In Favor of FUMC Maumelle Discernment



I agree that it is important for all church members to be well informed about the process/options and have a voice/vote.

Jennifer Reaves (Maumelle, 2022-12-16)


My vote is my voice!

Tony Brainerd (Maumelle , 2022-12-16)


I’m signing because I have the right to decide what happens to my church

Judy Brady (Maumelle, 2022-12-17)


It’s the right thing to do. It’s a big decision and the church body needs to make the call with a full understanding of what lies ahead! Our church may or may not disaffiliate but it deserves the right to choose it’s own direction.

Bill Schlatterer (Maumelle, 2022-12-17)


I believe the members have the right to vote.

Nancy Weir (Maumelle, AR, 2022-12-17)


I feel that all members of my church have the right to have their voices heard.

Gary Weir (Maumelle, 2022-12-17)


Church members have the right to vote.

Deborah Germany (Maumelle, 2022-12-17)


I believe in the discernment process.

Dianna Short (Maumelle, 2022-12-17)


I want to listen to both sides of the issues.

William Jacobs (Maumelle, 2022-12-17)


I feel that our Church should go through the discernment process because of the disagreement about authority and interpretation of scripture in the United Methodist Church. Thus, our members should have the right to make the decision for the future of our great Church.

Carol Williams (Maumelle, 2022-12-17)


Everyone should have the opportunity to participate in the future direction of the church.

Alan Forrest (Maumelle, 2022-12-17)


I feel that we deserve to have access to all of the pertinent information.

JoBeth Schlatterer (Maumelle , 2022-12-18)


The discernment process is a time of prayer and study about our future in our denomination. May God guide us through this process as we seek His will.

Stan Williams (Maumelle , 2022-12-18)


I am in favor of FUMC Maumelle discernment. I believe it is every member’s responsibility to be informed of the direction our church will take in the future.

Linda Tanner (Maumelle, 2022-12-18)


I believe in this petition and want to be one of the members who makes this decision. May God be with all of our members throughout this concerning time.

Jerry Tanner (Maumelle, 2022-12-18)


Everyone should have an opportunity to vote for what they see best for themselves and their families.

Melanie Conway (North little rock, 2022-12-19)


I want to know about both sides.

Karen Jacobs (Maumelle , 2022-12-19)


I want to know what the options are so I can make an informed decision.

Mary Stockdale (Maumelle, 2022-12-19)


I hope that every church member has an opportunity to have a voice and make an informed decision.

Paul Knipscheer (Maumelle, 2022-12-20)


I want the right to make my own decision after considering all the information.

Janice Carter (Maumelle, 2022-12-20)


We need to be to make informed decisions - this is not an issue to be taken lightly.

Susannah Jarratt (Maumelle, 2022-12-21)


It is something I think needs to have a great discussion on because I don’t like the Bible to be rewritten or words put it in that aren’t there.

William Millard (Maumelle, 2022-12-22)


I believe we have a right to vote on the discernment process.

Jean Colvin (Maumelle , 2022-12-29)


Everyone has the right to the information to make a prayerful decision!

Sharon Buerkle (Maumelle , 2023-02-08)


I believe it’s necessary.

Bob Morris (Tulsa, OK, 2023-02-08)


I feel strongly that it is most
necessary to to be informed completely. ( I thought I signed this petition back in December but obvious somehow messed up-sorry).

Edward Buerkle (Maumelle , 2023-02-09)


I believe in everything we go to prayer and seek wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit.

Jennifer McMahan (Mayflower, 2023-02-09)


I’m interested in the church’s discernment process

Kenny DeLuca (NLR, 2023-02-13)


I support the church’s right to pursue the discernment process.

Jeanne DeLuca (North Little Rock, 2023-02-13)


I firmly believe our church should honor our lord & it’s congregation by discernment.

Priscilla Cunningham (North Little Rock , 2023-02-15)

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