2,60 € vegan/vegetarian student lunch option to Fazer Food Co restaurant in Aalto Väre campus

We are claiming for student priced (2,60 €) vegan/vegetarian lunch option to Fazer Food Co A Bloc restaurant in Aalto University's Väre campus in Otaniemi.

At the moment the price of the vegetarian option is reasoned with the generous selection of the "Wicked Rabbit" vegetarian buffet. Taking into consideration the undebatable environmental impact of meat production, making a sustainable choice should not, and can not, be a question of income or class. Choosing a vegan/vegetarian option is not only a diet choice, nor a choice of taste. It is an ethical choice that anyone should be able to afford. Rather than making choosing to go vegan/vegetarian exclusive, in times like these it should be made an easy option. Thus pricing it higher is not only unequal – it is also counter-productive.

We are not asking for a wide variety. We are claiming for a simple but nutritious vegan/vegetarian meal for the price of KELA compensated student lunch.

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