Enshrine Steve Trotter on the Fort Lauderdale Beach Walk of Fame!!!



He deserves it!

Keith Mayo (Coral Springs , 2023-10-11)


Steve Trotter is well deserving of this prestigious nomination as he was a staple of the community.

Tim Fields (Hernando , 2023-10-11)


I was fortunate enough to work with Steve at the Button and go boating with him (I worked behind the Button during the day at the boat rental). He was the most charismatic guy and always made everyone smile. He did as much for Spring Break as anyone I ever knew.

Robert Stotler Jr (BOYNTON BEACH, 2023-10-11)


I want him in....

Bunny Kerber ( Murrells Inlet, SC, 2023-10-11)


Family friend and well deserved

David Kimmey (Daytona Beach, 2023-10-11)


Steve Trotter is an icon. He deserves to be remembered in such a beautiful way. He has become an icon in the Panhandle too, where I now live.

Colleen Girdler (Panama City Beach, 2023-10-11)


Support Steve Trotter

Scott Poole (Fort Lauderdale , 2023-10-11)


Steve Trotter deserves it he was an amazing person and friend

Christine Eaves (Diberville, 2023-10-11)


I was a resident in Ft Lauderdale from 1982 to about 2001. It was no space odyssey (pun intended) but it sure was a great city to experience. Steve Trotter was a big part of bringing great experiences to both locals and tourists alike. For that alone he should be enshrined, but let’s not forget every now and then he’s the answer to a Jeopardy question putting Ft Lauderdale in the minds of millions of viewers. Many of whom I’m sure plan a vacation to relive their past memories.

Jack Scelsi (St Petersburg , 2023-10-11)





Steve is very deserving of this recognition.

Lori Miller (Selma, 2023-10-11)


Steve Trotter brought smiles to us all with his very being. For all he was and for all he did in life, he deserves to be recognized!

Leilani Birkmire (Fort Worth , 2023-10-12)


He was my friend.

Melissa Heuser (Ft. Lauderdale , 2023-10-12)


Steve deserves the honor

E. Stitz (Ft Laud, 2023-10-12)


He was a friend

Steve Romani (Fort Lauderdale, 2023-10-12)


My brother worked as a bartender for over 25 years. He was very well known for all the stunts he has done around the US.

Dan Trotter (Marietta , 2023-10-12)


Steve should be on the Fort Lauderdale walk of fame.

Jim Nissen (North Miami Beach, 2023-10-12)


He deserves it.

Tom Harper (Myrtle Beach , 2023-10-12)


I knew from my employment at The Button and sincerely believe he has more than earned the privilege of this honor.

Robert Zaffino (Wadsworth , 2023-10-12)


He deserves the prestigious recognition

John Fusaro (Sunrise, 2023-10-12)


Steve Trotter was a legend back in the day and deserves this honor

Gina Hall demuth (Boca Raton , 2023-10-12)


Steve did things that very few would attempt. Plus he was a good friend.

Billy Meisel (West Palm Beach , 2023-10-12)


Steve worked for me at Confetti in the late 80s and early 90s in Ft. Lauderdale. He deserves to be recognized as a part of the city’s history.

Keith Bradley (Omaha , 2023-10-12)


He made everyone his best friend from the first time you met him.

Steve Brooks (Gainesville, 2023-10-12)


He was a legend, a true one of a kind.

Melissa OBrien (Chicago , 2023-10-12)


He’s my uncle and he’s a legend like no other and deserves to remembered forever

David Silvia (Barrington, 2023-10-12)


Steve was one of my closest friends in this world and his brother Dan too. As Steve’s brother from another mother (that’s me) I fully support this idea and Steve deserves this recognition as a lifelong friend to our South Florida hospitality community and to South Florida in general.

Thomas House (Lauderdale Lakes, 2023-10-12)


Steve was the best!!!

Kara Flading (Marietta, 2023-10-12)


Steve touched the lives of the locals, the visitors and many people all over our country. He brought sunshine & smiles to everyone who crossed his path.

Lisa Martin (Gainesville, 2023-10-12)


Steven Trotter was a great man!

Nick Mainj (Suwanee, 2023-10-12)


Steven Trotter is an icon in Ft. Lauderdale and deserves this recognition.

Cindy Braun (Coconut Creek, 2023-10-12)


He’s a legend!

Sandy Marcks (Old lyme, 2023-10-12)


I have known the Trotter’s for over 40 years. When living and visiting Barrington, RI, Steve’s hometown, Steve would always pay a visit to my parents after church and my mom’s homemade pizza.

Lori Fairhurst (Riverside, 2023-10-12)


Steven was a person everyone wanted to be, to know and call a friend. He always held Ft Lauderdale dear to him.


Andrew Guthrie (Wilton Manors, 2023-10-13)


He's a legend!

Mark Douglas (Newborn Georgia , 2023-10-13)


Steve Trotter was an amazing part of many lives!

Hali Klonel (North Hollywood, 2023-10-13)


Steve was an extraordinary human and should be honored and remembered in the best way possible!

Maria Roa (Providence, 2023-10-13)


He deserves it
Ft. Lauderdale fl legend in the bar and restaurant world
And I’m proud to say a close friend.

Keith Davis (Kennebunkport, 2023-10-13)


Well deserved

Rose Cone-Mari (Woodstock, 2023-10-13)


I worked with, and knew Steve, along with everyone else that went over the bridge with him.

Richard LaVoir (Oakland Park, 2023-10-13)


Steve was like a brother to me!!
We worked together in multiple restaurants and night clubs in Ft. Lauderdale as well as Hollywood Fl. (Yesterday's, Confetti Night Club & Deco Drive)
I couldn't think of a person that would deserve this more then Steve Trotter 🙏♥️💯

Michael Starace (Soddy-Daisy, 2023-10-13)


I am signing this petition because not only did I grow up with Steve in BARRINGTON, but I also worked in Ft. LAUDERDALE ON THE STRIP TOO during the mid 80's! Steve deserves this recognition!

Robert Gibson (Savaneta, 2023-10-13)


Childhood friend and Steve was a legend!

Charlotte Broomhead (Barrington , 2023-10-13)


Steve was a great guy he would help out anyone in need

James Zegers (Alpharetta , 2023-10-13)


He was an inspiration and my friend 👍♥️

Janine Mitchell (Valley Village, 2023-10-13)


I loved Steve's joy and zest for life. An outrageous soul.

Julie Larsen (Fort Lauderdale , 2023-10-13)


Honor Steve Trotter - never met a stranger and he had heart of gold.

Danielle Milman (Marietta, 2023-10-13)


Steve was a really awesome guy. Steve had great stories to tell of his adventures and never knew a stranger.

JoAnne Frazier (PORT SAINT LUCIE, 2023-10-13)


Steve Trotter was an amazing person with a phenomenal spirit! He was so loved by so many, and although his life was cut short, that spirit of his deserves to be immortalized on the Walk of Fame in the city he treasured so much!

Erin O’Brien (Fort Myers, 2023-10-13)


Steve was a great man and he deserves to be awarded this homor

Quinn Mcanulla (Destin, 2023-10-13)


Steve is a Legend and should be on that Walk of Fame!

Kimmie Dean (Freeport , 2023-10-13)


This man is a legend! The city should be proud to remember him as their own.

Arielle Dysart (Marietta, 2023-10-13)


I’m signing because Steve Trotter was one of the bravest thrill seekers I’ve ever met and he had the kindest heart and was loved by everyone. He deserves this!! Please truly consider it.

Chris Carter (Niceville , 2023-10-13)


Steve deserves to be known forever. Of all the places he lived or visited, Ft Lauderdale was his home and they were his people. We all miss him dearly.

Julie Doel (Lockport , 2023-10-13)


If Trotter’s not deserving, who is? He was the essence of 80s and 90s Fort Lauderdale.

Adam Matza (Asheville, 2023-10-13)


Steve was a great guy and powerful friend to all. He was crazy, fun-loving, and embraced the Ft. Lauderdale lifestyle!

Lisa Whitecavage (Gainesville , 2023-10-13)


Steve was a friend

Maureen Zegers (Alpharetta, 2023-10-13)


Steve deserves this!

Tracy DiAngelo (Algonquin, 2023-10-13)


Being the king of Niagara Falls, and on the Johnny Carson show, he deserves the recognition. Played a big part in so many activities during the Fort Lauderdale spring break era.

Jon Green (Margate, 2023-10-13)


I like Steve trotter

Dave Williams (Wellington , 2023-10-13)


I knew steve a little bit, he definitely deserves this honor!

Thomas Flora (Fort Lauderda, 2023-10-13)


I knew Steve and he was a delightful person, with an amazing life, that made me and each person he was around, feel special.
I miss Steve 🥲
I appreciate the honor of signing this petition, to do something to honor Steve Trotter.

Linda Kitterman (Destin, 2023-10-14)


Steve was a one of a kind real " Stuntman"
And a all around South FL brother to all he met !

Gary Snyder (Deerfield , 2023-10-14)


Steve was special, kind and always offered a smile.

Tresha Brown (Destin, 2023-10-14)


I support Steve Trotter being recognized this way, on the beach!

Andrew Duke (Fort Lauder, 2023-10-14)


It's Steve. Legend.

Rob Haworth (Milwaukee, 2023-10-14)


It is deserved

TC Acklin Acklin (Miramar Beach, 2023-10-14)


I knew Trotter. Great guy, and this is well deserved

Jason Jaume (Destin, 2023-10-14)


Steve was an inspiration, living life to the fullest

Margaret Blumetto (N Myrtle Beach , 2023-10-15)


Steve was my sister’s godfather, although I didn’t know him personally I have heard about alot of his crazy stories about him being “The American Daredevil”!

Jordan Raver (Melbourne , 2023-10-15)


He deserves the recognition!

Joseph Kershner (Durham, 2023-10-15)


Steve was loved by SO MANY AND THIS WOULD BE AN AMAZING tribute to this special friend and for his family!

Gina Leone (Boca Raton, 2023-10-15)


Steve Trotter was a Ft Lauderdale icon. He also would help anyone that needed.

Regan Tutolo (Oakland Park, 2023-10-15)


I am Steve Trotters 1st Goddaughter! He deserves this!!! I miss him dearly everyday!

Lauren Stolpe (Durham, 2023-10-15)


I believe Steve Trotter deserves to be recognized for his accomplishments.

Kenneth Kimmey (Melbourne , 2023-10-15)


I’m signing because I personally knew Steve Trotter and have many fond memories as many of us have LVLW

Jolene Summerville (Stanwood, 2023-10-16)


Steve Trotter was larger than life.

Jennifer Cox (Providence , 2023-10-16)


Steve was a beautiful soul who brought happiness to everyone in his path! This would be a fitting memorial to him💙

Dina Cunningham (SANTA RSA BCH, 2023-10-16)


Steve was amazing and a dare devil, he was also my late husband’s cousin and loved Ft. Lauderdale ❤️🙏🏽❤️

Pia Ekasala (Playa del Carmen, 2023-10-16)


Everyone needs to feel loved

Presley Criswell (Austin , 2023-10-17)


Everyone needs to feel loved

Peyton Sloan (Austin, 2023-10-17)


He was a kind hearted person!

Laurie Greenlaw (Cape Coral, 2023-10-17)


Steve Trotter was a good man.

Bob Novie (Great Neck, 2023-10-17)


I believe Steve Trotter deserves this recognition.

Warren Raker (Fort Lauderdale, 2023-10-18)


My friend Steve was a Wonderful person and a Great friend.

Brian French (Durham , 2023-10-19)


Steve was a fellow bartender, great guy and a friend to all.

Kelly Struzzieri (Pompano Beach, 2023-10-19)


Steve Trotter deserve the recognition

Dustin Randall (Hoschton , 2023-10-21)


I knew specifically Steve from BarWars....great guy....Mr. Fort Lauderdale

Bill Green (Auburn, 2023-10-21)


Steve Trotter deserves it

Shannon Ireland (Santa Rosa Beach, 2023-10-22)


I’m signing this petition because I agree!

Ken Case (Punta Gorda, 2023-10-23)


I support enshrining Steve Trotter on the Ft. Lauderdale Beach walk of fame.

Lisa Stetson (Pompano Beach , 2023-10-23)


Steve was a friend and a great guy. Ft. Lauderdale was his home.

David Braid (LaPorte, 2023-10-24)


Steve was a long time friend and staple of Ft Lauderdale.

David Fitzpatrick (Boone, 2023-10-25)


Steve deserves his place in Ft. Lauderdale infamy! Not many people go over the falls...twice! And live to tell about it.

Alan Goldstein (Noblesville, 2023-10-27)


I have known him for decades, and he truly deserves to be on the Walk of Famr

Lisa Ann Mastrarrigo (Hollywood , 2023-10-27)


Steve deserves this(: His spirit brought so much joy to others❤️an unforgettable human!!

Jennifer Larson-Young (Tamarac, 2023-10-28)


Steve Trotter is a legend in the Fort Lauderdale bar/service industry and deserves a star on the beach Hall of Fame along side Crazy Greg.



Steve was InTheBiz, an ITB-er!

T Caplan (Mt. Vernon, 2023-10-30)


He bought a lot of positive attention to South Florida

Billy Meisel (West Palm Beach , 2023-10-31)


He is my once lover’s Godfather!! That she loved soo dearly!! And it’s a mind twister of the his happen. And so short little time , his character shalt not be forgotten.!!!

Darryl Tillery (Durham, 2023-10-31)


Steve is a great guy and a huge party of Lauderdale Beach in the 90’s. His legacy deserves to live on!

Cynthia DeTrempe (Sunrise, 2023-10-31)


Steve was influential oon the way I grew up in Fort Lauderdale.Without his influence I would not have become the person I am today

Sara Falconer (Tucson, 2023-11-01)


Steve Trotter was a staple in Fort Lauderdale

Steve McClure (Ripon, 2023-11-01)



Lois Power (Bonita Springs , 2023-11-01)


Enshrining Steve would make sure greatness is recognized and always emembered.
Plus, he was just a wonderful guy!

Charles Phebus (Boynton Beach , 2023-11-01)


He deserves it fort Lauderdale legend

Posselt Andrew (Clermont, 2023-11-02)


I worked with Steve Trotter on Fort Lauderdale beach and he exemplified all that was great about it during the heyday of Spring Break. A great man and a great friend.

Robert Stotler (Boynton Beach, 2023-11-02)


Steve and Danny Trotter brought much joy into my life.They made me to laugh to hard if thats possible.I love them like brothers and feel a great loss with out them in my life.I love to play the fun and beautiful memories of them in my mind over and over again like great movie.These wonderful memories of the good times causes my body to create healthy chemicles in my body like dopeamine,saratonin and endorphins that make me high on life like Steve and Danny made me feel when I was in the pressence of their wonderful spirits.When we lost Steve we all lost a great soul but he lives forever in our hearts.I pray the Lord bless and comfort the Trotter Family during this very difficult time.Lots of love Bar Back Billy.

william cagliostro (san padro, 2023-11-02)


I’m signing because the world was better back then, people were nicer, and we need to remember those people who were positive in our lives

Catherine Babyak (Pembroke Pines, 2023-11-03)


Because I have known Steve Trotter many years and his memory and legacy should continue in Ft Lauderdale

Kelly Scaduto (Milford, 2023-11-03)


Steve Trotter deserves a great recognition. Penrods on the Beach was one of our favorite bars for entertainment. Please help us to honor Steve for all his amazing accomplishments. XOXO

Judi Ferguson (Halifax, 2023-11-03)


He deserves it , being a part of the cities history

Larsen Lance (Lindenhurst, 2023-11-03)


I'm signing this petition because I knew Steve, and was a long time customer. Steve is a legend!! ,and definitely deserves this recognition.

Annie Bennett (Palm bay, 2023-11-03)


Steve is a legend. I worked at Roxy and new him. He deserves this. He Lived!

Robert Travis Barron (Leesburg , 2023-11-03)


Mr Steve Trotter was friends to so many people in Fort Lauderdale over the years and a happy, friendly face behind many nightclub and bars. He is a great example of the brotherhood and friendship that exists in Fort Lauderdale. He should be memorialized for many of us.

Greg Fuccillo (Fort Lauderdale, 2023-11-03)


I've lived in South Florida for 48 years, working in restaurants and clubs as a single guitarist/vocalist. Knew Steve from the old days. He was a vital part of what was great about Ft. Lauderdale, back then...

Darrell House (Pompano Bch, 2023-11-03)


I met Steve and his lady friend while they were passing the Lavinia E. Porter House, historic museum in Niagara Falls, NY. We spoke for about five or ten minutes during which he spoke of a 3rd. Go! Peace be upon him.

Gerald Škrlin (Niagara Falls, NY, 2023-11-04)


This brave man should be recognized and not forgotten for going over NF in a barrel twice, and surviving...amazing!

Lisa DeSantis (NIAGARA FALLS, 2023-11-04)


I knew him personally and what he gave to the South Florida community should be honored and remembered. Thank you.

Melissa Heuser (Ft. Lauderdale , 2023-11-04)


Steve was a legend! Both in Ft. Lauderdale and nationwide! And spent most of his adult life as a FL resident! He was a wonderful guy and a great role model for all who knew him.

Christine Allen (Woodstock , 2023-11-05)


I knew Steven very well. Long time friends with his siblings too

Lou Ann Mello (East Providence , 2023-11-06)

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