462/417 working holiday visa type request frozen expiry date due to COVID-19

We sincerely request to frozen 462/417 working holiday visa expiry date because we are unable to depart the border in time due to less flights while change to other visa type (limited visa type can be apply) cost a lot especially when a majority of Australians lost their jobs.

Currently there's no vaccine for COVID-19 and many working holiday visa holders get stuck in Australia. We want to obey restriction rules from what Prime Minister Mr.Morrison announced which is to stay at home and self-quarantine. However, our visa expires soon and we do really want to go back to our country before visa expiry dates. Unfortunately many countries have minimized as much flights as possible or closed border to prevent potential transmissions. We are the minority but we contribute to Australia's economy as well. We are actually in much worse situation than the local because we don't have any other supports here. Many companies would prefer to hire a permanent resident or citizen which made the job competition even fierce. 


As for humanity's point of view, we are very much appreciated if Ministor of home affairs The Hon Peter Dutton MP can help us. Thank you very much!