Stop Booting Cars of First Offense Drivers in Boulder



I believe in this petition

Brayden Lowe (Boulder, 2023-11-08)


I agree with your point

Arthur Owner (Boulder, 2023-11-08)


Boots are BS

Aiden S (Boulder, 2023-11-09)


If I’m paying over 20k a semester for college, parking better be included. Free for all.

Jael Falcon (Boulder, 2023-11-09)


That’s foolish

Luke Tape (Boulder, 2023-11-09)


my car was booted for expired plates bc i was in the process of changing residency to colorado from indiana. no warning or anything. happened on the same day my mom canceled my phone without telling me

Amelia McCready (Boulder, 2023-11-09)


Booting cars in general is immoral and the profiting off of such is even more wrong. Many first time offenders have had to pay obscene amounts of money to get their car functional again and it needs to end

Decker Doering (Boulder, 2023-11-09)


I have gotten booted off of a first time offense and as Boulder being a college town with lots of college students who don’t make a lot of money, as well as i am a college student it took a lot to pay $300 to get a boot off of my car where i didn’t even know i couldn’t park there.

M B (Boulder, 2023-11-09)


I’ve had problems with CU parking services many times over unjust parking tickets

David Denton (Boulder, 2023-11-10)


I don’t think it fair to give such harsh of a punishment for a first time offense. Most people can barely afford to go to college as is and tacking on more greed for parking won’t help anything.

Rogelio Torres (Aurora, 2023-11-10)


Im a student who thinks that this is extreme

Ian Chu (Boulder, 2023-11-10)


Fuck the CUPD

Joel Warner (Boulder, 2023-11-10)


CPS is predatory and mismanaged

Charlie McIlroy (Boulder, 2023-11-10)


I got first offense booting

Adena Paiz (Boulder , 2023-11-10)


I agree with what I’m signing for

Hudson Funk (Boulder, 2023-11-14)

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