Vodacom Signal Problems Potchefstroom

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Vodacom in Potchefstroom

2011-10-13 11:10:36



I was informed that as of the 3rd of October all our problems would have been sorted out.  Vodacom has done vendor swapping to accommodate the needs of the Potchefstroom community.


I now need your urgent reply to let them know what the current situation is in Potchefstroom.  Please email me directly at 20266677@nwu.ac.za with your experience, whether it be bad or good.


Thank you for making a difference


Kind regards

Herman Myburgh

Herman Myburgh

Welcome Back

2011-07-19 14:15:17

Hello Everybody


It is the start of the new semester, and I trust that you had an excellent holiday.   Vodacom has assured me that they have tended to the problem, but I would like to hear from you if you think the problem has been resolved.  Either email me at diegrootinduna@gmail.com or write comments on the comments page.


Kind regards

Herman Myburgh

Emergency Announcement: No Service

2011-06-30 12:21:18

Hi everybody


It is now 11:20 AM on 30 June 2011 and Vodacom has no service, although there is signal, on Campus.  Are anybody else affected in Potchefstroom.  Please reply to diegrootinduna@gmail.com with your location if you were affected by this bout of no service.


Kind regards

Herman Myburgh

Meeting with Siyabonga Mweli

2011-06-24 11:30:21

Hi all


Sorry to be filling up your inboxes with my messages, but I have some good news!!!


I have handed the petition to Vodacom's Siyabonga.  We discussed the issues in Potchefstroom, as well as that the problem is a bit better now that most of the students have gone home.  I however stated that when they return, we will be in trouble again.


He assured me that Vodacom will be improving its infrastructure in Potch, increasing capacity and hopefully the problem will be sorted out.  If you experience any problems, contact him on both email adresses that I sent out previously, with your number, location and basically as much information as possible.

If you have any information that you don't want to make public, or problems your more than welcome to email me at diegrootinduna@gmail.com  No information will be given to third parties, and I'll inform Vodacom of the problems.

Collectively we have fought against poor service delivery, and with the whole communities contribution and effort Vodacom has acknowledged our problem and is giving it attention.  Again, I greatly appreciate your signature on this petition.  Keep posting comments and telling your friends to sign as soon as they experience any problems.


Herman Myburgh

Areas affected

2011-06-24 10:50:22

Hi All


Vodacom's Representative, Siyabonga, asked if you could please provide us with the exact location of where the problems are being experienced.  You could email him on siyabonga.mweli@vodacom.co.za or siyabonga.mweli@vcontractor.co.za.


This will aid them in locating the problem, and fixing it A.S.A.P.


Kind regards

Herman Myburgh

Vodacom Responds

2011-06-23 10:05:31

Hi all


First of all, thank you for lending your voice to this petition.  We are now at 316 signatures, and Vodacom is serious about this problem.


I'll be meeting with a representative of Vodacom at 12h00.  I will be handing him the signatures that we have thus far, and will also be discussing the problems that we had with the network.


He said that they did some maintanance last week, and asked if we were still experiencing the problems since last week Friday.  If possible, write a comment about your problems on http://www.petitions24.com/forum/15912.  It will be helpful if you could do this before 11h00 on the 23rd of June 2011.  The more information I have, the better I can defend our rights as consumers.


Kind regards

Herman Myburgh

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