Victims of Allen Stanford Fraud Petition the U.S. Government

We the undersigned support the victims of the Allen Stanford Alleged Fraud and Petition the U.S. Courts and Government for the following:

Recognise the court appointed Joint liquidators Marcus Wide and Hugh Dickson of Grant Thornton as foreign named liquidators.

Instruct the US receiver Ralph Janvey to enter into a protocol with Grant Thornton to share information and determine the best and most productive approach for  pursuing third party claims.

Recognise that to date the Receiver Ralph Janvey and his “Official Investors Committee” have absorbed millions of dollars in fees and expenses while failing to distribute any recovered funds to creditors.  Due to the receiver's record to date, we ask that the Department of Justice unfreeze all foreign funds being held in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Switzerland to be made available to the Joint Liquidators Grant Thornton for immediate distribution to the victims.

We ask that all victims who purchased CD's through brokers associated with the SiPC registered broker dealer Stanford Group Company be treated with equal parity regardless of where they were domiciled when their transfer of funds took place in accordance with the provisions of the Securities and Investors Protection Act.

That the Courts ensure that the trial of Allen Stanford commences in January 2012 as scheduled and that  no further delays or excuses are allowed to prevail causing further unnecessary hardship to the victims of this crime.

We the undersigned demand The United States and the United States Courts give fair and equal treatment to all victims of this crime regardless of nationality or country of domicile.