Signature Campaign to Release Political Prisoners in Bhutan.

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Gratitude and Appreciation for your trust and support to our campaign. An updates on our campaign.

2020-06-19 10:55:51

Dear Supporters and Justice Loving friends from all around 13 countries of the world,


We would like to extend our deep appreciation and gratefulness for all your valuable time and support for making this signature campaign a grand success. We are successful in collecting 515 signatures from around 13 different countries of the world including Bhutan and that is excellent.


We have successfully handed over our petition with those signatures and a list of available details of the political prisoners to his Majesty The King of Bhutan but so far we could not receive any response from His Majesty's Office.


We have also petitioned the government in USA, Canada, Denmark, UK, The Netherlands and Australia together on 10 December 2019 on the occasion of the International Human rights Day and submitted our appeal together with copies of our appeals to Bhutan King, Prisoners List and this list of signatures. We were invited to present our case at the Australian Parliament and on 13 May Mr. Indra Adhikari from Adelaide together with his BHAASA team personally presented the documents and their presentation. We were also invited at Danish Foreign Ministry but due to COVID-19 Pandemic we could not visit them.


Finally our ultimate mission to present at the UN was successfully completed on 5 June 2020. We have successfully submitted our appeal to UN together with our signatures, available list of our political prisoners and our series of appeals to Bhutan King to The United Nation High Commissioner for human Rights Mrs. Michelle Bachelet during online session on the occasion of her presentation of UN Human Rights Report 2019. She has personally responded to our issue. Please watch this video for all detail information.


We will try our campaign to continue till we could successfully release our brothers and sisters from Bhutan's prisons and ultimately their family reunion.

Please visit our following facebook page for all the updates and activities.


We would like to thank you all again for your generous support, trust and solidarity to our campaign for the release of our innocent brothers and sisters languishing in various bhutanese prisons as political prisoners since decades. Our signature campaign will be deleted once we send again our final signatures, appeal and an updated details of the political prisoners to The King of Bhutan in nearest future.


Looking forward for working closely with you all in the days to come as well.


With Kind Regards,


Ram Karki

On Behalf of  Global Campaign for the release of Political Prisoners in Bhutan.

The Hague, Netherlands.

Ram Karki

Seeking your help to further expand the signature campaign.

2020-01-07 10:58:42

Dear Friends and Wellwishers,

We would like to express our gratitude to all of you for participating in our signature campaign for this noble cause. We have used your signatures on 10 December 2019 during our global campaign conciding with the 71st International Human Rights Day. We managed to organize this campaign in 6 different countries namely Canada, USA, UK, Denmark, The Netherlands and Australia.

Further we have decided to continue this signature campaign till second week of february 2020. We are trying to submit our appeal with the final numbers of signatures to the United Nation Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Therefore we would kindly request you all to help us collect more and more signatures so that our campaign could make good impact.


Looking forward for your continued cooperation and involvement in this noble cause.


With Kind Regards,


Ram Karki

On behalf of this Campaign.

The Hague, Netherlands.

R.B.Chhetri (Ram Karki)

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