My husband was slaughtered by this animal

Angie Frey (Waynesboro, 2023-04-07)



Christina Nowakowski (Mercersburg , 2023-04-07)


My husband was killed by this monster. We need justice for our men!!

Lisa Minnick (Smithsburg, 2023-04-07)


Mark Frey was my Brother-In-Law, a loving husband to my sister and a Good Man. He, C.J & Josh deserve sooooo much better than the injustice they are receiving.

Ron Hamner Jr (Waynesboro, 2023-04-07)


This is outrageous!!!!
Justice for these men and their families!!

Cindy Mason (Chambersburg, 2023-04-07)


Good people lost their lives do to a senseless act of violence! Their families are left without them. Justice needs to be served to the killer

Chris Walker (Waynesboro , 2023-04-07)


I am signing this letter because I strongly disagree with letting a murderer get away with COLD BLOODED MURDER of 3 fine men. I believe time should be served because these families will serve time for the rest of their lives missing those who were brutally taken away. Sentence this killer to jail, if mental issues are real address them while incarcerated! This killer should not be given the chance to kill again once free!

Denise Wiles (Myersville, 2023-04-07)


No family should lose a loved much less learn that the person who without a doubt committed the murder could soon walk free. If his mental state resulted in the loss of three lives, as well as injuries to others, he should not be allowed the opportunity to be free. Get him his treatment, sure, but then send him to prison. Otherwise, what happens when he kills again? Does he get to say he got sick again and, once more, go free while those who lost a loved one have to endure the lifelong pain of their grief?

Ginger Gosnell (Mount Airy, 2023-04-07)


Joshua Wallace is my nephew

Roy Boyd (Smithsburg , 2023-04-07)


Allowing some one that so callously took the lives of others to even have an option to walk free is so much more than just a gross miscarriage of justice. Anything less than the maximum pentalty for these 3 murders is criminal in and of itself

Ruth Moore (Hancock, 2023-04-07)


This is an injustice and a mockery of the justice system

KC Helman (Hagerstown, 2023-04-07)


Josh was a very good friend of mine. And the kid that decided to slaughter my friend and Co workers deserves to be in prison. Not walking free like nothing happened he took 3 lives that day and they deserve justice

Austin Sines (Hagerstown , 2023-04-07)


Justice has NOT been served for those who senselessness lost their lives and their family and friends who are left picking up the pieces.

Amanda Turner (Shepherdstown , 2023-04-07)


Justice for the deceased and their families. Josh is my cousin’s son

Melissa Taylor (Hartland, 2023-04-07)


He needs to be held accountable for what he has done. He purposely murdered innocent people and doesn’t deserve the walk free with the option of doing something again.

Beth Divel (Middletown , 2023-04-07)


My nephew was one of the young men killed that day. He and rest deserve so much more justice than this. He will not walk free.

Jeff Boyd (Smithsburg , 2023-04-07)


My brother Josh Wallace deserves justice. We can not make it okay for a killer to walk free.

Michelle Wallace (Martinsburg , 2023-04-07)


This man is guilty of taking three me lives of three innocent men. How can a man not be criminally responsible for a man to take another life knowing that is what he had planned before he left for work that morning

Joyce Jones (Hagerstown, 2023-04-07)


I'm signing this because it is my family that is hurting because he took my son in law from this family. He needs to be put way for ever.

Cindy Michael (Smithsburg, 2023-04-07)


People died! My friend’s husband was shot by this horrible man! Thank goodness he survived but others didn’t. He belongs in jail for the rest of his life!!

Monica Fready (Gettysburg, 2023-04-07)


I’m signing because my fiancé was taken way to soon. He didn’t get a second chance I’ll be damned if his murderer will get one.

Taylor Toms (Hagerstown, 2023-04-07)


This is an outrage.

April Zebroski (Rohrersville, 2023-04-07)


This is devastating to those families and the community, community I felt safe in. This man needs to be held responsible for his actions and stop trying to use mental illness as an excuse.

Tonya Kettells (Myersville , 2023-04-07)


He should be locked away for life, if he’s good enough to be left out he’s good enough to spent his life in jail for innocent lives lost, quiet frankly I wish he would get the death penalty!

Zachary Keller (Myersville, 2023-04-07)


My son was one of the victims.

Tammy Roberts (Hagerstown, 2023-04-07)


For justice for those families.

Crystal Weakley (Stanley, 2023-04-07)


Some form of justice for those innocent lives lost.

Jenn Laspe (Carlisle, 2023-04-07)


This person should never walk freely again. It's unbelievable that he has that chance

Rodger Alexander (Boonsboro, 2023-04-07)


I'm signing because this person shot and killed 3 hard working men, and shot and wounded another. There is NO reason for the killer to be able to have freedom.

Crystal Blizzard (Hedgesville, 2023-04-08)


I believe those lives taken deserve better as well as our community

dee ficklin (Hagerstown, 2023-04-08)


I am signing this petition because these 3 families need justice for the loss of a loved one! I am also signing this petition because of CJ Minnick, i personally worked with his wife and the family lost a good man. His daughter has to live without her dad for the rest of her life and no man should be allowed to walk after what he did whether he does a plea or not! You planned to kill people and took 3 innocent lives,although i don't think he should do jail time because its a 3 time a day meal and place to sleep he should rot in hell somewhere

Jessica Girardin Girardin (Hagerstown, 2023-04-08)


I'm signing because the families deserve justice.

Emma Lane (Hedgesville , 2023-04-08)


I live in Smithsburg. This person has taken innocent lives and doesn't deserve to get off easily without harsh punishment.

Jackie Kaetzel (Smithsburg, 2023-04-08)


I’m Joshua’s ex girlfriend. He did not deserve how died.

Becky Crown (Hedgesville, 2023-04-08)


I am signing this because this happened about a mile from my house and right beside a daycare along with others in the community that could have been hurt by this senseless person.

The Justice System needs to wake up and make this person be held accountable for the lives he had taken from our community!!

Vanetta Quintana (Smithsburg, 2023-04-08)


Justice needs to be served. These families deserve this

Charlene Souders (Md, 2023-04-08)


No need to explain. The case explains itself.

Brandon Semonco (Berkeley Springs, 2023-04-08)


he needs to held responsible, and if they deem him better he needs to be tried in the court for his action

chris turvin (smithsburg , 2023-04-08)


I'm signing this because this is ridiculous....this guy needs to he charged criminally for his premeditated actions!!!! This isn't right or fair to the victims!!!

Melissa Shuda (Clear spring, 2023-04-08)


Because this is an injustice to the family and in time a possible risk to the general population. Understanding in the future he faces the possibility of a halfway house then free. The families involved deserve better.

Tonia Poper (Chambersburg, 2023-04-08)


He should not get away with killing innocent people!

Amanda Hickman (Hagerstown, 2023-04-08)


This was premeditated!!!!

Kelly Humm (Smithsburg, 2023-04-08)


I believe justice needs to be done. This person needs to be held accountable for the lives he took. I’m tired of the plea deals and the court system being to lenient

Lori Hubbell (Hagerstown , 2023-04-08)


I am signing this petition because you can't let a cold blooded killer go free. He knew if he pleaded that he was mental competitive he wouldn't get prison time. That is bullshit. Those men he killed won't have the opportunity to live there life or watch their kids grow up or grow old with their wife. Why should this killer have any rights at all or the opportunity to be free. Why do the laws only work for the guilty in their favor. What justice does the men get that he killed and the justice for the families that lost their loved one. WAKE UP PEOPLE - see this guy for what he is a COLD BLOODED KILLER.

Lori Cline (Myersville, 2023-04-08)


This man needs to pay for what he did. Why should he go free? The men he killed are not walking around free they are gone.three families destroyed. Let him rot in jail. He knew what he was doing

Sandra Mehaffie (Smithsburg, 2023-04-08)


This person planned his actions. He must be held accountable. This was not his first time planning to do great harm to others. He was fully cognizant of his choices, and chose to murder, in cold blood. He knew exactly what he was doing, he fled the scene in an attempt to avoid capture. When he was surrounded by law enforcement, he chose to open fire again. He must be held fully accountable. Our justice system must hold a violent killer accountable. The families who must survive without their loved ones deserve nothing less.

Lennie Frey (Hagerstown , 2023-04-08)


He killed in cold blood. Those men didn't have a chance to walk away. It is not right that this murderer gets away with these senseless murders

Patti Williams (Anniston, 2023-04-08)


This man should never be a free man ever again!

Scott Cummins (Mcconnellsburg, 2023-04-08)


Justice needs to be served! It was premeditated murder, regardless of any sort of mental illness!

Mark Burgan (Greencastle, 2023-04-08)


Innocent lives were taken. This person made a decision to go retrieve a weapon and trap, kill and injure multiple people.

Patricia Greenwalt (Martinsburg , 2023-04-08)


These families deserve Justice!

Jennifer Hart (Big Pool , 2023-04-08)


Shouldn't be allowed to walk free after what he did

Spencer Frey (Hagerstown , 2023-04-08)


This was my friend, a close friend, fishing buddy, hunting buddy best friend, a cousin.

So one morning Someone who decided on their own they were going to wake up and take it upon himself to take others lives including my Good friend Joshes LIFE. Shot and murdered.

Put this in your shoes, you get a phone call a loved one was murdered at work shot in cold blood, suspect, he goes to jail and you find out he’s or she that passed is getting no justice because the suspect is getting off. That’s what’s happening here someone who’s clearly capable of making adult situations, someone who is capable of attending school, getting a job capable of driving having a license is pleading that his crazy (insanity) and he didn’t mean to do it. So now the government is giving in. He deserves to be behind bars forever if not dead himself.

William Munson (Hagerstown, 2023-04-08)


Victims families need Justice.. this was premeditated murder!!

Norma Cubbage-Toms (Inwood, 2023-04-08)


This man took three lives...regardless of his mental stability, wrong is wrong. He should never be released to live among innocent people with the opportunity to possibly do this again. The men who died and their families deserve the peace of mind knowing that there is no possibility this will happen to their families again.

Whipp Carrie (Myersville, 2023-04-08)


CJ Minnick should not die in vain. This killer needs to remanded to permanent custody and never see a free day again for life. He was deemed mentally fit the first time and not criminally responsible the second time. This is not acceptable.

Jackie Minnick (Hagerstown, 2023-04-08)


It’s time to take a stand. Three men lost their lives and the murder will get the opportunity to murder again. No it must stop. No more slap on the wrist. Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.”
— Benjamin Franklin

Karen King (Blue Ridge Summit, 2023-04-08)


He needs to be locked up and never see day light or see anything ever again

Dillon Rowe (Hagerstown , 2023-04-08)


My brother in law deserves justice and the killer should not go free ever

John Hanna (Martinsburg , 2023-04-08)


This is person should not ever be allowed to walk free. He took innocent lives and effected so many families and friends that no longer have these people in there lives. A little girl will not have her daddy to tuck her in at night because of his actions. A wife no longer has her husband to talk to hug and kiss goodnight. A mother no longer has her strong loving son.He needs to be permanently put away.

April Merrbaugh (Martinsburg , 2023-04-08)


I'm singing this because this person needs locked up for life where he can never hurt anyone again!

Michael Rotz (Smithsburg , 2023-04-08)


Justice needs to be served!

Heaven Puffenbarger (Martinsburg, 2023-04-08)


There is many people that should not have a gun, & they kill. Government needs to have a way to flag these bad people and not sell guns even if that means do inspections to search house & cars anytime! They know what they are doing, then they try to plea not guilty by insanity. This here crime and killing others was intentionally, he knew what he was doing, He took away many Good people that would help anyone at anytime, even Him. It's aweful and now love ones suffer.

Shirley Hall (Martinsburg , 2023-04-08)


This is not right, he murdered 3 people, he should be in prison for life!!!

Christopher Sharpe (Sabillasville , 2023-04-08)


Where is the justice for these families that have been torn apart? I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around how this can happen and the individual goes unpunished?

Melissa Mills (Waynesboro, 2023-04-08)


There needs to be justice done to the fullest to this evil killer. He needs live in prison for what he done. Prayers to the families that lost there love one.

Shelby Smith (Fairfield, 2023-04-08)


The victims are more important than the killer and he should never be released to do it again. All of these families deserve justice for their loved ones. Think of these family often. Rest in peace CJ.

Tina Ridenour (Emmitsburg , 2023-04-08)


Justice for the 3 individuals murdered!!!

Sheila Cunningham (Charles Town, WV, 2023-04-08)


It's the right thing to do and some honest good people got hurt and left this world and no evil should be back on the streets I have kids and a family

Brandon Murphy (Mont Alto, 2023-04-08)


If you walk into a shop with the plan & intent to kill, as he did, then he needs punished by being incarcerated. This is sad for all involved and the community in which he will be released to one day. I ask each of the prosecutors & the judge how they'd feel if their loved ones went to work on a normal day, get murdered and the known guilty suspect goes to a hospital. Clowns.

Kim Geiger (Boonsboro, 2023-04-08)


No justice is served to the puss that killed my brother.

Gary Rowe (Clear spring , 2023-04-08)


This is wrong

Judy Wagner (Beverly Hills, 2023-04-08)


Because we need a change!

Kimmy Wetzel (Rouzerville , 2023-04-08)


I'm signing because the life of my cousin has been taken from him and us. Josh was one of the kindest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. My family is demanding justice! To let this guy get away with this and put others in life threatening danger is irresponsible and down right wrong.

Brad Wallace (Augusta, 2023-04-08)


This guy killed people and took them away from their family, loved ones and friends. He knew what he was doing and changed things for people forever. Some families have kids that will not grow up without their father. Do right by these families and don’t let this man free!!

Kasie Collins (Boonsboro, 2023-04-08)


Because I believe the killer/shooter deserves harsh punishment for his crimes.

Tyler Johnson (Myersville, 2023-04-08)


This was a planned execution style killing and he should never be free to walk among the public again. It is unbelievable that a plea with no jail time is even a possibility.

Christina Redano (Waynesboro, 2023-04-08)


He should be doing life in prison or death penalty y3

Jamie Kayhoe (Waynesboro, 2023-04-08)


This is an outrage and totally unacceptable!

Paula DeGrange (Shippensburg , 2023-04-08)


I'm signing because I believe this man should be executed , or at the very least locked up for LIFE !

George & Ann Ashbaugh Ashbaugh (Boonsboro, 2023-04-08)


CJ is my uncle. Him nor the others deserved to have their lives taken.
This monster should not be allowed to see the light of day ever again for what he did!

Sarah Gearhart (Hagerstown , 2023-04-08)


This individual took the lives of 3 people

Ann Gardenhour (Greencastle , 2023-04-08)


He should not be free he should never see daylight again killed three innocent people and injuring one One is CJ minnick He's related to me this guy ruined so many people's lives he should pay

Lori Lewis (Hagerstown , 2023-04-08)


This animal should not be allowed to roam the streets free. He brutally murdered 3 innocent people. He should NOT be allowed to enter a plea deal but should spend the rest of his life in prison or be executed. I would prefer the latter.

Cindy Myers (SMITHSBURG, 2023-04-08)


This is injustice.

Stacy Martin (Hagerstown, 2023-04-08)


Justice isn’t being served to the victims with the current judicial decision.

Misty Crist-Slaughter (Smithsburg , 2023-04-08)


I don't think someone who has allegedly killed 3 people and wounded others should have a plea deal with zero jail tim.

Lori Heckman (Chambersburg, 2023-04-08)


He is a murderer and needs to spend his life in prison. What if it was your loved one who was brutally murdered while working....for NO reason. This is ridiculous it's even being considered

Sandy Poffenberger (Williamsport, 2023-04-08)


He should serve a life sentence at the very least. I feel it was premeditated.

Traci Carden (Hagerstown, 2023-04-08)


I'm signing this because no one should walk free after keeping three innocent people. They should be responsible for their actions. Yes, people can be mentally unstable but that still doesn't give them a reason to take an innocent person's life.

Jessica Earhart (Cascade, 2023-04-08)


I believe this person should be held accountable for the atrocities he commited and be punished for the damages he directly inflicted on the victims families.

Elizabeth Baker (Falling Waters, 2023-04-08)


That killer should not ever be allowed to see freedom! He made his choice the day he planned, and executed 3 cold blooded murders, and attempted 2 more, including shooting a Maryland State Police officer. How can anyone say he isn't criminally responsible? He knew exactly what he was doing, and premeditated every single time he pulled that trigger!
He was sane enough to bring his gun to work, and shoot his co-workers in cold blood. He was sane enough to know what he did, and the magnitude of his heinous crime. That led to him fleeing the crime scene.
The victims, Mark Frey, CJ Minnick, and Joshua Wallace, didn't have a chance to take a plea deal for their life! The cowardly murderer sealed their fate June 9, 2022. Please do not allow the killer, Joe Louis Esquivel, to ever walk free again! He destroyed countless lives (murder victims, their family, and friends, the co-worker that survived, and the police officer that was shot) by his decision that day, please don't allow him to walk free, and continue to destroy more lives!

Victoria Shank (Hagerstown , 2023-04-08)


I am a friend of a relative of the victim and the family is asking for justice to be served. I respect that request.


Gerald Croteau (Lowell, 2023-04-08)


I’m signing cause this is JUST WRONG TO ALLOW A DEAL !!!if is was my family member I’ve on you door step every morning you wake up !!

Lana Medrano (Amarillo , 2023-04-08)


The victims and their families and loved ones need justice of this senseless tragedy which is a crime which deserves a lengthy prison term not just counseling! Quit letting criminals walk free without consequences

Kevin Nicholas (Blue Ridge Summit, 2023-04-08)


Marks widow is my cousin and this is totally wrong. This nit deter needs to stand trial and pay for his deeds not out away for a length of time he needs to be in prison

Karen Ford (Kill Devil Hills, 2023-04-08)


Where is the justice for the families that lost loved ones? Hospital treatment is a joke. #justiceforjosh

Morgan Domer (Hagerstown, 2023-04-08)


This evil man deserves to spend the rest of his life behind bars

Sarah Domer (Hagerstown, 2023-04-08)


The victims deserve justice

Susan Blair (Boonsboro , 2023-04-08)


Him walking free is not justice for the men he killed and injured. He cannot be allowed a chance to do this again

Charles Wiles (Myersville, 2023-04-08)


This man is a killer and should not be allowed to walk freely with no consequences of killing three great people and nearly killing a fourth. These families deserve justice for their losses!

Sadie Draper Wiles (Myersville , 2023-04-08)


I’m signing this petition because the justice system I believe in doesn’t allow a person to kill another person without consequences, regardless of mental health status. The judge has the choice to reject this plea deal, remand him to a mental institution, set another hearing date to see if he’s competent to stand trial and go from there. This killer should not be released back into Society due to the heinous acts he committed or the potential he could likely do it again. He should spend the rest of his life in a mental institution or prison. The ones he killed DO NOT get a second chance. I can only assume the survivor is left with so many emotional issues along with scars as a reminder of that horrific day, to live over and over again. The Community should be outraged if this is truly going to be the outcome of what happened in Smithsburg, MD that day. This killer could have very easily unleashed his guns on 3 other innocent businesses or as he was fleeing could have caused a massive accident. A stray bullet could have hit a child or adult while he shot off over 20 rounds into & at his co-workers. I can only hope someone will pay attention to this tragedy who can ensure this killer will never be allowed to walk free.

Jessica Carlson (Waynesboro , 2023-04-09)


This worthless criminal needs to be behind bars for the rest of his life! He took innocent lives and is a threat to society!

Melanie Kretzer (Chambersburg, 2023-04-09)


That was premeditated. That is first degree murder.

Dawn Miller (Waynesboro , 2023-04-09)


I loved him like a son! He was very special to me and my family!!! Justice should be served!!!!!

Lisa Churchey (Sharpsburg, 2023-04-09)



Layna Rowe (Rouzerville , 2023-04-09)


This killer should not be aloud to walk among us ever.

Susan Taylor (Smithsburg, 2023-04-09)


Justice must be served. Mental health cannot always be blamed when we have families without husbands, fathers, and grandfathers because of his actions.

Konnar Pruett (Thurmont, 2023-04-09)


I agree he should not walk away .

Gareth Finch (Grantham, 2023-04-09)


We cannot allow this type of slap on the wrist plea for mass shootings or any other violent crimes. What are we telling potential violent criminals by doing such a thing? Justice must be served!

Maureen Mo Cadle (Amissville, 2023-04-09)


I'm signing this because no matter what tests people like him take I'm sure that he makes it all look good. How did it look when these family members never came home? The families that this monster destroyed and they want to free him to do it again? What if it is in a school yard next time?

Brenda Eyler (Frederick, 2023-04-09)


I believe this was premeditated murder and he should be judged by a jury

Edward Shuda (Hagerstown , 2023-04-09)


Evil must be stopped

Tim Kuhn (Waynesboro, 2023-04-09)


This outcome is ridiculous, the killer needs to go to jail for life.

Al Jones (Hagerstown, 2023-04-09)


They should hang him and let the family members take him out

Jimmy Vance (Little Orleans, 2023-04-09)


I support the victims and their families in this endeavor. It is time that criminals are held responsible for their actions. This criminal should never see the light of day again

Neal Bowers (Hagerstown , 2023-04-09)


I believe this act was planned and carried out.

Sysan Fird (Smithsburg, 2023-04-09)


We want justice. Please keep this cold blooded killer locked away from society. So this does not happen again

Debra Frey (Hagerstown, 2023-04-09)


He took 3 innocent lives wounded others and numerous other crap in his pathetic life and he is not being held accountable he is a piece of shit who deserves nothing. He needs to be held accountable and not be walking Free. Justice needs to be served.

Amy Shew (Chambersburg , 2023-04-09)


This man deserves to be punished for these murders

Brenda DeLauter (Myersville, 2023-04-09)


I’m signing this because the killer deserves to be sent to prison and deserves to not walk free. The ruling that the judge made is pathetic and is unfair for the 3 victims families. These families deserve justice and sending the killer to a “hospital for treatment” is not giving them any justice that they deserve. Lock him up!

Jessica Crown (Williamsport , 2023-04-09)


I find this to be an outrage. Is there no justice for the heinous crime of murder? Cold blooded murder at that. the families deserve better than this. I will be contacting officials in Maryland to protest this outrage.

Mandy MacDonald (Martinsburg, 2023-04-09)


He deserves a life sentence.

Katherine Simon (Hagerstown, 2023-04-09)


I don’t think it’s fair people for killed in cold blood and the killer is possibly gonna see no jail time

Sabrina McNeil (Waynesboro , 2023-04-09)


I knew one of the men that was needlessly killed in the prime of his life. Left his 2 year old daughter and wife in shambles. Unbelievable to think he could walk free!!!

Shea Lambert (Waynesboro, 2023-04-09)


I went to school with Mark and know relatives of one of the others killed. However, even if I didn’t know any of them. I wouldn’t want this person walking free! What would keep him from doing it again?!

Kelley Stouffer (Waynesboro, 2023-04-09)


I knew the victims and justice is not being served by allowing the shooter to get away with it.

Patricia Stottlemyer (Martinsburg , 2023-04-09)


Being mentally incompetent is more of a reason to be in prison, not an excuse not to be. There is no treatment this person can undergo at any hospital to bring back the lives took, that he planned out the murder of in advance. He's a criminal and should be in prison, not a medical facility, and under no circumstance should he ever be free again.

Charles Draper (Hagerstown, 2023-04-09)


There is NO excuse that this person should be set free! He is a murderer.

Jeff Sholes (Hancock , 2023-04-10)


I’m signing this because people should be held accountable for their actions!

Sarah Boswell Lockhart (Temple, 2023-04-10)


He should be held accountable for his premeditated actions.

James Mowdy (Waynesboro , 2023-04-10)


I am a friend of one of the men he murdered and think it is wrong for him to serve no prison time when he killed the 3 men he did in cold blood he knew what he was doing and for him to one day be released on good behavior is wrong and serves no justice for these guys

Kaitlyn Griffith (Hagerstown , 2023-04-10)


I wanna see justice!

Kristie Robinson (Chapin, 2023-04-10)

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