I’m a victim of the family courts fighting every day for the injustices, abuse , neglect and failures of the family courts and cps with my children at the hands of my ex, their mother

Thomas Gebhardt (Maple shade , 2023-01-27)


End the injustice!

Christina Glover (Phoenix, 2023-01-28)


This is a crime against father and children.

Howie Abraham (Wayne, 2023-01-28)


Those kids deserve a better life

Lineker Marta (Moutainside, 2023-01-28)


Fathers should have the same rights as mothers and not just in a piece of paper . Court system needs to open their eyes and hearts to the fathers trying to be good fathers ! Maybe we all should just think of the children involved and be mature adults!

Constance Savage (Port Monmouth , 2023-01-28)


To help my husband and have time with my stepdaughter. We want what is fair.

Michelle Ronca (Pennsauken , 2023-01-28)


I've got a few friends that have had their lives scrambled due to current laws and such.

Lou Sensanbaugher (San Antonio, 2023-01-30)


Tom deserves to be with his kids, he’s a fantastic father and what he’s been through no father should ever have to be going through. I’d give anything to have my father back again, these kids deserve to have their father in their lives full time!

Renee Banks (Morrisville , 2023-01-31)


I want to see reform in the family court system and to see habitual offenders who parental kidnap their kids and have zero regard for the law punished.

Michael Serot (Glendale, 2023-02-02)


Thomas Gebhardt is a loving father who only wants what is best for his children and how he has been treated in trying to provide that for them is nothing short of a criminal act.

Lorene Leonard (Louisburg, 2023-02-03)


Fathers deserve equal rights where kids are concerned in most cases!! The children need both parents equally and to deny one in favour of another only harms the children.

Danielle Walker (Manchester, 2023-02-10)


Fathers deserve rights.

Ken Cunningham (Dover, 2023-02-13)


this Man has a Point. It just cant be that his ex-Wife ia able to do what she is doing.

Jörg Schiemann (Herne, 2023-03-24)


Tom has been fighting for his girls for to long. The mother is getting away with breaking the law over and over while Tom has done everything by the letter of the law and more! Give this man his due, give him his kids a safe and healthy home with their dad! Not all mothers deserve to have their kids! Get it together!

Jennifer Baugh (Indianapolis , 2023-03-25)


The courts for years have been lopsided to constantly favor the mother automatically....

Rob L (Fort Myers , 2023-03-25)


It's the right thing to do.

Matthew Clark (Florham park , 2023-03-25)


I too am a father who fights to be in my daughter's life.

Andrew Mayes (Knoxville , 2023-03-25)


Family courts are nothing more than a joke

Genesis Moss (Amelia Crt Hse, 2023-03-25)


I'm hoping he gets to see and keep his kids

Steve Schrader (Bonfield , 2023-03-29)


I'm signing because I believe fathers have rights too .

Joseph Adler (Houston , 2023-03-30)


I'm signing because I believe in fathers rights as much as the mothers rights. Courts all over the world need to make a big change.

Linda Taylor (Zanesville, 2023-03-30)


Fathers should have same rights as mothers, children should not be used as Weapons against their fathers. Stop automatically give more rights to mothers.

Melanie Jefferies (Yeovil, 2023-03-30)


I have been abused by the family court system

Ray Lindsey (Amity , 2023-04-01)


I support father's like my self.

Damon davis (Burlington , 2023-04-01)


Im a victim of biased court rulings.

Steven Gray (Kent, 2023-04-01)


The court needs reformed!!!

Molly Stroup (Canton, 2023-04-02)


I have 2 boys who I ended up going to court for. Mother moved half hour away as opposed to 5 /10minutes before.
Court orders are pointless. Amount of breaches they had.
Parental alienation with my youngest son who was made to believe anything mother said, as many witness to say the things said were total fabrications. Buying my son to move back with her and the courts allowed all the neglect of services, neglect of abuse, neglecting to give boys a normal life with their dad as set up numerous times for mother to breach many times, even have coronovirus 4 times in the first year of lockdowns. Past 3/4 years be lucky if I saw my youngest son for a month in total. Its horrible and she doesn't care one bit.

Dave Spence (Doncaster, 2023-04-03)


I'm signing cause like my self I've invested my everything to be everything for my son... Mentally emotionally and psychologically to have my son taken away

Colt Walker (Rusk, 2023-04-03)


I know how this feels and it is terrible. Haunts me every day.

Geoffrey Jacobs (Stamford, 2023-04-05)


Fathers need rights too. Being a woman doesn’t necessarily make you the “more fit” parent.

Laura Farley (Cliffwood Beach, 2023-04-05)


To support Tom in his endeavor.

Greg Munda (Glendale CA, 2023-04-05)


I have a Friend son died because the courts and cps did not listen to her when her son was coming home with bruises and don't want to see it happen again

Amy Lynne (Maywood, 2023-04-06)


I am involved in 2 custody battles. I have provided plenty of counter evidence disproving allegations. Yet, I still remain an 18% custodial parent. Even in the ex’s affidavit it shows my constant involvement as a father. I love my children and do have their best interests at heart. Always have, always will. I will continue to fight for my parental rights. I won’t give up. I will stay strong for my babies.

Joshua Haston (Omaha, 2023-04-08)


I believe that someone who holds a job that see's an action like this, including other evidence that supports child abuse, shouldn't be allowed to keep their job.

Brett Ihde (Chicago, 2023-04-18)


The courts are biased against fathers. I just watched a good friend of mine lose custody to his mentally unstable ex-wife. Both of his boys want to live with their dad and not their mom.

Jennifer Glazebrook-Carden (Avondale, 2023-04-18)


Men are treated unfairly in the court system. The children suffer while the courts do nothing. End the discrimination and abuse by the courts. CPS should be doing their job correctly and fairly everywhere. By not doing that, they're complicit in any child abuse and/or neglect.

Ashley Love (Lafayette, 2023-04-19)


Father's deserve there time and real father's never quit

Jay Parker (Ocean, 2023-04-29)


It's the right thing to do. Father's have a right to. #thisfatherneverquits

Boehm Dawn (Pittsburgh , 2023-04-30)


I’ve followed this process closely now for over a year. Watching numerous live videos showcasing physical abuse from the mother and verbal abuse. No child should ever have to go through what all three of these innocent children are being out there. The right thing to do is placing the children in custody with the father.

Kyle Autrey (Fort Wayne, 2023-04-30)


This dad needs his babies

Dawn Boultinghouse (Mantua, 2023-05-01)


I’ve been following the bullshit Tom has gone thru every week with his children. Countless time of his children being withheld from him and not being allowed to contact them, multiple instances of abuse of the children from the ex and still nothing is done. Something needs to change for the safety of these girls

Sean Mahoney (Wilmington, 2023-05-01)


Men can be abused as well and it often goes unnoticed. If it does get reported it just gets ignored because women aren’t abusive. When the system favors the mother and if the mother is being abusive then the system is failing the supportive father. Either way the children suffer. They already have to suffer through a divorce, why should they have to suffer through abuse as well? Why are agreements made through a judge and not followed through with attorney’s? Why those orders not being enforced as well? System needs to change.

Patrick Sanfilippo (Arnold, 2023-05-01)


I also fought for the right to see my daughter. No father should have to wait months to see there own.***** the NJ family court system.

Kevin Duffy (Conway, 2023-05-01)


He is a great father who is doing whatever it takes while the judicial system and CPS seem to repeatedly fail not just the father, but the children as well.

Christina Johnson (Clayton, 2023-05-02)


Children should be kept safe at all costs regardless of what is easy and less paperwork. The lasting effects of abuse and unsafe environments on a child should be the first concern, not giving an abusive parent multiple opportunities to inflict more long lasting damage to child's mental and physical well-being.

Melanie Russo (Kelso, 2023-05-02)


Fathers need representation

JONATHAN CHOY (Okc, 2023-05-02)


The system is rigged against father's.

Michael Ehrie (Blackwood, 2023-05-02)


Tom’s story is a huge display of injustice and shows the desperate need for reform.

Melissa Hodgens (Staten Island, 2023-05-02)


Tom needs all his kids with him full time because his needs them to be safe and the kids need a normal life

Theresa Pellino (Roselle park, 2023-05-02)


The idea that children are better of with their mother is outdated. There have been so many events that show sometimes the mother is the worse alternative.

Holly Miller (Bridgeton, 2023-05-02)


I have watched Toms struggles from afar and it’s high time he and his daughters get JUSTICE!

Jamie Apple (Mebane, 2023-05-03)


I care about this man's children

Joseph Roddy (HARRISBURG, 2023-05-03)


Abusive, deadbeat mothers should not have access to their children, while they have a safe, loving, and secure father who is ready and wants to take custody of them.

Carrie Wright (Pohatcong , 2023-05-04)


What’s happening here is disgusting, upsetting and just flat out wrong.

Derrick Busch (Hazlet, 2023-05-04)

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