A PETITION against that disgrace, called a law for the cultural heritage (2009)

The acting Law for the Cultural Heritage in Bulgaria (enacted on April 10, 2009) turned up to be a disgraceful and shameful stain that inflicted irreversible damage to the cultural patrimonium of Bulgaria. It is unconstitutional act that trample our rights of free citizens and contradicts to the EU legal norms and standards. In many cases this law is unclear, inadequate, inapplicable and leads to absurd interpretations at court. In practice it destroyed the numismatics and free collecting of coins and artefacts in Bulgaria. It is also an umbrella for the ‘big’ dealers in the market of antiquities and represses the owners of modest collections. The Bulgarian LCH and the adapted Criminal Codex turned thousands of honest collectors and fans of metal detecting into criminals. As a result, hundreds of thousands of archaeological, numismatic and other finds were smuggled out of the country or hidden in the ground. This way invaluable information about the history of Bulgaria in antiquity and Middle Ages was lost.

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