Traffic Circle urgently needed at Vryheid Engen Junction intersection.

As a resident of Vryheid and a private-sector emergency dispatcher, I see lives torn apart, lives lost, damage to property, and unnecessary heartache due to the R33/R34 intersection, also known as Engen Junction. 

The heavy traffic at this intersection is used by locals, transporters, and holidaymakers. The stop signs are not working at this intersection and traffic calming measures during peak hours are not in place as it's a two-way stop intersection, adding to the horrific accidents. Misty conditions during colder months are a risk on their own just to cross the intersection.

The implementation of a traffic circle at this intersection could greatly improve these conditions and decrease the number of fatalities.

We urge the Department of Transport to look into the traffic circle. By signing this petition, you are supporting safer roads and better access for all residents in our community. Let's work together to minimize unnecessary accidents that put lives at risk

If you or someone you know were involved in an accident, let us know in the comment section. 

One step at a time we can achieve safer roads.junction.jpg

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