Petition Against the Unjust Hike in Fees



I am signing this petition because my parents cannot afford this absurd hike in my fees. After experiencing 1 year of college that couldn't really justify the overly high "student service charges", the audacity to increase it even more, a lot more, under a new label has really baffled me. It has shaken an unspoken foundation of trust in the expectation of a stable fee structure for me, as a student that entered in with the said fee structure and made plans for it accordingly. It hits even harder that I cannot choose to leave and continue my education elsewhere due to the incongruence in the syllabuses here and elsewhere that will result in me having to start anew if I do leave.

Yugang Odatt (Ponda, 2022-07-17)


I'm signing because the sudden hike in fees is unjustified by the management and principle

Michael Pereira (South Goa,Goa, 2022-07-17)


There's an unreasonable raise in the fee.

Diandra Rebello (NAVELIM, 2022-07-17)


I'm signing this because I want to college to reduce the price as it too much which is causing mental stress.

Aga Iqra (Madgaon,Goa, 2022-07-17)


Because it's an unfair increase in the fees and I cannot afford to pay such a high fees.

Prachi Naik (Margao, 2022-07-17)


I am signing this petition because my parents cannot afford this absurd hike in my fees. After experiencing 2 year of college that couldn't really justify the overly high "student service charges", the audacity to increase it even more, a lot more, under a new label has really baffled me.

Ruksar Sayyed (Margao, 2022-07-17)


I'm signing because the hike in the fees are unfair

Shifa Sayed (Margao, 2022-07-17)


Because of the unjust hike in fees

Nafisa Dias (Margao, 2022-07-17)


I am signing because I have a serious problem with this hike in the fees.

Mahima Shet Shirodker (Curchorem , 2022-07-17)


The college is year by year increasing its fees which is unjust as even basic facilities of water filters , transport is not provided to the students. Then why do we have to pay so much as compared to other colleges , who are no different than Chowgules College, infact better maybe

Alarica Rodrigues (Ponda, 2022-07-17)


Due unexpected and sudden raise in fee

Sadiqa Khatib (Margoa, 2022-07-17)


Sudden increase of fee

ELSA MIRANDA (Margao, 2022-07-17)


There is a huge rise in the fees, which has led to strees and anxiety in both parents as well as students... Moreover, most of the students can't afford such huge amount as they come from a middle class family...

Sanobar Bepari (Margao , 2022-07-17)


I have problem with sudden hike of fees, while overcoming on the loan taken for previous fees, this hike has created mess in my financial management and family is affected alot

Ashish Jadhav (Margao, 2022-07-17)


Because there is increase in fees as compared to last year.

Shruti Kholkar (Canacona , 2022-07-17)


I am not ready to pay this huge amount of fees i.e 29927/- during admission it was said the ty fees will be approx 18-19k. Also we have recently faced lockdown due to which we had financial crisis which is still not stable. Hence i m against this sudden rise in fees.



Because of a required change.

Joylan Almeida (Margao , 2022-07-17)


The new fee structure was not announced in advance and it was too much. Looking the condition after the pandemic the fees is way too expensive.

Khushi Shaikh (Ponda, 2022-07-17)


Because the fees are high.

Aaron Vales (Margoa, 2022-07-17)


Rise in fees

Shifa Sayyad (Margao - Goa, 2022-07-17)


I cannot afford the fees structure, its TOTALLY UNJUST!

Gayatri Naik (Margao , 2022-07-17)


The fee in our college is increased .

Smackton Pereira (Curchorem , 2022-07-17)


As there is high increase in fee structure from 18820 to 28785

Sejal Mayekar (Margao Goa, 2022-07-17)


The hike in the college fees looks completely unjust and unnecessary. It is very hard to pay such high amounts of fees.

Gourav Desai (Margao, 2022-07-17)


The rise in the fees is unfair. We are finding it difficult to pay such a big amount for just 1 year. The courses are government aided so such big amount of fees is not appropriate.

Snehal Patil (Ponda, 2022-07-17)


Signing this petition against the unjust hike in fees without prior notification or even an option to pay in installments

SMITA KARATI (Ponda, 2022-07-17)


Due to increase in fee amount

Jena Basilia Monteiro (Margao, 2022-07-17)


I am signing this petition because of the unjust hike of fees. For this academic year we are asked to pay around 29k fees for SYBA, whereas last year we had to pay almost 10k less fees. We are not justified about the hike in the fees, except for the absurd reason of college development. Last year when we paid the fees, a lot of amount was taken in the name of student services which according to me , were never provided as due to the covid restictions the classes were held online, so the amount has to be pending which was taken for the same. This year the fees had to be infact reduced but unfortunately they were hiked for no good reason which cannot be justified.

Shalomi Anna Dsouza (Margao, 2022-07-17)


I need a reduction in the fee

Meagan Noronha (Margao , 2022-07-17)


Coming from a middle class family it is very difficult for my family to pay the fees i hope the management takes a decision in favour of the student

Saisha Shet shirodkar (Curchorem, 2022-07-17)


Because of the sudden hike of fees this year

Gauri Dhasmana (Margai, 2022-07-17)


Paying so much fees is useless since we don't get the facilities we need.

Noshin Khan (Vasco, 2022-07-17)


Our parents have also budgeted for paying our fees and at such a time, during a financial crunch due to the COVID-19 restrictions and losses to business from which our families are still recovering.

Maitheli Redkar (Margao, 2022-07-17)


I'm signing the petition beacuse the hike in fees is unjust and comes without prior notice or discussion with students.

Errol Rodrigues (Vasco, 2022-07-17)


I'm signing this because of sudden increase in the academic fees

Azmerunnisa Nissarnaie (Margao, 2022-07-17)


For the increase of fee all of sudden.

Nihala Hanif (Ponda, 2022-07-17)



Heewon Barreto (GOA, 2022-07-17)


The fees are too high

Veroshka Vaz (Vasco, 2022-07-17)


These sudden hike of fees where the 3 years won't benefit as we'll probably graduate and leave the college than what's the ise of paying 10k extra..

Valyon Fernandes (Margao, 2022-07-18)


Because of the increase in fees.

Aswini Naik (Margao, 2022-07-18)


I'm signing due to the unwarranted hike in fees. The new price doesn't reflect the state of the college.

Terence Noronha (Goa, 2022-07-18)


My parents can't pay such a high amount of fee.

Tulsi Tupe (South Goa, 2022-07-18)


I'm signing this petition because I couldn't pay this huge amount of fees as I have only 1 earning member at home.I don't want to waste my mother's money.

Divya Marathe (Margao, 2022-07-18)


The huge rise in fees are adding to the financial problems faced by my parents and so I humbly request to change the amount to old notified fee

Amnaz Shaikh (Margao, 2022-07-18)


Unjust hike in fees

Rhea Celine Dias (Margao, 2022-07-18)


Becoz fee has suddenly increased.

Sana Shaikh (Margao, 2022-07-18)


I'm signing because there has been rise in the college fees ( in Bsc) drastically.

VEENA BANDODKAR (margao, 2022-07-18)


It is an injustly increased amount of fees,to which i am financially unstable to fill.

Aafiya Naikwadi (Quepem, 2022-07-18)


This unwarranted rise in fees has put my parents under a lot of financial pressure. Being an only working person, it's very difficult to pay such a huge amount all of a sudden.

Prachi Priolker (Ponda, 2022-07-18)


I m signing bcuz of high fees

Saieshma Patil (Quepem, 2022-07-18)


Because of increase in fees .

Muskan Shaikh (Margao , 2022-07-18)


I'm signing because the fee has been gradually increased and I want the authorities to reduce it .

Sejal Panchwadkar (Ponda , 2022-07-18)


The fees have increased and it doesn’t make sense why the amount is this high

Jeslyn Dias (Margao, Goa , 2022-07-18)



Elida Faleiro (Margao , 2022-07-18)


70% huge increase of fees informed only 20 days before admission.

Devankumar Chittem (Margao , 2022-07-18)


10k hike is way too much and I don’t believe it’s worth it

Sweta Singh (Vasco, 2022-07-18)


The increase in fees is too much and we weren't ready for this

Saloni Desai (Cuncolim, 2022-07-18)


The hike in fees is delusional and unjust

Avantika Cardozo (Goa, 2022-07-18)


I'm signing in because I cant afford this much fee money as we are facing some dire financial problems.

Aren Dsouza (Verna, 2022-07-19)


Fees are too high it's unmatching with family income.

Deepa Yallatti (Nuvem , 2022-07-19)


Our fees have been hiked by 12k approx and that is a big leap. It is not easy to pay this much.

Dhiti Lotlikar (Margao, 2022-07-19)

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