Calling for resignation of Angie Arnaud DCP&P (child protective services) effective immediately.



I’m the father in this matter. Time and time again dcp&p with this case manager and her supervisor , have continued to fail my kids by continuing to recommend to the family courts they believe in the best interests of my kids they should remain with my ex wife.

Yet they have had and still do an open permanency case against my ex since 2017. Numerous times my daughters school, before and after care staff, police, and even my exes own family members have reports acts of abuse and neglect to this agency and this case manager, yet they continue to allow my children to remain in the care of an abusive and neglecting mother.

Just this past week it was revealed in their own reports, that my ex was caught on camera in public “close fisted punching my 6 year old daughter in the head and back. It was also revealed that my ex had bound my same daughter with her wrists together and her ankles together with packing tape and same tape placed over her mouth.

This case manager with her supervisor in background, when asked by the family court judge what her recommendation was, of my three daughters should be returned to
My ex who is the abuser, and she testified it’s their recommendation despite what was revealed and caught on camera and police reports of doing the above stated , that my daughters should be returned to my ex….the judge ruled to send my daughters back off that testimony. Well less than 24 hours later my 8year old on her birthday no less, her school principal called me at the end of day, to advise she had to report acts of abuse to cps because of my ex. My daughter was depressed looking, and stated she “hates her life, nothing changes, and tired of wearing baggy clothes to hide bruises. So they sent her to the school nurse and observed a big bruise on her back which was very tender to the touch, bruise on her knee and cut on leg.

This woman and her supervisor should be fired or resign for their repeated failures to ensure the safety of my daughters, lying to the courts and making a recommendation that subjected my daughters to further abuse. #thisfatherneverquits

Thomas Gebhardt (USA , 2023-04-19)


CPS doesn’t actually care about the safety of children. This case is a sad example of that.

Lydia Manson (Greenville , 2023-04-19)


I believe in mens rights and the protection of our kids.

Khio Senavanh (Spotsylvania, 2023-04-19)


If they aren't going to actually keep children safe, they are worse than the abuser. They clearly don't care about the kids' safety, well-being and happiness. They seem to prefer to subject these kids to the physical, emotional, and psychological abuse they endure. Because they KNOW it's happening and they know it's going to continue to happen and they do nothing! They obviously won't do their jobs and therefore they need to go. Hire someone who actually gives a damn about children.

Ashley Love (Lafayette, 2023-04-19)


Her negligence of duty and attitude is atrocious.

Michael Serot (Glendale, 2023-04-19)


This man wants to take care of his kids and take them out of a toxic environment. Dcp&p have failed the system.

Matt Black (Audubon, 2023-04-20)


I’m signing because these girls need a better future!

Vanessa lopes (Vernon , 2023-04-20)


An injustice has taken place. Those children should not be with their abusive, neglectful mother. Their father is the right one to have custody. I don’t know what CPS is waiting for, for something truly tragic to happen to those girls before intervening? If you can’t see to do the right thing and give those girls to their father then you are not doing your job properly, and you need to resign!

Renee Banks (Morrisville, 2023-04-20)


Have been a witness to Tom's never ending stuggle to protect his kids from the continued abuse and neglect from thier mother while people like Angie and others within DCP&P along with the courts continue to turn a blind eye all in the name of "stabilizing the home"

Phil Lehmkuhl (Buckeye, 2023-04-20)


Why does this abusive parent still have custody unless the father has legally been deemed unfit to have custody these children should be with there father, NOT with there abusive mom or foster parents.

Brent Thomas (Rochester , 2023-04-20)


Everything that is at light of the deplorable actions and not taking the time to investigate just cause in certain cases should not be in the position they are in, so they should be removed.

Todd Lauletta (Deltona, 2023-04-20)



Damian Albanese Albanese (Leonardo, 2023-04-20)


These girls belong with their loving Father.

Andrew K (Hoboken , 2023-04-20)


The person, who is the subject of this petition has show their inability to protect children.

Arron Mack (Phoniex , 2023-04-21)


This is wrong for so many reasons. These children are being abused by their mother!!!

Howie Abraham (Wayne, 2023-04-21)


I support Mr. Gebhardt’s effort to gain custody of his daughters, and strongly believe that they will be better cared for by him rather than his ex-wife.

Greg Munda (Glendale CA, 2023-04-21)


As a mother, what is happening to these girls by their “mother” is absolutely disgusting! DCP&P should be ASHAMED of themselves for allowing this abuse to continue over and over again! Then they wonder why our children end up on the news! We need changes! Fathers rights are just as important!

Robynn Dudek (Union, 2023-04-21)


I am sick of watching my friend’s 3 children be ABUSED at the hands of their sick mother while CPS SITS BACK AND DOES NOTHING!!!!! WAKE UP AND START PROTECTING THESE CHILDREN!!!!! ANGIE SHOULD BE FIRED IMMEDIATELY

Marielle Pasqua (Roselle Park, 2023-04-21)


CPS has been playing with this man and his kids safety and needs to be investigated and changed. Father's should never quit and the system shouldn't punish those who choose to fight

Jay Parker (Ocean, 2023-04-21)


Fathers have rights!

Bree-Anne Simpson (Union, 2023-04-22)


Father's deserve better protections under the law too!

Jeremy FitzPatrick (Pinellas Park , 2023-04-23)


The case workers with this organization are who we look to for help. It’s not only the ethically correct thing for them to do, it’s their job. This individual, however has taken it upon herself to not only turn a blind eye to Nicole Gebhart’s abuse of her daughters, but actually befriend her and enable her to continue to do it by acting as a barrier between her and any scrutiny from DCP&P. She needs to be removed and prosecuted.

Dan Lawson (Avenel, 2023-04-23)


I believe in the safety of children and not just sweeping things under the rug. I believe fathers should have more rights when it comes to their children. Just because someone gives birth doesn’t make them a mother.

Ashley Hollar (Independence , 2023-04-23)


I am signing this petition because I believe that these children deserve to have a safe and better life. Being abused is not a way of life. I’ve seen through facebook and hearing stories about how happy and safe the children are with their father. The mother is not a mother she is an abuser and should never have custody of those children.

Natalie Tussey-Hand (Coconut creek , 2023-04-23)


Harris county domestic relations office case worker Maria Elena Villalva, LMSW falsified child custody evaluation studies to take fathers out of children’s lives

Michael Rodrigues (Spring , 2023-04-23)


This is one of the few men I have ever seen fight for his kids. He is trying to give them safety and security and they will not have that with their mother. It’s very sad. He deserves to have his kids under his roof where they can all feel safe and loved. This man has spent every penny on lawyers and getting nowhere. He needs our help.

Jennifer Baugh (Indianapolis , 2023-04-23)


These children need protection . If the situation was reversed (father abusing) they would have been action

Theo Emons (London, 2023-04-23)


No children should be hostages in a parental conflict .

Constance Savage (Port Monmouth , 2023-04-23)


We should be protecting children from abuse not endangering them by leaving / forcing them in abusive situations and with people.

Melanie Rusdo (Kelso, 2023-04-23)


The neglect of these children at the hands of their mother is constantly overlooked and outright dismissed by a broken system. These children should be with their father, who treats them well, cares for them, and loves them. The actions of the state and state parties involved is atrocious.

Carrie Wright (Pohatcong , 2023-04-23)


My friend Tom a loving father trying to keep his daughters safe and with him vs homeless and being mistreated by their mother.

James Macdonald (Trenton, 2023-04-23)


Tom’s story is heartbreaking and it truly seems as though this system has failed him and his girls.

Melissa Hodgens (Staten Island, 2023-04-24)


I strongly support this cause and am sickened by the situation based on all the evidence I’ve seen. And this is based on one situation, how many others are there? Insane!!

Jesse St-Laurent (Stanstead, 2023-04-24)


The kids that should be with their father.

Joshua HImelrick (Plymouth, 2023-04-24)


I've watched this man fight for the well being of his children and get no help at any point. As a mother and decent human my heart breaks for him and the injustice of this case.

Heather Reed (Millsboro, 2023-04-24)


This dad should have his kids

Dawn Boultinghouse (Mantua, 2023-04-24)


I can see how unfair and one sided all of this is. I’m not a person to take sides because of bias. I take sides of what is right. I’ve personally seen the bruises and cut marks on these children and it’s not right that the people in charge are ignoring this. It’s not right that the father, who is a good father, cannot even see his kids, because the mother disobeys court orders. And over and over, nothing happens. This entire case is out of hand and could easily be resolved if the people in charge just did the right and honest thing.

Kyle Cafarelli (Canton, 2023-04-24)


I hope the kids get the safety and well-being they need. I have been watching Tom’s journey for a long time and this is overdue

Joseph Damiano (Belfast, 2023-04-24)


I have been a victim of domestic violence and was treated as if that wasn’t possible because I am a man. Men do get abused and unfortunately the system is unfairly weighted to favor the mother. If this individual was really acting in the best interest of the children then they would not be ignoring the evidence and doing their job to protect the kids from further harm. Either this individual starts doing their job or they need to get out of the way.

Patrick Sanfilippo (Arnold, 2023-04-24)


I stand with Tom

Justin Leonard (London , 2023-04-24)


Tom deserves to have custody of his children, he shouldn't have to live in fear of his children being beaten by the other parent on a normal basis.

Joseph Padilla jr (Pensacola , 2023-04-24)


I know how it feel as a father myself been through the same thing

Josef Spiteri (Ta'xbiex , 2023-04-24)


I believe in justice for everyone.

Tina Wilkins (Fort Worth, 2023-04-24)


I'm signing in support of Tom in the hope that his children have a better life with him and are taken away from their abusive mother. This behaviour by the cps is unacceptable. It would not happen in my own country so should not happen in the United States.

Simon Carr (York, 2023-04-24)


I care about children's well being.

Joseph Roddy (HARRISBURG, 2023-04-24)


I support Tom. This man is following what he was told to do by the courts every step of the way, while his ex wife can break every agreement made and not have to answer for any of it. Meanwhile not only does he pay for it, his kids are paying for it physically as well as mentally.

Chris Biggs (Guthrie, 2023-04-24)


Support of another father

Anthony Gonzalez (Parma, 2023-04-25)


It’s heart breaking to see these girls come to their father with bruises and leave him in tears for fear of their safety. After my custody battle I understand this parents fears. Please take the steps to ensure these children are cared for by the parent who is better equipped to provide a safe and stable environment for the children. It’s about time that we see parents are equal- not the archaic notion that every Mother is the better option. I have followed Tom for years watching the struggle just see he children - which in itself is an abuse situation but then actual documented physical abuse. It should be obvious that to a stranger that he is the better option for these kids- let alone a professional. These systematic failures are the exact reason why the public does not trust your organization.

Lizz LaVecchia (Trevose, 2023-04-25)


Because tom deserves his kids with all the crap Nicole gave him

Matt Wolf (Ocean, 2023-04-25)


It's not right and I was hit by my mother when I was a child

Austin Elam (Canton, 2023-04-26)


To keep kids In a hotel room with their crackhead mother rather than with their own home with a great father is a crime, she should be terminated.

Scott Kussmaul (Roselle park , 2023-04-26)


Based on all the information made public and seeing that that these individuals involved in handing the children back to an abusive mother and failing the children safety and mental stability, is why I’m signing this form. Children first, period!!!

Justin Correa (Spring Hill, 2023-04-26)


These cps workers blatantly disregard the safety of children and return them to abusive parents instead of placing them with loving fathers

Lindsey Harris (Roscoe, 2023-04-26)


This man has been nothing short of an impeccable father to his kids yet they let the so called mother of these children dictate who what where when and why he can be a father. The family courts and children’s rights groups funded by the government are an abysmal failure to fathers and I’m not just speaking for Tom. I’m speaking for all men that get thrown around day to day by this so called justice system.

Greg Komporlis (Clifton, 2023-04-26)


CPS once failed my sister. They don’t take both sides fair.

Jennifer da silva (Union, 2023-04-27)


Children should be safe and protected from abuse and neglect not turn a blind eye and allow this to continue to happen to innocent children.

Skot Chase (Independence, 2023-04-27)


I am a dad. Kids deserve better.

Adam Nori (Hibbing, 2023-04-27)


Recommending children be returned to a parent/guardian that has been proven time and again to be abusive us deplorable. It shows this case worker has little concern for the safety and well-being of the children in this case.

Holly Miller (Bridgeton, 2023-04-27)


I am a foster parent and a teacher. Children should not be treated like this especially from a parent. I’m this is sicking. The Judge and the CPS caseworker are neglecting the welfare of these children. What would happen if one or all of them were killed by the abuser? And the Judge and caseworker just let this happen. They would have blood on their hands. They are part of this. The judge and the casework needs both remove for office and charge with abuse to a minor. There are BOTH mandatory reporters and need to be remove immediately and be put in jail. This is a disgrace.NO child should be abuse and remains with the abuser. NEVER!

Deborah Parrish (Phoenix, 2023-04-27)


This is deplorable.
An unfit mother should never have had the kids put back in her custody!
Give the father those precious babies!!

Kirstie Morris (Houston , 2023-04-28)


It's the right thing to do.

Michael Dimond (Pittsburgh , 2023-04-28)


My friend, Tom, is fighting to protect his kids from their abusive mother and everyone who stood by her in the process. Tom is taking every necessary step to protect them and stand against thise responsible for hurting them and robbing them of their loving father.

Gabriel Cymbalista (Cedarhurst, 2023-04-30)


I just don’t get the system if your seeing what’s going on and tom is doing everything he can to get his kids back from his ex and he keeps getting shot down it just breaks my heart

Theresa Pellino (Roselle park , 2023-04-30)


I believe Father's rights

Daniel Liska (Mayer, 2023-04-30)


Something has to be done. Your system is broken and needs to be fixed

Charles Phillips (Norfolk, 2023-04-30)


The safety of these children is in jeopardy if they are left with their mother.

Jennifer-Lynn Petersheim (Rochester, 2023-04-30)


Tom has shown time and time again how his rights have been ignored and court orders have not been followed by the children's mother. Tom is a father and an outstanding father at that who will go above and beyond for his children. I strongly question how Tom doesn't have sole custody of all three children after the evidence Tom has presented and continues to present. I really hope justice is done here for Tom!

Tommy Kavanagh (Nottingham , 2023-04-30)


It's the right thing to do

Boehm Dawn (Pittsburgh , 2023-04-30)


I’ve followed this process closely now for over a year. Watching numerous live videos showcasing physical abuse from the mother and verbal abuse. No child should ever have to go through what all three of these innocent children are being out there. The right thing to do is placing the children in custody with the father.

Kyle Autrey (Fort Wayne, 2023-04-30)


Because Tom is a loving and caring father who has been time and time again rejected by a court system that is supposed to uphold the law. However they continue to send his kids back to a mentally and physically abusive and neglectful mother who is using the kids as nothing more than pawns

Genesis Moss (Amelia Crt Hse, 2023-04-30)


I hate child abuse an this mother needs to be in jail !!!!! This father needs to be given full custody

tellisa pola-colon (Martinsburg, 2023-04-30)


This situation is complete and utter bullshit. Too many people who have become "involved" don't deserve their jobs or certifications for such. Time to start replacing "officials" and "authorities".

Nick Young (Rochester, 2023-04-30)


I believe in fathers rights and I believe Tom isnt being herd. Hes being drained of everything he has, financially, emotional and I'm sure physically. Hes given everything and the children suffer! WAKE UP!!!

Samantha Cartwright (Cleveland, 2023-04-30)


This woman is disgusting and abusive. I watched the footage of her beating her child, throwing PUNCHES at a child. If this were a man doing it, he'd be put in prison immediately.

Stacey Book (Tonawanda, 2023-04-30)


I support Tom

Louis-Simon Lamontagne (Saint-fÉlix-de-valois, 2023-04-30)


I've seen things. I know the state isn't always correct in their assessment of things. It seems when the state decides till take kids, the kids end up worse. Then when they leave kids, the kids end up worse.

Michael Ehrie (Blackwood, 2023-04-30)


As a child of a messy divorce and seeing first hand how it effected me I am signing for Tom because he is an amazing father and he and his children should never have to endure this hell especially when thr evidence against his ex is blatantly there for all to see. It's so ridiculous that he has not been given his children permanently. JUSTICE FOR TOM!!!!!!

James Williams (Columbia, 2023-04-30)


The fact that the system allows these children to be sent back to an environment that is forcing them to be exposed to negligent care of their so call mother is absolutely unacceptable ..From the flagrant store beating with a close fist to their atrocious school attendance to her constantly violating the court orders not allowing their children to spend time with their father is absolutely sickening and needs to be addressed...

Robert James (Cape Coral, 2023-04-30)


To support!!!

Cisco Lopez (Keansburg , 2023-04-30)


It's wrong to deprive a loving father of his kids, AND it's wrong to keep purposefully exposing the kids to a blatantly obvious toxic environment. And by doing so, CPS is not holding true to their mantra of "Services to Protect Children". Either the caseworker who keeps recommending that they stay in that environment needs to be removed, or the entire system needs an overhaul.

Andrew Yant (Tarentum, 2023-04-30)


As a father myself I can’t imagine any children being allowed to be in the hands of Thomas Gebhardt‘s ex-wife. Tom has been transparent with everything that is going on. His children are being deprived of living with him. From what I see, his children are in a abusive environment and are being neglected from their basic needs. I don’t know how this system is so flawed. This is just terrible.

Gabriel Nogueira (South River, 2023-04-30)


Fathers deserve to be considered as important as mothers.

Matthew Grenig (Parma, 2023-04-30)


This is outrageous.

Raymond Esposito (Rocky Hill, 2023-04-30)


This chick literally beat a child in public. Are you kidding me?

Megan Watters (Howell, 2023-04-30)


I care about the Health and Welfare of these children.

Sharon Lentz (Langhorne, 2023-05-01)


The failure of this deplorable human is trickling down to the children she is supposed to be protecting.

Jamie Apple (Mebane, 2023-05-01)


I've seen the Truth, anyone who has been following this can clearly see the mad hypocrisy, neglect and abuse of children AND the system.

David Coven (Pittsburgh , 2023-05-01)


Child abuse,negligence and the demeaning of another parent is uncalled for. Stop the gold diggers

Jonathan Alvarez (Gibbstown, 2023-05-01)


I met Tom once. He's a nice guy! He took me for wings once and let me sit in his car.
Your court system sounds pretty wild. So many people failing these kids. I hope some things change over there.

Dan N (Waterloo, 2023-05-01)


It’s obvious the local CPS case handler has dropped the ball in every possible regard

Bart Thornton (Fredericksburg, 2023-05-01)


I am signing because I know how good of a man Tom is, and everyday I see how good of a father he is. As well, I know how broken the justice system is, and we all need that to change and update itself.

Matt Streicher (Taylor, 2023-05-01)


Protecting the safety of children should always come first. It is been shown that the mother should not be given custody yet continues to get them back. The system is failing these little girls. It’s heart breaking.

Katrina Rhoades (Jenkintown, 2023-05-01)


the right think to do is sign

Clarissa Gonzalez (Colorado Springs , 2023-05-01)


It's the right thing to do.

Mike Heise (Battle Creek, 2023-05-01)


The continuous endangerment of the well being if my dear freind Tom's daughter is totally unacceptable and has gone on far too long. The people in charge of overseeing and making decisions regarding these children amd their safety need to be held accountable.

Shannon Lee (Clearlake, 2023-05-01)


They have done the OPPOSITE of their job. Instead of helping these children, all they did was put them in harms way. Even after all kinds of physical evidence, they still returned them to an abusive parent with anger issues. She is OBVIOUSLY an Emotionally Disturbed Person who is a threat to her children, other people and herself. These poor children need the love, proper care and attention that their Father has provided and continued to fight to give them. Angie & Patricia need to resign or be terminated for the mental and physical stress they have caused these children and their father. Who knows how many other families have been affected in this similar manner, if not worse due to their negligence.

Alex Acevedo (Ozone Park, 2023-05-01)


I’ve seen the crap Tom has had to put up with in this case. The ineptitude of all the court officials involved is ridiculous. The children have been withheld from him on countless occasions and there has been document proof of abuse from the children’s mother and still nothing is being done to insure their well-being.

Sean Mahoney (Wilmington, 2023-05-01)


I see an unfairness to the father in this case. He has done what the law and the court ask of him, be a good father, provide to the children's needs, attend to them when they are in dire need of help. He appears as directed, yet his ex-spouse has done the complete opposite by thumbing her nose at the court at every instance without any rebuke or consequences. When the children's voices need to be heard, the court has shut the door. It seems that Angie & Patricia do not have the best interest of the children's welfare at heart. After a recent showing of a video where the mother showed very questionable if not abusive behavior. The case manager & supervisor felt it was not enough to act on. At what point do must they act ? When they are starved, beaten or in the hospital at which the media catches on that the dept of children services failed to act as the one in Los Angeles regarding 10 year old Anthony Avalos. Please act responsibly.

Luis Castillo (Covina, 2023-05-01)


If your job is to protect children, and you fail consistently in that responsibility, then you should not have that job.

Charles Fincher (East Dublin, 2023-05-02)


Which monster is worse, the one who commits the act, or the one who enables it?

Angel Cushing (Allen, 2023-05-03)


For all of the evidence of neglect and abuse, this woman has failed at her position. These girls deserve better.

Ryan Scott (Clermont, 2023-05-04)


Tom is a good man and by what I have seen this is not right to him or his children.

Derrick Busch (Hazlet, 2023-05-04)


Tom deserves full custody of his children.

Giameo Ronald (Union, 2023-05-04)

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