Hamilton Mill is an already over-developed to the point of near gridlock. We do not need another poorly planned overly dense housing project crammed into 40 acres just because there are 40 acres available. LET'S HAVE SMART DEVELOPEMENT-NOT JUST ANY DEVELOPMENT!

Darlyn Wilkerson (Buford, 2023-07-18)


Hamilton mill is reminding me of NY. I left NY to get away from the congestion and traffic.

Adam Bucceri (Dacula , 2023-07-19)


I believe this development would have a negative impact to our area.

Thomas Dolce (Dacula, 2023-07-19)


Absolutely NO, traffic is already horrific.
The burden on the Schools will be enormous.
The schools are at capacity already.

Crime is on the rise, enough is enough.

How much is the planning board getting paid under the table for this one?

Who on the planning board has an ownership interest in this project?

There are still numerous subdivisions under construction/development and the full impact of those subdivisions on the current infrastructure is still unknown.

Given the congestion and arrangement of the existing infrastructure, there is no practical ability for expansion or improvement. This area is already overbuilta, JUST STOP.

Joseph Fox (Dacula, 2023-07-19)


I oppose high density housing on 40 acres off Sardis Church and Hamilton Mill. That’s way too much development for our already overburdened and overcrowded area. No multi level housing! We have the mall for that.

Jennifer Mullins (Buford, 2023-07-19)


This developments will worsen the already heavy traffic in the area

Carlos Rodriguez (Dacula, 2023-07-19)


We don’t have the infrastructure to support the newly added housing, retail and commercial buildings that’s have recently been built and are currently under construction. We can’t keep adding more without addressing the other community needs and the impact of all this new construction.

Jennifer Carter (Dacula, 2023-07-19)


The traffic is already horrendous. We definitely do not need any more traffic. There are already too many new subdivisions going up. We need to keep what little trees we have now.

Brenda Sinquefield (Dacula , 2023-07-19)


We have enough apartments and more than enough traffic!! The very last thing we need is more apartments or houses just let land stay vacant!!

Debra Taylor (Dacula, 2023-07-19)


The area is busy enough and apartments bring too much riffraff to the area We don’t need 4000 more cars causing more traffic and madness

Anthony Menechino (Dacula , 2023-07-19)


This area is already congested. This would overburden the existing infrastructure

Roan Harrison (Dacula , 2023-07-19)


Without improving infrastructure in an already over-populated and over-burdened commercial area and not conducting a traffic study, the builders are trying to turn this into another Mall of GA Blvd with apartments.. We do not need this here.

Sharon Enoch (Dacula, 2023-07-19)


This area is already congested to the point it is impassable at times. There is no way that this intersection can adequately absorb this kind of increased traffic. Traffic already backs up onto Hamilton mill Road trying to get into the Chick-Fil-A. This is NOT a walkable area which means the traffic will increase astronomically with the density of housing that’s being proposed.

Elizabeth Nerren (Dacula, 2023-07-19)


Too much traffic now. Can’t imagine what it would be like if this is allowed to happen.

Karyll Faucher (Dacula, 2023-07-20)


I am signing because the traffic is getting out of control especially in that area. I am not against apartments or additional housing for people but Hamilton Mill is too congested.

Latisha Ellis (Dacula, 2023-07-20)


I am tired of seeing all these apartments and shopping centers.... and those massive watehouses.

Richard Hermes (Buford, 2023-07-20)


We moved here in 2018. The amount of growth in these last 5 years, without expanding infrastructure has made this area utter chaos and gridlock. We don't need more housing, we need improved roads and traffic flow. Our schools just got relief from massive overcrowding, this will create an untold burden on those to.

Philana Nowak (Hoschton , 2023-07-20)


This area cannot handle more development and more cars on the existing roads. We already have gridlock. Please stop adding more development without correcting the existing problems.

Elizabeth Jordan (Dacula, 2023-07-20)


The clear cutting of trees and over development needs to stop! This is not necessary nor needed in an already over populated area.

Meredith Bridger (Dacula, 2023-07-20)


Stop the development. It will bring more traffic in an already congested area, crime WILL increase and the traffic through Hamilton Mill community will worsen. It’s already out of control with the speeders and trash. Property value will eventually decrease because of all the development.

Ken Bridger (Dacula, 2023-07-20)


We do not need more traffic in an already congested area. Apartments will bring down home values. There's already enough shopping and other parcels in the area. It will also cause another Gwinnett County school to be over crowded.

Jennifer Sawyer (Dacula , 2023-07-20)


There is too much traffic in this area NOW! Constantly having congestion in this area!! That many people and cars is unfathomable!! Don’t allow this, please!!

Susan Schmidtbauer (Hoschton, 2023-07-20)


Congestion in this area is increasing with new housing developments and apartments will add to this increase dramatically along with commercial and retail.
Overbuilding is reducing our quality of life.
Please vote no to this request for zoning.
Bob Knight Associate Broker REALTOR
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Georgia Properties

Bob Knight (Dacula, 2023-07-20)


The population density in this area, and all areas north and east of Hwy 316, is far outpacing the infrastructure to support it. Traffic is already a nightmare everywhere in Gwinnett! The "paving over" of the few forested areas left in this part of the county needs to stop NOW!

Cynthia Keel (Lawrenceville, 2023-07-20)


I’m against this proposed zoning. There has been no traffic studies and the roads cannot handle the additional traffic.

Nancy Mauldin (Dacula , 2023-07-21)


There is already too much traffic around Sardis Church Rd and Hamilton Mill. This would destroy the charm of area and bring in more crime. Stop overcharging Gwinnett County but the County Commissioners don’t care about the residents and crime causes they see dollar signs, just look at how many people left South Gwinnett (North Dekalb) for overcharging and crime.

Georgia Sanborn (Buford, 2023-07-21)


I object to the zoning change to MU-R and RM-24. Such high density places a significant burden on already over burdened infrastructure and our schools. This development is not consistent with the present nature of this community.

Philip Metz (Dacula, 2023-07-21)


This is bullshit

Amy Dolce (Dacula, 2023-07-21)


Traffic in th area is horrible. Roads need to be built up before we continue to over crowd.

Mike Gambarota (Dacula, 2023-07-21)


Tired of the over development

Gary Lazarz (Dacula, 2023-07-21)


Our area is congested and difficult to drive around. In December I was hit on the highway in that area and there are many other accidents. 800 cars can not be handled in the already congested area with poor traffic management. Our schools are already full and retail services in the area.

Candice Lange (Dacula, 2023-07-21)


Gwinnett is being over developed and the traffic congestion gets worse annually. Property tax increases annually and all we get for it is more congestion. 700 apartments is not what this area needs. Stop the madness!

Kent Brings (Dacula, 2023-07-21)


I don’t want to see more traffic that could clog our intersections and SKG High School.

Shannon Chalden (Buford, 2023-07-21)


This area is already too congested

Rosemary Ford (Buford, 2023-07-21)


I don't want the extra traffic and it will make it harder to get out to Hamilton Mill Dr.

John Sanborn (Buford, 2023-07-22)


I drive through this area almost everyday and the traffic at this exit is chaotic at best.

Kristin Fruhwirth (Hoschton , 2023-07-22)


The amount of residents and traffic will be increased and we don’t agree with that

Tracy Huynh (Buford, 2023-07-22)


It is my right as a resident and lifelong citizen of Gwinnett. No more Gwinnett..STOP!!! We no longer have any green space left, not only for air to breath from trees , but protection for wild life to live that we need as intended them for them to be.
Rebecca Bradberry

Rebecca Bradberry (Buford, 2023-07-22)


The traffic is horrible in the proposed area. The residents in this area of Gwinnett do NOT want to live in a more urban environment. We moved here to escape that lifestyle.

Kelly Dahlin (Dacula , 2023-07-22)


Hamilton Mill is already overgrown!!! The streets are dangerous as it is! More people. More fatalities.

Judy Harbin (Buford, 2023-07-22)


We are already facing extreme congestion in this area. Our schools are overwhelmed, our streets are overwhelmed, and our shops are overwhelmed. Not only are we overwhelmed we are also facing extreme uptick in violent crimes in this area. It’s not fair to us current residents to have to deal with yet again another complex filled with more people. Please reconsider this proposal.

Melissa Olsson (Dacula, 2023-07-22)


This is a small area with a lot of traffic already. This new development has to be studied better considering schools amount and density of people already living here.

Ana Villegas (Buford, 2023-07-22)


We have enough traffic in our area. Enough trees have been taken down to reduce our air quality! We don't need more homes or apartments. Please stop with the building. Don't let our state become a concrete jungle like CAL for is!

Katherine Ouimette (Buford, 2023-07-22)


Apartments bring too many people to a small area. This brings traffic and more crime.

Cindy Donegan (Buford , 2023-07-22)


The infrastructure is not in place to host this new addition of motor vehicle traffic. The current retail stores and restaurants cause gridlock at and around the intersection at Sardis Church and Hamilton Mill

Julia Westover (Buford, 2023-07-22)


This will cause major issues with traffic and the area is already over crowded

Pablo Bonilla (Buford, 2023-07-22)


Stop the madness! It’s too much and will over burden the roadway & bring in transient people that may not be dedicated to the community,

Robin Bennett (Buford, 2023-07-22)


The infrastructure can not support this type of development. Hamilton Mill Rd. @Sardis church is already heavily congested intersection. Build homes, not apartments.

Beth Roloff (Buford, 2023-07-22)


I don’t want any more development or volume in Hamilton Mill area, especially near I-85. Schools are crowded, traffic is not being controlled, residential and pedestrian speed zones are not being enforced as it is.

Kelcy Faulk (Buford, 2023-07-22)


I am saying "NO" to the rezoning and in favor to stop over-development in Hamilton Hill ...stop RZC2022-00045 and stop RZM2022-0047/

Cheryl Watson (Buford, 2023-07-22)


I live in this area and already it takes so long to go anywhere on Hamilton Mill. The area around Sardis Church gets so backed up much of the day it is already difficult to get to I85. The traffic lights are already close together. A new school has just added traffic. The new apartments near the mall have added congestion. Multiple warehouses are adding traffic and congestion. It is ludicrous to add more. Soon we will not be able to leave our homes.

Carole Harrison (Buford, 2023-07-22)


It is too congested here now. Traffic is so bad at certain times of the day it takes 15 min to get to 85 from Puckett’s Mill Road.

KELLY Hite (Buford, 2023-07-22)


This area is already extremely over developed with no road infrastructure to support it. We are looking to move out of Gwinnett because of the lack of foresight.

Kathy Cole (Buford, 2023-07-22)


Stop the overdevelopment!

Chelsea LaCovey (Dacula, 2023-07-22)


i love my hometown

Grace Timler (Dacula, 2023-07-22)


I have children who attend the schools located in the school district this parcel of land is located. The schools have already begun to get overcrowded resulting in higher student/teacher ratios. The scores of the schools are suffering and the impact of. Pir students has been negative as well. Our schools cannot handle the amount of growth 700 apartment hones would bring. The traffic in that area is already gridlock during rush hours and the amount of accidents on those roads has increased significantly as well. The area is not prepared for that amount of a population increase.

Charlotte McDaniel (Lawrenceville , 2023-07-22)


I believe in fair housing options for all….I do not believe in 700 apartments at our main part of town where we shop, dine, go to school and get access to 85 to go to our jobs. We are not built for this and do not want it.. Gwinnett Commissioners please listen to the people for a change. The Gwinnett Unified 2040 plan has failed us in so many ways, if this is even being considered !!

L Lockard (Hoschton, 2023-07-22)


Enough is enough...there is no need for more development in this area....the gridlock in that area almost every hour of the day is ridiculous. The people renting will never be able to get out of tge complex...hope tHey are all going to work, eat, socialize at home, as they will be homebound. Just doesn't make sense in this location!

David Dupree (Dacula, 2023-07-22)


While Gwinnett County may think they need more housing, the applicant is wrong to assume that THIS particular area can absorb any more high density housing. The roads, the local services and the safety and quality of life will go down hill quickly. It won't be long before those living in this area, supporting the area will find it NOT to be supportive of the quality of life we have spent years working towards and will subsequently move OUT of Gwinnett.

This is NOT a good fit.

Laurie Dupree (Dacula, 2023-07-22)


We don't have the road infrastructure to accommodate the number of cars that will come with more multi-family residential housing. The traffic on Hamilton Mill Road between Sardis Church Rd and Braselton Hwy is bad enough already.

Michael McCollum (Dacula, 2023-07-22)


I am all for sensible development. In this case, what is the current population? Have the traffic studies and infrastructure studies been done? If so, what changes need to be made in those two area's to support the anticipated increase to the population and to them means in which travel will occur to and from this new development? What plans are in place to aid to increase affordable home ownership as opposed to rentals. I am quite unsure how 2800 additional car trips WON'T burden the infrastructure. We would like to see the studies done to support this.

Sari Hood (Dacula, 2023-07-22)


I rarely travel in this area. But every time I do it is obvious that the area cannot even handle the current traffic load. There is NO WAY such a development can be added to this area without creating an absurd and dangerous level of gridlock the majority of the time. There should be NO more development in this area until a proper traffic study is completed and improvements made to handle both current and future traffic loads.

James January (Sigar Hill, 2023-07-22)


This area cannot support the traffic as is.

Jason Reeves (Dacula , 2023-07-22)


Traffic is already at capacity. Infrastructure not ready for this population density. Existing zoning works. This area should be zoned residential and agriculture.

Cindy Groom (Buford, 2023-07-22)


Would increase too many cars on the road at that location.

Judy Pfeffer (Dacula, 2023-07-22)


I live in the Hamilton Mill area and additional houses/apartments will stress an already overburdened road system. Traffic is terrible already and will get worse. The resources will already be stretched even further.

Nicole A Rutland (DACULA, 2023-07-22)


The area and all around it are already saturated. This will cause way too many people living in the area & will impact it all very negatively.

Karen Maddux (Dacula, 2023-07-22)


I would like stop the development in our city. The taxes have been raised to crazy amounts and the bulldozing all of the trees has gotten out of hand. I have lived here for 33 years. Before the Mall of Ga, and Hamilton was a 4 way stop sign. I get the development over time but with the explosion of apartments EVERY WHERE the traffic has become crazy and you are making our once quiet country suburbs into a commercialized mini city. Once the city is stacked full of complexes our taxes will be based off the masses ( the complexes) and our single family homes will have to pay the same as the big guys. Running you out and taking over.

Crystal Applegate (Buford, 2023-07-22)


Because I see my heritage getting destroyed!

Paula Bargen (Buford , 2023-07-22)


This area is already saturated, the exit on hamilton mill rd is already congested and with this it will get even worse.

Mohamed Elfilali (Dacula, 2023-07-22)


We already have too many people using the water available from Lake Lanier what are we going to do the next time a drought hits. We're going to be in big big trouble is what.

Kathleen L Eratostene (Buford, 2023-07-22)


I'm opposed to more apartments, already traffic is horrible. Would like to move out of Gwinnett if this keeps happening.

C. Wright (Buford, 2023-07-22)


Roads and infrastructure can’t support this, no one wants this development next to a high school, sardines church is only 2 lane road. What’s the point of having zoning in an area if any one can rezone it even though everyone around the area doesn’t want it except the developer

Chris Strobel (Flowery Branch, 2023-07-22)


Traffic is already so heavy and condensed in this area. I fear for my children to drive with the regularly occurring accidents. So many stop lights & it’s still difficult to get out of some businesses or side roads onto the main roads.

Lori Fox (Dacula , 2023-07-22)


No to apartments.

LaShondra Sutherland (Buford, 2023-07-22)


Too much development in Gwinnett County!
I live 6 miles from work takes at least 30 minutes to get there RIDICULOUS

Kellye Arden (Dacula , 2023-07-22)


No more traffic or retail at this time too congested in that area now as it is.

Cathy Malone (Buford , 2023-07-22)


Too much development here already. Too much traffic with no improvement for the roads to handle the traffic already here.

Candace Hinchey (Dacula, 2023-07-22)


We don’t need more traffic and the schools are already overwhelmed.

Tanya Roberge (Dacula, 2023-07-22)


Too many apartments in this area. There is not enough space in the schools and yet they continue to add more people to the area. We are NOT Brookhaven OR Buckhead.

Michelle Russell (Buford , 2023-07-23)


I live in the area. I do not believe the roads and infrastructure we have in the Hamilton Mill area can support this addition.

Megan Aunchman (Hoschton, 2023-07-23)


I moved to Buford almost 6 years ago, and it has changed so much. This area of Buford has not experienced at much developmental as Mall of Georgia area, so it still has its charm, but the moment more homes and businesses are built, that charm is going to disappear, and it’s going to create a congested area. Property tax is going to skyrocket, and older residence are going to move out because they can’t afford to live here anymore. Keep Hamilton mill as it is.

Catharine Mendez (Buford, 2023-07-23)


We do not need to add to an already congested area of traffic.

Deanna COX (Buford, 2023-07-23)


We already have enough subdivisions going in all around this area and with the new school the traffic right there would be horrendous. Adding commercial properties or shopping would be good or a warehouse. But not a apartment complex with that many units. The single-family home houses would be better if you did that and coming off Sardis Church Road not Hamilton Mill. There’s not enough room for a red light and traffic like that coming out on Hamilton in Mill.

Annette Lamb (Auburn, 2023-07-23)


Because the are is already too busy and I don’t want them to biuld a massive apartment complex in the area

Kelly Sharpe (Buford, 2023-07-23)


The traffic is already overwhelming in this area, particularly the before and after school traffic. I agree that it is not accurate to call this a foot traffic area.

Kelly Morris (Dacula, 2023-07-23)


There is already to much traffic in this area. We are already so overpopulated in this area.

Ron Miller (Buford, 2023-07-23)


This area is already overbuilt for the infrastructure and the DOT recently surveyed the populace about changes at the I-85 ramps and there’s been no update regarding this. Traffic is already horrendous!

Janice Watson (Dacula, 2023-07-23)


Traffic is already a nightmare. I literally dont patronize the businesses in the are becaused of traffic

Michael Smith (Hoschton, 2023-07-23)


I'm signing because we have enough traffic and congestion. Enough development in that area,don't need anymore. Also, we will run out of water if they keep developing.

Gail Iacobucci (Buford, 2023-07-23)


The are us over crowded. Roads can not support the extra volume in our area. Not opposed to apartments just not in that location.

johnson Renee (Buford, 2023-07-23)


This will cause traffic issues - this area already has heavy traffic and this was cause even more cars and trucks to be on roads that can't bear the increased volume

Stacy Wylie (Dacula, 2023-07-23)


Traffic is already awful on Hamilton mill and surrounding areas

Nydia Kehnle (Buford, 2023-07-23)


We don’t need more homes in this area the traffics is horrible now adding more homes /apartments is only going to add to the traffic problems in this area

Kim Creamer (Hoschton , 2023-07-23)


We don’t need any more developments to n Gwinnett County.

Edward Smith Jr (Dacula, 2023-07-23)


This will absolutely decrease our quality of life, as we live just a mile from this location. It already takes a full five minutes almost anytime of day for us to drive from our house to the I85 south ramp, a short distance of almost one mile. Please protect our quality of life and our investment in our home. Our property taxes are extremely high, and our county leadership owes us functional infrastructure before approving rezoning for multi family housing.

April Piper (Dacula, 2023-07-24)


That is a super crowded area with lots of traffic and it will make it worse.

Traci Chapman (Dacula, 2023-07-24)


The area s already too congested. Several family members are nearby. And I am not far either. That is an insane place to build apartments! The area is awful to travel through currently!

LeeAnn Coffey (Dacula , 2023-07-24)


The last thing that this area needs is more traffic. Hamilton Mill Rd is congested as it is.

Natalie Brundage (Dacula, 2023-07-24)


There is way too much traffic now in Hamilton Mills

Lorri Brown (Lawrenceville , 2023-07-24)


I’m signing this petition against building 700 apartments plus shops at the proposed location because that area is already too congested. Please don’t do this to us. Overcrowding is not enjoyable. Makes us want to move out of Gwinnett County.

Celia Stockamp (Buford, 2023-07-24)

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