Revive/Recreate The Neanderthals - by cloning

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2016-05-19 19:30:18

We can possiby do cloning on a smaller scale, study neanderthals cells and biology. Neanderthals were tall, big, strong. They had THICK BONES and stronger muscles than an average human. We can 'Neanderthalize' ourselves to a certain degree to eliminate Osteoprosis and perhaps other disorders. In the next generation to come, together we can eliminate disorders and provide new possible treatments for the most vunerable!

Christopher Boardman

The Neanderthal Cloning Petition Announcement:- Ethical issues - Pros and cons

2016-05-19 13:32:51 <- The video you have been waiting for. I will do similar videos like this in the future. Even if you disgaree or perhaps don't understand exactly what I am trying to say you should share it and allow this to be up for a discussion. 


If a surrogate mother want's to go ahead with this then who are we to say she cannot? It is HER body. Not yours, She may not even have a religion so the whole tampering with nature and gods plan  thing is absurd.  Sometimes this type of subject is inevitable and actually moral. The emotional loss of possible failed pregnancies that may occur during the Neanderthal Cloning may put people off but as technological medical science develops over time, the success rate will increase and new ways of doing this efficiently and safely will become available. It will happen one day whether we like it or not , it is just the matter of WHEN it will happen. NOT IF it will happen. 

Ethical Principles and morals will most likely change overtime, I do raise ethical issues up in the video and I won't deny the problems that we will face in this but I can assure you  that the advantages outweigh the risks/cons


Medical breakthroughs - new treatments, prolong our lifespan, help our bodies to be physically adaptable to the environment that we live in which is changing constantly. Global warming or Global cooling, whichever you believe in is irrelavent. Climate and our environment will change also put us at risk

We can eliminate regenerative diseases/disorders such as muscle degenerative disorder and bone weaknessess/fractures.

Slow down aging , we will learn a LOT.


Christopher Boardman

Scientifically possible to CLONE a 'Human'

2016-05-15 07:19:17

Does human cloning already exist?   <---  While we have cloned other species such as 'dolly the sheep' have we ever tried cloning a human?

Short answer would be


So is it possible to clone a Neanderthal?

Well yes of course, if you can clone a human then why not a 'Neanderthal' ?  We cannot however bring back a dinosaur,  I would not say it is impossible but the fossils are too old to extract the DNA from the old bones, dna woud be too fragmented to even work with but if you think about when The Neanderthals were alive, it was 35,000 years ago give or take 1 thousand years.  So yeah it is far more likely to clone a Neanderthal than a dinosaur.  I know today, it would be absurd to clone a 'human' however, why not? if people have issues such as grieving a loss of a loved one that died really young/around birth, why can't we clone that baby and pretend that the other death never occurred? in other words, moving on and finding new ways to cope with 'death' which is a horrible thing that occurs to everyone as they get older (usually that is the case)


Like I have said in my previous announcements, one day all of this will happen, it is just 'when' it will happen not IF. 

If the mother want's to have a cloned baby, so be it. Who are  we to judge and say, no you cannot.  Whilst identity crisis would be an issue but 'DNA' testing can show if the person is a clone, just to let you know a clone, is NOT an 'exact' copy of the person. When you copy 'DNA' If you're a biologist, Genticist. You would know that over time, the DNA becomes faulty from the copying that takes place, more like random error codes within the genome itself , sometimes fatal, sometimes not so fatal. No clone will have the 'exact' DNA  coding but can be very very similar.  I am no expert but I have studied biology, did well in my science at highschool and did also study astrobiology, so I do have some knowledge when it comes to this field of work. 

HOWEVER in this case, cloning a Neanderthal is a bit different.  We only want to clone a 'Neanderthal' not just because it is possible but will teach us a lot about our past and how they lived, we could potentially bring them back all together. Let them co-exist, perhaps we can learn something from them (whilst they could not speak like we do in the past, does not mean we cannot egineer the dna to allow them to have the vocal cords that we have - our larynx is so similar to the Neanderthal, just positioned differently) - So if we changed that, we can then  allow them to have a complex language.

In theory. 


Lets hope we can just 'clone' a neanderthal first, one step at a time. 



Christopher Boardman

Quick Update

2016-05-14 15:10:49

Please sign the petition, I would like to give you a  reminder that the 'Recommending' us to 'Facebook'  button and clicking on it is all well and good, but just making sure you know that does not mean you have signed the petition. The layout of the site is not all that clear for some.  - Just a quick update, nothing major. Don't worry, I did say something about me making and uploading a video for the upcoming update, that is to be expected soon. I want to say thank you so much for helping. Whilst you're waiting for the video, you may as well watch the documentary on The Neanderthals and what life was like for them. We need to help them, we couldn't at the time, we was too primitive to keep them alive, now we can, bring our ancestors back. They deserve another chance of survival, we will coexist and live in peace with them, treat them like they're human  (because they are, even though a sub specie, does not mean they should be treated differently from us .. ---->  <----- How we can actually clone a Neanderthal. <--- Decoding The Neanderthal - Documentary.  <-- Ape To Man:- Evolution Documentary ( Full story of how we came to be Modernday human)


It can be done, it will happen somewhere  and sometime - In secret. Won't be safe so we need to do this safely before anyone else does this without the proper technology and medical expertise. Scientists should attempt if a willing surrogate were to come forward, believe me. I have seen many 'Women' On YouTube comments and online elsewhere that are willing to do this, I don't think they know how to contact George M Church. Got any concerns, contact me and the Geneticist. 

Christopher Boardman

The Neanderthal Family life + Culture may benefit our Culture and modern day society

2016-05-12 11:58:23

How would The Neanderhal life and Culture benefit our own?


Click here to find out why The Neanderthals Died out

^ This may be the reason as to why The Neanderthals died out, not because we were smarter than them but because we had a better Larynx -  Which allows us to speak (AND to choke)

While all or most scientists will agree that they had a bigger cranial capacity which is correlated with higher mental abilities.  Which would lead us to believe that they were indeed smarter than us. Obviously they couldn't communicate as good as we did but please do not forget they inherited a more advanced culture from The Homo-Erectus which is were they branched from (and ourselves I believe)




"Neanderthals were the first humans who buried their dead and they developed better stone tools. It was recently discovered that they also created art figures. However, during the same period of time Homo Sapiens developed much further and faster. "

However if they were still alive, we could easily help their Larynx and Tongue structure with advanced surgery THUS allowing them to speak properly, ok? now since they have a bigger brain, they could be really good scientists one day if we taught them, it would be obvious since they had a bigger brain, they would learn quicker and since the Larynx would be fixed , it would be possible that they could learn our language (s) or have their own Language. 


It is entirely possible that they could solve some of our problems that we're struggling today. It is also possible that we could learn from their culture, the way they think , which could benefit mankind because we need a change of the way we think in our lives.  Yes raises ethical issues, we will deal with that as time progresses and lead them to have the same rights as us. I am sure we would want that right?

I would hope so. So FINALLY, How would all of this benefit our culture and ourselves, I will be very blunt. We would find new ways of discovering solutions to our problems, make life more new and interesting, what did they do when they were young and so on, it would be fascinating to know their language. We would know more about our ancestors and where we came from, we can understand more how they actually lived and treated their young.

Also they clearly had spirituality , personality and emotions. They mourned their dead, evidence suggests that they did bury their loved ones and placed flowers on/near their relatives graves , just like we would today when we lose a loved one. They did this first before we did. Makes us wonder that they were good thinkers , just was not so good at communicating like I said previously but that can be sorted and edited out of the DNA  maybe instead of surgery which would be safer.

Yeah, complicated, not many people have typed about this before but we should go ahead with this, not because we can do it but we can learn a lot from them and not be so alone anymore. Let's face it, you may not want to admit it but as humans we tend to think we're unqiue and we ask fundemental questions such as, are we alone in the universe? is anyone out there? why are we here? what purpose do we have? so many questions, we have a strong desire to share our stories with another specie and now we have a good chance. I do not see anything wrong with this 'project' it is not even a scary experiment, it will fundementally change the way we think and you know, it will happen one day whether people agree with this petition or not, it does not matter, over time - somewhere or somehow it will happen, it is just the case of WHEN it will happen, not 'IF' because in the early 1930's I think, definitely in the 1900's  A scientists, perhaps russian, don't think it were an American but I was watching a documentary on it (well documented case) he managed to find a mother which will allow to create a Humanzee, tried a few times and failed, eventually  success.  Had to be terminated though, government officials found out and was on media in that time, outrage obviously was amongst the general public which led to the termination I assume.  

People will do these things in secret and it would be uglier, we can do these things safely with regulations of course  as long as the 'mother' is okay with it and understands the risks, gets compensated from losing  baby (still born? always a risk in pregancies) then why should everyone else say NO that is WRONG. It is NOT your choice, its up to the mother to be and her only unless she was married and the husband disagreed then It would be a different story but my point is, if someone want's to do this, let it be, it may help and if it goes wrong,well it is their own fault isn't it. 

As for a still born, no one can say that an unborn baby is fully aware or even a bit aware untill a couple of months or so into the pregnancy, still borns USUALLY occur earlier on, but rarely occur later on from the research I have done, correct me if I am wrong. 

So if any problems did occur, Scientist would terminate it straight away IF it was going to put the mothers life in Danger, if the problems are not too life threatening and Scientist/Doctor still advised the 'Abortion' it should then be up to the mother to agree with the advice or not. 

It is fair right??

I would think so.


I have come across many women, online anyway that would volunteer doing this as long as The 'Neanderthal' Cave baby did not get abused, in cages. Obviously we would want to do health assements and examinations to make sure he or she is a healthy baby, obviously when the Neanderthalian if you will grows up to be at 18 years old , would then consider the full rights of that of a human homo-sapian. 

Please share if this update has affected you in someway, invite your friends and family to discuss this for fun and imagine what it would be like if this went ahead today rather than later. Ethical values will always change , it is just the matter when.

Remember that. 

Expect more updates and possible a new video of me explaining in full why I support this on my YouTube Channel and I will give you the link to the video in the next update section. 

Christopher Boardman


2016-05-11 13:08:49

Why would this be good for us? it is simple, The Neanderthal had a bigger brainsize than us humans, they required more thought in order to craft the things they did and surive in the  harsh environments , we intervened obviously and we interbred, my point is that they could help us solve problems that we cannot solve on our own which is a possibility. The Neanderthals, perhaps will bring back the culture of their own. It would make our society better and more diverse. I assume  Neanderthals would have similar rights as to what a human has or the same, depedending on what everyone thinks. 

We can learn so much from this, it would be idiotic to miss the chance, some people may say, you're tempering with 'God's creation' but in my mind, I do not believe in a God, so don't come out with that excuse. At least say, you're tampering with nature and it is like playing with matches. I can understand where people would go with this but us Humans desire to share our stories with another specie, it is only normal for most/some of us to think that this is a good idea, perhaps we can co-exist again and help one another, I don't buy that they would take us over, that would be rediculous. They would more likely be grateful for helping them to return.  


Again we can learn a lot from these Neanderthals and they're not as stupid as you may think!

very crafty, quick individuals, yes it was unlucky for them to die off but it was due to the very harsh weather I believe, Ice age and other factors.  We really need to start benefiting the society and help the whole ecosystem that we live in. We revive extinct animals in the past and even cloned a SHEEP, yes A SHEEP. Also a GOAT that has genetically modified silk produced when it lectates. 

So yeah, no one complains their, simply because they're making a 'profit'


However not harming them as such, they seem to have a great healthy lives untill they're off to the slaughter house, don't you think that is cruel? of course it is, but with Neanderthals it is different, we wouldn't hurt someone that is so closely related to us, It would be harsh, it will NOT happen

What will happen if this goes ahead, we will see how the fetus develops .  If any problems occur early on, I assume the Professor will terminate the pregnancy immediately.

Start over and see if we can lower the risk of any problems occuring.  People need to debate the Ethics around this.

It is complex yes, but we the people can over come these obsticals and bring back The Neanderthals. Religious authorities should have no right to dictate what science can acheive, Knowledge comes with power and great responsibility, a bit of a refrence from Spiderman.  Truth in those words, again we would be fools to not use this to our advantage , dont see this as a crazy harsh experiment just a study,  assesments, it is not like we will put  The Neanderthal man in a cage now, it would be saddening for the mother. 

Think about it, these problems are just irrational

Thank you for reading this update.

Please sign and share , would be greatly appreciated 

Christopher Boardman

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2016-05-11 08:39:06

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copy this to your site and the petition should show up! that would be of great help if someone could do that


Christopher Boardman

Signature GOAL.

2016-05-11 06:06:25

We're looking for about over 1000

If we get up to that amount, 1000 signatures, it would be convincing, more signatures the better!

then we can send this petition to the appropriate people to let them know, we want this project to goahead 

Christopher Boardman

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2016-05-11 05:42:13

WE WANT TO SCIENTISTS, Everyone to discuss this!

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3. Talk to your friends about it and have a debate about why this would be a good or bad thing - One of our goals is to 'spark' a huge debate amongst the scientific fans and community alike. 

4. Donate to me directly to my PAYPAL account which would go towards advertising my content on this topic via community/news organization page on Facebook and twitter thus reaching to more people that are willing to sign this petition to make our cause a success. 

We want a response from the whole scientific community. We do not want a simple no on this, we want a good debate. Religious views should not halt the scientific progress of our human  mindset.

  --- --- Thank you in advance for the extra support!

Christopher Boardman

Urging the Important people like...

2016-05-11 03:03:07


President Of United States of America,  PM David Cameron, companies such as Pzfizer could help to make this happen 

sign this petition, lets grab their attention. Contact 'George M Church' for info

Christopher Boardman

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