Freedom For Tamara Lich: Canadian Political Prisoner



Tamara is a political prisoner of the authoritarian Trudeau regime. I guess he really DOES admire China and the CCP!

Justine Marie (Flushing, 2022-06-28)


Tamara has done nothing wrong except fight for our freedoms. She is a hero, not a criminal.

Francine Thuler (Petawawa, 2022-06-28)


All she did was set up funding for people living in -40 degree weather, that deserves honor, not jail time

Andrew Huska (Ipperwash, 2022-06-28)


Peaceful protesters should not be targeted for political persecution. It is our right to peacefully protest according to our Charter of rights and freedoms and that right belongs to every citizen in this country.

Sandi Peterson (Coalhurst, AB, 2022-06-28)


She’s a hero.

John McKoy (Halifax, 2022-06-28)


The government harassment of commendable Canadian citizen Tamara is uncalled for.

Paul Cundle (Blenheim, 2022-06-28)


This is just WRONG. This government is just plain corrupt

Elaine Johnston (Owen sound, 2022-06-28)


this is all fukn tyranny!!!

michael trotta (kamloops, 2022-06-28)


I am signing because Tamara is a political prisoner, something I once thought was not possible in Canada.

Connie Rempel (Nipawin, 2022-06-28)


Stop jailing people for personal differences with the government.

Sean DeMarco (Sarnia, 2022-06-28)


I am signing this petition because the Trudeau government has become tyrannical. She did nothing wrong. I want our freedom back. The police should star focusing on real crime. This is absurd.

Cecilia Settino (Ontario, 2022-06-28)


I believe in Freedom for Everyone and I am grateful to Tamara for Fighting for our Freedoms for the people 🌷
Tamara is a Hero along with all of our Veterans who fought for our Freedoms 🦅

Ayla Xaveriss (Victoria, BC , 2022-06-28)


I believe in freedom. She did nothing wrong. Our government is corrupt!!

Christine Branton (Essex, 2022-06-28)


So Chinada has political prisoners , disgusting . Jail the real traitors of this country many of our politicians starting with the Liberals and NDP who would support these draconian measures .

David Moore (Komoka, 2022-06-28)


This lady has done nothing wrong...she is fighting for freedom for the people of Canada, for our rights which have always been ours but are being chiseled away slowly but surely. She is innocent and being used as a political prisoner!

Rosanna Krahn (Pilot Mound, 2022-06-29)


She is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and the latter has not properly and transparently done. She helped organize an overwhelmingly peaceful protest that inspired similar such protests around the world and is a credit to Canada.

Marek Radzikowski (Abbotsford, 2022-06-29)


This is about our freedom. I'm a proud Canadian and our federal government isn't proud of anything. Especially the citizens of this country.

Eamon O'Connell (Edmonton, 2022-06-29)


for her freedom

Clark Arthur (charlottetown , 2022-06-29)


My father fought in WW 2 to give all Canadians the right to free speech and the right to disagree with government that infringes on our rights

Greg Golaiy (Squamish , 2022-06-29)


Je suis en de la liberté

Beaupré Gaetan (Wakefield , 2022-06-29)


Freedom of Speech
Freedom For All
I can’t believe this communist Trudeau Freeland WEF puppets using rcmp for corruption on Canadian tax payers that are caring and loving and only want to help make Canadians keep their Freedom before government tyranny took over.

Johnpatrick Urquhart (Lantz, 2022-06-29)


I am living overseas watching my great country fall to the WEF and to communism. FREE Tamara and FREE Canadians Mr Trudeau from your tyrannical administration. God bless our TRUE North STRONG and FREE!

Cristie Bryan (Mountain, 2022-06-29)


I am sighing because I don't like the way Canada is going towards. Tamara is a political prisoner. I am coming from communist country and unfortunately I don't see much difference now in Canada than back then in my country when it was a dictatorship. Trudeau is a dictator! He has to go. Leave Tamara alone! She did nothing wrong!

tatyana deimling (Invermere BC, 2022-06-29)


We are fighting for Freedom with you stay strong this is wrong with this government and the Ottawa Police are doing to Tamara

Paul D.silva (Toronto , 2022-06-29)


I fully support democratic peaceful protests when a democratically elected government goes rogue and oppresses its people instead of serving them.

Rob Stocki (Ottawa, 2022-06-30)


Tamara is being persecuted as a political target and has not in fact breeched her bail conditions. This could happen to any Canadian citizen if we do not push back together.

Stephen Campbell (Manotick, 2022-06-30)


Tamara is a political prisoner. This has gone too far and there is absolutely NO reason she should have ever been in jail. We have had enough of the tyranny!!

Liz Vallee (Chatham , 2022-06-30)


She’s a hero

Dianna Friesen (Niverville, 2022-06-30)


We support her 100%

Lynn Noble (Enderby, 2022-06-30)


I am voluntarily signing this petition as I am wholly and completely ashamed of our legal system and feel that Ms. Lich is being used as a pawn for posturing purposes of our government. Free Tamara Lich now, the only condition she broke is speaking out and up for every Canadian citizen to restore our constitutional rights.

Ray Daudelin (Niagara Falls On, 2022-06-30)


Tamara gave hope to so many desperate people when our tyrannical Government locked us down and treated us like criminals for refusing the vaccine

Lisa Landriault (Ottawa, 2022-06-30)


This is an targeted attack on a PATRIOT CANADIAN citizen by a vindictive Prime Minister.

Terry Roy (Caronport, 2022-06-30)


I am signing because what was done to her is a total injustice. She should not be held unjustly for exercising her basic human rights. Pray for her freedom

Silvana Kingsland (Mississauga , 2022-06-30)


This is an injustice, & a domestic threat against Canadian FREEDOM.....!! 😎✌️

Christopher Chitouras (Ottawa , 2022-07-01)


The Charter must be predominate and honored, and Trudeau must go as Canada's example of the people's rights and control.

CLINT Kimery (Regina, 2022-07-01)


she has done nothing illegal

KAREN ROY (FLIN FLON, 2022-07-02)


I believe in the cause.

Steve Shaw (Dartmouth, 2022-07-02)


This in an injustice that

Tina McCullough (Bocabec , 2022-07-03)


I sign this in agreement that Tamara Lich has become a political prisoner. The only crime here is the government's, with its illegal persecution and prosecution of a leader of a peaceful and legal protest.

Wayne Froese (Chilliwack, 2022-07-04)


Canada just made peaceful protesting illegal.

Jesse Morozoff (Snow Lake, 2022-07-08)


To preserve the right to peaceful protest

Bert Johnson (Malaga, 2022-07-08)


I believe what the Ottawa police are doing is totally wrong.

Rod Romanoski (Hamilton, 2022-07-08)


Tamara has broken no laws. The government is using her to scare the rest of us . This is absolutely ludicrous. She should never have been arrested in the first place.

Joann Brekke (Quesnel, 2022-07-09)


For freedom.

Yves Lachance (Grande Prairie , 2022-07-09)


Tamara is a political prisoner, shame on dictator Sock Boy

Karen Ouillette (Kitchener, 2022-07-10)


Trudeau belongs 100% in Jail, NOT Tamara.

Wayne Burgess (sherbrooke, 2022-07-10)


She is a political prisoner and is being held against the rule of law in Canada

Carol McGann (Winnipeg, 2022-07-17)


I believe in freedom and and justice. She does not belong in jail. I have never seen anything like this!

Gail Smekal (Campbellcroft, 2022-07-27)


She is a hero.

Mario Laarhoven (Etten-Leur, 2023-01-30)


Her incarceration is illegal and she’s protected by the 🇨🇦Canadian 🇨🇦Constitution

John O'Donnell (Calgary, 2023-04-05)


It is unlawful to hold a person for free speech and a peaceful protest. Unconstitutional on all levels the government is the unlawful deceitful one that should be held in jail for far worse. The government are the tyrants and it obvious.

James Hodges (Grande prairie , 2023-04-06)



Cindy Gagnon (Cobalt, 2023-04-06)


She has done nothing wrong

Wayne Erfle (Kelowna, 2023-04-07)


She did nothing wrong!

Cheryl Gooder (Ridgeway, 2023-04-10)


She is a proud citizen fighting for the rights and Freedoms of all people

Klaus Wahler (St Pascal Baylon, 2023-04-10)


Wrongful imprisonment is illegal

Chris Stanley (Peterborough, 2023-04-11)



Jami Taylor (edmonton, 2023-04-17)


It is clear that Ms. Lich is a political prisoner. Her charges are are trumped up and bogus. Her actions caused NO HARM, NO DAMAGE to property or persons. What happened to the guy in Winnipeg who DROVE OVER protestors? Oh yeah..that's right. NOTHING

Trevor Brasch (Thunder bay , 2023-04-23)

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