Having Longer Weekends

I find if we were to remove two weeks of our summer vacation, we could get Fridays off. Students need 1 000 hours of education per school year, removing every Friday we lose 216 hours. If we were to work an extra ten days in the summer, we'd be working for 240 hours, thus meaning we end up getting more education than before. Summer typically ends on June 30th, but if we ended school on July 10th, we'd end up learning more than we would without Fridays off. 

With longer breaks, it could improve things such as sleep and enhance students learning. Other places around the world have already started doing this schedule like Scotland, Iceland, Ireland, New zealand, and Spain. These places have noticed a great increase in workers happiness, attention span, and they can do more. If we get longer breaks, people can pay more attention during class to learn and be able to do more in class.




 Students will have increased energy to be able to do more in their class. When you feel well-rested it can motivate students to help them comprehend what they're learning, instead of just memorizing it. 3 day weekends could also help students break up their homework and study time over a course of three days instead of two. This can help reduce stress and anxiety helping them feel better about themselves and improve mental health. Students find school stressful and without good grades, they don't feel loved. Students could also learn to improve their time-management skills without feeling rushed. They can also take more time on their homework to increase detailed responses.

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