Revive/Recreate The Neanderthals - by cloning <-- An advocate for cloning Neanderthals. Many other people online want this to occur, I am sure, someone will sign this petition and urge the important people I have mentioned to bring this about, put funding into this particular project and give 'George M. Church the green - goahead. It is always good to have diversity. Yes it raised ethical issues but we all should talk about this with one another, Urge our governments to have a debate on this interesting  topic and perhaps make it a reality. I would not mind seeing them walk amongst us, they're closely related to us, I assume they would have rights like our own.  We can learn from the Neanderthal as it grows up, Neanderthals had a bigger brain than ours so we may even learn from him/her. This would be great for science however we would not harm to individual. 

Links to look at and to consider:- <-- If interested, please  if fertile and a woman, try and contact him! < ---- Interview with George Church, Ph.D. (Professor of Genetics-Harvard Med School) 


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