For Suffolk County Council to develop an in-house bid for Suffolk Highways maintenance



The roads around Newmarket have been neglected for far too long.

Mike Leary (Newmarket, 2022-05-14)


My car has had significant damage from potholes.
Trying to cycle anywhere is difficult.

Maxine Rogers (Woodbridge , 2022-05-15)


I'm signing because Value for Money is of huge importance and both inhouse and external contractors should be allowed to tender for contracts

William Henry (Shotley, IPSWICH, 2022-05-15)


Tax payers need reasonable quotes.

Miriam Burns (East Bergholt , 2022-05-17)


The service we have is not fit for purpose.

John Laughlin (Woodbridge, 2022-05-18)


I want Suffolk residents to have better value for money!

Jane Carruthers (Ipswich, 2022-05-19)


This needs sorting out

Sharon Ivatt (I, 2022-05-25)


I think Highways should be managed in-house, by Suffolk County Council, and not out-sourced, which is far more expensive.

Jackie Catterwell (Woodbridge, 2022-05-27)


The charges for yellow lining roads by SCC is nothing short of daylight robbery!

Janie Richardson (Sudbury, 2022-05-30)


I agree, to do anything in local government takes too long.

M Urey (Melton, 2022-05-31)


We need to improve cost awareness and better use of funds for all Government activities, local and national.

Alan Todd (Woodbridge, 2022-05-31)


Its an absolute disgrace that monies have been misspent on these external contracts and nobody seems accountable. Works etc must be completed by internal workers to improve control and direct accountability

Shirley Osborne (Woodbridge, 2022-06-06)


We are fed up of nothing happening in woodbridge with regard to pedestrian safety and speeding vehicles around the town and the complete lack of traffic calming, insufficient number of crossings and lack of joined up thinking. Whisstocks was newly developed and its so dangerous trying to cross the road to get to it?! Cars should not still have priority Over pedestrians and residents. We have been waiting for so long to feel safe and to discourage the antisocial driving and behaviour.

Katherine Lowe (Woodbridge, 2022-06-06)


I live in a Parish where at long last after a - possibly justified delay - a preplan looks to be exaggerated into a v expensive "plan" to support "speed limit sign posts"! Where does our money go??
Any long term contract without any local authority "in-house" consideration/tender deserves a "reconsideration" at least!
It is my money!!

John Sutton (Lavenham, 2022-06-06)


Taxpayers are being ripped off by Kier. Even the dead hand of SCC is preferable.

Matthew March (Ipswich, 2022-06-07)


I'm signing because the state of roads (and pavements!) in Woodbridge is appalling (and dangerous). It is also unsightly (what do visitors think about this feature of our 'beautiful' town?). The maintenance costs Caroline quotes are preposterous and should be referred to Trading Standards, which is why nothing gets done - the Thoroughfare pedestrianisation is constantly ignored because ther is no adequate signage!). This must change and local accountability restored.

Garry Humphreys (Woodbridge, 2022-06-07)


I believe such contracts should be done ‘in house’, fir the public good and not for profit.

Catherine Lane (Eye, 2022-06-10)


Suffolk County Council have been wasting money on highway maintenance

Stewart Chenery (Eye , 2022-06-10)


The efficient use of tax payers money is essential to maintain standards and services

Barry Dyke (Eye, Suffolk, 2022-06-10)


Private contracts are ripening off my money via outrageous prices. The council in house system provides jobs to locals and we have control.

Ken Smith (Eye, 2022-06-10)


I am signing this petition because I feel the sums being charged to Suffolk Highways by the contractor Keir are extraordinarily high. As a Lavenham Parish Councillor, we in Lavenham are dependent on Suffolk Highways for the maintenance and improvements to our our roads in Lavenham ww have concerns at these prices.

Mary Morrey (Lavenham, 2022-06-10)


The state of our local roads have over the last 10 year have seriously deteriorated. There has been no joined thought in a maintenance programme, just piecemeal patching and stopgap measures which are a waste of time and money. I would hope that if highway maintenance was brought back in house that some effective strategies could be put in place..

Diana Wilson (Sudbury , 2022-06-10)


SCC need to take steps to ensure better value for money for highways maintenance.

Irene Mitchell (Lavenham, 2022-06-10)


I am not impressed with the work at present carried out by the Councils highways contractor and would support the return of the service in-house to keep better control of costs and efficiency.

Tim Dealhoy (Thorndon Eye, 2022-06-10)


Cost. There should always be the benchmark of an in-house comparator. Also currently I notice that at present for each pot hole I report there are 3 visits to assess, quote and repair. Roads and doorways are public assets and should be publicly maintained on a cost/ no profits basis.

Tony Fox (Thorndon, 2022-06-12)


I'm signing because I support the proposal to bring highways maintenance back in-house

Tim Cornford (Woodbridge, 2022-06-12)


I'm signing because outsourcing is not always the best way of doing things.

Sue Cornford (Woodbridge, 2022-06-12)


road repairs are poorly done by Kier yet mega-expensive

Darren Cooper (Stutton, 2022-06-13)


Because no in house bid has been made and the pricing in the Keir costs are too expensive and it is taxpayers money so VFM should still apply. Company losses should not be applied to public spending on infrastructure such as roads.

Stephen Russell (Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, 2022-06-15)


I do not feel the company is offering value for money and the prices for the work are inflated. We need to be able to find the most economical costs and be able to have a choice.

lesley yates (Suffolk, 2022-06-15)


Far too much money being wasted by sub contractors. Cut out the middle man. It is a waste of public money

sue Owen (Woodbridge, 2022-06-18)


I believe the community would receive a more efficient, responsive, and effective service, particularly in terms of priorities and cost, of this crucial service if it was managed throughout, i.e. in house from start to finish.

Philip Shaw (BURY ST. EDMUNDS, 2022-06-19)


I do not consider we are getting best value with the current contract arrangements.
Bidding results for the new tender should be transparent as far as commercial confidentially allows

Fred Pallett (Bury St Edmunds, 2022-06-20)


Surely costs can be reduced.

andy flint (Stowmarket, 2022-06-20)


I am shocked at the cost of maintenance of highways roads, pavements and other resources. SCC must take back control and ensure tax-payers money is not wasted!

Melanie Holmes (Ipswich, 2022-06-20)


I am signing because I value Suffolk's unique landscape heritage and to urge that short-term financial considerations should not put this at risk.

Peter Dow (Elmswell, 2022-06-23)


The current prices are extortionate for the work being asked.

Kirsty Dua (Eye, 2022-06-23)


These cost are too high and need to be challeneged

Fiona Ewart (Ipswich, 2022-06-26)


I believe an in house highways service is more cost effective and its about time SCC stopped outsourcing everything.

Tony Edwards (Bury St Edmunds, 2022-06-28)


Much needed saving could be spent more beneficially

Andrea Mendel (Tattingstone , 2022-06-29)


It's time to take services back in house!

Susan Stewart (Woolpit, 2022-07-03)


I believe highways should no longer be outsourced

David Wood (Tattingstone, 2022-07-04)


I am appalled at the racketeering by private firms charging sky-high prices simply because it is a government contract. Only the authority concerned should be in FULL control of the costs awarded to any contractor.

Simon Mendes (SUDBURY, 2022-07-04)


I'm signing because I'm outraged that Suffolk County Council has not prepared a bid and that a 10 year contract is far too long for a contract of this type....

David Iles (Sudbury, 2022-07-04)


I don’t see how these exorbitant charges can be justified and believe all should show a breakdown of the costs on submission and before they are agreed.

Wendy Bailey (Suffolk, 2022-07-04)


The charges for repairing the roads and other services seem astronomical... if they are responsible for repairing the last 'dent in the Waldingfield Rd' its laughable and a waste of time

Linda Rowntree (Great Waldingfield, Sudbury, 2022-07-05)


It’s plainly obvious that using Keir is not exactly the best use of our council tax payers money, in these austere times we surely cannot justify the exorbitant costs

Tony Rowlinson (Brantham, 2022-07-05)


There seems to be little 'qualified' guidance or control over purchase and placement of contracts.

Alan Perrott (Sudbury, 2022-07-06)


Concern regarding mismanagement/control of Public money spending and contract placements

Helen Perrott (Sudbury, 2022-07-06)


I support this cause…. Outsourcing rarely delivers value and this clearly hasn’t.

Joseph Hussey (Long Melford, 2022-07-06)


I'm signing because Kier should not be allowed to charge such outrageous prices any longer

Jacqueline Galea (Sudbury, 2022-07-06)


The prices charged by Kier are outrageous, and we need our Council Tax to stretch as far as possible.

CR Couchman (BRANTHAM, 2022-07-06)


The current contract is outrageous!!!

Cath Danes (Sudbury, 2022-07-06)


I believe in publicly owned services - private firms always have to make a profit for their share holders.

dinah morley (halesworth, 2022-07-08)


maintenance should revert to suffolk cc

carol balcombe (bury st edmunds, 2022-07-08)


This proposal makes sense.

Paul Whitby (Ipswich, 2022-07-09)


Suffolk taxpayers are being ripped off, we should be able to obtain competitive bids, and if it makes sense, take back control of our highways

Vanessa Stevens (Elmswell, 2022-07-10)


Prior to 2013 Suffolk Highways provided excellent value overall .Short term cost savings cost much more over time

Nigel Watts (Stutton, 2022-07-11)


We are being exploited and we need to take control of the expenditure. However, If Highways take over, some serious shake-up will need to be done in that department

Anthony Roy Kilbee (Finningham, Stowmarket, 2022-07-12)


I believe that we need to keep costs down as much as possible. In house work will be much cheaper and keep our taxes lower.

Sheila Goodmabn (Ipswich, 2022-07-12)


The roads are in a dreadful state, mending seems to be chaotic when money could be saved by tackling holes in one area at the same time.

Elizabeth Evans (Ipswich, 2022-07-13)


The kier contract is an obscene waste of public money.

Andrew Rogers (Kersey, 2022-07-13)


The outsource model clearly fails as roads are in a generally poor state whilst the cost of work is excessive. I believe in-house delivery of this important service will improve the quality and lower the cost.

adrian ingleson (stowmarket, 2022-07-14)


Suffolk County Council should not be outsourcing county services

John Marcus (Ipswich, 2022-07-18)


Prices need to be benchmarked against in-house valuations.

Roger Brand (Bury St Edmunds, 2022-07-18)


I believe the local roads in and around Ipswich are perhaps the worst example in terms of maintenance I've seen in the UK. In addition to the the cost, the repair works are often poorly executed and arranged with little respect of the disruption to traffic.

Wayne Stallwood (Tattingstone, 2022-07-18)


The roads and infastructure is failing the ever increasing amount of traffic on the roads. This is putting peoples lives at risk

All large projects should have a tendering process with a minimum of 3-4 contractors tendering not just automatically given to a supplier as easy process or back handers as the bosses know each other !!

This money is public money and budgets, costs should be used wisely.

Benchmarking periodically,
gaining various quotes for the service and product should be standard process and audited regularly to ensure costs are correct, service and standards are maintained most of all repairs are being met when reported not ignored!

Melanie Soanes (Bury St Edmunds , 2022-07-18)


I'm signing because Council contracts should always be maintained in house, rather than paying private contractors, whose first responsibility is to their shareholders, not their customers.

Lloyd Butler (Thurston, 2022-07-18)


Saving money by cutting costs paid to private companies will free up money to be spent elsewhere on vital services

Claire Ridyard (Bury St Edmunds, 2022-07-18)


I am appalled both by the cost and by the regular, unpredictable and serious disruption to business and to private individuals which has been the hallmark of the current outsourced contract. We urgently require better, more cost-effective and more efficient services to maintain our road network

Allan Scott (Hitcham, 2022-07-19)


Costs need to be managed

Paul Horsley (Ipswich, 2022-07-19)


I believe that the quality and charges for the repairs are both poor and excessive and that it would be better done by an inhouse team.

John Ambrose (Ipswich, 2022-07-19)


The current contract seems to offer voery poor value for money.

Simon Williams (Wyverstone, 2022-07-19)


I want to see where the money is being spent

Bev Stirling (Brantham, 2022-07-20)


Council need to take back control of highway maintenance.

Bronwen Tilley (Tattingstone, 2022-07-20)


These prices from Keir are ridiculous and amount to misspending of the Councils, and therefore our, money

Andries Bisdee (Tattingstone, 2022-07-20)


Our government needs to save money, not waste it.

Anna Durance (Tattingstone, 2022-07-21)


I am signing this because I think that public money should used very wisely and it seems that by contacting with Keir this is clearly not happening. SSC has a duty to make our money go as far as it can and it would seem that bringing this back in house would achieve this.

Janice Lee (Tattingstone, 2022-07-21)


WALES, WITNEY….but not WOODBRIDGE, it seems!!!

Shame on all concerned.

Peter Nicholls (Woodbridge , 2022-07-22)


We need works doing on our roads obviously kier prices are far too high for us to accomplish these works being completed.

Joanne Deal (Stowmarket, 2022-07-22)


I’ve been a Suffolk resident for thirty years and will return shortly. The council-maintained roads do not meet the needs of this beautiful, growing county because they are poorly maintained in many parts. Paying a private company inevitably means there is a profit element in any cost. Keep that profit in house and spend it on maintaining the roads.

Tim Harries (Manningtree, 2022-07-23)


Money needs to be spent wisely and outsourcing foundational structural work increases the cost. It's the government's responsibility to ensure the safety of the people through high quality standards. This is lost when outsourcing the work to a company who may not uphold those standards.

Sesa Ishaya (Tattingstone , 2022-07-23)

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