Bring Back the "S" in "Hurricanes" at Taggart Stadium



We need the "s" in Hurricanes!!!

Lauren Minenok (New Castle, 2022-07-22)


the s belongs at the end of hurricanes!!!

Ava Minenok (New Castle, 2022-07-22)


i’m signing this because i agree, we are the red hurricane’s

brooke wymer (new castle, 2022-07-22)


Do it right

Victor Torsello (New Castle , 2022-07-22)


we are the red hurricane’s everyone knows that !

Tayshaun Wilkins (new castle , 2022-07-22)


It should have the damn S at the end

David Guido Jr. (New Castle, 2022-07-22)


why change it now? we are the hurricaneS not hurricane. I am apart of the new castle hurricanes.

Dalton Messner (New Castle, 2022-07-22)


The S definitely belongs! We are the Hurricanes!!

Susan Vinroe (New Castle, 2022-07-22)


Canes Cuz

Nick Treloar (New castle , 2022-07-22)


the s belongs in hurricanes!

adrianna campoli (New Castle, 2022-07-22)


I believe we need to put the S BACK WHERE IT BELONGS!!!

Connie Flora (New Castle, 2022-07-22)



Rick Flora (New Castle, 2022-07-22)


We are the red hurricanes not the hurricane!

Patrick Minenok (New Castle , 2022-07-22)



Holly Raeburn (New Castle, 2022-07-22)


It’s the right thing to do!!!!

Anthony Retone (Farrell, 2022-07-23)


It doesn’t make sense not to have the S. The team is plural.

Joyce Shannon (New Castle , 2022-07-23)


New Castle letter S for Hurricanes

Ricky Gay (New Castle , 2022-07-23)


Every single sport team in united states of America ends in "S" lol.....I never heard of the Miami dolphin...or Pittsburgh steeler.... ect

Brett Doneluck (New Castle, 2022-07-23)


We are more than one Hurricane fan! We are NC Red Hurricanes!

Richard DiCaprio (New Castle ,PA, 2022-07-23)


I'm proud of our HurricaneS!! Candy CaneS and Lady CaneS!! Always was. Always should be!!!! ♥️🖤❤🏈🌪🏀🥁

JoEllen Pagley Piccirillo (New Castle Pa , 2022-07-23)


It’s a team not just one person it doesn’t sound right I definitely think they should add the S.

Hank Ritter (New castle , 2022-07-23)



George Elias (Encinitas , 2022-07-23)


We have always been known as the Red Hurricanes …. There is absolutely no reason for this change …

Toni Ross (New Castle, 2022-07-23)


Put the S where it belongs! Why change so wrong it is Hurricanes!

Darlene Nero (New Castle, 2022-07-23)


I am a New Castle graduate, a hurricaneS fan and hate everything about the way this was done

Michael Hannon (New Castle , 2022-07-23)


I graduated from NCH. We were always the Red Hurricanes

Sandra Vincent (Land O Lakes, 2022-07-23)


It’s always been Hurricanes

Carol Tuminello (New Castle , 2022-07-24)


I’m signing this because my husband Harry Dattilo was the sports announcer for several years for every Sport and it was always New Castle Red Hurricanes!!!!! He passed away 13 years ago he would be so upset !!! He bled red and black! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but why change this after Years and Years GO HURRICANES ❤️🖤❤️

Diane Dattilo (New Castle , 2022-07-24)


Born & raised in New Castle & graduated from there.

Debra Wold (Cocoa, 2022-07-24)


I am an alum of the New Castle Candy Canes and will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart for the whole community on the red HURRICANES.

Angelena Hill (New Castle , 2022-07-24)


WE R NC!!! Canes

Chip Cotelesse (New castle, 2022-07-25)


No one person (Mr. Schooley) should have the power to just over ride the original plans and change them to his liking without consulting anyone else. Plans are made and approved for a reason. Why he thought he has that authority is beyond comprehension. HURRICANES !!!

Monica Mraz - Armagost (Ellwood City, 2022-07-25)


I’m a NeCaHi alumni.

Carmella Gargasz (New Castle, 2022-07-26)


I’m a hurricane but All of us are HURRICANES. We are the NEW CASTLE HURRICANES!!!!

Alicia Hoxworth (New Castle, 2022-07-26)


I'm signing because it matters, that's our name, Hurricanes! #ncproud

JoAnn Slater (New Castle, 2022-07-26)


What a ridiculous decision and how is this not settled already?

Matt Pitzer (Washington, DC, 2022-08-04)


I agree with adding the S! We have always been the Red Hurricanes

Cheryl Grumbine (NEW CASTLE, 2022-08-04)


I graduated from New Castle High School!
Once a Hurricane, always a Hurricane!

Lori DeMatteo (New Castle , 2022-08-05)


The “S” belongs in the end zone!!

Thomas Clarke (New Castle, 2022-08-05)


I’m signing because I agree with the petition and I graduated in 1973. It was Hurricanes (Canes) then and has been for a long time. In the English language if you are referring to a person or singular being you use the singular context. Plural in most instances you add an s at the end. I agree with the petition writer, there is no I in team, I guess of course unless you are in New Castle. It’s a sad waste of tax payer money and time for the school board to even entertain the change. I don’t blame Sam either. What a disgrace it has come to this.

Frank Didiano (New Castle, 2022-08-05)


NC Hurricanes till the day the wheels fall off!

Mutzy Abraham (Edinburg, 2022-08-05)


I'm a graduate of NeCa and firmly stand behind the pride of the Red HurricaneS

Sandra Reed (New Castle, 2022-08-06)


We have always been known as the Canes. Unless the name change is decided by public referendum, it should remain plural.

Robert Mrozek (Lower Burrell, 2022-08-06)


I may not have lived in New Castle, Pa for over a decade now but I will forever bleed Red & Black. The "S" should have never been removed and needs to be put back.

Antonio Ponziani (East Liverpool, 2022-08-06)


I'm signing because my good friend is a Hurricanes fan, and I am a grammarian. Why the 's' was left off is anyone's guess, but it is incorrect and should be remedied.

Terri Neininger LaVon (Louisville, 2022-08-07)


The S belongs on Hurricanes. The New Castle News nor the basketball coach get to name the team. Fans have always used the S.

Fred Harlan (New Castle, 2022-08-08)


I went to New Castle and graduated 1988. I was on candy canes and we were always the hurricanes. I can’t believe this is even an issue !

Lisa Williams (New castle, 2022-08-08)


The "S" belongs on that field!!!

Samantha Bogear (New Castle , 2022-08-12)


I am a red hurricane and it doesn't take one person to have a team got to put the S back on the stadium

Ashley Hause (New Castle, 2022-08-12)


I am a Red Hurricane, WE are the Red Hurricanes. The football TEAM, basketball TEAM, baseball TEAM are the New Castle Red Hurricanes!!! The fact that we are having this debate is ridiculous. It doesn’t matter if it is grammatically correct…it’s just how it always has been and how it should stay, it’s what we are known as. How stupid would CANE sound instead of CANES? All my apparel says CANES or Red Hurricanes! My daughter’s cheer uniform her Junior and Senior year said CANES on the front, not CANE!!!

Michelle Burick (New Castle, 2022-08-15)


There is no team that is listed as a singular nickname.

Diane Petrarca (Pittsburgh , 2023-01-25)

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