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We need to keep in touch

2011-11-27 20:03:46

It has proved very difficult to reach victims to notify them about this petition.  Our strength as a group lies in being together and showing a united front.    I am going to set up a Spanish link on the blog for all victims so that you can follow what is happening.  I would also like to get names and email addresses of as many victims as possible so that I can inform you about any future petitions or important news that you need to know about.  For this reason I am asking all victims who read this to please make contact with me at   Your name and details will never be passed to anyone else - you have my word - and you will only be contacted by me  with information about Stanford.  The work I do, I do for free and share with ALL victims for free. The Stanford International Victims Group is the only group that reaches out to all victims whichever country you are from, and the only group that works for free for the benefit of all.  Your support is needed to make our mission to be heard and have a say in what is happening to us.  Please support me the way I support you and give me a way of making contact for you.  The greater number we represent the greater our efforts will be rewarded. 

Thank you, Catherine Burnell

Catherine Burnell

Solo pregunto, cuantos miembros de la SVC tenemos?

2011-11-21 18:38:52

Cuantos de nosotros se unieron a la SVC a traves del viejo foro en su momemto y cuantos hemos estado desinformados e incominicados por ellos?

Si usted no ha recibido communicaciones regularmente de la SVC por algun tiempo, por favor conteste este anumcio bien sea en el Foro de las Victims de Stanford en el enlace

o escriba sus comentarios en el portal de las Victima Olvidadas de Stanford en el blog:

Si usted ha enviado anterormente contribuciones/donaciones a las SVC, ya acostumbraba a recibir actualizaciones de lo que estaba haciendo esa coalicion, pero no ha vuelto a recibir ninguna comunicacion de ellos o sus correos estan siendo ingorados, por favor dejemelo saber.

Usted puede averiguar lo que esta ocurriendo. entrando a los enlaces indicados arriba para que se entere de las ultimas informaciones, sugerencias y acciones.  Mantengase en contacto con otras victimsas: noseotros somos su grupo de apoyo y no le costata nada por unirse.


Catherine Burnell




Catherine Burnell

Just how many members do the SVC have?

2011-11-21 17:07:30

How many of us joined the SVC via the old forum but have effectively been dis-communicated?

If you have not received regular communication from the SVC for some time please reply to this announcement either on the Stanford Victims Forum at: 

or post your comments on the Stanfords Forgotten Victims blog at:

If you have ever sent donations to the SVC and used to get regular updates about what the SVC was doing but no longer receive any communication or your emails are ignored, please let me know.

You can find out what is happening by using the above links for the latest information, advice and actions.  Stay in touch with other victims, we are your support group and it costs you nothing to join.  Regards, Catherine.

Catherine Burnell

Thank you

2011-11-19 21:50:38

Thank you for signing the petition, please send the link to your friends and family and ask them to also sign.  If you would like to discuss this or any other Stanford matter with me I can be contacted by email at:

Catherine Burnell

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