World Stadium Nova SBE



I believe the world cup tent was a good initiative.

Tomás Coelho (Lisboa , 2022-11-21)


It’s important to bring us together

Harry Ewins (Yeovil, 2022-11-21)


Protest against the human rights violations in Qatar isn’t achieved by depriving the SBE community of a “stadium”. Pretending the competition doesn't exist actually hinders the purpose of raising awareness of what went into the organization of this World Cup in Qatar. Cancel Culture isn’t the answer.

António Pargana (Lisboa, 2022-11-21)


It's time to bring people together

Joao Sado (Tehran, 2022-11-21)


I am a Nova SBE student and I truly believe that the best way to honor the lives that were lost is not by taking away the eyes of the World Cup but to see it and understand and furthermore let others see it so we can all come together in the future and not let it happen again as it is an event that is generating an enormous controversy and is bringing people together agains further iniciatives such as this one.

Guilherme Costa Matos (Lisbon, 2022-11-21)


This cause is important to me.

Filip Jatelnicki (Leiden, 2022-11-21)


Football is the best sport in the world and it would be a shame to not be able to watch football as students when no politicians are doing anything

Diego Farto Murraças (Lisbon, 2022-11-21)


Prohibition is not the solution to this, dialog and having the conversation channels is. Having the event does not mean the university condones what happened in Qatar, as it also isn't to watch the world cup. Do the right thing and open the dialog not just create a world were group think prevails

Jerónimo Uribe (Lisbon, 2022-11-21)


A minha vida depende de eu poder ver este mundial na nova.

Jorge Lousada (Carcavelos, 2022-11-21)


I agree, and I love Chris and Rodrigo.

Leonardo Silva (Lisboa , 2022-11-21)


Let’s donate the money!

Francisco Ventosa (Lisbon, 2022-11-21)

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