World Cup Legacy for 2011 and Beyond Benefiting Charity the most

In July this year,something big can be started - Something that will bring us South Africans together like the 2010 WC that united us like no other event.

Here is how I propose the Telkom Charity Cup be played this year and every other year thereafter:

Soccer fans Vote for their team as per usual using cellphones and landlines.4 teams will participate.
Rugby fans Vote for the teams that they would prefer to take part.4 teams will participate.

A draw is made for both rugby and soccer teams as to who plays who.

Another draw is made as to which teams will play in which stadium.

The format will be as follows:

1st semi-finals will be played on saturday,at the same time, in 2 cities.Say those Cities will be Cape Town and Durban and matchies will start at 6pm with soccer taking the field first(rugby always messes up the pitch) and rugby last.

The winners will take to the field on Sunday at FNB stadium with soccer starting and rugby following.In june,it is not that hot and so,on a Sunday,the game can start at 1pm followed by a rugby game at 3pm.

This means that,Charity organisations will benefit more because,this time around,there will be twice the number of voters.This also means that,many cities will be able to take part in this event.This will keep the WC legacy alive for many years.
As Rugby will come in,that means there will be more money because some of the coutries like Australia and some Europeans will want to watch these games thus buying the games from either SuperSport or SABC.Soccer will benefit that way too