Petition for Family Unity - Claire Jean Fernhold.



Claire is upstanding citizen and loving and caring mother who deserves to stay in america.

Kevin van Ryneveld (Johannesburg, 2023-08-03)


I am signing this petition because I am closely involved with Claire and her family, and I know for a fact, that by letting her stay with her family during this process, it will only bring positivity and less stress to the entire process. By keeping the family separated, it will only bring unnecessary stress on the father who is employed and leaving the children lost and confused at such a young age. By keeping her united with her family, the risk of family stress will be completed avoided.

Tonia-Jade Sayers (Gauteng, 2023-08-03)


I believe that Claire should be granted a waiver in order to remain with her family during the process of her green card application.

Cher Fernhold (Johannesburg, 2023-08-03)


Claire is an amazing and kind person and will be an asset to you society. Please keep her together with her family, her children will be at such a disadvantage without her.

Gillian Pearce (SUNDOWNER, 2023-08-03)


Claire Fernhold is more than just a devoted wife and a caring mother; she embodies the very essence of a compassionate, hardworking, and resilient individual. Her unwavering commitment to her family's well-being sets an inspiring example for all of us, and I firmly believe that her staying with her family in the USA will greatly enrich the American nation in numerous ways.

Robin McClure (Johannesburg, 2023-08-03)


I have personally known Claire for many years and know she is such a great and dear person. Not only does she deserve to be and stay with her family, but it should not even have to be a consideration.

Mark Lindenberg (Johannesburg, 2023-08-03)


Claire is an amazing person and should remain with her wonderful family.

Liesel Alkers (Wilderness , 2023-08-03)


Claire is the mother of two wonderful children and an asset to her community, and North Carolina is a better place for having her there. To take care of her family, she needs to be with them in Raleigh.

The economic and political instability in South Africa has led to many families emigrating in order to give their children a chance to live a safe and stable life. In South Africa, we are subjected to amongst the highest crime statistics in the world, with women and children bearing the brunt of the violence. Every day we have blackouts with no electricity, our water supply is at risk too, and food security is under threat next. Our government is incapable of stemming the corruption and incompetence which is rife and has led to our current situation, leaving the next generation at dire risk of growing up uneducated and in poverty.

Where ever Claire goes, she offers her time and empathy to those around her by helping her neighbours, doing charity work, and raising her children to be equally kind and caring. Please allow Claire and her family to live in a society which offers them the safety and security that many other South Africans have been denied.

Toni Botes (Randburg, 2023-08-03)


I wish to support Claire and the family and ensure that I convey the importance of her staying with them during this process. They are a very close knit family and supportive of each other. Would really appreciate if this is taken into consideration

Clive van Ryneveld (Johannesburg, 2023-08-03)


I wish to indicate how close the family is and it would be devastating if Clair had to leave without her family. She is an extremely supporting wife to her husband and caring mother to her 2 children.

Maria Van Ryneveld (Johannesburg, 2023-08-03)


I know Claire and fully support her and her family durring this period. We also hope that she will recieve the necessary grace and favour in the process that allows them to be able to remain together as a family.

Brett Ross (Krugersdorp , 2023-08-03)


Claire is law abiding and responsible person who should be allowed to stay with her family.

John Broderick (George, 2023-08-03)


I believe that Claire and her family deserve to stay together in the pursuit of living their best lives in such an amazing country as the US. Claire has the amazing ability to create and will contribute to society in the most meaningful way. South Africans have an innate ability to work hard for what they believe in and give back to their communities and now this gift can be given by the Fernholds to those who they engage with in the US.

Holly Proctor (Johannesburg, 2023-08-03)


I believe that Claire has proven herself to be a loving, responsible and caring mother and wife and a valuable citizen in her community. It would be inhumane to separate a mother and her young children at a time where they need her most.

Elsabie Templeton (Midrand, 2023-08-03)


As a close relative I have been witness to Claire’s loving nature and amazing motherhood journey with her children. She is a caring and good natured woman who will always put her family and children first.

Tamsin Templeton (Cape Town, 2023-08-03)


I have known Claire Jean Fernhold for well over 5 years and I have always known her to be good-hearted, kind and loving person. She has always gone out of her way to help others(especially me) and is the perfect example of a good mother and wife. I am so grateful to call her one of my closest friends.

Jean-Marc Suntah (Port Elizabeth, 2023-08-04)


So that my friend can stay in the USA and not be separated from her family

Laurie Herron (Johannesburg, 2023-08-04)


I have known Claire since she was sixteen. She is a responsible person with a good moral ethic. I would recommend her as an upstanding member of any community.

Lyn Proctor (Roodepoort , 2023-08-04)


I'm signing because I believe Claire should remain with her family during this application process.

Drew Murphy (George, 2023-08-04)


I believe Claire is an honest, reliable and hardworking individual and great mom who will be an asset to any country as a citizen.
Jenny Fernhold

Jenny Fernhold (Magaliesburg, 2023-08-04)


because i love this family and seeing them separated for any reason would be tragic.
the tight knit bond they have is beautiful and Claire is an amazing mother to her kids. it would be heartbreaking to her and all of us who love the Fernhold family so very much.
please look at this case with compassion and do not separate such a close family from each other.

russell de wet (roodepoort, 2023-08-04)


I'm signing because Claire is an amazing mom and her family relies heavily on her day to day and it would be a travesty to separate them.

Michael Pearce (Randburg, 2023-08-04)


Families need to stay together! Claire is a responsible citizen, an excellent mother and a devoted wife. She deserves to stay in the USA.

Lauren Kemp (Randburg, 2023-08-04)


I believe families should be keep together wherever possible. Her children would suffer unnecessarily, as would she and her husband, they would miss one another dearly. Please allow them to stay together.

Natalie Fismer (Johannesburg, 2023-08-04)


I'm signing this petition as Clair is an amazing mother and partner that deserves to be with her family

ANDREA LOTTERING (Johannesburg, 2023-08-04)


I'm signing because I believe that Claire should be allowed to remain with her family during the green card application process

Alain Augere (Chesterfield, 2023-08-04)


Claire must stay with her family.

George Newham (Johannesburg, 2023-08-04)


Claire is an incredible mother, wife and community member. Having had her a part of our local community previously, I can honestly say she is an asset to any neighbourhood...and school group! She is a dedicated mother, who is very committed to young children and hard-working husband. She should definitely be permitted to remain with her family, and as part of her community. I appeal for her waiver request to be approved.

Bronwyn Mulrooney (George, 2023-08-05)


I support this petition to allow Claire to obtain her green card as she is a loving, caring, responsible and brave mother.

Justin Templeton (Cape Town, 2023-08-05)


I'm signing because I believe a mother should never be separated from her children and that a family should be kept together as it is in the best interests of the family.

Zita Smyth (Chichester , 2023-08-05)


I believe Claire should stay with her family during this process and that it would give her opportunity to contribute to society and support her family

Annelda Pretorius (Johannesburg, 2023-08-05)


No mom should ever be separated from their family. I will help with everything I can so Claire can stay with her family. She is a wonderful person and is always willing to help others so it's my time to help her

Claire Pringle (Gauteng , 2023-08-05)


I think its best to stay as n family

Werner Pretorius (Roodepooert, 2023-08-05)


I'm signing because I have known Claire Jean and her husband Ross Fernhold for many years and they are very close friends. Claire is a caring mother to two beautiful children and a loving and devoted wife. I truly believe she plays a vital role in her family unit and should she have to be separated from her children it would lead to long-term negative effects on them, impacting their mental health and overall happiness. Her children are still young so her presence is crucial in providing essential care, nurturing and guidance as they navigate life's inevitable challenges.

Thank you for your consideration.

Gregory Smyth (Johannesburg, 2023-08-05)


Claire deserves to be with her beloved family and with Claire's positive outlook on life and bubbly personality she is a beautiful addition to any country, city or state she finds herself in.

Monia Herbst (Johannesburg , 2023-08-05)


Claire is an extremely kind and caring person and amazing mother that deserves to stay with her family.

Daiyah Dixon (George , 2023-08-05)


Clair is a great friend and a even better human being.

Marcio Vila Pouca (Johannesburg , 2023-08-06)


I would like to validate the above and confirm that Claire Jean Fernhold is an exceptional mother to her two children Luna and Orion, she is an amazing wife to her husband Ross and a wonderful and very dear friend to me and my husband.

I have know Claire for approx. 20 years and my husband has known her and her husband even longer.

Tarryn Hunt (Cape Town, 2023-08-06)


I'm signing because I believe if Claire Jean Fernhold were to be separated from her beloved family it would cause severe mental, emotional and physical hardship for them all and seriously impact on the lives of her young children for many future years.

Carol Mulrooney (George, 2023-08-06)


In agreement with request made by Claire evidencing her commitment to her family and the country in which she wishes to live .

Peter Templeton (Krugersdorp, 2023-08-06)


I believe she should get the authorisation from the powers that be in order for her to continue being a good person and with her family.

owen mulrooney (george, 2023-08-07)


My dearest friend Claire is a devoted mother of two gorgeous children. She is an incredibley dedicated wife. I am a mom myself and I firmly believe a family should stay together and support one another. I'm adding my input for Claire's plea in the hope and faith that her request will be granted and she may continue to stay united with her family and raise her children in a solid foundation of a loving family home with her being a present mother.
Thank you for the reaching out for the consideration.

Lynne De Abreu (Johannesburg, 2023-08-07)


To whom it may concern.

I’ve known Claire for the last 10 years. She is an incredible, kind hearted person, a law-abiding and responsible individual, committed to being a positive contributor to society. She is wonderful mom and her family is her life.

Please keep her where she belongs in your beautiful country with her family.

Tilana Waddacor (Didcot , 2023-08-07)


No family should be separated from their mother.

Carla Ross (Krugersdorp, 2023-08-07)


Families should not be split up into different countries, especially when they are contributing to American society, and are upstanding and honest citizens.

Teresa Gortz (Franklin Roosevelt, 2023-08-08)


Claire is a remarkable individual who thrives as a dedicated mother and wife. She maintains remarkably high morals and standards and fosters a positive atmosphere wherever she goes.

Katie Bevins (Centurion, 2023-08-08)


I'm signing because a mother needs to stay with her children and should be given every right to continue to support her family. I'm not sure how a family separation epuld add any value to a green card application .

Nicole Van Pletzen (Johannesburg, 2023-08-08)


Claire, Ross and the children are wonderful people who have at all times maintained an strong family unit. I believe that it will be in the best interest of their family, as they prove themselves to be an asset to your community, as they stand proud of your country, the place they have chosen to call home.

Mandy van der Walt (Johannesburg, 2023-08-08)


I believe Claire's past should not affect the kind hardworking person she strives to be today.

Dominique Peixinho (Johannesburg, 2023-08-08)


I am a close friend of Claire's and I can attest to her positive, uplifting character.

Rebecca Dixon (Hoekwil, 2023-08-09)


Claire is a dear friend of mine. She is an amazing Mother and Wife, and will be a meaningful and beneficial member of your society. Please consider her request and allow her to stay together with her family.

Caron Gie (Cape Town, 2023-08-09)


I think Claire is a wonderful person and a great mom. She deserves to be with her family

Gabriel Ross (Krugersdorp , 2023-08-09)


I know that the Fernhold's are a very tight knit unit that are extremely family orientated. making her leave the family as a mother and wife will be tremendously difficult the the children's and family unit as a whole

Gerard Habib (Johannesburg, 2023-08-10)


I believe Claire is an upstanding moral person who contributes to society in a positive way.

Carina Smit (Rustenburg , 2023-08-12)


I'm signing for my sister

Carl Templeton (Gauteng, 2023-08-12)


I know Clair to be an honest, responsible person with a great love for her family.

Andrew Ross (Johannesburg, 2023-08-12)


Keeping Claire's family together is very important for their wellbeing.

Ruth Windisch (Johannesburg, 2023-08-12)


Its is important for families to stay together

Paula Windisch (Johannesburg, 2023-08-12)


Claire must stay with her familly

Jolanda Ingham (Krugersdorp , 2023-08-12)


I do not think Claire Templeton should be separated from her family during the greencard application

Murray Ellison (Johannesburg , 2023-08-13)


Family unity.

Tinus Smit (Rustenburg, 2023-08-13)


To support Claire and her family to achieve their dream and continue to live where they love to be.

Catheirne Doherty-Bigara (Durban, 2023-08-14)


I agree with everytjing, that has been written. And most importantly. To keep the family together.

Lauren Robers (Gauteng, 2023-08-14)


Keep Claire with her family!

Olaf Erasmus (Johannesburg, 2023-08-14)


I personally know Claire and went to High School with her. She is an amazing and upstanding character in every way. I fully support her application...

Heyns Van Rooyen (Gauteng, 2023-08-15)


I am a psychologist with over 18 years of practice and have been a close friend to the family for over 12 years now. Claire and Ross Fernhold deserve to remain together. They are a good team that support eachother and provide a caring home for their two children, Luna and Orion. Separating them will have a devastating effect on their children as both have strong bonds with Luna and Orion. Claire supports the family in the day so Ross can work, but in the evening, Ross takes over the care through stimulating Luna and Orion with sweet bed time rituals of reading and imagination through story telling. This team must be kept together, and it would cause psychological damage to the two children who are at an age that secure attachment is formed.

Megan De Klerk (Northcliff, 2023-08-15)


Cje vantonder

Christine Van Tondet (Johannesburg , 2023-08-15)


I would like to see the family together and not separated

Mariana Bosch (Delmas , 2023-08-15)


I'm signing because I believe in the cause and I wouldn't want anyone to be separated from their families. Sending blessings all the way!

Bianca Heather Glenister (Johannesburg , 2023-08-16)


I’m signing to support Claire Jean Fernhold to keep her family united with the green-card application.

Stuart Vos (Roodepoort , 2023-08-16)


I do not want Claire to be separated from her children during this process!!

Vanessa Moolman (Roodepoort , 2023-08-16)


Claire is amazing and very caring person. From the day we (my family and I met), we could tell Claire was a wonderful person, not only a caring mother and spouse, but a gooda d trusted friend.

Matthew Weinstock (Raleigh, 2023-08-16)


I believe in keeping families together.

Jazmin Baker (Raleigh , 2023-08-16)


I’m signing because I know Claire to be a responsible mother and wife, and upstanding citizen. She deserves compassion and fairness.

Linda Jean (Cape Town , 2023-08-17)


She belongs with her family!!!

Lauren Marais (Johannesburg, 2023-08-17)


Claire is one of the most grounded and family oriented people I know. She is a devoted wife and mother. I’ve know her for what must be over a decade now, both bridesmaids at our best friends wedding. Who happens to now be in the USA as well.
Claire is selfless, dedicated and always tries to give back where she can. Her honestly, values and morals are admirable and qualities so many lack these days.
I , without a doubt, am happy to vouch for her in any way possible. Her family are her life and to separate them would be a cruel and unnecessary punishment.

Jinnilea Calder (Johannesburg , 2023-08-17)


I am signing because I believe in the unity of family and I especially believe that a family needs a full time physically present mother in order to thrive. I have known Claire and her family for almost a decade and they have always been upstanding members of our community. I have no doubt that they have continued with this positive attitude in their new home in the USA. In South Africa we have a saying that says "Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu" which loosely translates to "I am because you are". This cannot be more fitting as it directly speaks to the importance of not only intimate families but the broader communities we exist in which because our family.

Gugu Buthelezi (Johannesburg, 2023-08-17)


I’m signing because I sincerely believe a mother’s place is with her husband and children, to create a healthy family unity, which is a building block fir a healthy community.

Lynette van Velze (Johannesburg , 2023-08-17)


I'm signing this petition to support one of my dearest friends. Claire is the matriarch of her family, a fantastic wife and mother. Claire deserves every right to be able to stay with her family and watch her children grow. Claire is an outstanding woman who adds value to any country she resides in.

Jenine Connelly (Trowbridge, 2023-08-17)


I believe in keeping family units together for the greater good of humanity and children growing up in a solid stable environment and Claire is an excellent mom and doting wife whose family means the world to her.

Lauren Nicoll (London, 2023-08-17)


Claire is a wonderful mother and wife. I think it's best for the family to stay together. It's terrible to imagine that they will be separated, and she will be unable to care for her family during this time.

Jacques du Preez (Cape Town, 2023-08-17)


I support the cause

Cindy-lee Mugglestone (Prieska , 2023-08-17)


I know Claire to be a great individual. Separating her from her family would do no justice at all.

baskaiyel baker (Raleigh, 2023-08-18)


Claire deserves to remain with her family and to continue being an upstanding member of the community in which she has made her home.

Kira Chomse (Cape Town, 2023-08-18)


I know Claire from school

Richard Tyszowiecki (Cape Town , 2023-08-19)


I have know Claire for 23 years. She is a devoted mother to her children and I know being separated from her husband and children would be absolutely devastating for her, for all of them. Please keep this beautiful family together, the children are still so young and need their mamma.

Claire Buys (Somerset west , 2023-08-20)


I know Claire to be a loving, supportive, healthy and wholesome mother and wife who is the backbone of her family and a person who contributes to her community in a positive way
It is my intention in signing this petition, that it will support her in being able to stay with her family while her green card application is processed
Thank you

Jade Snell (George, 2023-08-20)


Claire is an amazing wife and mother and should be allowed to stay with her children during this process. Claire is the glue that holds her family together and has been a blessing to everyone she meets.

Kerry Muir (Florida, 2023-08-20)


I am signing to support Claire Jean Fernhold for her petition, which holds immense significance in keeping her family together during her green card application journey. I can assure you that Claire is a law-abiding and responsible individual, committed to being a positive contributor to society.

Venessa Prins (Limpopo, 2023-08-21)


Claire, being married to my cousin is the most one of the most caring and giving human you would come across.
Having Claire part of your community and country is nothing but a blessing to the US.

Francisco Habib (Johannesburg, 2023-08-21)


Claire us a remarkable person and makes a difference wherever she goes. She is an assete

Angelique Ysselsteyn (Mogale, 2023-08-22)


These past few years getting to know Claire, and have her in my circle of friends, has been some actually amazing times, and I am so thankful we found ourselves moving into the same neighborhood around the same time.
She is one of the kindest and most authentic people you’ll ever meet. She has gone out of her way to include us in her families lives, as well as shared her culture with us, when we otherwise would never have been able to truly learn about that part of the world and I am immensely grateful for that as a Midwesterner who hasn’t left the country before. Claire has also been excited to share in our American traditions and cultures as well.
My family hosted her family for their first American Halloween, holiday cookie exchange, Super Bowl, and have spent MANY more hours sharing in community with Claire. She always brightens every room she is in with both her smile and her caring spirit, and literally contributes so much to each individual person at a function, as well as the whole group, you might even mistake her for the host even if she isn’t! All while also gently and cheerfully parenting her two kids!
I could go on and on about the amazing things this human has brought to our friend circle (and my life) but I’ll leave you with this, I truly wouldn’t want to know what our lives would look like without Claire, and her entire family, in it. They’ve spoiled us with kindness and true friendship and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for our close knit group.

Cortney Hasner (Raleigh, 2023-08-23)


I know Claire and her beautiful family through mutual friends and I think it’s important to keep families together.

Cassie Upton (Rolesville, 2023-08-23)


This country has always been known as a melting pot and I firmly believe in keeping families together

Lenna McGrath (Apex , 2023-08-23)


Claire used to be my neighbor and I know her to be a loving mother and wife. She’s a law abiding woman of sober habits who would never hurt a fly. I wish her all the best

Diane Helling (Wilderness George , 2023-08-23)


I’ve known Claire for 12 months. Her family is an upstanding and contributing member of our community and she in particular plays a crucial role in her family. The continued unity of her family benefits not only her directly but our community as a whole.

Ben Hasner (Raleigh , 2023-08-23)



Miles Bean (Wilderness , 2023-08-24)


Families should stay together. No human is "illegal."

Tim Hsieh (Cary, 2023-08-24)


I belive in natural justice and the family

Paul Levy (London, 2023-08-27)


Claire has been a real good friend and pillar of support to our family when we moved to the USA. Our husbands were given the opportunity to be transferred here by the company they work for. We went through most of the processes together until Claire's family got held up in South Africa due to covid restrictions.
It was hard for us without them, because we were new in the USA and were hoping to face new challenges together.
Once they finally arrived, it felt like we had family in the USA. They understood the legal but also emotional processes we have gone through and our families could support each other emotionally.
Claire also cares deeply about the wellbeing of my daughters as they navigate school and social lives and we often rely on her encouragement to uplift the girls.
When we moved from an apartment to a house, she was also kind and trusting enough to let us housesit for them while we were still looking for a property.
I know I can call on Claire at all times should our family have an emergency, as their family really is like family to us in the USA.
She loves being part of her community and while we lived in their house, I could tell from the neighbors' interaction that they all also relied on her because she is always caring, friendly and helpful.
As a lovely human being, she will be an asset to this amazing country.

Martha Lotz (Raleigh, 2023-08-28)


I worked with Ross Fernhold, Claire's husband and have become good friends and frequently visit each other's homes. We have become house friends in the US as they say in South Africa. We used to work in the Cape Town office before 2020 and I met Claire back then. Claire is an amazing, kind and loving human being. She is a loving mother and works hard to manage her house and support her husband with success. She has been helpful and supportive of my family. Claire is actively involved in her neighborhood community as well as her children's schools activities. Ross, is a Director at the prestigious S&P Global a Fortune 500 company. I have no doubt Claire would continue to add value and be a productive member of society in the US as she had been for many years in South Africa.

Conrad Lotz (Wake Forest, 2023-08-28)


Claire is an amazing individual. We cherish our friendship with her and her family. We call them our family. We help each other out with carpooling to and from school. We help each other out anytime one of us needs our children to be cared for. We help each other out with our animals. Claire has such a big heart and would drop anything she is doing to help someone out (even someone she doesn’t know).

Haley Doughty (Raleigh , 2023-08-28)


Support a wonderful person in staying with her husband and two kids

Tatum Navejas (Wake Forest, 2023-08-28)


We love this family in North Carolina and want them to stay!

Amanda Lyons (Raleigh , 2023-08-28)


Claire is a great person and her family needs her here!

Peter McMahon (Wake forest , 2023-08-29)


Claire is an amazing mom and human that I have had the pleasure of getting to know this past year as my son has become forever friends with her daughter. They have had countless play dates and I have spent time talking and getting to know Claire and we couldn't imagine our lives without her and her family in it.

Amber Picard (Wake forest, 2023-08-29)


They're an amazing family and they work hard to provide a nice life for their children.

Shaun Picard (Wake forest, 2023-08-30)


Claire is a wonderful human being. She is a great mother to her beautiful children, and a great wife to her husband, Ross. It would mean the world to her and for us as her friend to see her gain citizenship here in the United States and North Carolina specifically.

Joe Navejas (Wake Forest, 2023-08-30)


Claire is an awesome mother, wife, and friend. She is dedicated to her friends, family, and her community. She often volunteers to help others in need.

Crystal Joseph (Raleigh, 2023-08-30)


With all the assistance i have gotten, no one deserves this more!

Robert McIntyre (Raleigh, 2023-09-15)

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