understand why they are taking such a retrograde step at a time when side saddle riding in most countries is rising so rapidly

Linda Westrupp (Leek, 2022-04-21)


The wish to ride aside should not be denied by those who determine what is safe, and what is not, without being in possession of all the facts.,

Laurence Balshaw-Blake (Drumborg, 2022-04-22)


I believe in safe inclusion and side saddle has nil safety issues and is of physical benefit for some riders.

Marie Clark-Patterson (Cust, 2022-04-22)


It should be an available option.

Rakich Helen (Falcon, 2022-04-22)


Those that are proficient in riding in a side saddle will be discriminated against.
It's an art and a part of equestrian history that would be be sadly lost with the introduction of the new rules

Tanya King (Westbury , 2022-04-22)


Side saddle is a great way for riders to learn balance and teach them to really ride . It’s a beautiful art and tradition that we should be keeping alive !My daughter loved riding side saddle .

Jane Gerber (Sunbury , 2022-04-22)

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