Suspicious Midas Share manipulation

I would like to seek everyone attention on that there is a possibilities of share manipulation of the Midas holdings that occurs during th period from 24th Nov till 8th Dec 2017. Till Date it was approximately that around $100million or around 60% has been wiped off from the company capitalisation

We would like the relevant authority to do a through investigtion based on the following reason.

1) Midas Holdings is listed both in the Singapore and Hong kong Stock Exchange. Under todays pricing under the HKSE, Midas is worth HK 0.93 or SGD$0.17 but when compare to the current $0.092 there is a gap of $0.08.

2) As a shareholder, there is no reasoning for the price drop of more than 60% in a short 2 weeks period for no reasoning .

3) Based on the transaction recorded / Monitored, large Sell volume has been done with the intention to depress the price in a short time period


As all shareholders, we urged the relevant authority to determine who is behind such an act in order to safe guard singapore reputation as a reliable financial Hub